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What has Rosmah’s weight got to do with bajungu?

One of the public campaigns held in conjunction with our Merdeka celebrations is The J-Star‘s Voices of Moderation.

The paper makes a pledge “to be at the forefront to nurture the resounding triumph of moderation and reason over extremism and bigotry”.

But you have to ask yourself if the EvangeliSTAR is truly promoting “reason” as claimed by its CEO Wong Chun Wai – watch his Moderation promo clip on below.

0:17 – Wong Chun Wai on ‘Bold Views, Brave Ideas’:

“There is this sense of uneasiness that Malaysia is not what it used to be anymore. In fact, most Malaysians feel that the voices of racial and religious bigots are getting louder. They seems (sic) to have hijacked Malaysia, the Malaysia that we know away, from us.”

0:35 – Wong Chun Wai:

“And most Malaysians are by nature rational, moderate people and its time that we all stand up together and says (sic), ‘No! Malaysia is our country and it does not belong to the racist, it does not belong to the bigots and it definitely do (sic) not belong to those who want to take Malaysia away from us’.

“We must all stand up. The voices of moderation must be louder than those who want to make Malaysia different and dangerously different from what we have.”


Billboard message above:

“Stand up against religious and racial bigots, that’s the only way to keep the country moderate.” – Wong Chun Wai, The Star CEO

Chun Wai had declared that his paper is committed to battling the bigots and extremists (who in the EvangeliSTAR‘s opinion) have unfortunately gained a louder voice and bigger space to spew their racism.


J-Star editors obsessed with racist, divisive “ignoramuses”

The J-Star in its earlier Aug 17th editorial headlined ‘Rekindle the spirit of unity‘ had scolded “the hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” for doing “a lot of damage … to the fabric of our society”.

Then in another editorial yesterday (Aug 31) titled ‘Let’s keep the Spirit of 57 alive‘, the paper once again recycled the exact same phrase – “the hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” – to refer to its target groups. These hate groups are the politicians, NGOs and individuals whom the J-Star editorial voice accuses of tearing our multiracial society apart.

It’s beginning to appear, however, that it is really the J-Star editors themselves who are “obsessive”.

Just imagine! Here we have the lidah pengarang of the country’s largest circulation English paper obsessively slapping the label “ignoramus” on one particular segment of the population.

Not that this is at all surprising. Previously its then group editor June Wong alluded to pro-establishment rural voters as stupid for keeping a bad government in power.

BELOW: The ‘Star’-studded cast for Voices of Moderation


J-Star pushes social media to drown out the extremists

The J- Star has been actively calling upon social media users to “be part of the conversation” @ #moderateMY.

Invoking the Spirit of ’57, the MCA paper’s I Am Malaysia campaign is attempting to galvanize “the silent majority” to “drown out the extremists and put them in their place”.

Yesterday in an article titled ‘Spirit of 1957 is alive‘, The J-Star interviewed 27-year-old Azira Aziz for her views of how we are today “more divisive” (that word again!) because we focus on “sectarian issues and rights” instead of looking at the big picture.

BELOW: Azira (bespectacled, long hair) is pictured at lunch with Hannah Yeoh

Hannah Azira

In fact, Azira was not interviewed once but twice by The J-Star for the paper’s Merdeka Day specials. We can see their modus operandi nowthe same ‘old’ tired Pakatan faces are being repetitively shoved to the centrestage. Or in other words, the EvangeliSTAR is artificially manufacturing its selected favoured people as media personalities.

Azira also featured on Aug 31 in another separate J-Star article titled ‘Re-igniting love for the land‘ where she was quoted as saying:

“No matter what we are, we are all Malaysians. We need to remember that Merdeka belongs to all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion.”

The thing I wish to highlight about Azira is this – she belongs to the Loyar Burok group and she is “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”.

Adrian (adrianlimcheeen) on Twitter

Promoting Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Like Azira, Adrian Lim (above) is a lawyer – he belongs to Lawyers for Liberty – as well as an “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”.

Like Azira too, Adrian is a social media user on Twitter who has been featured by the pro-opposition media. You can see Adrian’s tweet – below – appearing today in Malaysiakini‘s tweets live feed.

These young lawyers have a loud opinion on everything and the Bangsa Malaysia media like J-Star and Malaysiakini are giving them a high profile platform.

Malaysiakini Newsmakers Adrian

Dial_M_BlogAdrian Lim tweeted:

“I wonder if KJ has ever come across plans to enrol Rosmah in #FitMalaysia rather than talking cock on PPS like any other BN goons.”

Now if Malaysiakini cares to blogroll Adrian’s tweet, dragging Rosmah and her fitness level into the bajungu imbroglio, that is the portal’s prerogative as its owners are, after all, politically independent.

With The J-Star, however, it is a different matter as the media group is owned by the MCA yet allowed to continually stab BN in the back.

The BN’s downfall will not be caused by its opponent on the field. It is the enemy within that inflicts the most lethal damage. While the police are locking horns with the bajungu, Najib Razak is blissfully allowing Si Gunting to snip-snip-snip within the fold.

Not only that, his PMO is indirectly funding the Malaysian Firster promos!

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32 thoughts on “What has Rosmah’s weight got to do with bajungu?

    1. I 2nd that. Especially a wannabe mat saleh lawyer who knows only how to mock people appearance. No wonder we have lots of unsettled case in court. Not because of the judges or registrar but because of the low quality lawyers at disposal like this adrian bloke. Like the once wise dandy said:

      go get a life!

  1. Ms H. One picture does not an Indian summer make ! And the picture participants ? Recent wannabes with no substantive records yearniing for publicity !

  2. Adrian Lim menegur orang memang enak ya but get yourself a mirror and so allow me to give some suggestion;

    Eyes need to be crafted a little, probably with double eye lids, too slitty ma, not cun.

    Some nose job should do you good, the one you have too kembang dan leper macam oink oink

    Lips.. Hmm, some volume instead of looking like the dwaft Mrgrumpy.

    I am a Malaysian bangsa Melayu.. Proud to be a Malaysian and a Malay. Why are you people so scared of telling others about your race?

    Ada apa2 rahsia yang taknak sangat orang lain tahu ke?

      1. Adrian KALAU Mau handsome..bolih TAKLUK Lu PUNYA muka dalam MANGKOK JAMBAN dan bagi royal flush.
        Then nanti itu RINA TIDAK Ada komplen sama Lu PUNYA muka..

    1. I personally know and dislike Adrian, but really dude, this is just below the belt.

      I fucking dare you to show us how you look like. I’m guessing you don’t look all that perfect either.

      1. Typical Apek kiasu… Suka sangat nasihat orang boleh pula, tapi orang nak bagi nasihat tak bole? Issshhh

        You kenal Adrian saya lagi kenal Rosmah. Adrian prihatin dgn paras rupa Rosmah, TQ tetapi mungkin dia takde masa nak cerminkn diri sendiri?

        Adrian mungkin fikirkan physically paras rupa dia perfect, so kita pun sama2 tlg beritau dia la.

        Anyway the bajungus.. Sekiranya tak merisik latar belakang mereka very dangerous owh..

        Who are these people given the authority to roam freely konon to protect the citizens? Itu Guan Eng dah check ke identity mereka. Sekarang warga tua pun kita dengar melalui media, ada yang masih aktif dlm kegiatan jenayah tau tak?

  3. The Dapsters are similar to the Zionists. They keep spewing lies thinking public is stupid with the hope that by repeating the same old story, people will eventually believe them. For these young lawyers, I suggest they spend some time learning about this country’s history and enlighten themselves.

  4. All these labelling others of being RACIST, Dandy you notice tak kat mana saja immigrants land they tend to perasan lebih2 or is it inferiority complex? US, UK, Australia, mana aje la they start screaming discrimination and racist?

    They bring with them their culture, their language and in Malaysia even have special SJKC/T and refuse to adapt their ways with the locals yet everyday cry RACIST.

    Kalo tak suka sangat, angkat aje bungkus and go back to be among your own race, kan tak pening kepala?

    Tapi tu pon taknak pasai asyik berangan nak ke West aje, you people think you are so welcome there owh? Orang sana sure pening kepala pasai masalah immigrants juga tau tak?

    What is actually wrong with you people?

    1. re: “Tapi tu pon taknak pasai asyik berangan nak ke West aje”

      Wong Chun Wai “loves London”. I wonder if The J-Star owns any property there? Ni mesti lebih rajin sikit baca diorang punya annual lepot.


  5. The billboard featuring “wong choo whye’ does have inner meaning, I wounder the Majlis pebandaran people does really understand that.

    I wounder the KDN people does understand the sensitivity of those line of words.

    1. Let me try.

      ‘Say NO to Article 3, Article 152 and Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. ‘

      Heck, they probably would want to abolish Article 181 too, Raja-Raja Melayu. Melayu being the key word used by racists and bigots in this country, as Helen for the umpteenth time had kept reminding us!

      ‘I wounder the Majlis pebandaran people does really understand that. I wounder the KDN people does understand the sensitivity of those line of words.’

      I agree. They, just like Najib Tun Razak, the PM, would be oblivious to these musang berbulu ayam. ISMA has got a lot to learn. A lot!

  6. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Does Najib ever read The Star? Does he feel okay when MCA newspaper calls his race and the people who support him “racists”, “extremists” and “religious bigots”?

  7. Re: June Wong alluded to pro-establishment rural voters as stupid for keeping a bad government in power

    What a bad taste and to tell the truth have she ever stayed or visited before and being nyit (bite) by rural mosquitoes, if she’s want to known better the mosquitoes is as big as anak ayam dia ada tau ka go and get a life dandy tag line

    dan satu masa new villagers settlement known as during dahrurat (under emergency orders) outskirts area consider in rural jugalah mungkin asal usul atuk nenek dia pun disini sudan lupa kot.

    Big boss CWW bercakap pasal wasatiah moderates dah berbuih mulut sampai tak larat kot Dato Najib sebut dia pulak featured ke billboard pernah kah dia buat semana dia sebut kepada orang bawahan saperti yang dia faham, sorry to say and as a reminder and for his vast thought and as antecedents buatlah sesuatu yang ada faedah ia itu taat setia yang tidak berbelah bagi pada Raja dan Negara kepada his own led media mass rather a pathetic one which ended for nothing or rather another better way an instance first time granted a kewarnegaraan as a show of gratitude and indebted to a Almarhum Tunku AR

  8. Earth to Wong Chun Wai:

    Who started it? And then, who promoted it? And then, who did not speak out against it? NOW you want to kvetch about it? Spare us the sermon when your hands are as black as your tongue.

  9. i remember watching Tun Mahathir’s biography documentary at History channel. i did mention sumthing like lawyers causing him trouble because all they do is judge, and then cuci tangan, doesnt think about what to do next (in terms of how to repair the problem) whereas he (Tun) says he is a doctor, focusing on the cause, finding “cure” to the problem..

    in a way i do agree with him, now we can see lawyers all shouthing this and that and they doesnt provide any cure. like that guy say, a bn-less government. at least why dont you provide any insight on how effective you guys can rule the country after you topple bn? all talk saja

    thats why i kinda lose hope on all lawyers kat malaysia. my friend said that “malaysia banyak lawyer property je”. thats why kita kalah pulau batu putih (horsburgh)..

  10. MH Who are the majority moderate Malaysian that they are refering to? As i can see these are the people who are anti govt anti the constitution and anti Islam. Are they moderate are they the majority? Dont come and bullshit us. THEY are the racist they are the bigots.

  11. That useless lawyer Adrian is what is known as the product of a La Salle and/or SK. Chinese name, Chinese face but with the DNA of a Mat Salleh. A pisang as the conservative Chinese say.

    But lately, well, to be precise, since March 2008, the younger generation of Chinese, even those coming from a conservative upbringing i.e Chinese educated, have been and continue to warm up to these pisang people.

    Is it any wonder why our youths, the younger generation are nowadays so fucked up useless, worthless? Look no further for answers. Just take a good look at people like the useless lawyer Adrian. Talk all day but do nothing. 2 words. Useless and worthless.

    No wonder we have so many foreign workers. Since our youths are so useless and worthless, foreign workers come to our rescue. For now these pekerja asing are doing the kerja kasar. At the rate our youths become useless and worthless, soon we will have Mat Sallehs and other foreign professionals occupying our blue collar positions. Well this may not be a bad thing.

  12. This loyar I have one question for him. Tahu tulis nama kamu dalam hanzi kah ? Tak faham ? Okay lah. I ask in bahasa omputih. Do you know how to write your name in Chinese script ? Oh wait I forgot. You are never going to answer the question as you are Bangsa Malaysia.

  13. Tembunian re: Now you want to kvetch about it

    That’s how he had a chance to sit around with PM during berbuka puasa recently cik Helen can flashback ITU gambar one

    ITU pasal bawa hasil rupanya CWW punya hal an etcher lebih sudu dari kuah

  14. To define moderation or moderates is rather like quantum physics, what is being observed changes its nature because it is being observed.

    In other words, on the surface, having such a line up of artfully posed people is a nice feel good piece but it makes one think, what exactly is a moderate? If I do not find any resonance with any of the high flying celebrity activist types there, does that make me an extremist? Surely not, right?

    Moderation really shouldn’t have a human face put to it. It has to be a strong yet anonymous force, a mind set and polemic that is constantly reinforced via dialogue.

    1. re: “line up of artfully posed people”

      One of the J-Star‘s ‘Moderate Malay’ poster boys has been charged with sedition. Two of his fellow ‘Moderate Malays’ from the same poster showed up in court to lend their moral support.

      1. Not very moderate to be charged in court now, is it?

        Idols have feet of clay.

        I don’t know why but Anas Zubedy rather annoys me. He talks a goods line but seems to come off as rather fake. Maybe I’m cynical. …

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