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Guan Eng wants a fight with the police

The Penang chief minister has rallied to the defence of his bajungu by declaring that thanks to the Purple Shirts patrol, his state is the safest in Malaysia.

In a press statement today, Lim Guan Eng confers on Penang the unofficial status of “safest”.

His claim is highly suspect. In fact and to the contrary, Penang is the ethnic hotspot where conflict is most likely to erupt into sectarian violence.

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The Chinese in Penang have veered too far from the national mainstream. It is due to this very reason, i.e. Penang Chinese choosing to run along their own separate side stream, that the KOMA bajungu took on a life of its own and bourgeoned to almost 10,000 members.

Believing their own propaganda is a big problem. Pakatan had been crowing how they won 52 percent of the popular vote against the BN’s 47 percent. It took Najib Razak 214 days to finally come up with a counter argument.

On 5 Dec 2013 – which was seven months (!) after the conclusion of GE13 – Najib told the Umno general assembly at PWTC that Pakatan was really only more popular among KL-ites, Selangorians, Kelantanese and Penangites.

In his keynote address to the party delegates, the Umno president said: “Jika dikira undi popular sekalipun, kita tetap menang di sembilan negeri daripada 14 buah negeri, manakala mereka hanya menang undi popular di empat negeri sahaja”.

13th General Election Result for Penang State

If you’ll look at the Penang DUN results table above, you can see that MCA, Gerakan and MIC scored three eggs (big, fat zeroes) in GE13. Collectively the three BN satellite parties contested altogether 25 seats and lost every single one of them.

Their total wipeout reflects the anti-establishment sentiment prevalent among the non-Malays in Penang.

mca hampasHead-to-head in Penang the last general election, Pakatan received 621,706 votes against 498,656 votes collected by the BN for the 40 state seats. Needless to say, support for Pakatan is overwhelming in Penang at 55.5 percent compared with the rest of the country (52%).

There is a major difference between the Pakatan-BN schism in Penang compared to the electoral split in fellow opposition state Kelantan.

In Kelantan, the election was fought between PAS and Umno, and the electorate was PAS Malays vs Umno Malays. In Penang, the battle was between DAP and Umno, and between Chinese and Indians vs Malays.

You must remember that the BN’s Penang seats were delivered solely by Umno, meaning Malay voters. PAS won only one seat in the 40-seat Penang state assembly. You can interpret this to mean that support for Pakatan among Penang Malays is weak.

The PAS-Malay vs Umno-Malay situation in Kelantan poses no danger whereas the ethnic divide is clear-cut and deep in Penang, and made worse by the Christian evangelism that has taken hold there.

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Banking on plane crash to unite Malaysians

In his recent Merdeka Day speech, the PM was still chasing his 1Malaysia rainbow.

1MalaysiaFor his first Merdeka ‘Amanat’, Najib talked about strengthening solidarity among the rakyat, specifically, “kebersatuan dalam kesedihan [menghadapi] tragedi MH17 …  berkongsi duka nestapa … sewaktu Hari Berkabung di seluruh negara”.

His second Amanat strained desperately at the same ‘Unity’ theme – “hidup saling ganding-bergandingan, demi sebuah hasrat yang murni itu” while the third Amanat indulged in a spot of wishful thinking:

“walau apa dugaan melanda, walau apa ujian melintang … marilah sama-sama berusaha gigih menggapai kejayaan demi generasi dan keturunan hari muka”.

A vox populi article today in Malaysiakini is headlined ‘2Putrajaya – PM says one thing, Sabri says another (screenshot below). Agriculture Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s call for Malay unity is contrary to Najib’s unity plea.

The irony did not escape the opposition either that the police swoop on the bajungu had commenced on National Day. .

2Putrajaya - PM says one thing, Sabri says another - Malaysiakini 2014-09-02 14-02-49

Please note the yellow highlight in the Malaysiakini article above:

A subscriber going by the Indian name “Vijay” revealed that he attended church on Merdeka morning (which so happens fell on a Sunday this year). From their name alone, it does not cross your mind that they are Christian and thus you tend to under-estimate the evangelista presence and influence.

There are really a lot of Christians whose numbers were yet to be accurately reflected in the last decennial census of the Malaysian population in 2010 but will surely show up in the next census in 2020.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Chinese hate Utusan but Umno coddles The J-Star

The visibly pro-opposition media are Malaysiakini and its ilk but the foremost opposition media is undoubtedly The J-Star.

Twitter account Star Editor’s Choice had tweeted “1Msia for Utusan to print outrageous lies” (see archival screenshot above) which was later mirrored by Hannah Yeoh who tweeted “What kind of 1Malaysia Prime Minister we have in @NajibRazak when he allows Utusan Malaysia to sell lies daily?”

We’re aware with how much hostility the DAP and their supporters treat Utusan – see @hannahyeoh tweets collection below.

Yet Umno and its supporters are willing to allow Najib Razak to ignore the 800lb gorilla in the room which is the Christian paper J-Star.


Twitter - hannahyeoh Utusan Perkasa

hannahyeoh What an irresponsible PM Utusan


Twitterhannahyeoh Perkasa = UMNO = Utusan

Twitter - hannahyeoh- thats y racist principals must ... 2013-12-11 23-52-37

MCA media is a Penang DAP creature

The J-Star was born in Penang.

The paper grew up in Penang.

Its senior editors are Penang boys and Penang girls, most prominently the media group’s CEO Wong Chun Wai.

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Penang sticks out like a sore thumb

Penangites think their state was founded by an orang putih – Sir Francis Light.

Penang is the only state in the peninsula that is not a Malay state.

Penang is the only state in the whole country to have a non-Malay chief executive. All the other 12 Menteri Besar and Ketua Menteri are Malay.

Penang is DAP-addicted and drunk on the J-Juice.

BELOW: Historical painting of the Union Jack flying at the Penang jetty

Union Jack flies at the Penang Jetty

J-Star newsroom is Nest of Evangelistas

The Chinese tsunami could not have happened without the collusion of the MCA.

DAP could not have won the propaganda war without the tacit cooperation of the MCA media.

When Hannah Yeoh was appointed Selangor Speaker, The J-Star‘s ecstatic editors tweeted the ‘glad tidings’ 10 times within the short span of 24 hours.

Everybody knows that MCA has already transferred lock, stock and barrel its Chinese vote share to the DAP.

Meanwhile the MCA media can now be seen trying subtly to move the non-Chinese sympathy to the DAP camp.

Come GE14, the MCA will be dead so there is nothing left for MCA to lose now. This is why The J-Star can be so brazen.



Bajungu are mostly Chinese. PDRM are mostly Malay.

The Penang Chief Minister is spoiling for a fight with the Inspector General of Police. And he might just get his wish. The downside is that stray bullets from the shootout at OK Corral will cause innocent people to be hurt.

Guan Eng being the Dapster-gangster that he is, and Penang Chinese being the ‘exceptional’ (unlike everybody else in Malaysia) people that they are, both make for a very unfortunate match. The marriage between a DAP evangelista leadership and a contrarian Penang population is a recipe for disaster.

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39 thoughts on “Guan Eng wants a fight with the police

  1. The Penang evangelist cinabeng has united under MCA+Gerakan+DAP to win their ethnic political goal in Penang and they the evangelist cinabeng has no remorse of their action.

    Being dumb and giving blind support to their evangelist CM they are heading toward dooldrum and going nowhere. They think they got the number and the power whatever they like. The way LGE address the illegal PPS issue just reflect the gangster like in him. Its just show how dumb he is to challenge the IGP which indirectly challenging the power bestowed by DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong to the PDRM.

    Next what? Want to challenge the RAMD or the entire Malaysian Army?. Dare you mr Shithead Tokong?

  2. The Big Mama Banana talks a lot about Najib and BN, negatively of course. But she has since been very quiet about the mess in Selangor. Madam Speaker has no “speak”?

    Sorry for the digression but I was so tempted to make this comment about the Empress of Jerusubang for some time.

    And what about the subject of law and order? No sound from her about the PPS, the Chinese Perkasa?

    Selective outrage, that’s what it is. What kind of person is she?

      1. Kak Helen, please don’t use “the Devil wears Prada” because that is such a good book and movie, so it sounds like a compliment to the fat Selangor Speaker.

        Have you noticed the fat Selangor Speaker with fat pay but little work, use pictures to show that she is stylish? Konon. Mulut mcm jamban, she can wear Prada head to toe but she’s still one nasty foul-mouth bkt-loving fatty.

        1. After so much silence Big Mama Banana gives her Ah Soh dua sen on the PPS. [tweet]

          Look she kena tempaik. Like!
          pisau ‏@pisaudotnet Sep 1

          @hannahyeoh kamu faham bahasa Malaysia atau tak? Penyelaras dun dan parlimen tak jaga keselamatan..


          afffde ‏@afffde Sep 1

          @hannahyeoh Speaker DUN Sngor pun condone PPS, pertubuhan yg tak berdaftar tu?? Shame.

          Dr.N.A.Shan ‏@drshn01 Sep 1

          @hannahyeoh Are you stupid to allow drug addicts and criminals to touch Federal jurisdictions!!


        2. The Fat Ass is nowhere near Emily Blunt or Anne Hathaway. It is insulting to say that she is the devil who wears Prada.

  3. Go ahean Guan Eng. Go ahead Jstar. Kumpulkan bajungu anda !

    PDRM apa ada ye tak ? Semua Melayu bodoh….

  4. Did NYONYA Gemok ever question the role of DONG ZONG towards national unity… or national disunity.

    Only a bloody fool will always try to fool others..

    Anak china DENGAN India tak Akan jaini anak Malaysia..TETAPI anak CINDIA !!

      1. Mana boleh kamu panggil dia macam ni ? Tak baik panggil dia macam ni. Dia tu usia tak sampai 40 pun.

        1. Tun is a hundred but doesn’t look it.

          Dia tu mungkin tak sampai 40 but the age spots on her face and lines on her neck, fuyoh!

  5. “‘Selective outrage, that’s what it is. What kind of person is she?”‘

    No thats not it, more precisely “”‘Selective Memory””

  6. Btw ,,,, how come the Indian community no hue and cry when Lge use the term “lembu suci” to describe Khalid…. selective memory!

    Kalau orang Umno use this term, one tamil drama will be screening now all over ..

    Remember Karpals driver, the bastards from Dap let him rot in jail for a month. Now they want to pay these purple assholes Rm 200 a day if they are in the slammer.

    1. A cow head was left at the celaka Adun’s gate…. Hmmm am getting very suspicious as to the culprit placing such kepala “lembu suci” to incite?

      Look what smoothly came out from this fellas mouth; “lembu suci”? This particular animal always on his mind?

      Just like Anwar digging own hole in Selangor, this Singapore-like kiasu CM will soon be digging his own hole in Penang.

  7. Most PPS volunteer or PPS members is 100 from Chinese ethnic and Guan Eng want to confront with policeman which less 20 of Chinese in the force. What Guan Eng games?

    If true he want to fight with police, just ask KPN to draft the rules of the game. The best man win and all Chinese will move out from Malaysia is their lose. Can Guan Eng agrees?

  8. I agree the bajungu should be clamped down… it’s like a polis jenis kebangsaan cina pulak.. what next… angkatan tentera jenis kebangsaan cina?

    DAP is anti nationalism, the bajungu shows thay are a state within a state, and their members, ironically even the peninsular residents advocate Malaysia be split up, you can read that the pro independence for Sabah and Sarawak are Chinesse, even ones from peninsula, they think if they split up East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak will be in their hands due to economic dominance.

    Zahid is right..,a large number of non Malays aka Chinese has become impudent in a rather stupid and destructive fashion.

    With Mahathir knocking on Najibs head..i can imagine Zahid as next PM and thatd be the end of DAP in the end..they asked for it.

    1. If the Penang Khalifah wants “angkatan tentera jenis kebangsaan cina”, maybe our southern neighbour will be more than happy to help with the training. Or have the Pasukan Polis Sosialis (PPS) already receive some secret trainings?

      1. Ooh, Pwincess…. do tell.

        Is that the same “southern neighbour” that just hosted a visit by President SBY or is now hosting the Crown Prince (or is that Pwince?) of Brunei?

        No shortage of friends there, IMHO.

        And didn’t Najib just make a visit there recently? To open a market for Malaysian fruits, among other matters.

        So, federal can schmooze with this “southern neighbour”, but states cannot?

        Better bring Johor up to speed then. They buy water from that ” neighbour” after all.

  9. 1Malaysia rainbow should have one color but this rainbow got 7 colors how to unite? Why wait till group up to 10K members then only want to take action? Why not when the number is 1 or 10 or 100?

    Ain’t this called blessing in disguise? Why wait for Malaysia to be declare as bankrap then only to take action? oop sorry wrong topic.

  10. guan eng is playing the kuan yew game. he will provoke and provoke until Malaysia secede penang from federation to become the 2nd Singapore.

    will najib bow towards the whims of this tokong like what tunku did? at least tunku was pressured by communist guerrillas and Indonesian confrontation whereas najib was pressured by his own undoing such as the revocation of deterrent laws and selling his soul to get non malay votes.

    i’m thinking that najib sounds more like anas zubedy who we know is rhetorical and boring.

  11. Helen, look out some pics in the internet of Bajungus riding bikes in convoys with DAP flags. Wonder if taking part in parades with DAP flags is part of their job description.

    Tokong claims PPS is a part of the state govt – wonder why there is no supervision or even budget approval in the state assembly if PPS indeed is a state body. And which laws govern these thugs ?

    You should also read the hillarious press statement by Aliran – the poddle of DAP. They said not a word when Ong was attacked but rose up in righteous anger when these thugs in purple are rounded up.

  12. BTW did you notice the Youth Leadership Camp 2014 held by DAP end of August? It brought a group of uni students and had mock state assembly sittings, polls, press conf, etc, etc. Basically a DAP recruiting and brain-washing drive.

    The interesting thing was that while these activities were mock, they had real speaker – Madame Speaker herself – presiding the mock sessions.

    Wow, total silence on the state’s constituitional crisis while playing mock speaker with kids. Perhaps she’s a mock Speaker after all.

    Second interesting this was, it has the state official logo and said it was sponsored by Pusat ADUN Damansara. This means they are using public funds. Did they send you any thank you note for your contribution ?

        1. If you look closer ar the banner, it has the state official logo and says sponsored by Pusat ADUN Damansara. Yet another public fund abuse by Pakatan for party purposes. I wonder how many millions have been wasted on such activities.

          1. re: “I wonder how many millions have been wasted on such activities.”

            I’d like to know how much PMO contributed to the J-Star‘s Voices of Moderation, considering the involvement of Idris Jala and Razali Ismail in the campaign.

      1. Ms H. Pulau Pinang has one of the most exciting prospect of socio-economic development. With the present satrap suffering from 48 years of mental constipation, how to advance development and benefits for all? Especially when these folks want to copy the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s [deleted] . Penang Think Tank and all which do not think much!

        To me, these folks want to capture power in Putrajaya first before doing anything worthwhile in Pulau Pinang. This is not going to happen. Sorry folks! A 3rd Tunnel will not have any effect whatsoever but creates a further financial burden in the face of World turmoil! But I have the answers to the folks dilemma.

  13. Itu laa pasal.. mula2 mau sekolah sendiri, sekolah vernikular, sekarang mau sendiri punya pasukan keselamatan… lepas ni mau negri sendiri punya!

    Pemimpin umno ni memang tak boleh harap pun, tengok apa jadi kat tanah di Johor. Bukan setakat dijual pada orang asing malah dengan status Free Hold sekali.

    Ramai menyinga dengan apa yang dibuat oleh Dap tapi perkara yang sama lah yang dilakukan oleh ameno. Sebelum Dap berjaya ka Putrajaya, Tanah Melayu dah banyak dijual pada warga asing.

  14. Are the DAP Purple Shirts patrol force similar in its belligerent nature to Saudi Arabia’s CPVPV?

    The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (abbreviated CPVPV; Arabic: ولاية الأمر بالمعروف و النهي عن المنكر ‎), also informally referred to as Haia, is the Saudi Arabian government agency employing “religious police” or “mutaween” (Arabic: مطوعين ‎), to enforce Sharia Law within that Islamic nation.

    The number of police is estimated at 3,500-4,000. Members patrol the streets enforcing dress codes, strict separation of men and women, salat prayer by Muslims during prayer times, and other behavior it believes to be commanded by Islam.

  15. Dear H…did sultan ask dap for additional names? Or pkr only got the letter. Why ek? Dun think dap is so oblivion to sultan. Unless dap already kencing pkr

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