Does Zahid make sense and how many millions of ringgit is PMO paying?

Gerakan deputy president Dr Cheah Soon Hai said non-Malays as a whole should not be branded with negative traits like “arrogance” just because of the actions of a few.

Dr Cheah was responding to remarks by the Umno vice president – see, ‘Non-Malays getting arrogant, says Ahmad Zahid‘ (The Sun Daily, 1 Sept 2014)


Aping the ‘superior’ West

Zahid had attributed this arrogance to the perception by the non-Malays that “foreign cultural norms [read: Western] are inherently better” than the Malay culture practised locally.

There is a need to add that the Western world is synonymous with Christendom, and their cultural values overlap or are embedded in their religious norms.

Take for example the way in which the Westerners celebrate Jesus’s birth as a festive season, and how the White Christmas popular tradition is copied here in tropical Malaysia where it never snows.

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Zahid: DAP leaders getting arrogant

The J-Star also reported the Gerakan deputy president as saying it is likewise unfair to stigmatize Malays just because a few – “like Perkasa or Isma” – are extremist in their views.

“I am certain they [Perkasa and Isma] do not represent the Malays,” Dr Cheah added.

ZahidGerakan’s logic is that Isma does not represent the Malay race because they’re just an “extremist” organization whose numbers are relatively few when compared against the large total population of Malays in the country.

The J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai, in fact, wrote in his 18 May 2014 column that “instant NGOs, with a membership of five persons, including the wives and children of the presidents claim that they represent a particular race or religion” but of course they don’t.

Okay, we get it. Isma does not represent the Malays.

But does The J-Star‘s line-up of Malay faces – see ‘Voices of Moderation’ ad poster below – represent your ordinary Malay either?

  • Marina Mahathir
  • Zaid Ibrahim
  • Razali Ismail (chairman of Global Movement of Moderates)
  • Zainah Anwar (Sisters in Islam co-founder)
  • Karim Raslan
  • Azmi Sharom (Voice of Moderation charged for sedition!)
  • Anas Zubedy
  • Wan Saiful Wan Jan
  • Sharyn Shufiyan (Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter)


‘Moderate’ sheen burnished by Najib Razak

Zahid was quoted by The J-Star as saying its rival publication The Sun Daily had taken his comment – about non-Malays becoming increasingly “arrogant” – out of context.

J-Star, the self-proclaimed Voices of Moderation and acclaimed pro-Christian paper, yesterday published a clarification by the Home Minister and headlined ‘Most non-Malays are moderates’. It is the leaders and supporters of DAP who are the arrogant ones, Zahid told The J-Star.

BELOW: The J-Star online editor on Sabah & Sarawak


SIDE NOTE: The moderate voices campaign in the campuses – see Sunway Collge ad below-is supported by Najib Razak’s pet NGO, the Global Movement of Moderates. Sitting on the GMM board of trustees is Wong Chun Wai.

(Why did the PM install the Father of the Scissorati in GMM, you wonder.)

The publicity blitz to promote ‘moderation’ is also supported by Pemandu boss, Minister in Najib Razak’s PM Department Idris Jala who is also one of the faces in the J-Star ad (above) and street billboards.

Bottomline: How much is the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) contributing to this J-Star Voices of Moderation campaign?

Click to enlarge J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation’ ad

The Star Voices Of Moderation

So the logic of Zahid and The J-Star‘s reasoning is this

(1) Most non-Malays are moderates – J-Star headline

(2) DAP leaders and supporters are arrogant (i.e. not moderate) – Zahid Hamidi

(3) Since most non-Malays are moderates, they cannot possibly be DAP supporters who are immoderate.

(4) And since most non-Malays are not DAP supporters (logic #3), the party cannot possibly have a strong base among the Chinese.

Recap: Zahid does not believe Chinese, Indians dll are arrogant. He thinks it is only the DAP leaders and supporters who are disrespectful that are arrogant.

Logical conclusion: DAP supporters are only very, very few.

BELOW: The J-Star poster boy message that’s being taken to college campuses

Niki Cheong

J-Star‘s brave views and bold ideas for a better Malaysia

The MCA (closet DAP) paper is urging Malaysians to “be part of the conversation #moderateMY“.

They – the Chinese and the Christians – are a minority but their voices are really very, very loud and they’re dictating this “moderate” conversation.

If you disagree with them, you”ll be classed among “the hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” (see HERE).

But please don’t mistake this EvangeliSTAR assertiveness as arrogance. The minority are aware that they’re not the majority view. Or are they aware?

BELOW: The sole Chinese Chief Minister in Malaysia



ABOVE: A round dozen Malay Menteri Besar and Ketua Menteri but not a quarter as loud as one solo Penang CM even when they’re all combined

Yahudi Yeoh

Everybody tends to forget that the Chinese are really not many in Malaysia. From their assertive … but definitely “moderate” and harmonious behaviour … it’s difficult to guess that the Chinese are not 66.7 percent of the population. They’re 24.6 percent but still display instead the confidence usually strutted by a big majority.

And it’s similarly hard to remember that the meek and mild Christians make up “only nine percent” of the population.

The J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai complains that the voices of racial and religious bigots – must be the 91 percent non-Christians – are getting louder and hijacking the country. He asserts that all moderates must unite to “stand up against religious and racial bigots”!


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52 thoughts on “Does Zahid make sense and how many millions of ringgit is PMO paying?

  1. Had family gathering at weekend involving my Chinese side. Aiyo, three hours of hearing the Christian ones droning on and on about their church, out reach to Orang Asli and refugees, fund raising to rent or buy industrial lots because racist Umno won’t allow new church land, inspiring foreign pastors or star local pastors giving sermons etc. Seriously, non-stop.

    Because I was the sole Muslim present, no one ventured into the Bible or Allah issue. But overheard aunts talking about SPM results and how easy it was to get As. “THEY lower the standard so THEY can pass, but WE benefit!” No need lah to say who’s they and we, and obviously “we” cleverer than “they.”

    I was surprised how active my former Buddhist now Christian relatives are. No need to say lor, all DAP supporters living in PJ.

    then today, my mechanic started testifying about his new found faith in Kuan Yin. Said he’s now a vegetarian, gave up gambling, liquor and ah moi, and chants 25 times daily. Got converted by a Shanghai now Aussie sifu. Good for him as he was quite hamsap and loaded with debts, but it looks like everyone’s “getting religion” these days.

    Btw, saw LGE’s video challenging IGP. My hands were itching to smack his “axy” face! He looks like a cicak, with those pop eyes and receding chin.

    1. Talking about PJ, I met a relative of mine who lives in Subang Jaya the other day. He was relating how DAP is operating in Selangor – he was once a strong DAP supporter but now totally disillusioned with them. He related various stories and shared dirts on the DAP leaders.

      One story in particular was interesting – it seems that DAP managed to move Putra Heights from the Shah Alam district to Subang Jaya district. Apparently in Shah Alam there are some local regulations pertainining entertaintment, liquor sales, bars, massage,Toto outlets, etc. So they managed to get the boundary rewitten to suit their needs. He was shocked that such thing can be done in secret without public knowledge. He said that if this was publically known, it would create a scandal. Apparently this was done a few years ago.

      Since you live in SJ, are you aware of this move ? Is this true ?

      1. Not surprised if its true. Kalau dapsters memerintah federal, they will redraw the electoral boundaries so they will never ever lose again.

      2. Stop embarrasing your parents. Check your facts before making accusations. Nak kelentong pun pakailah otak wei! Fyi, from day one, putra heights was and is under MPSJ. So stop bullshitting, mat salleh wannabe.

        HA, you want to defend you loyal supporter, the mat salleh wannabe?

        1. I find it really strange that instead of rebutting Calvin’s assertions you chose to attack his character by calling him a white wannabe. That says a lot about you. But I m not surprised by your ‘rage’. Anyone who’s brave enough to uncover the dirt the opposition is doing is fair game to their hysterical supporters, one of whom is you.

          And no, Calvin is not a white wannabe. The real white wannabe is you. Speaks like w typical redneck, all guns blazing. Your response to Calvin’s comment is, how shall I say, comical. But then again, after so many years of your antic, we have come to the conclusion that you’re as comical as Jim Carey but the difference is, you’re anonymous. What a laugh. As the crack smoking Dandy say, go get a life !

    2. Well I had an encounter early this morning at my favourite Malay restaurant, there were only four of us Malays inside. Many people mistook my brother as a Chinese – his features, communicates fluently in all Chinese dialects with the town Apeks and Ahso so I assume why this suddenly happened.

      One newly converted Hindu (about 2yrs) came in his kain pelikat and ketayab trying to appear so Malay and Islam walked in straight towards my brother with a loud sigh “banyak kacau le ini Sultan” .

      The person next table blurted instantly “Ini negeri dia, apasal pula dia nak kacau, semestinya dia kena berhati2 siapa dia nak pilih untuk menjaga negeri dia!!”

      Then the other came with “betoi, betoi.. Kaum keturunan pendatang kalut menyibuk sangat apahal?”.

      He quietly went to his table, seated quietly was his wife, an Indon.. a PATI, and the topic ended just like that. Apparently ambarassed to note that his wife and him are infact dari golongan kaum pendatang. Muahahaha mau tunjuk eksyen dgn locals!!

      First wife and kids all returned to India ‘balik kampung’ where their parents live. I suppose we have many of these types in Pakatan.. That Zuraidah Ampang fella must be one of them, probably even Jijah?

      Since we knew his background kaw kaw… Cepat juga dia sedar asal diri dari mana so tak berani nak bising2 sangat.


        “Penangites prefer local cooks
        4 September 2014 @ 8:15 AM

        GEORGE TOWN: FOREIGNERS are not wanted as cooks at hawker food stalls in Penang.”

        So will this mean that Penang lang will shoo the Mat Salleh cooks from E&O and the Japanese cooks from all the sushi joints and the Taiwanese cooks.


        Because Penang lang (especially one section of society who llooooove whites) are racists. They do not want Indons, Banglas or Myammars but they WANT Mat Salleh, Japanese and all fragant white races.

  2. Only the deft and blind failed to know that non Malay are becoming more and more arrogant.
    Actually they are just taking full advantage of the weaker Malay ‘tuan tanah’ manipulating them to the extend weaken them further so as thing will only goes their ways.

    If they are ( arrogance ) yes but Malay are ‘bodoh sombong’ in their dream land thinking that what ever the circumstances, this is their land and it’s always stand that way. Melayu mudah lupa, mereka lupa peribahasa Melayu, ‘Belanda mintak tanah’.

    Nothing is new for non Malay to be arrogance. The only thing the Malay are becoming more and more tolerance and don’t forget they are becoming more ‘bodoh sombong’ too.

    1. I hope we all don’t jump on the band wagon and start emulating DS Zahid. It’s not good to make sweeping statements, not here.. not anywhere in this world.

      I’m a muslim but I grew up and went to school with the Chinese and Indians and a few Orang Asli. And they are my good friends up till now. I agree that my Chinese schoolmates who studied at Chinese Primary School tend to be a bit ‘groupies’…’saying bad words in their dialects’ at us, but my non-malay friends who had been with me in SRK since standard one are my bff up till now.

      So, please don’t make sweeping statements about non-malays being arrogant or whatever. Be specific.

      Besides….Zahid had explained whom he meant by the ‘non-malays’.

  3. PERKASA and ISMA must put much more effort to unite the MALAYS. If the Malays are united nobody can threaten us.

    Let them say we are racist and bigots because we know that they are the racist and bigots out to destroy us. Dap has brainwashed the Chinese to hate the govt, UMNO the constitution and the Malays as a whole.

    They want to take over the govt and imagine what they will do to the Malays with all their hate. But the MALAYS in PAS and PKRdont seem to realise these. Their leaders gila pangkat dan harta angan angan nak jadi menteri biar jadi menteri macai pun tak apa, rakyat nasib lah.

    NaK harap UMNO pun dah tak boleh sebab presiden dan conco conco maseh berangan angan cinabengs cinabengs akan jatuh cinta dengan mereka despite already being kicked in the face. JADI KITA MESTI BERSATU

    1. re: “DAP has brainwashed the Chinese to hate the govt, Umno, the constitution and the Malays as a whole.”

      This propaganda campaign is by The J-Star, an MCA owned company wor.

      1. Ms H. The MCA owned Star also does business with the PAP owned media group in Singapore. Vide. Star Annual Reports.

      2. Ms H. True what you said about the DAP and their well fed and rotund young wannabes.

        What do they gain? What do they want by misleading the young Chinese against the majority of this beloved land which are the Malays? And with a timing personal to themselves, they can easiy abscond overseas.

        1. re: “What do they gain?”

          Five-figure salary at par with the PM, and Mercedes S300L.

          re: ‘What do they want …?”

          Prada. Business class travel.

  4. All non-moderates are DAPsters or Christians. All Malays are ISMA or PERKASA. All Indians, Hindus, Buddhists, Toaists, Athiests, Bahais, Sikh, Moslems are moderates.

    So the percentage of Chinese supporting the DAP in 2018 are not now also become non-moderates. The PAS, PKR, PBS, PBDS, PBB, SAPP, SUPP etc in East Malaysia are all moderates.

    Since when ISMA and PERKASA became moderate? Wasn’t UMNO a moderate party? Since when MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc become moderates?aren’t they all Gunting dalam Lipatan? You obviously don’t read Chinese or Tamil newspapers except for BM and English ones.

    Do you not know all the mainstream papers belong to BN?

    LBGTs, Maknyahs, Baba, Portuguese, Siam, Bangla, Pakistanis, Rohinyas are also moderates?

    Are Komunis, Yahudis, Zionists, Isis, ISIL, Suluks moderates?

    Where are you spinning to? Tengok Menteri pon dah konfus. Sudah U-turn Dan spin lagi.

    Pembaca setia blog Ini lagi konfus Dan bodoh kalau baca cerita spin First Class with Honours ni.

    Last-last siapa yang setiap Hari diperbodohkan?

  5. Just as thought Zahid hamidi was the firmest UMNO minister, he instantly has proven me wrong. Baru kena sergah ckit dah tukar/tarik balik kenyataan, misquoted la, itu lah, ini lah. Dia ni pun takde telor juga rupanya, macam najib & muhyiddin. Patutlah puak2 dapsters tu bertambah naik tocang. Tak cukup bukti ke yang puak2 tu memang arrogant?

    Kpd ahli2 ameno, kamu punya kepimpinan kena overhaul lah! SEGERA!

  6. Many people don’t realise that the fundamental strategy of DAP is to keep the Malays disunited. By having the Malays divided, with their strangehold on the Chinese electorate, they can be strong and even be the strongest party. If UMNO is not careful and divided don’t be surprised that in the next GE, DAP will be the most powerful party.

    So the more the Malays are fighting and arguing among themselves, the better DAP is. That’s why the are now coming up with their Malay arm, so the Malay votes can be further divided and the Malay voice will be drowned out.

    1. And the J-Star is pushing the voices of Azmi Shahrom et al.

      But wait! Erm, how does the strategy of the MCA-owned company fit into “the fundamental strategy of DAP” to split the Malays votes?

      I really doubt that MCA can pass a loyalty test.

      If Umno handed MCA a keris, would MCA be willing to do the honorable thing and commit harakiri?

  7. Dandy, we are not bothered who are moderate or not but the Malays must be united and since we are the majority you will see that this country will be peaceful as before.

    1. Pardon me brother, but I am bothered by the immoderate, nay radical Wahhabi Malays who have joined terrorist groups like ISIS and even want to bring their ideological agenda into this country.

      Can Malays ever be united under an “Islamist” a.k.a. “Islamic State” paradigm? Don’t you know that these radically immoderate individuals are killing Muslim clerics and laymen – Muslim and non-Muslim – in Syria and Iraq?

      Mereka dah menderhaka kepada Allah dan Rasulullah dengan membunuh manusia yang beriman dan yang tidak berdosa terhadap mereka. Hanya mereka yang benar dan syurga itu milik dia orang! Sungguhnya aku amat khuatir terhadap golongan extremis semacam ini yang mempecah-belahkan tamaddun Melayu asli yang bersilaturrahim dan beradab.



        1. What creative intelligence could think up a pseudonym like najibbapakvernakular! hahaha …. some of those wahhabis may condemn you of despicable innovation hahaha. Seriously, who have you been asking about meanings and words such that none can tell you what they mean by their words? Incidentally bapak, if you are a Muslim, what do you understand about the orthodox creed of Islam?

          1. Well…you are just another of those pretenders who say things that you know nothing about…

            You know, the very reason I asked you the question was to see how much you know about things you write about. And your answer above betrays a lot about who you really are!

            As for your question about orthodox Muslims, I must admit that I do not know what is that all about (Orthodox Islam – is that a new deen or something?) Care to enlighten me in your next posting?

            As the quran always enjoins on those who say anything about the deen, I would remind you that the quran requires you to provide your proof/ evidence – “Provide your evidence, if indeed, you are indeed, truthful”

            1. Apparently, bapak knows enough to call others pretenders: care to list out a sample of the people you’ve been stumping with your interrogations.

              Are you a Muslim? you haven’t answered my question. You know, the very reason I asked you the question was to see how much you know about things you comment about. And your reply above betrays a lot about who you really are!

              1. Keris, these were your very first words in the thread-
                “Pardon me brother, but I am bothered by the immoderate, nay radical Wahhabi Malays who have joined terrorist groups like ISIS and even want to bring their ideological agenda into this country.

                In one stretch you labelled as wahhabis as radical and immoderate.

                I had only asked you to elaborate what and who is a wahabi. From your responses so far you have not even given an inkling of what you know/understand of the word wahabi. How you tag “immoderate and radical ” to wahabi, without even understanding what or who is a “wahabi” is tantamount tp merely puppeting the western propaganda to split Muslims.

                And since you have not answered my question about who and what is a wahabi, you will always be a pretender in my books.


                1. Bapak, are you a Muslim or not? This is the third time i’m obliged to ask you for this basic piece of information about yourself in order to further this discussion; i’ve got no inkling whether you’re a pretender out to stir up unnecessary dissensions within our Muslim community or not. And your not knowing what orthodoxy in Islam amounts to – if you are Malay – has made me even more suspicious of your credentials since you have presumed a judgmental posture in deciding who’s intelligent or who’s not or who’s pretentious or who is not.

                  re: “In one stretch you labelled as wahhabis as radical and immoderate”

                  No I did not. In fact, if you pull the wool away from your eyes the comment was “the immoderate, nay radical Wahhabi Malays WHO HAVE JOINED TERRORIST GROUPS LIKE ISIS AND EVEN WANT TO BRING THEIR IDEOLOGICAL AGENDA INTO THIS COUNTRY.” How could you just gloss over the exacting qualification in my statement? Apparently the killing and atrocities happening to Muslims and non-Muslims right now in Syria and Iraq do not seem to bleed your heart as radical crimes against humanity! What is clear is that you have no inkling of the history of the Saudi-Wahhabi uprising and its violent beginnings.

                  No, Mr. Akbar Ali does not claim to be an imam, so don’t impute your own prejudices onto others. He has simply posted a very plausible and clear picture of “puritanical wahhabism and the British involvement” Again have you read the article? If you have then you would have been given a good head start to escape your bewildered state, and perhaps lead to some worthwhile books to dissipate your judgmental and superior attitude.

                  “The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “A servant of God will remain standing on the Day of Judgment until he is questioned about his (time on earth) and how he used it; about his knowledge and how he utilized it; about his wealth and from where he acquired it and in what (activities) he spent it; and about his body and how he used it.” [al-Tirmidhi, hadith 148]

                  Incidentally, some of the traits of wahhabi-minded individuals are (1) a tendency to impute their own presumptions upon other people (2) and having a judgmental attitude of superiority over others (3) a poor grasp of Islamic history (4) a garbled understanding of what the orthodoxy of Islam actuall is ie. the creed of the ahl sunnah wal jamaah. (5) they do not assign themselves to an authentic spiritual guide in the matters of religion; on the contrary they practise “do-it-yourself” with their limited reasoning abilities and narrow viewpoints.

                  Brother, we should all worry about how we appear in the books of the Lord Almighty.

                  1. How sure are you these Malays are Wahhabis when you don’t even what and who are Wahhabis are?

                    Now I am getting to understand what a Wahhabi is according to your definition…. and what you wrote aptly describe yourself as a Wahhabi -according to your definition – Again these are your words…”All those tendency to impute their own presumptions, judgmental attitude of superiority poor grasp of Islamic history garbled understanding of what orthodoxy bla bla they do not assign themselves bla bla”

                    And you are not even aware that you are guilty of the very things that you accused other people of.

                    1. It’s clear there’s a crisis of knowledge and a “sincerity” issue here.

                      Sheikh Hamza Yusuf in Malaysia 2014: “The Devil’s Trap”


                    2. I beg your pardon. It’s those confusing playlists: you are watching the second video in the list and click the address, but it belongs to the first … here’s the lecture at Masjid Wilayah:


  8. Well, it’s the Western Judeo-Christians who are being called upon to confront ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    Where are the Muslim worthies in the OIC and the GCC? Maybe they’ve got other pressing matters on their mind.

    So, when ISIS does beheadings, crucifixions, forcing women into sexual slavery and other assorted niceties, it’s perfectly ok because, hey, they are targetting “infidels” – people who don’t count.

    So, maybe, when Ms Helen posts about “arrogant evangelistas”, she is buying into this mindset and worldview?

    I really hope not. Because Malaysians, by and large, except for the more radical fringe elements, are more measured, pragmatic and analytical in their thinking.

    So, maybe, Minister Zahid should enlighten us on exactly what he means by “arrogance”, and why it’s acceptable in some cases, while not in others.

    Like, for example, is China being “arrogant” when it throws it’s weight around in the South China Sea? With nary a peep from Asean, apart from Vietnam (Buddhist, with a leavening of Christianity) and the Philippines (overwhelmingly Catholic/Christian)?

    Or, maybe, it’s ok to target some as being “arrogant” while others are not?

    Strange logic, this. Maybe those with “big sticks” can get away with being “arrogant” after all!

  9. Akhbar The Star sendiri yang menjuarai  isu isu bukan Melayu  yang bersifat perkauman dari segi Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang terpaksa dipertahankan oleh orang Melayu dan bila Melayu mempertahankannya dan melawan maka Star  menggambarkan mereka sebagai perkauman dan melampau.

    Disamping itu Star menggunakan penulis penulis Melayu yang liberal untuk melindungi motifnya.


  10. As a Malay, Helen, I am ashamed. The number of Malays occupying leadership position representing the Malay majority voices are do timid that they are RARELY heard.

    You, a non Malay, hits the nail on the head each and everytime you blog.

    Syabas and TERIMA KASIH..

  11. Aside from iguana, what about the Gila Monster which is a venomous lizard in north and central america? Even though it’s pronounced heela but the Malay pronunciation is so, so apt for LGE.

    As for Putra Heights, it’s a Sime UEP project and it managed to get the area under MPSJ so it would be lumped together with Subang Jaya and USJ. it was done about 15 years ago, way before Pakatan took over. Quite boring place, haven’t seen any bars or reflexology centres.

    There are some dubious shops, with no signboards, always shuttered but I’ve seen cars inside. Maybe car thieves hiding and repainting stolen cars. Dare not kaypoh.

      1. The Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum,) is a species of venomous lizard native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexican state of Sonora.

        A heavy, slow-moving lizard, up to 60 cm (2.0 ft) long, the Gila monster is the only venomous lizard native to the United States and one of only two known species of venomous lizards in North America, the other being its close relative, the Mexican beaded lizard (H. horridum).[2]

        Though the Gila monster is venomous, its sluggish nature means it represents little threat to humans. However, it has earned a fearsome reputation and is sometimes killed despite being protected by state law

  12. No thanks to the clueless Ah Jib Gor and his lost campaign of so-called unity via 1Malaysia had deepened the racial polarisation. If unchecked, we may be heading to another May 13. The only way to fix this situation from deteroriating further is to get this useless PM to step down. But does any of the UMNO rich ministers dare to speak up?

    With recent Tun statement against Najib, he had immediately summoned all the UMNO leaders to support him so you can expect if there is any faction who is trying to get him to step down will most likely be removed immediately.

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