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Khairy lancar buku di gereja DUMC

Si pengarang Datuk Denison Jayasooria ialah seorang Kristian beserta qariah Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama (DUMC).

Buku beliau dilancarkan oleh Khairy Jamaluddin petang tadi.


Hannah Yeoh on Twitter- At DUMC for the launch of Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria's book by @Khairykj 2014-09-03 23-19-51



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33 thoughts on “Khairy lancar buku di gereja DUMC

  1. Sama macam tajuk buku. Itu lah KJ.

    Lancar buku ok tapi jangan lancar roket. Nanti gerenti berbintang- bintang.. he..he..

  2. Gereja ini terkenal sebagai tempat orang2 Melayu datang untuk jadi MURTAK, that could explain why KJ was there!!!

  3. What ever activities in church involving muslims have a clear motive ie; to outreach general muslims to be more attached to the church and christianity.

  4. Helen please avoid the use of arabic-malay terms such as qariah in any christianity literature/article. For example in here you use qariah which is suffice for you to use “a group of” or “a follower” or” members of” etc. Please stop associate arabic terms in your article when writing about the christianity topics. Normally in malay it should be sufficient to use ahli kumpulan atau pengikut….

    1. takpe red hill…the word qariah, though arabic and even used the qur’an, has no religious connotation at all. It just means area or village. To me it has a creative flavour when used the manner Helen did, only that she should have stated “ahli2 qariah” DUMC.

      1. She translates directly the word parish which is commonly used to describe a congregation of Christian faith at a typically small place. No harm using the word qariah or kariah as it is a common Malay word.

  5. Nothing wrong for him to enter church and launch a book. PAS, DAP, PKR will be very happy but something wrong when he launch a 60 year old biograpy book when he is KETUA PEMUDA and Ministry of Youth for young people. It better for Musyirdul AM PAS to launch the book.

  6. Cantik Miss Helen. Like I have just said. Macam mana nak harap UMNO leaders when they are still in love with the people who are out to destroy us. Depa depa ni maseh tak faham faham, hairan

  7. The lousiest “KETUA PEMUDA” UMNO ever had.


    AKU DAN family sudah muak dgn telatah cheap publicity SEPERTI ini.


  8. sumbang nampaknya.

    jika tak mendapatkan maklumat dan pengetahuan yang betul ia boleh mengundang fitnah.

    orang yang berakal sempurna pasti cuba mengelakkannya.

  9. Seeloknya Khairy tak perlulah ke gereja utk tujuan apapun. Hantarlah wakil yg bukan Muslim. Hantar saja Regina pun ok juga.

    Khairy sengaja nak kena kutuk ahli2 UMNO agaknya. Nak tunjuk liberal bukan di gereja/tokong/kuil.

    Khairy, awak tu Ketua Pemuda Melayu dlm UMNO. Jgn jadi bodoh sangat.

  10. This KJ is chameleon…. his anglophile oxford image failed him badly when he was the most powerful 28 year old as he lost ground with the grass roots.. then he became taxi driver and join wataniah to mask his anglophile stench.. now he is back to his natural habitat among the pure nasranis… koh3

    I never trusted Kj… his character just ring the wrong bells within me… just like badawi did, never liked badawi and was right!! So i stand to trust my instinct with KJ. I find him too selfish and ambitious to be an effective leaders… politicians are inherently selfish assholes but need to bring progress, KJ is not that ..yet.

    1. re: “politicians are inherently selfish assholes”

      Really? The sheeple believe their evangelista pollies walk on water.

  11. Outstanding public intellectual? What’s that ? Surely for someone to be known as an outstanding public intellectual, he/she must have made some outstanding contribution. Now, what outstanding contribution has this man made in the service of intellectual advancement?

    Let’s get real here. This man is a fraud. Apart from making some appearances on national TV, talking about some minor subjects, he’s nothing. Nothing.

    Oh well, nowadays anyone can be an intellectual, a celebrity or a person of infamy. With a smartphone, preferably one by Apple, one can also become very famous.

  12. He is serious and dangerously out of touch, out of steps with the Malays both of the urban and rural types. He thinks they are head over heels all over him and his boys.

    1. re: “head over heels all over him and his boys”

      And his office girl and her Dapster scissorati friends.

  13. Anyone else from BN trying to reach out to the urban folk? Reach out to irritate and condescend got la

    At least he’s trying. Smarmy, though it may be, I give props for effort.

  14. Dear Aunty Helen,

    DUMC? I wonder why must Ketua Pemuda UMNO, KJ launch Datuk Dr. Denison’s book, at DUMC. Has he forgotten the DUMC vs JAIS case and what the DAPsters said to JAIS and UMNO? Oh, I just remembered, he is a DAPster :D

    1. re: “I wonder why must Ketua Pemuda Umno, KJ launch Datuk Dr Denison’s book, at DUMC.”

      Probably Regina’s church.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,

        I was so upset and angry that Khairy could to do such thing without considering the dignity of Islam, the feelings of the Malays and those who support UMNO that I wrote an article about it in my blog. Hope Aunty Helen can read my post …

        Thank you for posting the article.

  15. Dr Denison Jayasuria got his PhD from Oxford Brookes University in England. Not Oxford University okay!

    According to World University Rankings 2013, Universiti Malaya was heavily criticised for being ranked 167 and considered bad. Guess what is the ranking of Oxford Brookes? It is 374! Any idiot with a lot of effort can get a PhD from Oxford Brookes.

    No wonder none of his writings though plentiful, have not created any impact in our lives in Malaysia. In fact I am not even aware that he has so many publications. But they are just quantities without quality, a reflection of the training he got from a university ranked 374 in the world.

  16. A liberal umno youth. Is he suitable to be umno’s leader for the future? Najib is blind for appointing him as a minister.

  17. This whole Christians converting Muslims fiasco is appalling. Not because it is, I believe, true & happening today but because protesting against something the Muslims are doing themselves is hipocritical & unjust which is the antithesis of Islam.

    There are so many things that Muslims are afraid of which we can be very well eliminated if we act in accordance with AlQuran & the Sunnah. No, it’s not to declare jihad on non-Muslims but rather to live the way of life Rasulullah taught us as well as we could as we, Malay Muslims have drifted from the true context of the religion.

    This practice of good conduct & just manner would emanate to the people around us, educating our children through our actions & provide them with firm constitution & understanding of Islam. This way, nothing could rattle their/our belief & we will finally be a just society by not doing unto others what you do not want to be done unto us.

    However, I also believe the Christians should come clean with their intentions and stop being as conniving as their are now. Islam & Christianity are the closest of religions there are, we should embrace each other’s contributions & differences, not reject them.

    As the majority that aspires to be just, we should stop the blame game and get the ball rolling.

    Siapa yang cakap KJ pergi gereja untuk masuk Kristian, sesungguhnya tak ada statement lagi bengap di sini & kemungkinan besar daya kepala hotak anda tak terjangkau apa yang saya nukilkan di atas.

    1. Mr Syed (aka RBA/ KJ goons)

      For all your long words, the last paragraph is the reflection of your true self (You are indeed arrogant and readily accused anyone who is not in the same opinion as yours as stupid and low class)..

      Please know that majority of Muslims are not like the ones you defended above and we are definitely getting MORE vocal and will fight all effort of your kind to wreck havoc in our homeland (Tanah Melayu).

      Dear Miss Helen, you are right again about these people..(self righteous evangelists of Subang Jaya). Very sick people indeed.

      1. Not only that, he thinks he is part of a ‘majority’. Arrogant and utterly delusional.

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