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Young jstar: Drink, pray, love


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Justin Bieber’s police mugshot (below) in Miami Beach, Florida.

Last fortnight, the young popstar was given a plea bargain for his drunk driving charge.

He’s a staunch Christian, by the way.




Bieber has a Bible verse tattooed on his back – Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path




Bieber’s ‘Praying’ tattoo shows a pair of hands clasped in prayer. It’s on his left leg.

He later added an elaborate roses tattoo below it.

He gets a new tattoo(s) every month. Insatiable.




The word ‘LOVE’ is spelled on Bieber’s right forearm.

He’s also got his girlfriend Selena Gomez tattooed on his left forearm, portrayed as a winged angel.

On his inner left arm is a separate pair of angel wings.

There’s additionally a cherub on Bieber’s outer left arm – see pink arrow below.






Bieber wears a cross on his chest.

He’s also got a wooden cross tattoo on his left inner wrist. Nailed to the cross is a globe that is bleeding droplets of Jesus’s blood.

Justin Bieber tattoos from elbow down are: An open eye, the word ‘Believe’, a crusader king holding a sword, and the wooden cross.





The Baby star has also got “Yeshua” (Jesus) tattooed on his left ribcage. The word is written vertically in Hebrew characters.

Aside from the Hebrew ‘Jesus’, the singer has ‘Christ’ in Greek to reinforce his Christian love message. It is symbolized by the Greek alphabet chi.

A portrait of Jesus is tattooed on Bieber’s left calf.






Bieber is incapable of self-restraint.

He won’t stop until he eventually runs out of skin.

His left arm is already filled with tattoos, so he’s now tattooing his right.


Left arm … inside, outside all done


Right arm … work in progress

Justin-Bieber-tattoo right arm


Jesus is the King of Kings. Bieber has a ‘high crown’ tattoo beside a clouds-in-the-sky tattoo.

Even the talons of the eagle tattoo on his right shoulder are depicted to look like a heraldic Jerusalem cross.

Yesterday Bieber was charged in Stratford, Ontario for dangerous driving – again – and for assaulting a photographer whose mini van collided with the young star’s ATV (all terrain vehicle). It is not the only assault charge that Bieber is facing.

In another four days (Sept 8), Bieber is due to appear in a Toronto court for allegedly striking his limousine driver on the back of his head several times while driving to a nightclub.


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23 thoughts on “Young jstar: Drink, pray, love

  1. Aiya, he was a child of teenage parents, dad missing until he became a star then showed up to enjoy the money.

    His grandparents did their best but from the beginning of his stardom he has been out of control. His mother could not control him.

    My point being this is a unique case. Not all tattooed Christians are like that… But be careful of the super holy ones la, he he

  2. Clearly, there it is. “Ye shall not. . .print any marks upon you. .
    A lot of Christians when confronted with Leviticus 19:28, scream, “Hey dude, that’s not for today. Man, that’s the Old Testament. I’m under the New Testament”.

    Leviticus 19:28 is the Christian (or so-called Christian?) tattooist and tattoo-bearer’s worst nightmare. The Lord plainly, clearly, strongly, and without a doubt – condemns the tattoo.

    1. “Bieber is incapable of self-restraint. He won’t stop until he eventually runs out of skin.”

      He will stop. Starlets like this die young. The drugs, partying, drunkenness will take the toll. Remember Beiber is not productive for the past year – flop album and a flop movie but lots of shenanigans.

      Amy Winehouse – dead
      Whitney Huston – dead
      Lindsey Lohan – dead career.

      Christianity does not restraint one from becoming a shipwreck. Whitney Huston was very religious and she died in a drug incident. So did Elvis Presley who was a very serious gospel singer (he won Grammys for gospel rather than pop/rock) and he was very religious.

      1. How about the masses of disgruntled, disillusioned Muslims going abroad to Syria and Iraq to kill other Muslims and non-Muslims, supposedly in the name of jihad and Allah? Or prostitute themselves for a “jihad nikah”?

        Most of these people end up dead, rotting, and forgotten in the desert wastelands.

  3. JStar has really got onto the nerves of many Malays, according to Zamkata.

    “Bekas Menteri Penerangan Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin memberi amaran tidak mustahil orang Melayu akan memboikot akhbar harian bahasa Ingggeris The Star kerana pendirian anti Melayu dan anti Islamnya.

    Bekas ahli politik Umno itu berkata, tindakan memboikot rangkaian restoran makanan segera terkenal McDonalds atas nama solidariti kepada penduduk Palestin di Gaza yang menghadapi pencerobohan Israel, dilihat sebagai tanda kuasa membeli di negara ini majoritinya dikuasai kaum Melayu.

    “Peristiwa pemboikotan terhadap McDonalds yang pertama kali berlaku di Malaysia menunjukkan kuasa beli orang Melayu semakin kuat dan tinggi dan hal ini boleh berlaku kepada Coca Cola, kepada syarikat-syarikat Cina yang menentang Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan GST, dan juga kepada akhbar The Star sendiri.

    “Jika ia terus menunjukkan sikap anti Melayu dan anti Islam dengan memomokkan orang Melayu dan Islam sebagai pelampau dan rasis kerana mempertahankan kedaulatan perlembagaan,” katanya dipetik melalui blognya, hari ini.”

  4. People with a whole lot of tattoos all over the body, one day they will grow old, undergo a change in their outlook on life and in their thinking.

    They will look at those tattoos and begin to see them as puerile, ugly and quite inappropriate for their current station in life.

    Tattoos being quite permanent markings, now getting rid of them is going to be quite a problem.

  5. I believe what the Christian (Justin Biebers) want to do are their problem as long as they didn’t try impose their thinking and believed to others especially to Malays Muslim in Malaysia.

    Tattooed individuals are normally of low IQ, having impurity complex, who’s trying shows that they are having ‘extra’ to look at, which previously generally practice by native generation, are getting momentum recently.

    Melayu hanya tidak mahu diganggu.

    1. re: “Melayu hanya tidak mahu diganggu.”

      Tapi sampai surau dan masjid pun si evangelista DAP mahu masuk ceroboh.

  6. Helen dear, why are you talking bad about this religious person? It’s very unbecoming of you, don’t you see the good he’s spreading? Free sex, booze, extravagance, occasional violence etc etc.

    Already we have locals from DAP trying to emulate him.. so he has done good. The locals like that wong fella, that hanna, that theresa and their gangs are not that successful yet. But still they managed to preach the love message while spewing inner hate towards the malays and their authority and islam.

    I would say that’s quite and achievement considering the target of their subversions are still sleeping or rather sleeping with the enemy..

    1. The souls of men are not free from blameworthy intentions. This is why the men of insight are distrustful of their own souls and always oppose its baser instincts in order to uplift its moral vision and ultimate happiness. How could one fall in with the demands of the soul (nafs), when even a Prophet like Yusuf (Joseph) would exclaim:

      ” And I do not absolve my soul [from blame], indeed the self (soul) is wont to incline towards evil, except those whom my Lord has mercy upon, and surely my Lord is Forgiving, most Merciful.”
      — Quran ch.12 v.53

  7. Pakatan is now tatters with Sultan rejecting PKR’s letter and PAS submitting their own candidates. I guess we will be having a state election soon with these three strange bedfellows plotting and backstabbing each other. Just wait for LKS to start his Chinese Opera show with tragic songs about PR breaking up.

    1. Had PKR and DAP complied with the Sultan’s requirement for them and PAS to each submit three or more names, Khalid would most likely now ex-MB now and Selangor would have a new Pakatan MB, though not necessarily Wan Azizah, and Selangor state government could them move on.

      But no! they had to butt heads with the palace, resulting in a stalemate.

      Quite frankly, I hope this ends up in fresh state elections.

      1. The funny thing is DAP is keeping total silence even though the sultan would have chided them too for going against his directive. PKR running like a headless chicken not knowing what to do while DAP is pretending everything is OK.

        Funny Anil is claiming Astro being nasty in publishing the news that PKR has Azmin as backup if Zizah got rejected. However Singapore’s Straits Times claims the same thing quoting their own sources in PKR. I didn’t know ST is also an UMNO mouthpiece…LOL

  8. Justin bieber is a loser….. like the jerusubangites frolicking like lizards on stage in their karaoke centres i mean churches…koh3.

      1. U know why, helen. Moderation in terms of Jstar’s big gun. That beiber nothing to do with malay or Islam.. his evangelistic way..

        One day, he will be invited to ‘cheer’ jerusebang’s churh.. beiber is an ‘idola’ for the young gen chinese evangelista assembly- no wonder the ‘pronounced last monk’ of buddha made such statement…

        Anyway, thanks for your ‘ artikel memberansang ‘ previously. I gave credit in zamkata. I know I’m nobody but when we speak for the truth, its clearly from our heart. We do not need recognition, but only God knows… then you’re blessed in way that you never realise that so suddenly yo say,” Thank So Much God Almighty…” – bersyukur lah tu..

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