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PAS for all, MB for Selangor

Last month, the J-Star launched its campaign against “religious and racial bigots”. The scissorati kicked off their anti-racism crusade with an editorial headlined ‘Be brave and beautiful‘ (Aug 10).

It was spearheaded by no less than the media group CEO himself, Wong Chun Wai – below.


All you “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”, beware

The J-Star‘s Voices of Moderation campaign is aimed at “the voices of extremism” which the pro-Christian media group claims are getting overly “amplified” of late.

Certain quarters of taking advantage of an “open licence to spew hatred”, the MCA-owned media complains. These bad guys also “create fears” among their fellow citizens, the J-Star accuses.

According to the J-Star, the bad people are the “fringe minorities”, i.e. the racists, extremists, bigots and haters, who are getting away with their “divisive posturing” because the majority chooses to remain silent.

The DAP evangelista hand of friendship – look closely at the hands


Evangelistas reach out to Malaysians of other faiths

The J-Star accuses some wicked individuals and evil groups of deliberately accentuating our differences and building walls that divide. Unlike those divisive, ugly haters, the “brave and beautiful” J-Star community promises to instead “continue to build bridges that connect”.

The J-Star‘s campaign is to remind readers that moderate Malaysia has always been and will always be open to “Brave Views and Bold Ideas” from the people whom the paper has made its icons.

Decent, fair-minded people whom The J-Star love are ones who – in the paper’s opinion – provide rational, balanced and moderate views.

The DAP evangelista hand of friendship – look closely at the hand


Triumph of reason over insanity

The J-Star claims to have the support of all the good people – the opinion leaders, and the movers and shakers (and also of Najib Razak?) – for its Voices of Moderation campaign.

col_StarSays_Weekday.jpgThe J-Star editors say: “Through this campaign, we want to make it clear that we will be at the forefront to nurture and ensure the resounding triumph of moderation and reason over extremism and insanity.”

So now we know that some Malaysians are not only extreme, bigoted and hateful in the eyes of the Jerusubang high-class cosmopolitans but these racist Malaysians are also viewed as insane.


Isn’t PAS your friend, DAP?

RedCheongsamThe Pakatan Christian charity motto is “Love our enemies …  hate our friends”.

DAP and PAS are supposed to be friends but they don’t behave like loving allies who are in the same camp.

The slogan of the Islamist party is “PAS for All” but unfortunately their noble motto is not reciprocated with “All for PAS”. The DAP and their non-Muslim supporters are not at all for a PAS man to become the Selangor MB.

Let’s be “moderate” and reasonable, shall we?

PAS has 15 seats in the Selangor DUN, PKR has 13 while the DAP has 15 Aduns but no Malay or Muslim among their ranks.

Since the state constitution requires that the MB be a Malay and Muslim, that puts the ‘multiracial’ DAP out of contention. And between PAS’s 15-seat representation and the PKR’s 13, isn’t it more reasonable that a PAS man should be considered for the job?

After all, PAS is the biggest party in the Selangor state assembly.


Secondly, PKR is nominating Wan Azizah who did not even contest in the general election when Selangorians gave their mandate to Pakatan. In other words, she was not a part of the Pakatan winning team on 5 May 2013.

Furthermore, Wan Azizah is not a registered Selangor voter herself. She voted in Permatang Pauh in Penang during GE13.

Worse, she is not anak jati Selangor. Isn’t the PAS man who grew up in Selangor more acceptable than Wan Azizah who was born in Israel? Okay, I’m kidding about Israel but she was born in Singapore, known as the Israel of the East.

Thirdly, many Malays feel more comfortable with a man as the MB for reasons of religious tradition, e.g. the Sultan turun padang untuk berbuka puasa dengan rakyat baginda almost every day during Ramadan and the MB may be required to accompany the ruler.

The more conservative Muslims think it is tak manis for their unmarried Sultan to be seen ke hulu ke hilir with a woman whose husband (Anwar would soon be in jail) is nowhere in sight. With Khalid Ibrahim, on the other hand, the Sultan seemed to have a warm rapport.


Who is being unreasonable here?

Any reasonable person who is moderate in his views should not object to a PAS professional as Selangor MB.

Are the DAP supporters rejecting a PAS candidate because they are – to borrow the J-Star‘s words – “religious and racial bigots”?

Why can’t the Firsters “look beyond race, religion and cultural barriers and come together” as Selangorians?

Isn’t it immoderate of the Yahudi Yeohs to be spewing venom at PAS over this MB crisis when it was brought about by the Kajang Move – a manoeuvre which PAS had nothing to do with?

Solidarity, scissorati style


Why can’t the Yahudi Yeohs accept PAS?

“Creating fears” – borrowing again a phrase from the J-Star‘s ‘Brave Views and Bold Ideas’ campaign – about any possible repercussions of PAS rule in Selangor is an act of extremism. The Firsters dissing PAS should instead adopt “an approach that is about acceptance, harmony and peaceful co-existence”.

After all, the Chinese and Indian opposition supporters had already accepted the “PAS for All” slogan by Islamist party during GE13. DAP even mulled the idea of contesting under PAS’s moon logo against the contingency that the ROS decides to de-register their party for its Excel foul up.

Why are the DAP supporters curiously now unable to “connect” with PAS and erecting walls that divide. Where is the bridge that they boast of building?

When the DAP and their followers urge Malaysians to unite and stand up against their divisive and wicked opponents, you really have to look closely at the hand of friendship that they’re offering.

BELOW: A clarion call that “inspired” 87 percent of J-Star readers (see feedback emoticons)

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Be brave and beautiful - The Star Says


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46 thoughts on “PAS for all, MB for Selangor

  1. Ms H. Why these ordinary looking people with no substantive public records advertise like frenzy about themeselves ? The money so spent could have been donated to deserving charities. This is an exhibtion of crude self-glorification at its worse like lky for a lifetime which turned out at the end of the day has feet of clay !

    1. We need to ask how much the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) contributed in funding for the Voices of Moderation campaign and their huge billboards on the streets.

      Najib Razak’s pet NGO – Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) – is heavily involved in this J-Star project. Minister in the PM’s Dept Idris Jala is also one of the faces in the ad campaign.


    2. True. Syok sendiri la they all. The least they could do is to conduct on-line poll to choose the face of the moderate personalities from all level of societies.

    3. Ms H. Let the truth be told. Who is this guy who is inflicted with narcissism any way? He and his cohorts have not done anything for the society at large but only contributed via the gift of the gab.

      And now this childish stunt to publicise themselves at public expense. There are lots of things worthwhile to do out there and not in the confines of KL’s third rate salons!

      1. re: “He and his cohorts have not done anything for the society at large but only contributed via the gift of the gab.”

        This guy and his cohorts may have not done anything substantive for the society at large but nonetheless they’ve enthusiastically propped up their fellow evangelistas with the gift of the gab and promoted the J-Juice addiction.

        1. Ms H. All these digits which they all are with soft clean hands operating day and night in 3rd rate KL salons – what do they know about the daily worries and sufferings of the 99.99% of the population? The true Rakyat of our beloved Malaysia, like you and me. What do they know?

          These nimcompoops spend their whole lives in air-conditioned offices or palatial homes and now brazenly advertise themselves as moderates whatever this means using and wasting public funds WITH NO SHAME! It seems to us that asses are born every day. They forgot to include gents of a similar ilk with surnames beginning, L, L & Y. The inclusion of this trio would make a complete picture of the dummies of our beloved Malaysia. Self praise is no praise !

      2. sophistry [ˈsɒfɪstri]
        – noun

        i) the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.
        – eg: “trying to argue that I had benefited in any way from the disaster was pure sophistry”

        ii) synonyms: (a) specious reasoning (b) the use of fallacious arguments (c) casuistry (d) quibbling (e) equivocation

        eg: “He and his cohorts have not done anything for the society at large but only dabbled in sophistry.”

  2. Helen,

    The DAP*** are Cina Bangsat. Like most Cina men, they will only keep friends that can bring ‘untung’ to them. As it is now, PAS has cheated them. That is slap on the Braggart LGE’s face. Padan muka dia.

  3. I would like to thank all my Chinese friends who travelled far and wide from Canada, Singapore, Australia and all corners of Malaysia to vote Pakatan into power to give a PAS MB that would make Selangor a just and progressive state of Islam.

    Once again, thank you and may your racism continue to guide your actions.

  4. Correct, correct correct.

    The majority party should be the one nominating the MB whether PAS or DAP. Cannot like that one. DAP tak boleh, dia bagi chan kat PKR. So DAP+PKR more than PAS and PKR dapat jadi MB melalui backdoor.

    Maybe DAP bagi chan suruh PKR must support change the Selangor Constitution so that next round dia orang boleh jadi MB?

    Atau Diyana atau Rara atau awek mana yang cun lain kali dapat jadi wakil MB untuk DAP? Manalah tau. Tuanku maybe setuju. Kan jodoh tu ditangan Tuhan.

    Atau mana-mana orang Evangelista ke, Jerusubang ke tukar agama jadi Islam supaya jadi pseudo Malay untuk layak jadi MB mengikut perlembagaan Selangor?

    Kesian kat parti macam MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan. Dah 57 tahun, BN memerintah Selangor, tak pernah ada chan lansung jadi MB. Cuma harapkan jawatan exco dan kaunselor sahaja. Tak ada visi lansung untuk maju ke hadapan, kan?

    Mungkin ISMA atau Perkasa patut timbangkan berjodoh dengan DAP supaya dapat jadi MB tak?

    Tak hendak ke?

  5. There is no moderate stance without the criterion of personal integrity. Harmony arises in a symphony of good-hearted souls.

  6. For those of u here who thought that kampung ulamak cannot handle n solve complicated politiking, well, think no further Whether u agree or not… suddenly everybody felt relieved n see the end of this high drama.

    Remember the merdeka survey…. everybody felt tired already. And of all.. no more leaking minutes of ajk pusat meeting. If not, not even press conference yet, pkr n dap already bertempik. Pas have been kencing berak kentut ludah high n low in n out frens n foes.

    Any reasonable men or women start to pity them by now unless u r among those who believed your own pkr n dap propaganda spewing machines. Pas dont even started this problem. From sideline… now they r taking center stage and this is abt the right time. Rising like a hero, ma i borrow, in a tamil movie. Buk bak dush dummm…. lunyai kene hentak by kampung bullies… then come last 10min of the movie….

    Dap will toe the line.. trust my 1sen instinct. Dap cannot afford to be seen as too derhaka to sultan n i guess they hv already submitted 3 names earlier… if not letter by sultan would hv reached them too. The dap too cannot go it alone too as much as pas need the chinese vote.

    Pas is going for broke. Nothing to loose. They hv already being pushed to the wall for no reasonable reason.

  7. There will be casualties when he smokes clear but hopefully dap and pas will learn to trust and respect each other. Pas is easy forgiving folks… say ur taubat.. and pas will say taubat for what… cant remember anymore?

    Will pas mb be better? We can surely argue that later but than its better than rubberstamp.
    But then one big thing precedence happened… no rubberstamp mb no way. So if dap think that by fielding malay calon n dap win big… chances are thy still wont get the mb seat. Stupid pkr move help to clarify that.

    Dap malay will surely be seen as rubberstamp mb by istana or layman malay….unless big overhaul is done to dap cwc to really reflect msian msia n not just lip service but by reading nga kor ming fb today… 100% written in mandarin…. i doubt la.

  8. The billboard on otherside :- the idea “manufacturing extremists” hate your enemies, hate ur neighbors, choose your friends… thats brave(ry)
    to challenge The Gomen !

    But… “We need to ask how much the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) contributed in funding for the Voices of Moderation campaign and their huge billboards on the streets.

    Najib Razak’s pet NGO – Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) – is heavily involved in this J-Star project. Minister in the PM’s Dept Idris Jala is also one of the faces in the ad campaign”

    ….which is Which now ? pening gak Helen, dont u think ?

  9. My area 98% Apek DAP and under PAS ADUN. Very changed, they are less critical and very cooperative. Under BN ADUN previously, sampah lewat angkut guarantee kena maki, malas… bodoh.. korupted.. segalanya mereka menyumpah.

    Since under PAS, every night they dispose their own garbage without a whimper, clean the longkang (7yrs only once came to maintain ie before GE13) hmmm no complains.

    Why not let PAS discipline them further. Now the Guiness Stout n Carlsberg factory how now? If PAS cuts down or close down totally all the prostitution dens, catch all the pimps, gambling outlet etc.. Non Muslim will also benefit esp good for their families and can safe lots of money wat!


    Advice DAP to be more compassionate to Anwar and Jijah in the event she gets rejected. Both are fm Penang, pujuk Guan Eng to step down and give the CM post to Jijah la.. Afterall he’s been there over 1 term and he is not from Penang some more, get Guan Eng to open a security guard firm can or not? He is so scared of the security in Penang.

    1. I am just putting fwd my brave views and bold ideas as suggested by the posters up there. So how Guan Eng? Tulun la kasi this Penang couple the Penang CM seat. Brave or not ma?

      Anwar was born and served as MP for Permatang Pauh since 1982. His wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail held the seat when he was imprisoned until 2004 and disqualified from contesting elections until 2008. He back with a huge majority, see… He or Jijah deserve to be CM of Penang, why an outsider Guan Eng?

      BTW Guiness Stout and Carlsberg need not worry. Read a research made, think fm Canada tht BUDU has cancer fighting properties. They can get expertise from PAS and use their facilities to brew budus instead.. Better ma help cure the sick instead of producing drunkards!

    2. I agree with you 100% with your observations and also suggestion for the PKR’s KETUM and wife.

      The same happened in the area I live. Before 2008 these folks were super sensitive, garbage never collect a few days Krakatau will explode and some folks will run amok.

      Penang bridge jam, the state govt kena left right and center. Traffic jam – must be because the state govt never plan properly for public transport.

      New development projects – must be UMNO cronies at work and it must be stopped at all costs.

      Now, look at the same folks. Rubbish uncollected for days and when you raised it people get upset and jump to the Tokong’s defence and run you down. Express you unhappiness about MPSP services and people look at you like you just pissed in your pants in public.

      Mega projects after mega projects being approved and the very same folks applaud it saying – it’s good for Penang mah ! Bring more investment. If you complain, they ask you to get out of Penang move to some kampungs in Kedah.

      As for your suggestion – I agree – LGE should allow Zizah to be the first woman CM by stepping down. That will show DAP’s sincerity in gender equality and also Bangsa Malaysia.

      1. re: “If you complain, they ask you to get out of Penang move to some kampungs in Kedah.”

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander then. If the Dapsters are asked to get out of Malaysia and move to some suburb in Tasmania, they have no cause to complain.

        1. The funny thing is when they are told to get out of Malaysia they get extremely upset but at the back busy running down the country and planning how to migrate to Australia.

          I think since a lot of folks are unhappy, the Malaysian govt should work with China and India to take back those migrants who think Malaysia is such a lousy place.

          1. Calvin,

            They go ballistic at the mention of “balik Tongsan”. Say “emigrate to Tasmania”. That’s okay and, in fact, most desirable in their books.

          2. Re I think since a lot of folks are unhappy, the Malaysian govt should work with China and India to take back those migrants who think Malaysia is such a lousy place.

            Not going to happen. They identified themselves as ‘Malaysian’ you know so a better solution would be for our government to work with the Australians to ship them to Australia. Finding a place to accommodate them is a problem though.

        2. I believe most Malays and Indians have crossed over to the mainland part of the state. A friend of mine who is an employee of E&O said that the island is practically ‘occupied’ by Chinese and Chinese interest. The rent is over the roof. If a person is making less than RM2000 monthly then the said person has no hope whatsoever of renting a decent place to live since his other expenses will render his monthly income ‘obsolete’, in other words, not enough left to rent even a room.

          1. re: “I believe most Malays and Indians have crossed over to the mainland part of the state.”

            The voluntary racial segregation might have unintended consequences that are advantageous to the federal authorities, e.g. if a state of Emergency is declared on Penang island due to the bajungu “uprising” i.e. should the police deem them to be a threat to national security.

          2. This is not a new development. The Chinese were the by far the majority in the island even before 2008. Indians lived in places like Kg Buah Pala and the Malays in kampungs at Balik Pulau area.

            In fact there was a clear class differentiation in Penang -not just by your race but also based on where you live. If you live in the mainland, you are looked upon as someone from some uncivilized and strange country like Zambia or South Sudan.

            However after 2008, the situation changed. One by one the Malay kampungs and Indian settlements are being destroyed and replaced with massive super rich mega development projects. The displaced Indians and Malays are pushed out of the island to the mainland and even other states.

            Also there is an influx of Chinese from other states like Kedah and Perak and even Singapore to the island. The state govt is secretly doing an [deleted] by forcing non Chinese to move out. In fact the poor Chinese are also pushed out replaced with cronies and super rich.

  10. These so called moderates…..

    What’s their contribution to our nation ? One is working to stab his bosses from behind using his bosses’ assets i.e The Star. Then there is another so called moderate who owes her fame because she is the daughter of a former PM. Think about it, if she’s not the daughter of the former PM, would anyone even bother to look at her?

    In other words, these people are opportunists and carpetbaggers.

  11. Last night I was at 1Utama watching a Cantonese movie. There were approximately 25 or so watching the movie when we were asked to stand to sing the national anthem. As I was sitting at the back row I had a good view of the cinema. Only 3 person stood up; myself, my companion & a cinema staff.

    You draw your own conclusions to that.

    1. When you stood up, the others must have said to themselves ‘fuck you 3’ l o l

      You can’t reason with those people. I wonder, by the time we have our next general election, how many real true blue Chinese will be left as the rest of the community identify themselves as Malaysian ? l o l

      1. Being Chinese don’t make me any less Malaysian. So I don’t know what is eating these people up that they’re hell bent on being bangsa Malaysia yet go berserk when you touch on their “Chinese sensitivities”.

        Heck, they should just pass some of that thing they’re smoking around & share the joys & delusions it brings.

    2. Why am I not shocked ? I guess these are the folks who proudly call themselves as Bangsa Malaysians.

      You know in Penang, in Gerakan days hardly any Chinese turn up for any govt functions much less the Merdeka celebration. But the moment DAP took over, mammoth crowds started to attend these events. This leads me to think that if you are patriotic, it doesn’t matter what party is in power. However these Dapsters live in a very different world from us.

  12. I think it is very reasonable to have a PAS MB and as Helen has pointed out they have all the qualifications and also the most number of seats in DUN.

    Sure they had agreed to have a PKR MB before but so what? PR always prided itself as being able to “Agree to disagree” unlike the evil BN/UMNO where UMNO lords over.

    Since Anwar also made an unilateral decision in changing the MB, the decision on having a PKR MB in 2013 should also be counted as null and void. As such PAS putting forward its candidate as MB is valid and welcome.

    Didn’t DAP themselves said that PAS is for all and they are moderate and progressive party that non Muslims and Muslims can trust ? As such there is nothing to worry at all.

    Let’s have PAS MB for Selangor. If PAS wants hudud for Selangor let them have it. Since many Chinese too supported it since it reduces crime. Let them close all gambling and vice dens since the Chinese also anti-vice.

    1. In his quest to turn Penang into an international city, Penang’s natural ecosystem is practically devastated. Just about everyday we read of a major development being planned, approved by the state government. How long do you think this whole ‘development’ thing is going to go before the people wake up and realize that Penang is a wasteland ?

      1. re: “before the people wake up and realize that Penang is a wasteland?”

        It all depends on the J-Juice supply. Penang people won’t wake up if they’re kept in a drunken stupor.

      2. That’s why I am upset that people like Aliran and Anil are so quiet with all the maddening developments happening at rapid pace. I recall the huge campaign that NGOs created to stop PGCC. Now there are dozens of such projects and not even one word of objections. All the tigers have now turned into CATs.

        1. Why do you think the CAT has got Anil’s tongue?

          I used to think he was among the most spirited (“fighting for a cause”) journos around.

          1. Fighting for a cause? People change remember? Of course he was fighting for a cause because the people he was up against back then were the old establishment of Penang. Now there is a new ‘establishment’ in Penang and it is one that he likes.

            1. Regardless, I don’t think Anil has lost his altruism. His blog is still a responsible one (i.e. he’s a responsible moderator) and it breaks good stories.

              Nonetheless, his overt pro-Pakatan bias is annoying. But hey, who am I to complain? I annoy more people than Anil does.

          2. My take is that all along many NGOs were formed not so much to fight for democracy and civil rights but to oppose BN. Aliran used to be one of the very few exceptions but changed when Dr Chandra left. All those remaining are PR machai.

            I dunno about Anil but many of Aliran members are directly benefitting from DAP in Penang. Some are made into council members, board members of GLCs, cushy posts in state bodies, etc.

            I am planning to write an article on how DAP in Penang is deeply into cronyism by appointing leaders and supporters into such positions. Recently I discovered that the Penang Institute has “established” an office in KL. Guess who are their employees – OKM and Aziz Bari ! Such things are rife here – some known, some are well hidden. I guess most Aliran folks have been similarly been rewarded for their support and silence.

          3. You know when I wrote a few critical article about LGE’s policies, they tried to bribe me by offering jobs in the state GLCs and when I refused, they resorted to some threats and I kept receiving funny phone calls.

            1. I’m not at all surprised to hear that you’ve received threats. Some people out there can be so vicious. I’ve also received threats via e-mail from vile people who say that they are planning to kenakan saya.

        2. I could sense that LGE wants to outdo Najib. I mean, look. Najib and his administration are doing a lot of things in KL to turn KL into a vibrant international city. You see all the developments in KL, the skyscrapers, the big MNCs the Federal government is courting to set up bases in KL. Then look at Penang.

          In typical kiasu mentality, LGE is attempting to do the same thing too but sadly for him, Penang does not have the prerequisite to become an international city. Land is scarce. The place is now overpopulated. The traffic condition is mind boggling.

          But you know the man. Being ultra kiasu he will never relent. He’s pushing it full speed ahead. Years from now, we will witness the severe consequences of this mad development drive initiated by this ultra kiasu man. By then it will be too little too late.

          1. yeah..poor Penang people. At least LGE could return to Melaka after he has screwed up Penang with his mad development drive. Maybe he thinks that he can develop Penang as good as Tan Sri Rahim and Datuk Ali developed Melaka.

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