Najib tacking to the right after downslide in Malay support

Yesterday Najib Razak symbolically decoupled from the 1Malaysia concept which has been hanging like an albatross around his neck. He did so by packing his bags and moving out from the address.

Ever since 19 Sept 2008, the 1Malaysia website had simultaneously served as the prime minister’s personal website.

But after 5 years, 11 months and 17 days of 1Malaysia floundering in icy cold water, the PM finally decided to vacate his old home. What this signals is that folks should stop bothering to go to 1Malaysia to find the poor man. He doesn’t live there anymore.

He has launched a new personal website at The 1Malaysia site will however continue functioning under the care of his consultants.

web peribadi baharu Najib

“Alhamdulillah”, Najib tweeted the announcement (above).

Alhamdulillah dan syukur ke hadrat Illahi. Perdana menteri kita kembali terang jua setelah disinari nur cahaya.

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    Pada suatu kala dulu, @hannahyeoh pernah buat perangai mengada-ngada dengan "sibertrooper" (konon) MIC dan Umno "rasis" yang didakwa Hannah telah mengusik keluarganya

At last, giving up the ghost

Dieters have a motto “no pain, no gain” about their efforts at exercising and weight loss. For Najib though, 1Malaysia has been all pain and no gain.

From Day 1 of the ill-fated endeavour albeit one with good intentions, its initiator has been heckled and jeered by the Dapsters. The idea of our country united as one – Najib’s package – was pitilessly ridiculed, and its meaning and purpose twisted by the DAP evangelistas.

Mama Dapster, for example, exploited 1Malaysia for her ‘Anak Malaysia’ birth cert showboat as well as slapped around the label like a whipping boy to taunt the “what kind of 1Malaysia Prime Minister we have” – see the @hannahyeoh tweets below.

Hannah Yeoh on Twitter an appeal to @NajibRazak to allow my child


Dead in the water from the get go

1MalaysiapinIt was too painful to watch. There he was, always photographed faithfully wearing that tiny 1Malaysia pin on the lapel of his well-tailored suits – see photo montage below.

Saddening too to see Najib valiantly carrying 1Malaysia on his own without any support – either from his own BN camp or from the opposition, despite the latter’s posturing at bipartisanship and ostensible desire to bridge the political divide … konon.

From the roundly rebuffed Najib came a plaintive rebuke in closing the chapter:  “Strengthening the idea of 1Malaysia, however, is not the duty of the government alone. It is for all Malaysians”.

Najib had extended the olive branch but Malaysians refused to reciprocate his gesture, and this was mainly due to the discouragement and nasty egging from the DAP’s small-minded Christian leadership.


Introducing 1Malaysia did not help Ah Jib Gor score any brownie points with the Malays who thought he was only pandering to the Chinese.

Likewise, it failed to endear him to the Chinese, to whom his message about how “every citizen has a place under the Malaysian sun” had hoped to appease and appeal.

In the end, it was a case of yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong tercicir pula. A lose-lose situation for the Father of Transformation and an inevitable outcome Najib has ultimately come to realize.

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Politweet_BN power

Source: Politweet

Popularity direction pointing down, not up

The Merdeka Center polls show Najib Razak’s popularity is continually dipping.

From December 2013 to June 2014, Najib’s approval rating slipped from 52 percent to 48 percent. At the same time, dissatisfaction with his performance as PM increased from 41 percent to 45 percent. These figures cover Malaysians of all races across the peninsula.

To put it in simple terms: Over the last three-quarters of the year, more and more people have been unhappy (red colour segments below) with Najib and less and less people happy (blue) with him.

BELOW: Pie chart comparison over the period of


Source: Merdeka Center public opinion surveys

Disquiet in Mount Olympus

Zeus hurled a thunderbolt a couple of weeks ago when he menegur (Aug 18):

“Apakah dianya yang saya fikir salah. Ia bermula dengan pendirian melayani semua tuntutan musuh. ISA dan undang-undang buang daerah dimansuh. Tindakan ini tidak sedikit pun mengurangkan tentangan oleh parti lawan. Sebaliknya jenayah bertambah dengan banyaknya kerana pembebasan ketua-ketua geng.”

The reforms carried out by Najib, such as repealing the ISA and Emergency Ordinance, did not win him any thanks from his opponents. Nor did it make the opposition supporters love the PM any better.

Without the ISA, and with Najib’s “liberal policies”, the non-Malays have instead become emboldened, complained the Home Minister recently when grumbling about “the price of being too nice”.

Zahid Hamidi said in his speech at the Segambut Umno divisional AGM four days ago (Sept 1):

“Since 2008, inter-racial unity is in tatters. They – forgive me for saying this – the non-bumiputera have become more biadap dan kurang ajar.”

BELOW: Penang exco Phee Boon Poh, the bajungu boss

Phee Boon Poh


Najib losing the Malays, fast

Merdeka Center’s 2013 and 2014 data is adapted to create the bar chart below. It points to a trend of Najib’s increasingly unpopularity, and getting more unpopular by the day among the Malays.

The same question is asked twice, in repeated format akin to ‘Do you see the glass half full? Do you see the glass half empty?’

cermin ejek

Satisfied? Dissatisfied?

Last December, Najib satisfied only 21 percent of the Chinese respondents polled. In the centre’s most recent opinion survey covering June this year, the number of Chinese satisfied with the PM’s performance dropped marginally to 20 percent.

More alarming however is Najib’s poorer reception among the Malays. In Dec 2013, Najib’s approval rating with the Malay community was 66 percent; by June 2014, it had fallen to 60 percent.

Flipping the question reveals that Chinese dissatisfaction with Najib increased from 66 percent in December 2013 to 70 percent in July 2014. Malay dissatisfaction with Najib increased in tandem too, i.e. from 30 percent in December to 34 percent in July.


In a nutshell

  • Chinese happy with Najib – very few and little change 
  • Malays happy with Najib – numbers decreasing
  • Chinese unhappy with Najib – plenty and still swelling
  • Malays unhappy with Najib – numbers increasing

We can conclude from the survey results that Najib is losing people support on all counts.

Usually when an Umno leader makes the Chinese unhappy, he will conversely make the Malays happy – for example, the ISA issue in which the two communities hold opposite views.

In Najib’s case, he does things which – theoretically – should please the Chinese (e.g. abolishing the ISA) but somehow did not mitigate one bit their great hostility towards him. These things which Najib does, have – on the other hand – annoyed and upset the Malays and is translated into his weakening popularity ratings.


Requiem for 1Malaysia


Najib Razak has given up on 1Malaysia – that’s how I read it.

The DAP have done their utmost to kill Najib’s stillborn baby in order to sell their version of Malaysian First. Well, DAP puts ‘1st’ behind the Malaysian nationality whereas Najib puts ‘1’ in front of country name. So what’s the difference between the two, really?

Umno is the BN backbone and the ruling coalition’s roiling fortunes are tied to the rise or fall of the Malay party. To ensure the BN’s continued survival, Umno has no choice but to tread the Race and Religion path due to the reality of its rural Malay vote bank being spooked by the Chinese and the Christians.

Yet the DAP is wholly blaming the Umno hawks for our current political developments. True, this crackdown on sedition can be said to be the ‘stick’ approach simply because for the past half dozen years, the ‘carrot’ has cut no ice.

It is political suicide for Najib to ignore the very people that provide Umno its power base (diagram below). What we’re experiencing now is Melayu bangkit. DAP is being disingenuous to pretend that their freaky evangelistas have not had a big hand in pushing Najib to the edge of the cliff.

Source: Ahmed Kamal for Politweet
Source: Ahmed Kamal for Politweet

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40 thoughts on “Najib tacking to the right after downslide in Malay support

  1. Helen,

    Sejak dari dulu, mana-mana PM adalah seorang berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam.

    PM ini sepatutnya mula-mula sekali perlulah mendapat sokongan majoriti rakyat berbangsa Melayu. Maka, tentu saja tugas paling mencabar ialah untuk mempastikan orang Melayu di dalam partinya sendiri, orang Melayu di dalam parti lain dan orang Melayu yang duduk atas pagar sama-sama menyokong beliau.

    Apabila sokongan daripada orang Melayu berada pada tahap yang tertinggi, kita dapat lihat, orang Cina akan berada dalam MCA dan Gerakan. Manakala, apabila orang Melayu berpecah dan tidak memberi sokongan yang jitu kepada seorang PM, orang Cina dengan selamba pergi kepada DAP.

    Itulah realiti yang berlaku dengan PM yang ada sekarang.

    Malang sekali, PM yang ada sekarang tidak menunjukkan sebarang usaha-usaha positif untuk mempastikan sokongan dan penyatuan bangsanya sendiri tidak diperhebatkan malah seolah-olah terbiar menjadi perpecahan yang semakin buruk.

    PM yang ada ini seolah-olah tidak tahu bahawa negara ini menggunakan satu ‘formula’ iaitu perpaduan majoriti yang kuat (iaitu orang melayu) untuk terus menikmati keamanan dan kestabilan kerana apabila bangsa Melayu itu sendiri bersatu, bangsa-bangsa lain tidak punya pilihan selain turut sama meskipun tetap akan ada ‘rungutan’ di sana-sini.

    Memang sesuatu yang janggal apabila ‘formula’ yang sudah lebih 50 tahun digunakan di negara ini sehingga terkenal di seluruh dunia sebagai sebuah negara berbilang kaum yang paling aman di dunia diubah oleh PM yang seorang ini.

    Saya sendiri berbangsa Cina dan saya sudah menikmati kehidupan yang aman di negara ini apabila majoriti orang Melayu bersatu….
    Hari ini, apabila melihat orang Melayu berpecah dan usaha-usaha menyatukan mereka menjadi sukar, kebimbangan di hati saya sudah mula wujud..

    Selama beberapa tahun ini. PM kita memang seorang yang ‘bermimpi di siang hari’ sehingga Tun M terpaksa membuat ‘teguran terbuka’.

    Mungkin sudah tiba masanya PM kita ni perlu ‘berubah’ atau ‘terpaksa berubah’… dengan kembali kepada perjuangan asas yang asal.

    “Satukanlah orang Melayu”.

    1. Masalahnya en alwieabdullah…PM yang satu ini is a brainless one. Bukan PM ini perlu berubah atau terpaksa berubah kerana dia memang tak mampu melakukan perubahan itu.

      Dia cuma mampu buat bodo saja. Kita yang perlu ubahkan PM ini dari kerusi PM yg dia duduki sekarang.

      Lebih lama dibiarkan dia buat bodo dikerusi yang mewah dengan kuasa itu, lebih banyak kerosakan yang akan dilakukannya terhadap bangsa melayu dan negara malaysia.

      Akal dia sekarang dikawal oleh para penasihatnya yang mempunyai agenda mereka sendiri. Dan agenda mereka nampak jelas ke arah menjatuhkan kuasa melayu.

  2. Better late than never. The Chinese can’t be appeased. Even if the government were to abolish all those ‘repressive’ laws, it won’t be enough for them. What they are after is more than that. They want the whole country for themselves.

    1. The psyche of cinabeng is kena main cara kuku besi, mcm chairman mao. Yang najib gi pakai nama ah jib gor, baju cina, mansuh isa etc hanya menampakkan kelemahan saje dan cina lagi tekan ler. Ah jib bodoh piang

      1. Pelakon Jackie Chan sendiri pernah buat rakyat Hong Kong mengamuk bila dia kata orang Cina memang hanya boleh diperintah secara kuku besi, kerana kalau tidak mereka akan sentiasa memberontak.

  3. Badawi Hadhari adn Najib 1M compare with DR M Malaysia BOLEH!. You got what I mean? 2 down the drain and 1 still up in the air. Malaysia Boleh.!

    1. kumari. Our beloved Malaysia after 2003 lost Pulau Batu Putih, 2 oil exploration blocks, 25 miles of steel rails, nearly 1 trillion ringgits via Singapore, US$1.4 billions property development charge on the abang-adek Singapore-Malaysia property development, and the Malays and so will the non-Malays if the poisoned chalice TPPA is signed. Like the Red Indians of North America. They signed. They died without a whimper. Because the Red Indians did not understand what they signed.

      1. “On July 13 2013, the former prime minister [Tun Dr. Mahathir] had skewered the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s apparent insistence on signing the TPPA despite lingering concerns over what the country stood to gain from the deal.

        “Look at all the agreements we have entered into and you will find practically none of them favours us,” he wrote then.

        “Now we want to swallow the American-conceived TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership. This is another attempt by America to let their huge corporations penetrate the domestic markets of the small countries, in particular government procurements,” he wrote then.

        Dr Mahathir also complained previously that signing the agreement would leave the country vulnerable to legal action from international corporations, and added his doubts about Malaysia’s ability to fend off such lawsuits.

        “If we breach the agreement, their corporations can sue the government for billions. I have my doubts about our ability to convince the international arbitrators or courts,” he wrote.

        “We cannot even convince the World Court over Pulau Batu Puteh.”

        more at:

  4. re: Najib has extended the olive branch but Malaysians refused to reciprocate his gesture, and this was mainly due to the discouragement and nasty egging from the DAP’s small-minded Christian leadership.

    Should we blame the whole ill-fated endeavor to DAP? Didn’t we forget that DAP, MCA, Gerakan, MIC are all product of vernacular education where diversion are happening from the early age.

    It’s really stupid of Najib expecting people will come together just by shouting “1Malaysia” like folks of chicken coming together when you throw corn seeds. (Those days ayam kampong makan jagung.)

    1Malaysia would never-never be achieved as long as vernacular education still exist and that’s for sure.

    Oops I forget, UMNO goes to sekolah kebangsaan and that why Malay are more tolerance and adaptable. Soon that too will be eroded on seeing how the Chinese and Indian behave.

    1. re: “It’s really stupid of Najib expecting people will come together just by shouting ‘1Malaysia’.”

      He expected people to come together just because a MAS aeroplane crashed. Actually they did. They were gathered at the Toto and 4D betting shops to place their numbers.

      1. Helen,

        Najib’s popularity among Malays is declining . And declining very fast.

        Why? Because Najib has the habit of pleasing those who want him dead (even literally) in ADDITION to underestimating the very people who defend his government.

        That is sure recipe for disaster. He is clueless. Even when people genuinely want to help him, many found that he (Najib) is not interested to take advices from them. He is however is ever willing to listen to those groups who are bent to destroy BN, UMNO.

        Many of his decisions bring disaster. He abolished ISA despite so many advices otherwise. Now he wants to abolish Sedition Act. Who advised him? Tun Mahathir or those leaning towards DAP?

        Malays are irritated that Najib still cant accept reality that no matter what he does, BN will never get Chinese votes anymore. and Najib is blind like a bat for not realising that UMNO still rules and recognised globally through Malay voters.

        It is best that Najib resigns.

          1. He was foolish by ketua bahagian n punasihat around him. He didnt know the fact, orang melayu atas pagar dah reject dia. Org melayu dalam UMNO dh sakit hati dgn dia.

            Kes sabah srwk yang x disangka2x nanti juga akn buat muka dia monyok dan tonyok serupa mcm muka dr khir toyo when UMNO lost sgor. Najib x blajar prangai buruk org melayu sgor tunjuk pd BN pd pru 12 n 13, bila melayu dah sakit hati, Apa Nak Jadi, lantaklah!. Najib, u know wat that mean if orang melayu ckp bgitu?

            Klau PRU 14 diadakn esok pagi, tghmlm ini he totally lost kerusi!

        1. Umno does not rule by virtue of itself and its supporters. It rules because of the support of the Sabahan and Sarawakian parties, and the component parties.

          You can rubbish them as holding an “insignificant” total of seats. However, if they were to withdraw from the Barisan Nasional and form their own coalition, Umno will only be holding less than ninety seats. Even now, Najib has to play safe.

  5. Kalu tak reti jadi pemimpin lebih baik belah sebelum lebih banyak kerosakan berlaku.

    Ada masuk akal ke orang2 seperti dlm mpkn tu diharapkan untuk draf undang2 ganti akta hasutan. Apa perlu lagi Gmm sedangkan islam sudah lengkap semuanya.

    Jangan jadi macam tikus yang membaiki labu.

  6. Alwei how old are your observant and I ought you to yang berfikiran terbuka I agree what you said and helan has come up of this topics in a nick of time hope that all people of Malaysia should think likewise.

    As what I have said previously in the Tegur Menegur TDrM. To quote mine: Orang Melayu patut di persatukan semula dan diikuti dengan pengukuhan ekonomi, ini tidak apa pembakang cakap semuanya telan hidup-hidup dan diam seribu bahasa and you evolve it in a better way and to add further what said TDrM Chinese are people of buisness everything to them means buisness

    pernah belau menyebut setahu saya masih begit di telinga ni orang cina cari harta disini mereka tidak bawa pergi what they earn they spend it here,

    Pembakang hidup mereka nak membakang saja tak percaya tanya itu burung hop hop nickname dandy go get your life

  7. DSN was born with a silver spoon. Anak seorang Negarawan tambah pula kita Melayu terkenal dengan lembut budi bahasa.

    Further he was educated in the West maka pergaulan DSN agak berbeza sikit ya dari kita orang yang agak biasa2 saja.

    I often hear screams from my Apek neighbour’s house, almost daily. Hari2 rotan anak to discipline them. No joke, betis gebu2 full of rottan marks. When I tegur they glarred at me, “Melayu suka kasi muka manja sama anak2”. The wife even kept a rottan under her pillow at night. The slightest thing that displeases them, they rotan their kids.

    Bila dah besar, tiba2 datang Najib nak berlembut longlai dengan mereka ni semua? He will need miracles to UBAH these “kecik2 mentally and physically abused kids” to adapt to his ways..

  8. Kesian PM kita ni, he works very hard sampai botak kepala tapi masaalahnya he is going the wrong direction maka makin sesatlah. Lets hope that dia dah sedaqdiri dah la ni lepas TM buat teguran, ha gitula dengar nasihat orang tua tua sama baru la selamat.

    He should go out more to the kampongs taboq sikit. Jangan asyik dok glamour dengan toukay toukay, berlagak orang orang kampong kata. Kita tau la dia PM tapi tak payah la sombong sangat dengan orang orang kampong, cakap main billion billion saje.

    Kalau taboq kat bangsat bangsat yang nak jatuhkan orang Melayu saja konon nak ambik hati. These people will only be happy if PM handover the country to them, nothing short. HOPE HE HAS REALISE THIS.

    1. Rossab,

      I must say Najib is the worst President of UMNO. Is he defending UMNO, Malays or actually waging war against malays?

      1. I don’t know. He actually commented that UMNO members should imitate the attacking prowess of the terrorist ISIS!

          1. His people said his public statement should not be taken out of context. Well, the present context is an all-out war where ISIS fighters are claiming an Islamic caliphate which the entire world of ahl sunnah wal jamaah scholars have rejected.

            Yet they go on killing, destroying and raping the people of Iraq and Syria. The PM’s office really should establish the “official context” of his bewildering statement, and exactly how UMNO members are supposed to emulate ISIS terrorists.

            1. The PM is indeed bewildering us. His actions can be so inexplicable.

              Tun appears to be the only individual able to tegur him.

        1. Keris,

          As a Malay, I have no problem with him saying that. As a Malay, I understand the subtlety of Bahasa Melayu. He simply meant that with courage, Malays can do wonders.

          Only he should practise what he said. Show courage, firmness, humility that we saw in Dr Mahathir during his tenure for 22 years. The last election in 2013 shows that UMNO won Malay support. PRU13 shows that even without Chinese support, UMNO still rules the land.

          So, why choose to please the Chinese over Malays? Why gives importance to Chinese over Malays?

          1. Thanks Shamsul, for putting his utterance in a context that is plausible for peace-loving people to understand.

            Tetapi ada ramai orang awam yang tidak berkehalusan budi dan bahasa. Bukankah berpuluh-puluh rakyat Malaysia dah tolak ke Iraq untuk bersokong perangan ISIS? Padahal keberanian orang Melayu dalam perjuangan telah termaktub dengan teladan Lt. Adnan bin Saidi, iaitu ia yang mati syahid berperang keganasan tentera Jepun pada perang dunia kedua.

            Adnan bin Saidi, (1915 – 1942), was a Malayan soldier of the 1st Infantry Brigade which fought the Japanese in the Battle of Singapore. He is regarded by Malaysians and Singaporeans today as a hero for his brave stand on Bukit Chandu. His name is also the namesake for the Malaysian Infantry Fighting Vehicle (MIFV) as well.

            Adnan was married to his wife Sophia Pakir, an Islamic religious teacher. She died in 1949. They had two sons and a daughter, who died soon after birth. Their sons, Mokhtar and Zainudin Adnan now live in the states of Seremban and Johor respectively.
            Mokhtar Adnan reminisced about his father:

            “My father did not talk a lot. He was a strict man and believed in discipline. He was always serious and stern … yet he had a good heart. There seemed to be a ‘light’ emanating from his face.”

            1. Yes, we have our own local heroes to cite as an example, instead of the fanatical ISIS.

              Poor choice of words by Najib.

  9. Ms H. A true Malaysian politician of any ilk cannot be deaf, dumb and blind in our beloved Malaysia unless the guy or gal had just arrived from Mars. The whole country, the Constitution, the Royalty, the majority of the citizens etc are/were Malay biased for centuries.

    What are the dissident folks who call themselves the only moderates trying to do? We are already more than moderate and these folks want to be even more moderate. I really do not know what they mean sticking their butts out like this. And especially your Madame who loves Prada (once owned by me), shouting illiberal utterings to no avail and became a stale joke!

    See how quickly our Malaysian democratic politics change. See how the bulwark of our Malaysian democracy is Malay. See the futility of the men and women who advertised themselves blatantly – none of them went to Oxbridge to learn the art of logic and argument! What a pity! The adverts are not picture perfect without L, L & Y !!

  10. Kalau rasa sendiri baik sangat, ngapa tak masuk bertanding dsbnya? Yang ada telur, pi lah tulis kat blog PM. Yang tak de telur, boleh teruskan kat puan punya blog ni yang memang tak bertelur.

    Ni asyik cerita Al Kisah Arab seribu malam. Mimpi baik lah engkau nanti bila masuk bilik tidur.

    Yang timbul sekali-sekali asyik membodek kehebatan Mamakutty yang berpakaian pampers, zaman gemilangan Sri Vijaya dan Empire Majapahit dah berlalu. Mamakutty, bila dah nyiok nanti, tak dapat perkebumian seperti mangsa-mangsa MH17 kerana asyik kritik PM kan?

    Kenapa tak cerita masalah orang Melayu dalam bab ramainya jadi penggangur, Mat rempit, ambil dadah, berjihad songsang, berjudi, seks bebas, perangai seperti ikan haruan, gema bernikah dsbnya? Elok sembunyikan sahaja bila tak diceritakan kerana malu ke apa?
    Tak terfikir ke itu masalah sosial paling menjahanamkan bangsa sendiri?

    Tak kan masalah sosial Melayu nak dipersalahkan kepada bangsa lain atau parti pembangkang?

    Dah 57 tahun, BN khasnya UMNO dah memerintah negara. Yang tak yakin dengan kemampuan kepimpinan Melayu selama ni mungkin mereka-mereka atau mak bapa mereka yang terlepas menikmati perubahan yang telah dikecapi selama ni?

    Tanya mak bapa atau sendiri, di mana silap perginya selama 57 tahun ni?

      1. Dandy,

        Exactly where do you come from? Planet Pluto?

        Do enlighten us here on anyone who blame other races on Malay’s predicament. Do tell me anyone here who blame Chinese or other races on “sex bebas, berjihad songsang…”.

        We are critical on Najib administration, not paranoid. Nobody here BLAME other races (read Chinese) for all these nonsense that are happening in Malay community.

        Just like no Chinese would like to blame Malay community when their menfolk spent lifetime saving on Chinese mainland prostitutes. UNDERSTAND?

        1. “Nobody here BLAME other races (read Chinese) for all these nonsense that are happening in Malay community.”

          Really Shamsul?

          Perhaps you close your eyes to the posts in those pro-Umno blogs which blame the Chinese and non-Malays for everything; from social problems such as drugs, prostitution, youth unemployment and delinquency, to disasters. Yes, for some strange reason, some people running around naked on a beach or a scantily-clad model doing a photo shoot will bring about the wrath of the Almighty.

  11. Whatever he decide today yang akan menanggung keperitan hidup adalah anak cucu cicit kita.

    Just hope that one day our future generations jangan pula terpaksa beramai2 keluar mencari rezeki diNegara orang.

  12. I think this is the best posting and comments on Najib in any blog. Najib must wake or push out.

    Congratulation Helen. You should delete Dandy comment which is neither constructive nor informative.

    1. Too late for Najib to wake up. He must be kicked out already.

      And yes I agree Dandy should just be banned. He is just spewing hatred.

  13. Hang pinjam tanpa interest kot sebab tu laju macam arnab PLUS
    Rakyat melayu hormat raja kerana kuasa
    Rakyat biasa dapat kuasa mau la jaga
    Mamak kuty yang hang kata dia ni dah lepas era
    Dia tinggai pesanan melayu mudah lupa
    Tsunami cina dia dah jangka
    esok lusa nasib hang macam dia
    Hang pi la telunji ikut dia
    Kami Ni hang tak dak di sini pun tak pa
    Blog ni tak nak tengok orang macam hang ni tiga suku gi……

  14. Ms H. Like you, I like to cut matters short especially important ones. Our politicos of all ilk and inclination need not shout themselves hoarse. All they need do is to fulfil the Malaysian Dream through the normal practice of our famed Malaysian Democracy – our DREAM of a job, a family, house, and a car.

    I was shocked to hear from my young married friends that they do not want any children. Where is the bond? Where is the responsible Government, our omni-supplier of our needs?

  15. Ms H. As each dfay passes by, the negative news which seep through to us from the spiritual citadel of the DAP have shown the utter failure of the God they are worshiping. There is nothing good which we can copy from these failures.

    It puzzles me deeply why the DAP keeps on intimidating the Malay middle income group of over 3 millions strong and was created by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his 22 year Administration which no other Prime Minister has done before or after.

    This Malay middle income group uplifted the non-Malay middle income group of over 3 million strong through the purchase of goods and services by the former. And yet, we see the intimidation of the Malays by the DAP.

    Their spiritual homeland did not produce anything which is worthwhile for our beloved Malaysia to copy. In fact, their Prime Minister endorsed the dismantling of their much vaunted meritocracy which was announced by 2 Ministers in 2013!

    All negative events which happened in Singapore should leave the DAP with no legs or arms to stand on.

  16. Ms H. Look at the unholy mess in Selangor created by the DAP inflexibility in their political stance which forbid them from doing U turns or move round corners. And these guys and dolls do not even have a little red book to follow but kow-tow to a leadership who loves to play with toy soldiers in purple.

    The only political result the DAP can show to us all is that every 4 years or so, they win some seats. But where are the deliverance of the goodies they promised to the Chinese before every election? By misleading the voters, the Chinese have effectively disenfranchised themselves just like the colonial days.

    No speak. No goodies. No effective vote. And 4 years is a long time in one’s precious life. These are the raiders of the DAP !

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