S’gor constitution says Sultan is integral half of the DUN

Article 61 of the Selangor constitution, under the heading ‘The Legislature of the State’, says that:

“The Legislature of the State shall consist of His Highness and one House to be known as the Dewan Negeri (in English, the Legislative Assembly).


Hence you see, the role of DYMM Baginda Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is very important. The state legislature comprises HRH and the Aduns. Yet the Yahudi Yeohs dare to be “defiant” over his royal prerogative.

Sgor’s 3 billion bucks & Speaker’s 5-figure salary

The Speaker presides over the legislative assembly. It is a big job. In Selangor, the ego-inflated Hannah Yeoh believes that she is worth her heavyweight in gold.


She works hard for the money

Yet during this critical juncture when the Selangor assembly is in crisis, Madame Speaker is not doing anything visible to earn her fat pay.

Her usually hyperactive Twitter is preternaturally quiet and she only tweets about inconsequential matters, such as her meal of dry Bak Kut Teh and her craving for chicken rendang.

Not that her fondness for Bak Kut Teh should come as any surprise, really. A lot of it must have been consumed to render her waistline so thick (recent photo below) and making the public oftentimes mistake her for being pregnant.


Kalau bukan “racist”, lawan dicop “sexist” pula

If Hannah Yeoh were on maternity leave, she would not be able to clock in for work.

The last time someone tried to raise this matter, the poor guy – Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang – was lynched by Hannah’s fans (the Dapster mob) for being a sexist.

Hannah herself once tweeted that Tan Keng Liang is a “low class politician“.

hannah yeoh lowclass

Dewan sat a total of 21 days

But her cuti bersalin irregardless, the Speaker’s job does not entail her to work throughout the year. In fact, Selangorians are at present waiting anxiously for the next sitting of the House which is not due until November.

For the record, the Selangor Dewan was only in session for a total of 21 days throughout the year 2012.

  • First Session (7 meetings):  19-23 March, 26-27 March
  • Second Session (4 meetings):  9-12 July
  • Third Session(10 meetings):  19-23 Nov, 26-30 Nov

That’s all the work the Selangor Speaker does. Yet Hannah’s fan club claims that she deserves to be paid as much as the Prime Minister who, at least, works all year round.

Hannah Yeoh tweets that Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang is a "low class politician"

Cui bono?

Cui bono is a Latin phrase meaning “to whose benefit?”

Under the Pakatan state government, the people of Selangor have had air lombong piped to our homes while the exco gave themselves a most generous pay hike – up to 300 percent for some of them – for doing a great job.

Cui bono

Quite clearly those benefitting are the politicians currently enjoying the perks of office and the Prada. Next question, what are these politicians willing to do in order to remain in office? And to get more and more from the office they hold?

There is the cool three billion ringgit sitting in the Selangor coffers.


What kind of people are they?

What kind of Aduns have the sheeple elected to represent them? How is the calibre of DAP Aduns? Even Hannah Yeoh’s pembantu peribadi (Personal Assistant) can be given a sure-win seat to contest.

Rajiv Rishyakaran – the guy in the photo montage above who looks like he’s been eating a lot of Bak Kut Teh as well – is now a Yang Berhormat for the Bukit Gasing seat in Petaling Jaya Selatan. Cronyism or what?

I don’t have to tell you that Rajiv is an evangelista.


Fitnah against Khalid Ibrahim

What have DAP and PKR done to Khalid Ibrahim just so that the stingy bugger is no longer allowed to hold the strings to Selangor’s RM3 billion purse?

The PKR-DAP party leaders and their apparatchiks mounted the most vicious smear campaign against the Tan Sri. They have succeeded in ousting the Selangor MB after flinging mud at him hoping some of it would stick, and then dragging his name through the mud some more.

And they’ve even managed to convince the sheeple that their puppet Wan Azizah is a COMPETENT replacement for Khalid. One who is ACCOUNTABLE to the electorate and waiting to be installed through a TRANSPARENT process. Yup, that’s the DAP’s much vaunted C-A-T for you.


The Kajang Move

Greed is the word.

They’re after the Gold. They seek self-Glory. They ride their politics on the Gospel. And most of all, they’re so very Greedy.

Hannah Yeoh is liberal with calling BN politicians as “low class” (the MP of Kota Belud is another fella to have gotten a tongue lashing and “low class” label from Hannah).

I’ll quickly remind you of what the “high class” Pakatan politicians did to bring events to this sorry pass. First, they coerced the Adun of Kajang to resign his post.

Was he incompetent?

Was there any accountability in forcing a most unnecessary by-election just so that Mr or Mrs Anwar could step into the picture?

Where’s the transparency in the YB Kajang’s removal? PKR forced their elected representative resign his job (salary, position, perks). Was he given a compensation package? Was there any element of corruption involved in persuading him to vacate his seat?

How come the sheeple didn’t care to discuss all these issues when they are always thumping their chest that they’re fighting for good governance, democratic ideals and all that jazz?


The lies they concocted against Chew

Wan Azizah was challenged by MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun in Kajang.

Briefly, as I’ve blogged about this before, the high class folks fabricated the most outrageous libel that Chew had had to resign her Deputy Minister post some years ago because she had abused her maid.

In the photo above, Chew is holding up the poster containing the fitnah yang sejahat-jahatnya dilempar terhadap diri beliau, which the high class folks had printed and distributed during the Kajang by-election campaign.

Chew has made a police report alleging her political opponents to be responsible for trying to destroy her reputation.

Exactly! That is what they are. Makhluk perosak.

Hannah Yeoh rants and rants about the “wickedness of Umno-BN”, the “wicked BN MPs” and how the wickedness of the ruling party gets worse every year.

But Madame Speaker is quiet as a church mouse (pun intended) about the developments with regard to the Dewan over which she presides.

TwitterhannahyeohWickedness of UMNO-BN



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Dirgahayu Tuanku


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20 thoughts on “S’gor constitution says Sultan is integral half of the DUN

  1. KESAL kerana PKR mempermainkan mandat rakyat dengan mengosongkan kerusi DUN Kajang tanpa sebab.

    2) KESAL dengan Anwar yang mengatakan Kajang Move tiada kaitan dengan penukaran MB, tetapi berlaku sebaliknya.

    3) KESAL dengan tindakan PKR yang mencipta projek ‘Kajang Move’ tanpa persetujuan PAS dan komponen PR.

    4) KESAL terhadap penipuan Anwar dan Saifuddin yang menyebut bahawa mereka sudah berbincang dengan TGHH di Terengganu tentang nama calon MB. Yang sebetulnya, mereka memaksa TGHH menandatangani memo sokongan kepada satu nama sahaja iaitu Wan Azizah.

    5) KESAL dengan penipuan PKR yang menyebut bahawa TSKI telah mengkhianati wang rakyat, tetapi sehingga kini gagal membuktikan fitnah tersebut.

    6) KESAL dengan PKR yang sehingga kini masih gagal menyatakan bukti penafian terhadap ‘Dokumen Langkah Kajang’ yang tersebar sebelum ini yang dianggap mengkhianati PAS. Hari ini sudah masuk hari ke 19 dokumen tersebut tersebar.

    7) KESAL dengan sikap ‘lidah bercabang’ Anwar dan Rafizi yang mengatakan bahawa PAS mahukan Tengku Razali jadi PM sedangkan mereka yang mula berjumpa dengan Ku Li tetapi gagal.

    8) KESAL kerana PKR tidak menghormati Konsensus PR yang bersetuju untuk menjunjung Institusi Beraja kerana tetap berdegil untuk tidak mengikut arahan pihak istana di dalam isu MB Selangor.

    1. Alhamdulillah syukur teramat, apa pun crisis ini telah membuka mata rakyat, tak boleh salahkan siapa Anwar dan isteri yang mengaibkan diri mereka sendiri.

      Dulu tahun 2008 kat Penang pasangan suami isteri ni dah buat drama part one, mai Kajang buat part two pulak. Seronoknya takde kerja bulan2 elaun masuk depa guna dok permainkan rakyat Malaysia tak kesudahan.

      Nak tengok part three apa pula theme yang mereka berdua akan persembahkan nanti?

  2. What has happened in Selangor! Well I believe those Selangorian deserved it, especially the voters (the Malay voters are to be blamed most).

    They called themselves “urban voters”, supposed to be high class and educated voters so that was their educated choice – Anuar and the gang – and the Selangorian will lived happily ever after, they supposed.

    They, the Selangorian Malay are as the same standard with their Chinese urban (Chinese are urban) always look down on other Malay as they consider them stupid rural folks that always go for Barisan. To them, voting for UMNO intellectually stupid.

    So they had made high class choice, choosing “high class” law maker as what they always like to called them, not ADUN or MP.

    Should the Chinese to be blamed too? A big NO. The Chinese stands are clear, only the Malay yang mudah lupa and because of that they are facing what they are facing now. But it’s lucky that Undang-Undang Tuboh Kerajaan Selangor have some stopped to all those moved they trying to create.

    So much of ‘urban Malay’ intelligent choice that would not had happened in Selangor if they, the Malay in Selangor, followed the choice of their brothers in the rural which they consider stupid.

  3. It appears that the Pakatoons are “Buta Huruf” (don’t know how to read) and/or “Buta Perut (plain stupid).

  4. I hope PAS supporters, who were at the forefront being doused by water cannon during the Reformasi protests, open their eyes now and see the vile vitriol being hurled against Hadi from their “allies”, the DAP and PKR, just because he doesn’t agree to Anwar’s wife as MB.

    After all that PAS has done for Anwar’s sake, it’s distasteful to see how PKR can savagely turn and attack Hadi and the syura council.

    What Hadi said is true. Selangor deserves better than Wan Azizah.

    Btw, did you see Baradan’s column in today’s Gunting? He said Hadi’s move has sealed the fate of the “progressive elements” in PAS, who now have to “toe the ulama line.”

    Obviously to him, an Islamic party heeding its ulamaks is backward looking. Banyak cantik, but isn’t this the viewpoint of the “moderates?”

    This Anwar is a curse on Malaysia. More and more, he looks satanically like Hitler.

  5. Ms H. Does one become high class carrying a Prada handbag?

    Now the DAP and its cohorts are showing their true colours that they only pay lip-service to our beloved Malaysia’s traditions, conventions, Malay heritage and legacy and of course our cherished Royal Malay Sultanates.

    A leopard does not change its spots as the saying goes. Even with such power in their hands, the DAP is POWERLESS in the State of Selangor DE. I hope their misled supporters wake up to the FACT that a Nation is RULED by LAWS and not by arrogant and strutting little individuals.

    I did not realise that fools are born everyday until I saw all those money wasting silly full page advertisements showing ordinary folks making a fool of themselves !

    1. Dear uncle ED,

      Peribahasa Melayu “beri bunga kepada kera” inilah akibatnya.

      Mencari pemimpin sama juga macam kita memilih menantu atau pasangan hidup, salah satu syarat yang kita patut
      beri perhatian mereka hendaklah dari golongan keturunan yang baik.

  6. re: “the high class folks fabricated the most outrageous libel about Chew having to resign her Deputy Minister post some years ago because she had abused her maid.”

    “If anyone thinks he is religious and he does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.”
    [Gospel: James 1:26]

    re: “Hannah Yeoh rants and rants about the “wickedness of Umno-BN”, the “wicked BN MPs” and how the wickedness of the ruling party gets worse every year. But Madame Speaker is quiet as a church mouse about the developments with regard to the Dewan over which she presides.”

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” [Gospel: Matthew 7:1-5]

  7. Ms H. Does one become high class carrying a Prada handbag?

    I know of a few Ah Sohs from the waterfront who open egg cartons and exchange eggs at Cold Storage and they carry Coach bags and drive BMW and have white son-in-laws.

    You can take an Ah Soh to the market but you cannot take the market out of the Ah Soh.
    Oh dear my sentences in English are Chinese school length.

    1. I know of one couple, DAP Chinese of course, who sells fake YSL, Pradas and Guccis to the tourists.

      They drive BMW, go to the super high class Penang Swimming Class and buy original Coach and YSL products at Gurney Plaza. They are so rich they have a house at the swanky Tanjung Pinang.

      1. To observe the rich and classless, visit Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon and eat at the swanky non Halal restaurants. Better still join the swanky gym there.

        Got money can park anywhere they like. They can boldly pay the clamping charges. What is RM200? You can’t even buy half a coin purse at Coach. They can park at the OKU area whenever they like.

  8. The Selangor legislature will nurture and as such might also determine DUN headed by Mdme. Speaker position does she will waits for the next when DUN meets whereby the head of the state has formed such a move and how about action to dissolve the state as the MB now not a status co member of ruling party besides having and the newly MB not appointed yet. Quite interesting as off now.

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