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Isma: J-Star “moderates” are rejected by their own race

Isma today took to task “ungrateful citizens” have who never considered nor appreciated how our country is enjoying peace and stability.

According to Isma deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya, these ungrateful Malaysians are daily inciting the public, especially the non-Malays, to think that they are being marginalized and discriminated.

BELOW: Aminuddin holding mic at the ‘Islam and human rights’ forum held in April. Beside him (from left) are moderator Dr Zuqarnain Lukman, PAS research centre COO Dr Zuhdi Marzuki and Islamic Renaissance Front director Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa. – Malay Mail pic


The liberals have hijacked the term ‘moderate’

Aminuddin names the NGO coalitions Comango, Inter Faith Council (IFC) and their ilk as being responsible for creating “dissatisfaction among the rakyat”.

In his column on Ismaweb, he describes the groups mentioned as rejecting:

  • the Federal Constitution
  • Islam as the religion of the federation
  • the ‘special position’ of the Malays
  • the monarchy system
  • our hundreds of years of history
  • bahasa Melayu as our national language

Instead of accepting the above elements as the pillars of our nation-building, Aminuddin claims that the said groups are instead promoting ‘liberalism’ which they have re-termed as ‘moderation’.

The Star Voices Of Moderation

You don’t agree with them, then you’re an extremist!

“Yes, moderates, moderates and moderates,” said Aminuddin.

“Not only have they promoted the word, they have even defined it according to their liking.”

“Anyone who may have [a] different opinion will be labelled as extremist. As simple as that,” he added.

Moderation Campus

EvangeliSTAR promoting its version of ‘moderation’ in the campuses

Aminuddin pointed out that various seminars, talks and conventions have been held to promote their so-called ‘moderate’ ideas.

Among them is the promotion specially targeted at young and impressionable minds where the J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation’ programmes are taken into college campuses. This youth campaign is co-sponsored by the prime minister’s pet NGO, Global Movement of Moderates headed by Malaysian Firster Saifuddin Abdullah – see announcement above.

The Isma deputy president also highlighted how one local English newspaper went overboard by every day advertising its columnists as figures of moderation even though most of these manufactured personalities “have already been rejected by their own races”.


Note by this blogger:

Last Thursday (Sept 4), Najib Razak launched a ‘national unity’ forum themed “Strengthening the Voices of Moderates, Moving Forward Together” co-organised by Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute and the Centre for Public Policy Studies together with The J-Star as the event’s media partner. Speaking at the forum were J-Star columnists Azmi Sharom, Zainah Anwar and Sharyn Shufiyan, all of whom feature in the MCA paper’s Voices of Moderation advertisement (poster above).

Nauzubillah min zalik

Aminuddin believes that the groups who have challenged certain aspects of the Federal Constitution are negating the social contract that has served our country well for more than 50 years.

He is convinced that if these groups were ever to be given the chance to govern Malaysia, they would take us “back to the Dark Ages. May Allah forbid”.

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50 thoughts on “Isma: J-Star “moderates” are rejected by their own race

    1. Tebing tinggi,

      Najib is promoting a movement that as I said repeatedly, waging war against his government, UMNO, Malays, islam, Raja raja Melayu.

      To Najib that is a sign of openness. To everyone else, it is assign of stupidity beyond comprehension. Najib is dreaming that allowing these people to mock UMNO and everything that goes with it as a sign of progress. To me that is a sign of committing hara-kiri, politically and literally speaking.

      ISMA is spot on. Those people promoted by STAR are rejected by Malays. No Malays with a “pinch of iman” would want to believe Marina, Azmi Sharom.

      1. ‘Azmi Sharom.’

        And apasal pulak these people nak campur tangan kes pendakwaan kolumnis tersebut. Siap buat hartal bagai?!

        Nak mengajar pun kena tahulah, batas-batasnya. Undang-undang perlu dipatuhi. Apatah lagi kalau mengajar undang-undang. Kalau peguam dan pengamal undang-undang tak hormat undang-undang itu sendiri macam mana?

        AG pun tak tahan kena pressure ka?

        ‘Kenapa tidak dibiarkan sahaja Mahkamah menentukan sama ada si tertuduh itu benar-benar bersalah atau pun tidak. Jika bersalah, biar mahkamah menghukum setiap pesalah dengan hukuman setimpal. Jika tidak bersalah, biar mahkamah mmbebaskan mereka dengan kebebasan daripada sebarang pertuduhan.

        Bagaimana mungkin sistem perundangan di negara ini dihormati jika sekiranya proses keadilan itu sering terbantut kerana ada campurtangan pada peringkat-peringkat tertentu.’

  1. Admidst all these, I keep wondering what our PM really wants. He promotes the moderates but at the same time he talks about what will happen to the Malays, Royalty and Islam of current circumstances are allowed to continue.

    Does being a moderate entitles one to call others bigots and extremists? Does it mean that anyone disagreeing with the ‘moderate’ is not moderate? What actually is meant by ‘moderate’? Agreeing with WCW, Marina Mahathir, Karim Raslan, Anas Zubedy, Saifuddin Abdullah and the rest of the “J-Star panel”?

    If this is the case, I am inclined to agree that (as grandmarquis has aptly questioned) 90% of Malays would be considered bigots and extremists by WCW and gang (and even, for that matter, the PM?).

    1. Tanda-tanda orang keliru. Terlalu berfalsafah dan perniagaan dunia adalah tanda aras kejayaan hingga terserlah kekeliruan, atau tamak, atau permainan selamat (win win).

      Alhamdulillah PAT telah menyuarakan pendirian mereka. Menurut perintah dibawah DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agung bukan BN atau PR. PDRM menzahirkan ketaatan dengan tindakan.

    2. It takes a thief to catch a thief.
      Kalau cidak macam mana depa boleh kenal oghang tu bigots and extremists?

      Depa ni perasan aje lebih.

  2. re: “Isma today took to task “ungrateful citizens” have who never considered nor appreciated how our country is enjoying peace and stability.”

    The famous sufi teacher Al-Junayd al-Baghdadi once said: “Those who have striven against their desires and repented for the Lord’s sake, he shall be guided to the ways of Sincerity. And one cannot struggle against his enemy outwardly (i.e. with the sword) except that he must struggle against these enemies inwardly. Then whoever is given victory over his own desires will be victorious over his enemy, but whoever is defeated by them, his enemy will defeat him.”

    The Prophet said: “Shall I tell you of something that is the best of all deeds, & constitutes the best act of piety in the eyes of your Lord, & elevates your rank in the hereafter, & carries more virtue than the spending of gold and silver in the service of Allah, or taking part in jihad and slaying or being slain in the path of Allah?” They said: “Yes! oh Messenger of Allah!” He said: “It is the constant recollection and remembrance of Allah.”

    The Oath of the Malay Warrior

    The struggle to moderate the self is to cultivate temperance and wisdom rather than to be liberal with one’s own passions.

    1. re: “The struggle to moderate the self is to cultivate temperance and wisdom rather than to be liberal with one’s own passions.”

      Thanks for the quote, Keris. It takes the level of thinking up one notch.

      1. I beg their pardon, the blessed souls, because I am poor among them, struggling within my own breast – the “greater jihad”!

        Jalaluddin Rumi: Who says words with my mouth? [YouTube]

  3. ISMA is correct. If we were to adopt GMM’s and the Star’s definition of “moderate(s)” and “moderation”, then anyone who supports various provisions for Islam and Malay as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, can be labelled as extremists.

    Well, this is hardly surprising as some people had once proposed, through the Star obviously, that the counters etc. in government agencies/departments should provide staff who can speak other languages to ensure better service to the public. When I say, “other languages”, this is not limited to English.

    Sneaky bastards as always. Kita dah 57 tahun Merdeka, ada lagi ke rakyat Malaysia yang masih tak faham Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan. Ooppps, I’m now an “extremist”!!

      1. You see, they’ve been doing it for ages, slowly changing the public perception by changing the landscape gradually. They know orang Melayu ni suka sentap, so a long-term, concerted effort is necessary.

        They’ve been selling the ideas to our younger generations that being “moderates” is cool, is civilised, hip-hop urbane, sophisticated, very well educated and sugar-spice and everything nice la. Being “extremes” is out of fashion, so kampong one, low-class and of course bordering on being a terrorist, so you are not vogue and not wanted. Dah banyak dah pun Melayu produk macam ni dlm DAP ada Diyana, Rara. Dalam PAS ada anak Yusof tu, and not to forget Khalid Gereja (although he’s not that young), dalam PKR bersepah2 orang macam ni.

        Then, it’ll be a lot easier to change what they really want to change- hint-hint.

        Where’s Pemuda UMNO? “Brother Raymond” who “wore a big cross around his neck on a chain on top of his black clerical shirt” must so proud of KJ kan? This one I really don’t understand. He said he wants to change UMNO’s DNA. Why? He should try to change the Star’s DNA lah, tell him what the Star’s role before May 13? Ask that Regina “Dumb-fuck” Lee to enlightened him one. I really hope Kiki will win this year’s Shout Awards.

        1. ‘They’ve been selling the ideas to our younger generations that being “moderates” is cool, is civilised, hip-hop urbane, sophisticated, very well educated and sugar-spice and everything nice la’

          Hanya yang ada masalah jatidiri dan kendiri saja yang akan termakan kempen batil mereka!

  4. “back to the Dark Ages. May Allah forbid”

    The job of moderates.

    There will be no halal haram, the core of Islam’s teaching. There will be no limit to others, to be motherfuckers.

    There will be ‘anger’ in Buddha’s teaching, either anger attitude that there must not be nor eating humanimal (human / animal) flesh. No more ‘lembu suci’ for hindus.

    Everybody is the same except the five stars…

    1. Maae,

      Why do you drag in Buddha when the J-Star is obviously a nest of Evangelistas. The paper’s top editors are Christians. Wong Chun Wai wears his Christianity on his sleeve.

      1. Buddhism, like other Eastern traditions, emphasizes the cultivation of the self. One must bear in mind that when I say Eastern traditions, I m referring to those of China and India. Those from the Middle East, ahem, excuse me, they are not Eastern traditions.

        In fact, the wars of the modern world, the conflicts we witness today are in essence, the works and doings of those ‘traditions’ that trace their origins to the Middle East.

      2. I find it hard to understand how the Myanmar Buddhists could commit genocide to Muslim Rohingya?

        Are they Buddhist extremists?

        1. I would say the guilty ones are terrorizing murderers who have been subdued by their own dark thoughts and evil emotions. Their behaviour is totally devoid of the virtues preached by the world-honoured Gautama Buddha who declared 2500 years ago:
          “I teach about suffering, its origin, cessation and path. That’s all I teach.”

          The Four Noble Truths contain the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. It was these four principles that the Buddha came to understand during his meditation under the bodhi or fig tree.

          [1] The truth of suffering (Dukkha)
          [2] The truth of the origin of suffering (Samudāya)
          [3] The truth of the cessation of suffering (Nirodha)
          [4] The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering (Magga)

          The Buddha is often compared to a physician. In the first two Noble Truths he diagnosed the problem (ie. suffering) and identified its cause – human ignorance and unfettered cravings. The 3rd Noble Truth is the realisation that there is a cure. The 4th Noble Truth, in which the Buddha set out the “Eightfold Path of Salvation,” is the prescription – the way to achieve a release from suffering.

          The Buddha taught his followers to arouse four states of mind, sometimes called the “Four Immeasurables” or “Four Perfect Virtues” towards all sentient beings, namely:

          (a) Metta (loving kindness) (b) Karuna (compassion) (c) Mudita (sympathetic joy or empathy) and (d) Upekkha (equanimity), and in many Buddhist traditions these four states are cultivated through meditation. These four states inter-relate and support each other.

          Since, all the Buddhas teach the Middle Way to Enlightenment, therefore no follower of the Way can be extremist in thought, word and action. If one behaves with evil intent and behaviour then there is no point in being called a buddhist.

      3. Helen, the 95% Cina Dapsters couldn’t all be Christians can they? After all they only consists of mere 9% of the country’s population. Anyway, Buddha, the Saka Murni tak salah!

  5. They are trying to sell their idea of moderation to the majority bigots and extremist.

    Do not for a second think that they are confused and do not know what they are doing. They just want to psycho us into beleiving them and follow them to do what they want to do.

    You know what they want to do. Those liberals who are who being made used by them are the syok sendiri tak sedar diri, bodoh.

    1. ‘Yang keliru ni PM kita’

      Nampak gayanya pun macam tu lah. Nasib baik ada Malay 1st Muhyiddin Yassin. Tun M pun dah kata Najib sesat jalan!

      1. Tun M dah kata kalau dia jadi PM skrg dah lama dia lepas jawatan. Skrg ni siapa yang tanak turun jawatan PM ke RM?

  6. Being liberal doesn’t mean a “free for all, anything goes” , there are still limits to adhere to but in a liberal context, these limits can be discussed civilly and changed as time goes on.

    Just as I do not like the Star trying to impose what is moderate on us, I equally dislike ISMA’s demonising of the word liberal. Both parties are equally culpable in destabilising our country.

    1. You must understand that both cater to an exclusive audience and both view the other side as extremists. Both seek to impose their worldview on other people under various guises.

      I tend to think both represent a clear and present danger to the very existence of our country and therefore any sane person must reject them.

        1. When that happens the whole house is turned to rubble.

          Before a conflict occurs, the protagonists say among themselves that all will be fine, the situation will be kept under control. So they start the show. Roll and action.

          At first things look as if they are going to plan. The protagonists are pleased with themselves. Then all of a sudden, something unexpected happened. It is beginning to look like things are about to take an unexpected turn.

          Then some of the protagonists say to themselves that this is not what they wanted but of course there are also other protagonists who secretly harbor the thought that bad things should happen so they say to the others that there’s nothing to fear, things will turn out as we want them to but of course that’s not what they have in mind.

          Then the situation reaches a point of no return and the house is up in smoke and in no time all that’s left is the rubble. Our nation is not only divided along racial and religious lines. We are also divided ideologically, the rural urban gap is just as worrying to say the least.

          But these 2 group, they are by no means the only groups, there are also countless other disenfranchised lot who would gleefully seize the opportunity to settle some old scores.

        2. Then the world will burn.

          Anger fighting with anger, everyone loses.

          Use wisdom, calmness and soft words and everyone wins.

          1. re: “Use wisdom, calmness and soft words and everyone wins.”

            Heh-heh, you talking about the Father (Lim Kit Siang), the Son (Lim Guan Eng) and the Holy Spirit?

    2. I’m sorry but “liberal” has no meaning to the vocal variety. Just like they are now hijacking the term “moderate” and putting their own meaning to it. Walhal Islam expressly declares itself as a moderate religion. Hence, Sunnah Wal Jamaah — the jamaah that keep to the middle path.

      It is just a word they use to excuse their hedonism.

      Hedonists is what these people really are, when you observe their behaviour and thinking over time.

  7. Ms H. Voices of Moderation are actually a good illustration of a rogues gallery. I know a couple there sitting pretty with lousy records !

  8. Wan Saiful Wan Jan is an interesting inclusion.

    He was the Mursyidul Am of Hizbi UK (thinly veil “Pas UK”) and he is still a lifelong member of Pas.

    He was expelled from being a Mursyidul Am because he joined one of UK political party.

    He is now promoting Libertarian ideas. I still can’t make up what do Libertarian ideas in the realm of Malaysia sosio-politics look like.

    Try to take a look at this video.

    I am wondering whether his ‘liberal’ view is the same with other panel in the list promoted by J-Star.

    1. Wan Saiful joined the Conservative Party in the UK. He even stood as a Tory candidate in a local government election in Luton at one time. I always thought that Malaysian students were bound by AUKU even if they’re abroad and especially if they strict participation against joining foreign political parties.

      Dia pergi UK guna duit sendiri atau parents dia atau dia dapat pergi kerana faedah Dasar Ekonomi Baru? Yet, this particular Melayu tak sedar diri was the one who were once exposed as suggesting the Malay Special Rights should be opened for discussion.

      Subsequently, he tried to wriggle his way out by giving all sorts of Anwar-esque type of answers including saying that he’s sending his reply from a hot, humid hospital because he’s taking his mother for treatment. Pathetic. Intelektual lah sangat.

      So, I’m not surprise la with what he and his gerombolan at IDEAS are trying to promote all these days. Market-driven solution lah, itu lah, ini lah. I hope they should drill it deep into their heads that the Special Rights, Islam, BM etc. are non-negotiable. Especially, one of IDEAS’ founder is actually of royal blood. Tak faham? Liberal konon.

      Hizbi UK then joined the Tories? Wow, the difference is like comparing tempoyak and deep-fried Mars bars. Bloody opportunist kot ni? Lompat-lompat macam Ong “Insya-Allah” Kian Ming.

      1. ‘Intelektual lah sangat.’

        Tepat sangat tu Pwincess. Depa ingat depa pandai sangat bila depa nak bincang pasal benda-benda yang sememangnya tidak boleh diperbincangkan. Itu tertera dengan jelas dan terang dalam Perlembagaa Persekutuan dan Akta Hasutan 1948 (Pindaan 1970).

        Kalau takat nak hina Raja-Raja Melayu dan 153, aku pun boleh! Tak payah buat think-thank bagai! Poyosss!

    2. “He is now promoting Libertarian ideas. I still can’t make up what do Libertarian ideas in the realm of Malaysia sosio-politics look like.”

      The term “Libertarian” is generally understood to mean having a liberal attitude towards individual liberties, opinions and so on as in social and cultural spheres, coupled with minimalist government regulation and interference in economic areas and business.

      Wan Saiful describes this well as “sociallly liberal, economically conservative”.

      Whilst I’m socially liberal, however I’m dead against the economic conservative part of Libertarianism, also known as neo-liberalism, which is against any kind of government intervention to help reduce the gap between rich and poor, labour laws which protect workers, protective tariff barriers, affirmative action to help disadvantages races, laws against racial discrmination, laws to protect the rights of consumers, laws to protect the environment and so on. Wan Saiful explains it all very well.

      Economic Liberalism or neo-liberalism is essentially right wing anarchism, which favours free and open markets, minimal government regulation, privatisation, open borders and above all believes that market forces will work everything out and be a ‘great leveller’.

      The current manifestation of economic Liberalism or neo-liberalism gained prominence with the coming to power of Margater Thatcher in the U.K. and Ronald Reagan in the U.S., after which these countries have overturned and gutted many of the laws and regulations such as labour protection laws, social housing, social medicine, social education and so on.

      Examples of economic Libertarianism, include the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act during President Clinton’s time. This “act” actually were four provisions in the U.S. Banking Act introduced in 1933 – during the depths of the Great Depression, by Senator Carter Glass and Representative Henry Steagall to enforce a separation between commercial banking and the securities business.

      Many now blame the removal of this act under President Bill Clinton for having allowed the U.S. banking and financial system to have descended to state of crisis, which it’s in right now – or what could be called “Great Depression Century 21”.

      Implement full economic Liberalism in Malaysia and very soon, we’ll most probably find our economy largely controlled and dominated by foreign multinationals, as global economic might will overwhelm Malaysian small-to-medium enterprises and even large Malaysian corporations and either drive them out of business or take them over.

      An economically liberal or neo-liberal policy in Malaysia will end up with us being economically colonised by these big powers, despite a patina of political independence.

      1. Re: Whilst I’m socially liberal, however I’m dead against the economic conservative part of Libertarianism, also known as neo-liberalism, which is against any kind of government intervention to help reduce the gap between rich and poor, labour laws which protect workers, protective tariff barriers, affirmative action to help disadvantages races, laws against racial discrmination, laws to protect the rights of consumers, laws to protect the environment and so on.

        These are Wan Saiful’s word?

  9. C72,

    When a Muslim calls another Muslim a liberal it merely means that the librarel is not following the Islamic syariat law, does not wear tudung drinks alcohol free sex etc, that’s it. The defination of liberal to a non Muslim is something else, very subjective.

          1. IMO, the premise he use (Badar was caravan raid) to support his conclusion (Badar is not Holy-War) is not sound.

            Pre-Badar was agreeably mission for caravan raid. My understanding so far;

            Abu Sufyan’s caravan immediately pre-Badar was one of the largest (if not largest) at that time. Apart from curtailing Meccan economy, some of the the capital use for the trade were Muslim’s who fled to Medina.

            As such, the preparation for caravan raid is suitable for caravan raid – no full fledged army preparation.

            Upon knowing the Muslim were eyeing Abu Sufyan’s caravan, Meccan prepared 1000 strong fully armed army to defend the caravan and confront the Muslim.

            300++ Muslim not armed for a war were then facing 1000 men strong fully armed people ready for war. The Caravan at the time when the the two side facing each other have already safe and play no other part.


          2. In my opinion, RPK was specifically criticizing the Malays in PKR and those in PAS, especially those in PAS who had committed the acts of tikam belakang parti. And those who cakap tak serupa bikin as far as the naming of the Selangor MB candidates are concern.

            RPK most probably too was getting his feed from the palace and thus the Selangor MB mess is something that is close to his heart. Knowing what the rest of us knew not, he probably was fed up by the antics of some of these Pakatoon Malays and I can appreciate his sarcasm, by coming to that conclusion.

            But of course RPK being himself would take the long road home. Like most eloquent writers would, thus we get to read about the Nabi Muhammad, Perang Badar and the Quran references, being thrown in to spice things up.

            And seriously we can’t be expecting him to bash the non Malays and the non Muslims all the time, can we?

            ‘He’s too liberal for my comfort, me think.’

            Absolutely. I think so too. Especially when he talks about the Holy Quran and the Perang Badar.

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