PAS accused of being “dastardly villain and traitor”


Utusan front page 7 Aug 2014


Budu is brain food made from fish (anchovy).

The sauce is popular in Kelantan and Terengganu.

A meal eaten with ulam and petai! Ooooh, especially yummy …

keep_calmNasi Budu

BELOW: Aglio olio is Italian pasta

Aglio Olio

Budu and aglio olio … never the twain shall meet

Hannah Yeoh on Twitter aglio olio

There are Jerusubang Malaysians who look down on conservative folks who live in the village.

They look down on the things and the way of life in the rural areas, and look down on the traditional values that orang kampung hold dear. So backward and “low class”, they say.


Jerusubang paper, mind shaper

Yesterday J-Star associate editor M. Veera Pandiyan (pix above) discussed in his newspaper column “the ongoing spite, insults and accusations of treachery between PAS and its erstwhile allies”.

Titled ‘Pact runs into discord‘, Veera’s article said that the “simmering mistrust” and “prolonged disarray” within Pakatan had left many of their supporters feeling “confused, betrayed and disillusioned”.

So there’s avowedly been treachery and betrayal. But who has been treacherous and who betrayed whom?


Proud to vote for PAS last time

According to J-Star associate editor Veera, “the sentiment among many of [his] pro-Pakatan friends, from one particular community, is that PAS is the dastardly villain and traitor in the Selangor MB issue“.

“By the way, these were the same people who proudly declared that they would vote PAS, if there were no DAP or PKR candidate standing in their constituencies during last year’s general election,” he added.

It’s obvious that Veera is talking about the Chinese when he refers to “one particular community”. And when he says those were the very same people who proudly declared that they would vote PAS in GE13, Veera is referring to the evangelistas.

Below is an example of a Christian Chinese woman who had proudly announced that she would be voting PAS.

May Chee: “MCA in denial, PAS gets my vote”

The writer May Chee declared to the world, “PAS gets my vote, any day!”

She is convinced that Pakatan’s progressive leaders would champion National Unity and discard “the stone-aged tactics of divide-and-rule”. And she’s sure that once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, Malaysians would no longer lead “alienated lives from one another”.

Ms Chee reminded voters – her article was published a few months before the election – that the devil is within the MCA (for badmouthing PAS over hudud) and that the Chinese have since become colour blind and will no longer support BN’s race-based parties.

She concluded: “God bless, especially Mursyidul Am, Nik Aziz and please forgive MCA’s insolence”.

To sum up

  • BN = divide & rule (“divisive”)
  • Pakatan = unity, sugar & spice and everything nice

Creepy Christians

The same Chinese Christian woman, May Chee, wrote an appeal “My dear friends in PAS” a few months ago published in The Malaysian Insider – see screenshot above.

Her volubility on Christian love is quite predictable. Ms Chee proclaimed, “My dear friends in PAS, you know I love you. I know just how good you can be, how selfless you are. I know you would die for me. I believe that”.

“My dear friends in PAS, we need to be salt and light of the world. To continually enkindle in the world, the desire and struggle for true justice and perfection…”

[Note: “Salt of the earth” and “light of the world” are phrases found in the Bible book of Matthew, verses 13-16]

They are two sides of the same religious coin – one steeped in political Islam and the other, promoting political Christianity. When DAP and PAS were still chummy-chummy in their mutual quest to claim the country, it was indeed a smooch fest to behold. But now the two parties are at each other’s throats.


Jesus loves ya, PAS

Ms Chee, an Anak Bangsa Malaysia, called upon the PAS people to work together with Pakatan to build “a kingdom of justice where God would live among His people. And because He’s present, peace would reign”.

More Godtalk from May Chee:

“My dear friends in PAS, we are supposed to see God at work in our lives and let others see Him, too. He is All-Loving, All-Merciful and All-Forgiving. Let your neighbour know that in spite of himself, God loves and cares for him and can overturn the situation of the oppressed”.

Pokok pangkalnya agama itu suci manakala politik itu kotor.

Yet these people have no qualms about besmirching the sacred (Faith) with the profane (Politics) through misuse of the churches and the mosques for their politicking activities.


“That’s what true love is all about”

And so the torrent of Love, Love, Love overflows from the abundance of their hearts.

Ms Chee, in her TMI article on May 6th, said:

“Those who love us will cry for us, will even die for us. Irene [Fernandez] died. Bernard [Khoo, blogger] died. Karpal died. They all died, while still fighting for their neighbours.

“They fought for justice for all. They died fighting because they loved their fellowmen so much. That’s what true love is all about – love till it hurts, love till you are no more.”

hannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

Nik Abduh: “Siapa sebenar pengkhianat dalam PAS?”

Eh, dunno about you but I geli lah to hear all that lovey-dovey talk directed at PAS and looking at how Christian DAP is groping the Islamist party (photo below).

PAS exco Nik Abduh Nik Aziz is onto something when he questions – in his statement ‘Siapa sebenar pengkhianat dalam PAS?‘ – the role played by deputy party president Mat Sabu at the Pakatan pow-wow over the Selangor Menteri Besar post.

YUCKS! >>> Geli ... <<<

Hidden hands working in the dark

Last month on Aug 11, the Persatuan Ummah Sejahtera Malaysia (PasMa) was registered as an NGO.

Who are PasMa and what are they planning to do?

Read this Tranungkite article today ‘PasMa menggunakan jawatankuasa hidden‘ that delves into what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Ostensibly PasMa is endeavouring to keep PAS within the Pakatan fold whereas the ulama faction is accused of trying to pull out the party from the three-legged opposition coalition.


Malay voters reject the Erdogans

In GE13, Mat Sabu contested the Pendang Parliament seat in Kedah where the electorate is 88 percent Malay. He lost to Umno’s Othman Abdul who obtained a majority of 2,638 votes. Pendang was held by PAS in 2008, 2004 and 1999.

Husam Musa contested the Putrajaya Parliament seat where the electorate is 94 percent Malay. He lost to Umno’s Tengku Adnan who obtained a majority of 5,541 votes.

Salahuddin Ayub contested the Pulai Parliament seat in Johor where the mixed electorate is 47 percent Malay and 41 percent Chinese. He lost to Umno’s Nur Jazlan who obtained a majority of 3,226 votes.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad contested the Kuala Selangor Parliament seat where the electorate is 64 percent Malay. Even though he was the incumbent, Dr Dzul nonetheless lost to Umno’s Irmohizam Ibrahim who obtained a slim majority of 460 votes.

From north in Kedah to south in Johor as well as in Selangor and Wilayah, the prominent Erdogans lost their bid for Parliament seats. Yet the DAP claims that it is the PAS ulamas who do not have public support.

BELOW: Mat Sabu would rather dine on pork with DAP than eat a dish of chicken with Umno


“The usual suspects” accused of bigotry

In his 2 July 2014 article (see below) headlined ‘Bar the zealots and bigots’, J-Star associate editor Veera Pandiyan wrote:

“When it comes to racism and hate speech, most urban Malaysians … are quick to accuse the usual suspects – Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali and vice president Zulkifli Nordin (sic), Isma head Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman and lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.”

So we hear it from the horse’s mouth that the quartet most hated on by the Yahudi Yeohs are

  1. Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali
  2. former PAS member Zulkifli Noordin
  3. Isma chief Abdullah Zaik, and
  4. mualaf Cina Ridhuan Tee

Do the four fellas listed above have more in common with the PAS people or with the Firsters?

Veera is also the J-Star editor who previously insisted that ‘races’ have never existed

Now it is PAS’s turn to be accused of treachery and bigotry

Ever since the Selangor MB crisis came to a head, the Yahudi Yeohs have been hurling the nastiest and most demeaning insults at PAS.

These same Yahudi Yeohs usually have the nastiest things to say about Isma, Perkasa, Zul Noordin and Ridhuan too. Based on the pet hates and the kind of insults they’re thrown, it appears that PAS and the Four Fellas are at the same receiving end.

In short, the Yahudi Yeohs are now demonizing Hadi Awang, the ulamas and their party PAS. They also demonize Abdullah Zaik, the ustaz-ustaz and their organization Isma.

PAS and Isma are in the same boat as far as the DAP camp is concerned.


PAS serving as stooge and buffer zone for DAP

When the DAP is slammed by Isma and other Malay-Muslim bodies (e.g. the ‘Allah’ Bible issue), their Christian YBs are shielded by PAS who says it is alright for non-Muslims to use lafaz ‘Allah’.

In a press statement published in the DAP website on 8 May 2014, Isma was fingered together with MAIS as the “real threats to national harmony” (see screenshot below).

Isn’t PAS sick and tired of being fed ‘Love’ sugar cubes one minute by its temporary allies, and the next minute turned upon and accused as being cut from the same cloth of as Isma, Perkasa and MAIS, and guilty of propounding Racism, Hatred, Bigotry and Extremism?

All are tarred with the same brush as “dark and evil forces”, alleged to be in cahoots with Umno, and blamed for “peddling revolting, abhorrent and seditious race-hate statements”.

It’s puzzling that PAS still prefers to allow itself to be exploited by the DAP – in order for the evangelistas to fish the Malay vote bank and gain entry into mosque and surau – when the Yahudi Yeohs actually view PAS to be as “revolting and abhorrent” as the Malay-Muslim NGOs that they consider their sworn enemy.

Why is PAS such a sucker for punishment?

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42 thoughts on “PAS accused of being “dastardly villain and traitor”

  1. dear helen,

    i find it nauseating that hannah’s main tasks is tweeting esp sugar coated ‘dakwah’ tweets and always having thoughts of food from bak kut teh to nasi
    lemak and aglio olio yet
    gets a very very fat
    paycheck indeed.

    i hope the conservatives in
    pas realise their biggest
    mistake in allowing dap to
    manipulate the hardcore
    pakatan malays. if not
    becoz of pas, it would have
    been impossible for dap to
    enter our mosques and
    masquerade as loving
    peaceful evangelistas. at
    least umno does not
    impose politics in mosques
    where hatred is sowed by
    dap as allowed by pas esp in selangor.

    pas and dap 2×5 jer. both use religion for
    political gains. serves them
    right for their hypocrisy
    and manipulation! mmg
    geli geleman la helen biler baca
    coretan ‘sayang’ evangelista may chee to
    pas (mat sabu? yucks! ).
    now, its an enjoyment to
    see them throwing mud at
    each other. even tskhalid
    looks relaxed now.

    also, good to hear that the
    final water deal will be
    signed very soon. greedy
    anwar, rafizi and dap gigit
    jari jer la …..

      1. Hannah Yeoh admits that she is fat – see her tweet above – which she sure is.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if half of her five-figure salary was spent on eating out.

        Oh well, that’s what the sheeple of Jerusubang voted for. They can keep drinking their J-Juice and be happy.

  2. Urban voters in Selangor, (especially Malay voters) who always claim to be high class voters compare to their counterpart in the Kampong who always see UMNO in their minds.

    They had been betrayed of their trust by dastardly villain individual or party of their choice .
    A traitor within a traitor.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Is loving our country, fight to uphold the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara makes a person low class, racist and extremist?

    Is appreciating other countries like Singapore, Australia and others more than Malaysia and fighting for total freedom that is against the Federal Constitution and talk bad about Malaysia especially in another country will make a person a good citizen?

    By the way, do you think that Haji Hadi will change his mind or will he fight against DAP and PKR like Uncle Zul and Uncle Nasha?

  4. Perhaps its time Pas members and supporters do the ABC boycott.

    “MAHB also pointed out KLIA’s China sector continued to experience a double digit decline of about 20%, while Europe sector recorded 4.1% growth in August 2014.

    “Kota Kinabalu’s international traffic registered a double digit decline due to the impact from China sector,” it said. ”

    Remember local ah bengs happily support main land chinese boycott Malaysia right after MH370 disappear ? I hope they are happy now…….

  5. Honeymoon period is over. Where PKR and DAP are concerned they are only interested in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. To PKR and DAP money is KING. If PAS cannot guarantee this, PAS is no longer or USE to them.

    UMNO sudah kena tikam belakang sampai tersungkoq kat Penang dan Selangor…. Soon PAS will face the same fate. The ex MCAs are all their combrades now. Once their dompet are full they will tikam belakang PAS pula.

    Ada dengar UMNO buka suara? All make donno pasai sudah kaw kaw kena main dengan MCA walaupon sudah dekat 60 tahun berjuang bersama!

    1. Puak tua tua PKR, PAS, PAS dlm PAS kalut dok gaduh tuduh menuduh, you bodoh I pandai, you jahat I baik.

      Pada waktu yang sama dalam senyap2 Apek tua DAP kepit awek2 cun Melayu kehulur kehilir sampai ke Sabah dan Sarawak.

      Last2 jadi le macam nasib pemimpin dan rakyat Iraq. Hangpa gaduh sesama sendiri USA gelak berdekah2 dapat habuan kat deoa akhirnya.

    2. After Yg Bhg Dato Seri there is a long list of Tuan Guru wannabes Sdr RINA
      from the Dewan Syura Ulama as from past practices waiting to take over the reins , . No Erdogens or Plasmas(?) need apply.

      Sdr Mohamed Sabu(?) will join the ranks of CPM group.
      ( Chin Peng Memorial, nice pics kat atas ).

      Haji M Zin.
      Alor Gajah DPH.

  6. Wait till muktamar to see if the akar umbi can clean up these lajnah pkr people once n for all. Lets pray the ulamak prevail bcoz if not who else can set the moral standard of msian politic.

    1. Acap kali kita telah melihat golongan ulamak tidak pandai main politik. Cukup-cukuplah, rapatkan saf, masuk barisan yang sepatutnya. Dajjal pun dah nak kluaq!

      1. Yup…u r 200persen correct. Ulamak surely dun know how to fitnah… kelentong… even suntot friends… not only behind… but on media or from inside. Cukup2la jijah… btw… do u knw more than 2 is 3…4…5… soklan bocor oso csnr answer.

  7. Hannah Yeoh tweeting is better than her twerking. People might actually faint if she were to twerk.

    A few of my Chinese friends responded negatively to your article on MCA and Tun Hamid. One even label you as a revisionist. l o l

    Speaking of Yahudi Yeohs, I think you are doing a disservice to the Jews. First of all, these so called Yahudi Yeohs are not as smart as the Jews. In fact, they are nowhere near the Jews when it comes to intellectual aptitude. Just stick to the word evangelista.

    Secondly, many of the evangelista are wonks. Jews are, well there are Jews who are very religious but most are secular. They don’t go hysterical unlike these evangelista.

  8. Good shorting Helen. CCYY / YYCC – Creepy Christians Yahudi Yeos. Wait a minute, do we have Christianized Yahudi nowadays? Or is it merely a topeng; used for bermuka-muka?

  9. “The same Chinese Christian woman, May Chee, wrote an appeal “My dear friends in PAS” a few months ago published in The Malaysian Insider – see screenshot above.”

    Well, these people don’t like UMNO, are disgusted with PAS, can stand ISMA, well may I ask them is there anything Malay that they like other than the “moderate” Malay.

    Perhaps they could use some Israeli cloning DNA is produce the perfect Malay to the perfect specifications of “moderate” Christians. I bet there is nobody will best suit the specifications of the “moderate” Christian. The Chinese are all pagans, misled and evil, so as they say.

    To comment on your last blog on the MCA, well separate the Chinese from Chinese Christians. Since there is no category in history for Christian Indians, throw them into “lain-lain”. In fact the so clever Chinese Christians and the equally rebellious Chinese don’t know what they are getting into.

    With fewer Chinese is it necessary to have 2 days of Chinese New Year? Or perhaps we lengthen Christmas to two days. Perhaps Indians will then be more, so longer Diwali.

    Will schools like Convent Datuk Keramat and Heng Ee be removed from the SRJC/SMJC? They should be Sekolah Mubaligh. A new category – and Sekolah Mubaligh do not teach in Chinese.

    Fewer “Chinese schools” means the schools don’t need so much money.

    Chinese Christians are a race on their own and should not partake to all that is pagan. Chinese Christians should be barred from Cheng Beng, Moon Cake, Dragon Boat (dragons are the devil, and it is evil to partake in any devil worship) and Chinese New Year.

    I wonder how the Chinese going to stomach this. In fact I wonder what will the consequence be if ISMA and the rest press for this issue for the Chinese to become two races.

    1. ‘With fewer Chinese is it necessary to have 2 days of Chinese New Year?’

      With fewer than 100K MCA members, is it necessary for UMNO to give them more than two ministerial position?

      1. Kalo ada perhimpunan Agong cheluih kot kasi semua masuk stadium bukit jalil ma?

        Yang kaki kanan dok kat BN dan kaki kiri kat DAP suruh depa dok atas bumbung jadi tukang tepok..

      2. Islam1st,

        Once I wrote about DAP prefers those Malays rejected by Malays themselves. As such DAP is friendlier to Mohd Sabu than to Hadi.

        Mohd Sabu though known in Malay politics is deemed as “reject item”. He is some sort of “Maharajalawak”, popular BUT NOT TRUSTED.

        He contested in 2004, 2008, 2013 yet he lost. So actually he has no credential from Malay point of view. But he loves to hang around Guan Eng.

        Hadi won election as ADUN and MP. He has the support among Malays too. Yet he is rejected. Why? because he is not that enthusiastic in kow towing to DAP.

        One newspaper too tries to determine who among malays who are “moderates”. And those deemed as Moderate malays tend to attack malay institutions AFTER REAPING HUGH BENEFIT FROM a Malay dominated government.

        They too not recognised as representing the Malays. as Chinese base their perception on reading these papers or reading Mlaaysiakini who are hostile to UMNO, malays, they tend not to realise what malays view differently.

        AS FOR PAS, it is short of admitting that it is being manipulated by DAP and PKR. The reality sets in. PAS leaders know that Malay support to them is going down the hill. the sign is for all to see. PAS lost many places in Malay belt when it contested against UMNO.

        But as “habuan di dunia” is too great to ignore, it is willing to sell its soul to DAP.

        The result is telling. Though UMNO got only 46% voters in 2013 in Kelantan, its share of seat is only 12. A mere 5% shift in votes to UMNO will see change of government.

        PAS is weakening in its base, Kelantan. Those in PAS who seems to defend DAP, PKR will not likely survive the next electuion.

        1. re: “Chinese base their perception on reading these papers”

          The J-Star is owned and controlled by a BN component party.

          So if you think that the paper’s coverage is hostile to Umno and Malays, then the buck stops with No.1 – the PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa) which is the taikor in BN for allowing the situation below as described by P. Gunasegaram:

          The Star is owned by the MCA and run by the MIC for the benefit of the DAP”.


          He is a former The J-Star managing editor. The quote above is sourced from his article ‘Why Ho Kay Tat left The Star‘ (Malaysiakini, 13 Dec 2012).

          1. Helen,

            Precisely. That is why I said Najib must go. Najib’s strategy is to please the very people who want UMNO dead. The more that person criticizes UMNO, the more Najib rewards the person.

            As such we can all see disaster when Najib appoints marina, Mujahid into MPKN. It is a case of creating a problem that does not exist in the very first place.

            But sadly until today those who’s who in UMNO(Ketua Bahagian) refuse to dislodge Najib.

            UMNO is courting disaster with Najib angering Malays with his over emphasizing the Chinese.

            1. re: “But sadly until today those who’s who in UMNO(Ketua Bahagian) refuse to dislodge Najib.”

              There is no conspiracy to dislodge Najib, according to Zam and Kadir.

              So you’re stuck with his Cabinet of zumba-zumba ministers, and all the konsetan and punahsihat surrounding Da Boz.

              1. Helen,

                I believe that too. There is no conspiracy actually to remove Najib. Tun only criticized Najib administration. literally speaking, Tun is criticizing Najib and entire administration before PR does that.

                But Najib makes the mistake of ignoring sincere advices from Tun. Contrary to what the Najibs’ consultants want to think, tun remains influential among Malay community. Influential because tun reads the mood of Malay ground quite precisely. Najib on the other hand is clueless.

                Najib must go.

                  1. Helen,

                    Tradition dictates that Muhyiddin takes over by virtue of his position as No 2 man in UMNO.

                    I understand Muhyiddin’s predicament. If he voices out that Najib must go, he would be accused as trying to get the PM’s post. But any move to change must have Muhyiddin’s support.

                    It would be awkward if those who’s who in UMNO clamouring for change with Muhyiddin still support Najib.

                    I believe Muhyiddin has better image. His wife too has a good image.

                    1. The Dapsters label TS Muhyiddin as “Malay First”.

                      Given the DPM’s orientation, the opposition – particularly the Firsters – would still prefer to throw their weight behind the PM.

                    2. Re Given the DPM’s orientation, the opposition – particularly the Firsters – would still prefer to throw their weight behind the PM.

                      There is one candidate who will really make the Firsters happy. His name is KJ. Wa ha ha ha !

                    3. Regina is not that bad. At least she is better looking than that fat lady of Jerusubang.

                      Besides with KJ as PM at least we have a stylish man in charge. Wa ha ha ha !

                    4. Helen,

                      so what? Is not DAP Lim Dynasty first?

                      Muhyiddin has a better appeal among Malays. He is viewed as appreciating malay concern. The fact that he opposed abolishing Sedition Act in UMNO General assembly speaks volume on his sincerity.

                1. Who can push out Dato Seri M Najib(?) Sdr Shamsul
                  except from inside?

                  It is however hard to imagine this time there are amongst 30+ Dato Seris and Datos who make up UMNO Supreme Council being involved in a plot, ada?

                  Non-Supreme councilors can rant for all they care .. and the last PM was actually pushed out from inside, on the urgings of YAB Tun.

                  Haji M Zin
                  Alor Gajah DPH

                  1. Haji Mohd zin,

                    The choice is very simple. Push Najib out by UMNO who’s who or the Malays will push MNO out in next election. I often reminded UMNO friends that only Prophet Muhammad SAW can command absolute loyalty among Muslims.

                    Pushing UMNO out is a disaster as it will lead to vacuum of power. The reality is that besideUMNO, no other Malay or Muslim based party can command the majority support.

                    It is tantamount to destroying Ottoman empire to replacing it with Yahudi.

                    1. re: “It is tantamount to destroying Ottoman empire to replacing it with Yahudi.”

                      You mean Yahudi Yeoh.

                  2. Helen,

                    Precisely. Many malays tend to ignore UMNO’s unchallenged position in BN. PAS in PR does not have same stature like UMNO in BN.

                    Having PR taking over in equivalent of having DAP overlording Malaysia. Make no mistake about it. What DAP does to PAS is an eye opener. It has no qualm in dressing down PAS though it needs PAS on logistic matter.

    2. Mulan…I used to watch a lot of HK canto movies from the 70’s & 80’s [I hate Chow Yun Fatt, though. He’s disgusting]. All HK movie producers then, I reckon, were Christians & thus, HK was always portrayed as a Christian nation.

      But from my observation of the movie scenes, which were a reflection of the real life of HKongers, Christianity and the cross were just their accessories. The hearts of the HK Chinese were pagans!

  10. The satanic cultists will break up the sanguine community in order to lord it over the people – with their sophistry they divide and conquer, devoid of principles.

    1. re: “with their sophistry they divide and conquer, devoid of principles”

      With their sophistry, they mount a campaign accusing the other side of “divisiveness”.

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