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Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!

Why does Najib Razak coddle a Firster like Saifuddin Abdullah who is rejected by Umno Temerloh and the Malay voters in his area? Orang Melayu buang, Najib pungut.

This Saifuddin chap is a Dapster darling. Umno supporters do not like him.

Namun Saifuddin masih diangkat oleh Sang Presiden parti Melayu tu untuk menerajui Najib’s pet NGO – the Moderates Movement.


Saifuddin (kiri) duduk sebaris dengan Ambiga, pengerusi Majlis Peguam Christopher Leong dan kolumnis J-Star Syahredzan Johan.

BELOW: Syahredzan put down the pro-establishment Fatimah Zuhri as “talking nonsense” and “talking rubbish”

Syahredzan’s sledgehammer approach sebiji macam aksi J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai. No wonder The J-Star gave Syahredzan a column.

Syah on Twitter- You are talking nonsense. @FatimahZuhri @sheahneeimanlee @EricPaulsen101 2014-09-02 12-03-59

Syah on Twitter- He didnt write an article

Najib Razak pula gave two Dutch nationals penghormatan Angkatan Tentera Di-Raja Malaysia tatkala upacara menyambut jenazah.

This guy below with the bleeding nose is NST cameraman Mohd Aizuddin Akmal Saad. He got punched in the face when covering the remembrance service for MH17 victim Paul Goes, the Dutchman.

Mr Goes is an orang putih married to a Malaysian Indian woman but he was nonetheless given our military honours – Jalur Gemilang drape, soldiers carrying casket/urn.

BELOW: Mohd Aizuddin was attacked by one of the relatives of the late Mrs Goes

jurugambar NST ditumbuk


Another Dutch national of Chinese ethnicity, Fan Shun Po, was similarly given the Angkatan Tentera Di-Raja treatment. Mr Fan was born in Hong Kong while his wife was a Malaysian. Both had emigrated to the Netherlands in the 1970s.

Why did popularity-seeking Najib confer military honours for the reception of Mr Goes’ and Mr Fan’s remains?

Senang-senang aje Najib anugerahkan hak penghormatan ATM kepada warga asing.


“No Malays, zero Chinese”

The Dapster Firsters have succeeded in making “race” a dirty word. The DAP evangelistas are doing their darndest to Clorox away our ethnicity.

If they could, they would even deny that there is such a thing as the Malay race – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below – and likewise deny that there once existed such a land as Tanah Melayu.

It is also as if the Melayuness in the president of Umno has been bleached away as well, what with Najib’s support for Saifuddin Firster’s moderates, and Najib and his Ministers’ (Idris Jala, Joseph Kurup) involvement with the J-Star‘s so-called Voices of Moderation campaign.


Najib tampak begitu tipis semangat kebangsaannya

Some things you don’t give away easily … just like that. Military honours is one of them because those who deserve the honours are the men willing to lay down their lives for the country.

Najib is too free and easy to allow non-military personnel to be granted military honours just because it is the popular thing to do – to milk public sympathy over the crash of a commercial airliner.

At this juncture in our history we need a firm leader who will do the right thing. Not a popularity chaser who opts for the easy thing. In the case of MH17, the popular thing is not the correct thing to do.


Dengarlah denyutan nadi rakyat, wahai Perdana Menteri

After messing with Race, the evangelistas are messing with Religion. But our PM prefers to pander instead of confronting sticky problems.

Everybody agrees that racial tensions in Malaysia are at an all time high. However more volatile than ethnic tensions are religious tensions. This is one area of conflict where Najib is obviously not on the ball.

Previously when the Malays felt threatened, there was the Melayu Bangkit uprising. How can Najib fail to realise how spooked the Muslims are by the DAP Christians?

Former DAP vice chairman Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim says that the “threat of a serious rift between Muslims and Christians is real”.

Tunku Aziz also asks: “Is it too much to ask Lim [Guan Eng] to leave the Malays and their religion well alone?

The problem is that the tudung-wearing, Quran-quoting, Arabic phrases-mimicking, mosque-infiltrating DAP evangelistas are adamantly refusing to leave the Malays and their religion well alone.

BELOW: Warning from former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan; a separate warning by former IGP Tun Hanif Omar (read HERE)

Musa Hassan

Please Mr Prime Minister, REFLECT!

The following is a piece of advice from Tunku Aziz. He is ahead of the curve because he was inside the DAP and he knew what they were up to.

Says Tunku Aziz:

“Malays are a tolerant people, but when they begin to harbour an exaggerated sense of utter despair and injustice and begin to articulate what, until now, has remained in the realm of the unspoken, then we, who value peace and harmony among our diverse ethnic and religious groups, should pause to reflect on the error of our ways.” – see his NST column scanned below

What Tunku Aziz has observed is something that must be paid urgent heed by Najib Razak. Is the PM capable of pausing to reflect on the error of his pandering ways?

If in 1946 the Malay organizations were shaken and stirred to rise up against the Malayan Union, today it is the greatly agitated Muslim organizations that are coalescing into one powerful current. In 2008 we were hit by the Makkal Sakti tide and in 2013 by the Chinese tsunami.

One Mother of All Muslim Waves is gonna to hit us next. It will wash Najib Razak away if he fails to get a grip ASAP.

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31 thoughts on “Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!

  1. Ms H. i fully support Tunku Abdul Aziz’s request to the DAP to mind their own business and leave the Malays and their religion alone.

  2. Its a slow death for NAJIB and UMNO, politically.

    The PM should not turn a deaf ear to pleas by the Rakyat and the ex señor govt officials on the Sedition Act, even an ex judge.

    Hope the RAKYAT will not lose confidence on the GOMEN of the day.

    Orang kampung will use the ballot box…….

  3. Dr M recently took a swipe at Najib.

    Najib doesn’t seem to be bothered about it.

    Talking to Najib is like ‘masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri’.

    1. Najib is 3rd rate. He’s just too dumb to understand. Yet he thinks he smells like roses. He believes people love him. What a joke. He’s out of touch with reality. If he’s still PM by 2018, then BN is finished.

  4. Would you prefer that Najib panders to ISIS?

    That wouldn’t win him brownie points in the US, would it?

    And the US, the EU etc are a lot more sympathetic towards evangelistas than they are to the likes of ISIS, Al Shahab, Boko Haram and the other offshoots of a religion that shall remain nameless.

    After all, the evangelistas don’t go around beheading people, doing forced conversions or making women into “sex slaves”.

    That’s why Obama is trying to put together a new “coalition of the willing” to take out ISIS. And all that it stands for.

    Not a “coalition of the willing” to confront the evangelistas, wherever they may be.

    Though I suspect that Helen, being righteous and all, can’t tell the difference……

    1. WTH kind of argument is this? It’s so stupid and doesn’t reflect well at all on those who are trying to prop up Najib Razak. So you need extremism to counter another brand of extremism? How stupid can you get.

    2. ISIS is an American creation but of course for people like you, it is not so. After all, you get your news from ahem, excuse me, Fox ? CNN ? New York Times ?


      Then again, even after I’ve provided alternative sources, you’ll accuse these sites of conspiracy theories. Correct ?

      As for the evangelists, they do go around town selling holy water. Visit their RM2 churches and you’ll know what I mean but of course you’ll deny that this ever takes place. I bet that you’re a member of such a church. But of course you’ll deny it, saying that I make baseless accusation. That’s your standard operating procedure.

      As for Obama’s ‘coalition of the willing’, how many of them are really that ‘willing’ ? You’re definition of the ‘coalition of the willing’ is, how shall I say, shallow.

      Helen is not righteous by the way. She certainly does not go around and about calling people ‘wicked’, ‘bigot’, ‘racist’ etc. The fact that you wrote ‘Though I suspect that Helen, being righteous and all, can’t tell the difference……’ typifies what evangelists are made of.

      1. ISIS aka ISIL aka IS aka Islamic State (berapa kali US mau tukar nama la?!) is a pretext for US and a broad coalition, so to speak to invade Syria to get to Bashar Assad just as they did with the CIA installed the late General Muammar Gadaffi!

        MO US sama bertahun lama kalau ada jugak yang bodo piang, memang goyyim la tu!!!

      2. Whoops, struck a nerve, did we?

        If ISIS is an American creation, then I would hazard a guess that jihadist militant Islam is an American creation too.

        Would you care to make that leap of faith?

        As for “evangelistas” peddling “holy water”, is that any more dishonest than promising the bliss of paradise with the company of 40 (or is it 400) virgins to those who die as jihadist martyrs?

        What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, eh?

  5. I once asked my Apek neighbour why the need to use aggression to discipline his poor young kids? “Kita olang tua mau cali makan kalau lia olang hali2 kasi kacau mayak susah mau pikir, kasi lotan cukup tak payah mayak cakap”.

    Tak payah banyak cakap, kasi humban aje dalam lokap with the existing Sedition Act or whatever if found guilty. Having these hooligans out of the way, maybe DSN can move forward more efficiently to finally concentrate on nation building?

    Kesian, our younger generations are suffering. Unemployment, very low salary, study, house, car loans and the increasing cost of living if they don’t have a strong and robust leader to help remedy these situations terpaksa angkut bungkus and leave elsewhere in search of greener pastures.

    Yang tinggal akhirnya puak puak tua yang dah kaya raya gaji bertimbun2 tiap hari pasai kerja asyik dok gaduh saja!

  6. Najib Razak ni seorang ketua yang tak cacat – beliau dilahirkan tanpa telur. Sebab itu dia selalu playsafe. Sebelum buka mulut dia akan gauge sentimen dulu. Maka dihantarlah kolonel-kolonelnya yang terdiri dari baghal-baghal. Yang paling selalu digunakan ialah Adnan Mansur (siapa bagi dia Tengku? Cek IC dia). Yang seekor lagi baghal ialah Saifuddin Abdullah.

    Saifuddin Abdullah tak lebih sekadar kucing kurap yang syok sendiri. Dia bercakap banyak sebab dia rasa dia bijak. Padahal orang tempat dia sendiri reject dia. UMNO pun reject dia. Kalau bukan sebab Malaysia ada seorang ketua yang suka membela kucing kurap, Saifuddin Abdullah ni takkan jadi se gemuk dalam gambar ni.

    Tapi baguslah dia gemuk. Harap-harap tak lama kojol kena sakit jantung, darah tinggi atau kencing manis. Dia hidup pun tak ada guna.

  7. penasihatnya tak nampak.

    saya tak fikir najib ada masa nak baca paper,blog,dan sebagainya.

    banyak isu najib lambat bersuara atau mungkin tiada.

    ketika zaman Tun, setiap kali dia bersuara saya merasa ia menyakinkan.

    penjelasan,penerangan,pemberitahuannya jelas dan berani dan sindiranya mengusik kalbu.

  8. Today, not only are we left in serious debt but have also pawned our bread and butter jobs that are enriching neighboring countries at the expense of the 27 million citizens of this land.

    The factory jobs have gone to foreign labor. The petrol kiosk attendant and car wash jobs have gone to the illegal labor. The maid jobs are sold too. The construction industry is no more an easy entry for locals. Let us not forget the plantation sectors.

    We are not even talking about the thousands of massage parlor workers and sex workers coming in under the cover of tourist visas.

    Even pasar malam stalls, taxi driving, retail outlets – and many more have all gone to the foreign labor. Just take a tour of Petaling Street or any pasar malam all across the nation to see the reality.

    Semua sudah jadi liberals. Askar amrika pun dah masuk negara buat latihan dalam hutan.

    1. We are in serious debt because we embrace the consumer lifestyle of the west. In other words we love to ape the west.

      The jobs are gone or are going to neighboring countries because over there people are willing to work hard to earn a living. Here our people, most of the people anyway, have forgotten what work ethic is. Now almost everything has to be handed to the people on a silver platter.

      Most of our people only know how to ask for something. Our youths, the younger generation best typifies this attitude.

      The domestic employment situation you spoke of is the manifestation of this lack of, absence of a work ethic. People don’t want to work anymore, well most people don’t want to work. They want the easy way, the easy money. So to fix this problem, foreign labor is allowed into our country and in increasing numbers.

      Foreign labor is everywhere. Now even rural areas are occupied by these foreign workers. We are not liberal at all. We are becoming a nation of lazy people. Too lazy for anything. Soon we may have to employ foreign armies to defend our country.

  9. Mulut saja yang bercakap mau perjuang agama, bangsa dan negara tapi roh sudah dikuasai pemikiran liberal.

    ◆ Baca tulisan Hj Nakhaie dalam fb nya…

    “Konsep kejayaan dalam Umno sudah tidak lagi mengenai tujuan Umno tetapi kejayaan seseorang di dalam Umno adalah kejayaan mendaki hierarki kuasa.

    “Berapa banyak wang yang dikumpul, berapa tinggi hierarki kuasa dia dapat dan masing-masing menggunakan wang untuk dapat kuasa.

    “Kuasa membuat wang, wang membeli kuasa, untuk perut saja,” katanya dalam temubual khas dengan The Malaysian Insider di ibu pejabat Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia (Perkim), Kuala Lumpur, baru-baru ini.

    “Mengapa saya harus keluar Umno? Saya menyertai Umno untuk perjuangan menegakkan agama, memartabatkan bangsa dan negara.

    “Perjuangan itu sudah tiada lagi dalam Umno kini. Tidak wajar lagi saya berada dalam parti yang sudah korup perjuangannya. Saya bukan Umno lagi,”

  10. Why did the cameraman get punched at the funeral? Because he is a Malay, or Muslim or some other reason? The article seems to focus on the race and religion angle so I guess that is what you are saying was the reason. Correct? Or Not?

    1. No, the guy who punched him clarified the reason was that the family had requested many times that they wanted the funeral to be strictly private – no media, no politicians, nothing.

      Unfortunately, MAS published the funeral date and time and the media descended onto the funeral parlour. The Nirvana Centre closed the front doors but the journalists and photographers came in through the back and started taking photos.

      Hence, one of the relatives got mad and punched him.

      Of course, violence is not the answer but the media was intruding into the funeral that was meant only for family and friends.

      1. re: “the media was intruding into the funeral that was meant only for family and friends”

        The Najib administration made the arrival of the MH17 remains a media spectacle.

          1. The case of the family of Mr & Mrs Goes is the fault line.

            If the Najib administration had toned down their official reception, the media frenzy would have been less overall.

          2. If you wish for privacy then go all out for it lah. Macam keluarga yang satu tu, balik senyap-senyap, nama pun tak heboh kat media. Barulah boleh respect.

            Ini tidak. Nak penghormatan, masuk tv semua tapi hujung-hujung cakap respect family’s privacy. Sorry, I have no respect for this sort of selective wants.

            1. Persoalannya, macam mana mamat yang tumbuk tu boleh pilih, dalam ramai-ramai jurugambar, jurugambar x juga yang ditumbuknya?!

              C72 ada dia terang tak, aku tengok video tu, ramai kut wartawan lain yang sewaktu dengannya dan yang sangat tidak sewaktu dengannya ada kat situ, so mamat tu tumbuk jurugambar x apasal?

              Dan bila pula mamat yang tumbuk ni nak kena tangkap? Paparazi kat US pun undang-undang pelihara, wartawan dan jurugambar kita macam mana?

  11. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Evangelista told Najib to abolishe ISA, and Najib obeyed. But today, TMI posted an article, “Najib hostage to extremists, says Guan Eng.” I cannot understand what kind of people are they. Najib even made his supporters very angry because he tried too hard to be good to the evangelista.

    Anyway, I also do not understand Najib. How could he listen to the people who hate him? Can he see that they’ll never be happy until they can take control of Malaysia? I hope Najib will realise that it is useless to listen to them and by giving in to them, he betrays his own supporters.

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