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Ambiga: We want to reclaim M’sia from the racists and extremists

0:41 – Ambiga says,

“Please give us our Malaysia back. We do not want a Malaysia that is racist, that is extreme. We want to reclaim our Malaysia, please give it back. That is the message …” (see her video clip on YouTube)


BELOW: Ambiga is wearing a T-shirt and holding a placard that both proclaim “kembalikan negara ku”.


Ambiga is the figurehead for the Negaraku movement.

The backbone of Negaraku are the Chinese associations and NGOs.

Why so nervous about Negara-Ku? Ambiga asks Isma‘ (The Malay Mail, 10 July 2014)

Ambiga points out the “interesting views on Isma” – see her tweet – which is that “Isma deadlier than Perkasa“. She has about 40,000 Twitter followers.

.Why so nervous about Negara-Ku- Ambiga asks Isma

Ambiga Sreenevasan on Twitter- -Interesting views on ISMA

As if it’s not bad enough that Umno is “racist” and “extremist” and BN comprises of “bigots”, Ambiga’s buddy Hannah the Madame Speaker once called the Umno-BN combo — “wickedness” personified.

Out of the abundance of their (wicked) heart their (wicked) mouth speaks.

Hannah Yeoh yesterday tweeted “salam” talking about knowing the evangelist “Word” (gospel) as well as introduced the “personalized Bible (see @hannahyeoh’s Instagram picture below) to her 97,000 twits.

BELOW: @KEVINLOO is the pastor of City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya

Hannah Yeoh Twitter the WordHannah Yeoh Bible

Ambiga promotes the J-Star‘s Voices of Moderation in her Twitter

Ambiga has been blurbing the J-Star‘s voices of Moderation but at the same time she is sceptical about the PM’s reputation as a moderate – see her tweets below.

Hers and the J-Star “moderates” are the loud voices that want to “take back Negaraku” and reclaiming the country in their Malaysian First image.

The J-Star manufactured icons – lined up below – are pitching their message over radio advertisements too. They’re everywhere!

The “kembalikan negara ku” campaign spearheaded by Ambiga & Co. will reach its peak on Hari Malaysia.

BELOW: Ambiga’s good friends such as Marina are the trumpeted Voices of Moderation

AmbigaVoices ofModerationAmbiga Moderate

Taking possession of the country on Sept 16

Malaysia Day falls on this coming Tuesday.


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23 thoughts on “Ambiga: We want to reclaim M’sia from the racists and extremists

  1. Hah masuk bakul angkat sendiri saya pantang tengok anak orang umno pi buat kerja orang tak umno itu bukan I say want u disini siasat la sendiri lu pikir la sendiri

  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    They have to learn history. They can also learn a lot from Aunty Helen’s posts :) Malaysia is made up from individual Malay States, ruled by the Malay Sultans. Have they forgotten how what did Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun VT Sambanthan said about how the non-Malay got their citizenship and how generous are the Malays?

    The Malays gave them the chance to share the country but they want to take away the Malay rights and be the boss.

    Instead of being thankful, they call the Malays racists and extremists. What will they say if the Malay were the ones who call them racists and extremists? How far are they going to push the Malay?

    re: “kembalikan negara ku”

    Does she mean Tanah Melayu or the Malay States?

    1. re: “Does she mean Tanah Melayu or the Malay States?”

      Hahaha. Maybe she meant kembalikan nama “Tanah Melayu” kot.

        1. ‘…….they call the Malays racists and extremists. What will they say if the Malay were the ones who call them racist and extremists?….’

          Jangan marah atau kecewa kalau mereka mengatakan kita racist, wahai cucunda, ahmadalikarim! (he,he,he ahmadalikarim panggil Helen aunty dan umur saya sesuai dipanggil nenek oleh ahmadalikarim)

          Nenek bangga kalau kita dipanggil racist dan ekstrimis berdasarkan pentafsiran mereka terhadap kita!

          What is wrong if we considered Tanah Melayu is our motherland and have all right to this land? And to be given all the pivillages too! If that is racist and extremists I will be happy to be branded that lebel!.

          Lihat nama bangsa mereka, Cina, India dll. Ada negara yang namanya sama dengan nama bangsa mereka.

          Ini menunjukkan mereka penumpang di negara ini, Tanah Melayu, kalau hendak lebih terkini Malaysia! Mereka menjadi warganegara Malaysia atas belas ehsan kita orang Melayu atau TUAN negara ini!

          Jadi cucunda, ahmadalikarim, mengapa mesti kita pendulikan dengan lebel lebel yang mereka berikan, kerana kita berhak untuk bersikap racist dan extremists. ‘Be proud abaut it’

          Negara ini, kita yang punya. Kewarganegaran mereka masih baru berusia kira kira 57 tahun sahaja! Yang datang lebih awal dari tarikh itu hanya menganggap Tanah Melayu tempat mereka mengumpul harta!

          Kalau ada di antara mereka yang ungkit, ada di antara kita berhijrah dari pulau pulau di Indonesia ke Tanah Melayu, suruh mereka pergi ke sekolah, belajar pendidikan sejarah semula.

          Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina malah selatan Thailand adalah terdiri Gugusan Kepulauan MELAYU. Penghijrahan antara satu pulau ke satu pulau tidak menjadikan kita pendatang ke tempat baru yang kita duduki!

          Adakah orang China dari Beijing berpindah ke Shanghai boleh dilebel Pendatang?

          Malaysia dan Indonesia sekarang menjadi dua negara yang berbeza angkara perbuatan penjajah!

          Kerana kita begitu sensitive dengan label label yang mereka berikan, sebab itu mereka makin melalak melalakkan dengan panggilan tersebut sebagai memprovokasi kemarahan kita!

          ‘So be proud to be racist and extremists to our Tanah Melayu/Malaysia kerana kita berhak untuk bersikap demikian!

            1. Saya masih tidak faham maksud kartun ini sepenuhnya. Mungkin minda sudah slow! Boleh sesiapa memberi pencerahan maksudnya? Amat berminat untuk memahaminya!

              Saya yakin kalau ada RBA yang baca, mereka akan pura pura tidak memahami nya!

              Peduli apa dengan segala yang mereka rasa dan percaya! Kenyataan sejarah tidak boleh diubah walaupun mereka tetap berusaha melakukannya.

              Yang penting orang Melayu jangan bersikap defensive terutamanya kepada kebenaran!

              Mereka bersikap offensive, kita lebih lebih lagi offensive!

              Beat them at their own games!

              1. Sikit LagiTambahan,

                ‘Ambiga: We want to reclaim M’sia from the racist & extremists’

                By the way, Who are you Ambiga who want to reclaim M’sia from the pribumi Tanah Melayu / Malaysia?

                You just the ‘anak cucu’ pendatang merempat from India (?) that had been given citizenship by my kind and loving Sultan!

          1. I think lawyers are obsolete nowadays. Lawyers like Dumbiga, Harris Ib n their gangs at the Bar thriving on conveyancing works that didn’t bring much value added to the economy, change name, date n addy of the S&P only.

            Even Zaid Ibrahim agreed when he called for the conveyancing to be opened up. Lets liberalize the legal services subsector come 2015 AEC so that these moron lawyers wont have too much free time at their hand with stupid bersih etc hahaha

  3. Come on Ambiga… we also want our country back from maggots like you but we do not have the means and opportunity to have “Negaraku” like you do…

    also no Bar Councils behind us… no fund from Soros… no able to meet Hillary Clinton… no award.. no Tamil Elam.. nothing.. not even a LLB degree… absolutely nothing except our sincere hope to live in unity as Malaysia… WITH DIGNITY AND MUTUAL RESPECT.

    No way this can be heard by people like you but can be felt by many silent Malaysians who are truly Malaysian…

  4. That ‘so-called malaysians’ – they have done so many damages and yet the want Malaysia back! They contradict Perpaduan Nasional and ruthlessly they want Malaysia back!

    Which Malaysia are they referring to? Malasi! Provoking all the Malays in Umno are all bigots, racists and extremists?

    The Malays are not worried at all… let them be…

  5. Ini perempuan pun sama juga macam PKR. Sendiri bikin kacau with all the Bersih shit.. DAP CEC election diam, Langkah Kajang diam, PKR baling kerusi kepala berdarah diam.. tiba2 tukar topic pulak dah

    From BERSIH now RACIST and EXTREMIST. Ni la jenis orang tua tua yang not successful in their life, hidup tak tenang otak tak jernih hari2 asyik nak cari gaduh saja. Just look at her eyes.. Eyes tell all.

    Our young generation got no time for this la. Unemployment, low salary, study, house and car loans. Nak kawin nak kumpul duit to set up a new family… they got no time to gaduh2 la!

  6. Ambiga Sreenivasan is an embarrassment to all. She holds herself out to be a champion of all causes and is the ultimate rebel without a cause. Retrograde steps like return Malaysia (the old) to us is without detail.

    Does Ambiga wish for the return of a Malaysia where rich and powerful Tamils ruled the day from behind the scenes? if thats the case then she ought to realise that it was her kin folk like the Manickas and Sambanthans who were the culprits and reasons for the demise of the unity in government in Malaysia, the plight of the Tamils in Malaysia. And the position adopted by people like her parents and now her is what relegated most Tamils to the positions they find themselves in. Casteism.

    The old Malaysia she refers to was one where if your father was a doctor no one questioned your position and you literally got away with murder. Where at Bukit Nanas you did not mingle with other Indians unless they too were well placed. You hung around the Cinese and foreigners because it gave you status. What an insecure woman.

    The vats majority of Malaysians have moved on since Mahathir’s government gave them opportunity to do so. They moved on from being labourers to doctors and lawyers and this Brahmin cannot stand the thought of being challenged by them today.

    She is the epitome of all thats bad and a failure within the Tamil community in Malaysia. Let her languish in her dreams of days gone by. The rest of us live in the present looking forward to an even better future.

  7. Go back to your ancestors’ Negaraku la. This Negaraku is for Malays and those who want to live peacefully with the Malays by accepting the current constitution & state enanctments, recognizing, respecting & accepting the Sultans and Islam as national religion.

  8. re: ambiga, “kembalikan negara ku”.

    tanah tumpahnya darahku
    rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
    rahmat bahgia
    Tuhan kurniakan
    Raja kita
    Selamat bertakhta.

    ini lirik lahu ‘negaraku’…
    wahai ambiga…. adakah anda faham aspirasi lirik lagu ‘negaraku’ ini?
    kalau faham, adakah anda sanggup menumpahkan darah anda demi ‘negaraku’ ini?
    kalau sanggup, adakah anda taat dan setia kepada Raja ‘negaraku’ ini?
    kalau taat dan setia….maka taat dan setialah kepada ‘kontrak sosial’ yang sudah dipersetujui oleh nenek-moyang anda!

    kalau tidak….dipersilakan keluar dari ‘negaraku’ ini….!

  9. It not a suprise Malays like Dyana join DAP as from History there are Malays recruited by the Communist Party till the end of their era.

  10. I feel sad that our new malay generations failed to embrace their own history. And feel sad most who claimed they are malaysians (read chinese and indians) dont really know the history of tanah melayu’s independence.

    Well, how can they know it by heart because they lost NOTHING to gain free citizenship from Malays (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Now they want who to Kembalikan NEGARAKU?

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