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M’sia a better place if all Malays are like Marina, say Firsters

I wonder who Marina Mahathir’s targets are.

Refer, “Take that, all you racists!” Marina says (below).


Marina is a member of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) as well as the J-Star‘s chiefest “brave and beautiful” Voice of Moderation.

Below is her ad for the J-Star campaign. Her Brave View, Bold Idea poster girl statement reads: “If politicians are for the people, why do they insist on dividing us?”

Marina’s sock-it-to-’em – “Take that, all you racists!” – mirrors the message delivered by her BFF Ambiga.



Hashtag #NUCC

Ambiga had called upon Malaysians to rise up, especially over this long weekend (leading up to Malaysia Day on Tuesday), to wrest Negaraku back from the racists and extremists.

Marina is strident against the politicians who are insistent “on dividing” Malaysians. Urm, which politicians, ah?

Hmm … let’s see who she is peeved about. In her tweet (below), Marina called upon the gomen to “stop using taxpayers’ money to fund Perkasa n Isma”.

Marina Stop using taxpayers money to fund Perkasa

Perkasa, Isma – pet hate of the Firsters

Yesterday alone, Isma and Perkasa were singled out several times by DAP people for censure.

Dr Wong Chin Huat, a fellow at the Penang Institute (state-backed think tank), was reported in the TMI as naming both as the organizations responsible for stoking Malay-Muslim sentiments.


Yesterday too, Lim Guan Eng was quoted in The Sun Daily as lambasting the government’s seemingly “selective prosecution” after Perkasa appeared to have escaped Sedition Act punishment.

The DAP sec-gen alleged that the right wing leaders had made “inflammatory statements” against non-Malays and non-Muslims.

Hannah Yeoh recently retweeted Razifi’s dare as well on the Sedition Act charges: “Bring it on bcos for every single one of us you take down, 10 more will come.”

Hannah Yeoh Bring it on Sedition

Soul to soul with the Christians

Lim Kit Siang’s blog picked up an MMO article that said:

“… Malaysians have been relentlessly bombarded with hateful statements from the likes of Perkasa, Isma and other Malay ethnocentric groups. They have questioned the loyalty of their fellow Malaysians and suggested that the majority of non-Malays are a threat to Malays and national unity. Hiding behind the mask of race and religion, they claim to represent the voice of the majority of Malaysians particularly Malays.”

BELOW: Marina agrees that Perkasa will be “jumping like a butt-burned frog” to see Malays and Muslims attending an event at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre

Marina Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre

Marina: “Those few loudmouths”

Some of Marina’s friends/fans believe the Isma folks are “a bunch of people with insecurity [complex]” whereas Malaysia will surely be a better place if only all Malays were like Marina.

The Penang chief minister declared that his state “rejects racists [and] extremists” and that Penangites should be left alone to enjoy their “religious harmony”.

Can it be said that Isma and Perkasa members fail to promote religious harmony because they do not go to church to attend weddings and other functions, and to give flowers to the pastors?

Marina Sacred Heart

The Yeohs are always slamming “divisive” bad guys

Hannah Yeoh believes that Malaysia’s ruling party consists of “racist parties“.

On a side note, Umno was the party that persuaded the Malay rulers to agree to the giving away of Merdeka citizenships, which numbered one million. See table below.

Regular commenter Norlin Arshad makes a most arresting observation about budaya merantau orang Melayu @ 2014/09/13 at 7:20 pm:

“Kalau ada di antara mereka yang ungkit, ada di antara kita berhijrah dari pulau pulau di Indonesia ke Tanah Melayu, suruh mereka pergi ke sekolah, belajar pendidikan sejarah semula.

“Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina malah selatan Thailand adalah terdiri Gugusan Kepulauan MELAYU. Penghijrahan antara satu pulau ke satu pulau tidak menjadikan kita pendatang ke tempat baru yang kita duduki!

“Adakah orang China dari Beijing berpindah ke Shanghai boleh dilabel ‘Pendatang’?”

Race of mariners: Peoples of Malay stock

Some Anak Bangsa Malaysia complain that first and second generation Indonesians are accepted by the Malays whereas the third or fourth generation Chinese are still treated as aliens.

RizalWell, this is because people living in the gugusan kepulauan Melayu and semenanjung have a shared history and practise the same religion and culture as well as speak a common language.

Hence the descendents of Indonesians who are in Tanah Melayu escape the “pendatang” label.

Before the present-day national boundaries were drawn by English and Dutch colonizers, the Malay archipelago was regarded as an almost borderless Nusantara region.

Malays were adventurous seafarers who sailed from island to island.

The Firsters are probably too buta sejarah to be aware that even Philippine national hero Jose Rizal is regarded as the “pride of the Malay race“.

Giving 3 million Nigerians citizenship in Shanghai, say

Norlin asks an interesting question: “Will a Chinese who relocates from Beijing to Shanghai be labelled as an immigrant (alien)”?

Methinks a Chinese from Beijing will not look too much out of place in Shanghai as compared to a Nigerian, say.

Shanghai has a population of more than 24 million.

Let’s do a historical projection.

Registrar General of Citizens

Boleh ke?

In 1957, Malaya had a population of 6,278,758. Just in the very next year (1958) alone, a total of 822,567 non-Malays were granted citizenship en masse with a single stroke of the pen.

Would the Chinese race be as willing to accommodate non-Chinese in their country as the Malays here have done? Remember, more than 820,000 non-Malays acquired citizenship in a single year when the country’s population at that time was only 6.3 million.

If we use Shanghai as an example and employ the same ratio, it would mean the city suddenly allowing more than three million residents of a different skin colour – and who are unable to speak Chinese to boot – to overnight become China nationals that qualify to carry China passports.

Will the Chinese permit that to happen?

Hannah Yeoh Racist

Yet the Malays and Umno are incessantly vilified

Hannah Yeoh retweeted Ambiga’s gripe (see above) about how “sickening” it is that “those who played divisive and racist politics are now talking about unity”.

The J-Star editorials similarly used the following phrase – hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” – and twice! within the span of a fortnight when the paper’s editors were bashing the racists.

Their favourite word “divisive” is employed by them again and again. Recall that Marina Mahathir’s Voice of Moderation poster chides those who are “dividing” the rakyat.


ABOVE: Some DAP fanboys dare to claim that the early Chinese immigrants wore tudung too and therefore we should not think that tutup aurat is exclusive to Malay women going to the surau

Staking claim on the term “moderates”

Even as their tudung and their Negaraku are at this very minute being appropriated, the Malays have to fend off the Firsters who have been urged to unite and together “stand up against religious and racial bigots”.

Is it really the Malays who have to be taught a lesson in order to keep Malaysia as a “moderate” country?

Or is talk about unity quite pointless and a waste of time because with some people, there is really no hope and no cure?


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38 thoughts on “M’sia a better place if all Malays are like Marina, say Firsters

  1. This three masked are people of sound mind and good upbringing they forget and forgo who are they talking to if politics make them decide the fate of the races who does they choose to ask political parties to tone to what they wannabe or wanted to is simple just say this three masked are people of makeover and a knockabout

    1. Google translation is convenient, but not a good tool for any of us who doesn’t have a solid background in any language, and in your case English. You can’t simply put your message in Bahasa Melayu, and translate it into English, and immediately assume that it is good to go. Here is what you need to do:

      1. Re-read the whole translated message and check whether it makes any sense at all;

      2. Add in punctuation signs i.e. . , ? ! ; : etc to separate the sentences into sequential logic, and check whether each sentence makes any sense to you;

      3. Amend each sentence accordingly. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just use “Bahasa Rojak” if needs be;

      5. Don’t worry about the grammatical error for now, for everyone of us is guilty of that from time to time;

      4. These are some examples of bad Chinese to English translation faced by the PRC now, and the PRC government is combating the problem;

      A blog, or any blog for that matter, is not a place or space for one to show who can write better English (unless otherwise specified), but rather, it is a platform where one can channel his/her opinion. If one fails to convey his/her message clearly, suffice to say it defeats the whole purpose.

      Don’t get disheartened by this comment, I applaud your effort, but it is about time that someone tells you the truth.

  2. All these cry of RACIST. Notice tak kalau dari golongan suami isteri kahwin campoq, kalo keturunan mai dari Negara2 asal, yang mana keturunan diNegara asal itu adalah kaum majority, bukan sikit pulak tu, berbillion2, depa kalut tedoh penghuni Tanah Melayu sebagai RACIST.

    Just google, everywhere same la. Asalkan ada immigrants, oops asal usul darah keturunan immigrants, mesti akan bawa bersama mereka banyak masalah to their host countries.

    But here they are trying to manipulate for political reasons. UMNO relax aje so they kacau2 and instigate Perkasa and Isma. Evil intentions..

  3. These “moderate” elites are really deluding themselves. They use a staged video funded by an ad agency known to have Government contracts as proof that Malaysia is so tolerant and full of pink elephants made of sugar pops. Maybe in Damansara Heights.

    And then you have Chow Jack.

    None of the “moderates”, to my knowledge have yet to comment on Chow Jack. Makes you wonder why. Maybe they think HE is the figment of imagination, not their puffy worldview from high up.

  4. Ms Helen

    This Hanna YEOH seems to be fond of branding the MELAYUS and Malay organizations as racists. Whatever they say seems to be racists to her.

    I have these simple questions, to begin with, for this rich mama to answer.

    01. Never heard her complaining about DongZong and it’s role in national education policy and national integration.


    02. Why are Chinese school children cannot speak BAHASA MALAYSIA as fluent as the Nepalese and the Bangladishs who are just in the country for two weeks.

    03. Why are Ronnie Liu and Theresa KOK are not as vocal as before. They too used to accuse MELAYU as racists.

    If the response from HY sounds intelligent.. more searching questions on national issues shall follow.

    1. Perbezaan perjuangan antara bapanya Tun Dr Mahathir dan anaknya sendiri Marina Mahathir adalah umpama langit dan bumi.

      Saya percaya sebagai bapa Tun Dr Mahathir telah lakukan dan berikan yang terbaik buat anaknya Marina namun perlu diingat, iman tidak boleh diwarisi.

  5. Saya juga ingin meminta Marina mengkaji semula sejarah. Tidak perlu pergi jauh jauh ke zaman terlalu silam.

    Jawab secara jujur bilakah Isma dan Perkasa ditubuhkan dan bilakah mereka menjadi begitu vocal?

    “Take that, all you racists!” . Siapakah golongan yang dimaksudkannya sebagai racist?

    Bagaimana pula dengan sikap golongan rakan rakan karib yang amat dia cintai?

    Kalau Marina jujur, ISMA dan Perkasa adalah jawapan kepada semua provokasi yang sering dilalak lalakan oleh golongan sahabat handainya!

    Saya gunakan perkataan terlalak lalak bukan terjerit jerit, kerana saya ingin anda kaitkan sikap golongan Marina seperti ‘anjing’ menyalak bukit!

    Bagi diri saya, tidak menjadi kudis kalau saya dilebel racist. Malah berbangga dengannya seperti yang telah saya huraikan sebelumnya

    Ingin saya beritahu Marina, Melayu Islam bukan DAYUS. Mungkin mereka lambat panas tapi bukan dayus!

    Apakah kita biarkan sahaja mereka terus terusan memijak mijak kepala kita. ‘No ways baby’! Tidak akan berlaku kepada golongan yang ada maruah dan harga diri!

    Saya akui golongan sahabat sahabat Marina pintar ( pintar di sini saya maksudkan cunning not clever ). Mereka ‘cunning’ menimbulkan isu isu, kemudian memutar belitkan fakta untuk memperlihatkan seolah olah kita yang bersalah!

    Jangan lupa Marina ayahanda anda, TDM juga termasuk dalam golongan ‘racist’ kerana sayangkan bangsanya ( baca artikel beliau ‘Menegur’ ).

    Sungguhpun begitu beliau telah bersikap adil kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum semasa menjadi PM!

    1. Kalau rimas sangat dengan melayu yang disifatkannya rasis, mintalah cik marina ni belah saja. Mana cik nak pi punkami tak halang. Indonesia pun tak pa. Bangladesh pun tak pa. Pi la.

    1. Would be much better if all Chinese are like Helen but never like Hannah Yeo or the Indian like Ambiga.

      Oops! I forgot there no Malays, Indian, zero Chinese, all are Malaysian, maybe Hannah Yeo forget to tell Ambiga about that.

  6. ‘……… M’sia a better place if all Malays are like Marina ……’

    That is what you say Evegelistas! To me and to the most rasional Malaysians, Malaysia is a HEAVEN’ if all the citizens are rational, very understanding and well informed about the history of the country.

    Most important respects all the understanding that had been agreed by our (eg Perlembagaan 153) datuk moyang dulu!

    Yes Malaysia is a Heaven, if all the citizen liked Helen Ang and other rasional citizens!

  7. Memo tambahan untuk Marina,

    Janganlah mabuk KETUM sekiranya anda disanjung dan disokong oleh ‘kawan kawan karib’ mu!

    Sanjungan dan sokongan mereka ada undang di sebalik batu!

    Anda tentu sedar siapa anda. Anda Orang Melayu yang beragama Islam pula. Anda yang merupakan anak TDM merupakan BONUS kepada mereka!

    Apakah senjata yang paling ampuh untuk ‘menentang ‘the so called racist ISMA dan Perkasa’? Jawapannya adalah golongan sebangsa dan seagama dengan kedua duannya yang boleh diperalatkan!

    Masa telah membuktikan betapa banyak yang telah Melayu Islam korbankan supaya mereka boleh sama sama berkongsi negara dan mengumpul sebanyak banyak harta di negara ini.

    Apa balasan mereka terhadap semua BUDI ini. Lihatlah dan hayati apa yang sering dilalak lalakkan oleh sahabat sahabat anda.

    Do you think they will treat differently when your usefulness expired?

    Masa akan membuktikannya! Itulah sebabnya dalam AlQuran ada surah, ‘Demi Masa’ Ini peringatan dari Allah Yang Mah Kuasa!

  8. I knew this Marina thing would comes out one day. Please, in Malaysia she is almost one person but if you look at Indonesia, there are so many Marinas.

    Does that make Indonesia a better place to live?

  9. Dap memanglah kerja dia hentam umno. Umno pulak apa kerja dia? Bawa orang2 macam Marina dan Wong Chun Wai masuk dalam Nucc dan Gmm? Bawa orang Dap jadi S/U Akbar? Ambil tokoh2 yang dah kena reject bekhidmat dalam perkhidmatan semula?

    Sampai bila nak jadi cerdik tak tau laa.. Dulu kini dan selamanya bebal. Padahnya bukan kena diri mereka sangat tapi habis rosak ugama, bangsa dan negara.

    Dr Mahadir pun sibuk sangat pasal duit dalam kedai roti dia kena curi, duit negara yang kena curi berbilion ringgit tu apa cerita. Ini kerja orang amanah ker, kerja orang rajin ke? Kalau pemimpin kencing berdiri rakyat kencing berlari.

  10. Can somebody please ask Ambiga and her species to stop calling other people racist?!!! Obviously only she and her gang does that. If they quiet, Malaysia will be a much better place.

  11. Macam krisis KM Menteri Selangor juga niiii. Takde hal create hal lepas tu jolok semua kasi bergaduh.

    Just ignore aje.. They are preparing for GE14.. Ini taktik awal mereka and they are eyeing for Sabah and Sarawak.

    Jangan mudah diperdaya lagi wokay tak.? Just make donno. Observe what’s happening with the PPS crisis. Guan Eng punya la berapi2 menjolok Ketua Polis Negara.. They want to instigate. Evil intension.

    Tengok tu cepat aje mohon maaf kat Sultan. Sengaja kasi cucuk dulu then buat innocent. Kalo not to their advantage sampai mampus pun tak akan mengaku salah wan.

    Itu Marina is just like their Awek Cun, nnti of no use they will kick her out like TSKI.. They will create all sorts of excuses, just wait la..

      1. Helen

        the tragic irony is che helen bermati mati mempertahankan yang benar. Minta orang china dan ahli dap supaya berfikiran waras. Jangan keterlaluan meminta itu dan ini. Jangan keterlaluan menghina orang itu dan ini.

        Marina pula anak seorang perdana menteri melayu yang berjuang untuk kepentingan melayu. Tapi dia ni jadi batu api pula untuk kumpulan yang tidak perlu disokong semangant antikerajaan dan benci malayunya.

        sangat anih

        1. Marina ada minority complex. For the sake of her kawan-kawan, she needs to be seen going against what UMNO stood for! Nasib baik Tun M and Mukhriz takdak penyakit ni!

  12. “Middle Malaysia”, “Moderate Malaysia” and “Liberalism” are the new brand of psychosis medicines being marketed primarily for the Malay community. Once taken, these medicines can caused numbness to the lips and tongues and weaken the knees, so that the particular Malay though still alert but will fall on his/her knees into submission.

    “Racist” is the most potent psychosis medicine of all also targeted for the Malays. Once taken, the Malay will become CATATONIC (kaku in Bahasa Melayu). Some young Malay male and female have taken overdose of these medicines, severely deforming their brains and body and turning them into piglets, cursing their own race, religion and institutions.

    Some Malays did fought alongside the Chinese during the Communist Party Malaya (CPM) struggle to wrest control of Malaya. So for some Malays hiding behind “moderates and liberal” connotations to propagate the DAP agenda is nothing new.

    The name of the game is power grab. CPM has tried this before, DAP has all out tried with UBAH during the last GE13. In achieving this aim, some Malays have been recruited simply to market the new brand of psychosis medicines to the Malay community. Kasi Melayu jadi kaku.

    1. I think Najib and most of the Malay leaders has subscribe to the medicines, that why we see them catatonic.

      No doubt ISMA and PERKASA having good support from the ordinary Malay who think that UMNO are now toothless.

      “Kembalikan Negara Ku”, kembalikan kapada siapa? daripada siapa? There a BIG question to be answer.

  13. The cure is – to push them away from our (unity in repectable manner) homeland.

    These “what (one) kind of people are they?” are the real extremist bigots, yahudi yeo-centered.

    Malaysia’s current unhealthy situation is dominated by these lol lots.

  14. Malaysia is a better place if all Malays are like Marina says who? Pintar betoi.

    Memang suka la mereka kalau semua wanita Melayu jadi macam dia kawin dengan foreigner2 kut – kurang dua undi sementara duk nunggu jadi (kalau tak parachute) warganegara Malaysia.

    Anak2 mereka pun silap2 satu hari kalau bercerai mak bapa balik ikut balik kampung ibunda si bapa, menetap dan tukar menjadi warga Negara bapa pulak?

    1. Cina can be as Cina as they can be, with Perarakan Tua Pek Kong sebesaq-besaq alam, reporting live from Penang Road, yet the Malays are told to be anything but Malay?!

      Banyak cantek muka apek??!

  15. Dear Helen


    I wonder if marina is willing to go to the villages and rural areas to talk to the people there, sharing and discussing ideas with them… it’d be interesting to see the kind of feedbacks someone like marina would get…

    or is she not willing to go through the trouble and just remain in the city sticking around with only like minded folks, not bothered to to think through different perspectives and understanding? (myopia perhaps setting in?)

    Given that she’s English educated, shouldn’t she at least be curious, socially and intellectually? I wonder hehe

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