Malays who are no longer in DAP

The guy in the photo – Zulkifli Mohd Noor – used to be a vice chairman of the DAP.

It is impossible for Malays to be elected to a top position by the DAP delegates vote. So what the Father & Son do is they appoint the Malay chap as window dressing.

En. Zulkifli no doubt deserves to be an office holder for his contribution spanning decades in the party and coming pre-2008, i.e. before DAP hit paydirt in the Penang, Perak and Selangor state legislatures. Previously – in the era before “Ubah” and “Ini kali lah” – the Malays were shy to be involved with the then struggling party.

PAP-new-partyZulkifli Mohd Noor

UBAH: Dulu DAP lain, sekarang lain

Today, of course it’s a different story entirely and DAP is swamped with evangelista carpetbaggers and the spiritual children of Yammy Mammy.

The DAP Johnny-Come-Lately are making big bucks. For example, exposed below is the house in Bandar Baru Tambun, Ipoh belonging to the evangelista David Nga Kor Ming (one half of the DAP Perak warlord cousins).

Now you can well understand why Madame Speaker does the things she does to hold on to power and her position.

The DAP evangelista politicians are the Orang Kaya Baru.

nga kor ming rumah

Photo credit: Buletin Sengal

Statistics don’t lie

It is not Zul’s fault that he was “unelectable” to the party hierarchy. The mindset of the DAP members is such that they refuse to vote a Malay into the CEC.

We can see from the results of the party’s CEC election (see chart below) where the Chinese candidates for the party posts got the majority votes as did Karpal and his son Gobind. Malays however were trailing far behind in the party election, even the ones like Zairil who had Guan Eng’s stamp of approval.

In the chart below, the beige-coloured bars denote DAP Chinese contestants vying for a central committee seat in the party and the number of votes they received. Maroon-coloured bars denote Indians and brown, Malays.

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Zul finally parts ways with DAP

But anyway, the news today is that former DAP vice chairman Zulkifli is announced as the pro-tem president of a new party called PAP.

It is very naughty of Zul to launch a party bearing the acronym ‘PAP’ – People’s Alternative Party – which is obviously a dig at the DAP’s origins from the ruling party of Singapore.

The Malays don’t have any meaningful role in the DAP. The pretty young Malay woman Rara might as well be an umbrella girl in role. She’s nothing more than eye candy.

amran ahmad nor

Amran: “Satu apa pun perjuangan bapa saya dalam DAP tak disebut”

The young man pictured with Tun is Amran Ahmad who is the son of Ahmad Nor – the first ever Malay Parliamentarian produced by the DAP (one term MP for Bayan Baru, Penang in 1990).

As with Zulkifli Mohd Noor, likewise Ahmad Nor at one time was a DAP vice chairman also.

Nonetheless the disillusioned Amran Ahmad says that Malays are only worth 5 sen in the DAP – see 20 Sept 2013 interview in Antarapos.


Tunku Aziz to DAP: Leave Malays and their religion well alone, please!

Another ex-DAP fella is more than merely disillusioned; Tunku Aziz is positively disgruntled with the party.

As yet another ex-DAP vice chairman, Tunku Aziz goes so far to predict that Dyana Sofya too will eventually leave DAP.

And it’s not just the Malays but DAP’s former Indian leaders also who are scratching their heads at what the party has become.

BELOW: DAP doesn’t need real Malays … they got their Selendang Squad and their “Insya Allah” YBs


Listen to what the Dapsters are saying about PAS

Former DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez today fired a broadside at the marvel of those two strange bedfellows – the Islamist party and the Christian evangelical (my description, not Norman’s) party – sleeping together but each with their different dream.

Recommended read, ‘Politikus jangan meraih publisiti murahan pada bulan puasa, tegur bekas timbalan pengerusi DAP Johor

Norman, who has quit DAP, wonders “just how long more will it take before Pakatan Rakyat collapses”.

BELOW: You just can’t take the Bak Kut Teh and Porky Fries out of the DAP no matter how many tudungs and how many mosque and surau visits their evangelista politicians make

(703 words)

Try the Porky Fries


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13 thoughts on “Malays who are no longer in DAP

  1. Another reason why Indians and Malays who have been carrying the pot for these Nazis deserve to now lick the floor in shame.

    Tengku Aziz was shameless in addressing a section of Australian lawyers to castigate Malaysia, Malays and the Malaysian government in Sydney 3 years ago and could not have tried hard enough to make out a case for government corruption which his hosts found difficult to comprehend. His evidence met only the Ambiga standard of approval but he nonetheless went ahead full steam with a DAP leash around his neck.

    Karpal Singh and his son Deo typify the Jaga mentality of the Punjabi community they hail from. Believing themselves to be a separate race because of their religion they are so confused they can’t be helped. Sikhs are not a race but a religion distilled out of Hinduism and Islam. They bend over backwards to avoid being identified as Indians.

    In India it is said that the south has the brains the north the Brawn. And none other than the Sikhs there to reinforce the point.

    1. “They bend over backwards to ……. ” ….

      and they are in cohorts with the infamous B.A.B.I

    2. quote,”In India it is said that the south has the brains the north the Brawn”,unquote.

      is that true? i’ve always thought of the other way round.

  2. Since we are on the subject of DAP, I noticed circulating on the Malay blogs are questions of how one DAP rep in Perak can own a palatial house with many cars and the Malay blogs are asking MACC to investigate. (I am not commentling as this is none of our business.)

    However humble Miss me thinks that MACC is not effective as MACC cannot take back monies and used for the rakyat like the LHDN. Courupt guys are thrown in jail by MACC and we taxpayers must pay for their makan. LDHN should assess any back taxes or hidden money and tax. Only then the rakyat can benefit.

    I wonder whether so many RM1 evangelista churches are paying the right amount of taxes. Pastors, sai kongs and priests too may pay taxes. RM1 evagelista churches too must pay taxes and the RIGHT amount.

    I hope the LHDN is checking on them. Pastors must be truthful.

    I also urge the Singapore tax authorities to investigate City Harvest pastors and the talented wife. This is the only way the people of Singapore can share the LOVE (money lor).

    1. re: “I also urge the Singapore tax authorities to investigate City Harvest pastors”

      There was a peripheral investigation of the affiliate City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya wrt Pastor Kong Hee’s money laundering charge.

      We ought to follow more closely the trial in S’pore – the news of which The J-Star is either assiduously blacking out or downplaying.

      1. “We ought to follow more closely the trial in S’pore – the news of which The J-Star is either assiduously blacking out or downplaying.”

        If the Star can’t report this news, we should ask NST, the Malay press (Utusan, BH) or the Chinese press (Kwong Wah etc.) to do an expose of City Harvest. We will urge urge urge until the press agrees.

        Seriously how much Income Tax do pastors pay? (and people like the Sai Kong)

        How is the 10% donation assessed in tax law?

  3. You may wear a scarf to blend in with scrupulous muslimah but your unscrupulous conceptualization of a 3-in-1 godhead will condemn you to hellfire insya’Allah – The One, Unique and Absolute Creator, Lord on High.

  4. Why the orang kaya baru DAP muslimah chameleon always like to wear cheap selendang? I would suggest those muslimah chameleon to queue up in the early morning for an expensive tudung, perhaps they can start queueing in Bandar Baru Bangi. Why, cannot afford ka?

    1. The difference is that the Muslimah wears the selendang all the time, so it’s worth the investment.

      The DAP chameleons only use selendang for photo ops.

  5. Julian should ask Madame Speaker to do Zumba and not eat Porky Fries.

    Madame is already the size of Miss Piggy (but none of Miss Piggy’s style) and will soon become Miss Double Piggy if she doesnt stop her eating habits.

    Look at how thin the Veginatable is.

    Julian perhaps is so BN spy to destroy Madames cun body.

    1. re: “Julian perhaps is so BN spy to destroy Madame’s cun body.”


      Madame can get fat all on her own without BN’s help.

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