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Chinese cinemagoers don’t want raja kita selamat bertaktha, meh?

Under the National Anthem Act 1968, a person who shows disrespect towards Negaraku in a public place can be fined up to RM100 and/or jailed a maximum of one month.

There is also Section 268 on ‘Public Nuisance’ in the Penal Code which criminalises the causing of “annoyance to the public”. The person can be hauled to court and if found guilty, fined up to RM400.

The photos below show some Chinese at the movies who allegedly refused to stand up when our national anthem was played – see Rakyat Post report today. (Thanks Mulan for the lead.)

Shhhh, we shouldn’t mention the ethnicity of the people who chose to remain seated in the cinema or otherwise we’d be slammed as “racists”.



“Some even laugh out in disdain”

In a separate reference, DAP Sarawak chief Chong Chieng Jen made a comment about this trend. Chong remarked in his Facebook: “Some even laugh out in disdain”.

Essentially, not standing at attention when Negaraku is played reflects an attitude problem.

YB Chong who is Kuching MP used the word “disdain”. It means, “to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn”. It is the arrogance of considering something – in this case the national anthem – to be beneath oneself.

BELOW: The J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation’ message


How much is JPM contributing to J-Star campaign?

The Chinese feeling of contempt has been harnessed into a tsunami through the DAP’s Politics of Hate.

But when we criticize them, we’re in turn accused as being “haters” or “spewing venom” – this is a description used by the J-Star Voices of Moderation.

A special campaign has been launched by the MCA newspaper dedicated to bashing those whom the EvangeliSTAR editorials regard as hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

Again, I’d like to ask how much funding the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) has provided to the J-Star for its ‘Moderates’ ad campaign.

BELOW: Najib Razak listening attentively to J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai


What is offensive to them in the lyrics?

Our national anthem is very short, containing only the following verses with the second verse sung twice.

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

That’s just 17 unique words.

Hannah Saya Anak Malaysia

Reclaiming their Malaysia

Ask yourself – Why do some Chinese have nothing but contempt for the song?

After all, it is their NGOs mainly that are behind the Negaraku subversive movement fronted by Ambiga. See minute 0:41 of the video below where she says:

“Please give us our Malaysia back. We do not want a Malaysia that is racist, that is extreme. We want to reclaim our Malaysia, please give it back.”

What kind of Malaysia is Ambiga’s Negaraku movement staking a claim to? Is it the same one where Malaysian citizens sing “Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan, Raja kita selamat bertakhta”?


How to interpret “tanah tumpahnya darah”?

The DAP has been insisting that the Chinese too were freedom fighters in Malaya.

They claim that the communists fought against the Japanese occupiers during World War Two and so this fact makes the Chinese our country’s warriors of Independence.

Chin Peng and his guerrillas fought against the British too after the Japanese surrender. Thus to the DAP, the Chinese struggled equally for Merdeka.

Yet post-1957, the communists refused to lay down their arms. If the Chinese were freedom fighters, why did they continue to wage war against our DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong after Malaya obtained Independence?

Are the descendents today of the communists reluctant to menjunjung duli as well as unwilling to acknowledge that our Raja-Raja Melayu are “maha mulia”, and thus their refusal to sing the national anthem?

Or else why the disdain when Negaraku is played?

Chin Peng ashes Kit Siang

(616 words)


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55 thoughts on “Chinese cinemagoers don’t want raja kita selamat bertaktha, meh?

  1. re Ask yourself – Why do some Chinese have nothing but contempt for the song?

    Why so racist like this? No Malay, No Indian, No Chinese. ALL Malaysian. You can’t understand or what? l o l

    Sorry for the sarcasm. Have to be sarcastic. If the comment is too serious, too hard hitting, people will accuse me of being racist. l o l !

    1. Since the Firsters are so insistent on rising above (race and) religion, perhaps the words “Rahmat bahagia Allah kurniakan” would be more inclusive as after all, they’re adamant that the Allah of Islam is their God too.

        1. Percentage wise, there are not really that many Muslim converts among the Chinese such as Ridhuan Tee. However the number of conversions to Christianity among Chinese youth is huge (I don’t have the figures but this is something the MCA should have looked into years ago).

          Since the Christians claim “Your Allah is my Allah too”, then there is no reason why our national anthem lyrics should not say “Rahmat bahagia, Allah kurniakan”.

          As I’ve mentioned before, mereka begitu beriya-iya hendakkan lafaz ‘Allah’ dan sanggup naik turun mahkamah, berjuang bermati-matian in order to get the word.

          1. It was a figure of speech referring to the caption…klu lah melayu mcm marina…had a malay go public with that statement he or she would be branded as racist and insensitive

    2. They refuse to stand when National Anthem is played. They are no Indian, no Malay and zero Chinese.

      This are the people who demands “kembalikan negaraku”, the question is, to whom and from whom?

  2. Do not want to respect anything related to Malaysia but claiming as Malaysian? Yet sucking everything under Malaysia at every opportunity.

    Tak ada malu ke? Given free citizenship to the forefather, but still giving communist upbringing to the younger generations.

  3. DAP people.. what do you expect.. respect the country?.. matilah.. they hate everything about malaysia especially anything related to malay.

  4. If they dont want to stand up and sing, might as well shut up and sit quietly. But these firsters are getting bolder each passing day. They deserve to be drag at the center of the mall and force to sing negaraku.

    Btw i heard some schools are not allowed to sing negaraku in penang. Can anyone confirm this?

  5. Kenapa berita mandarin…apa2 channel kt msia everyday without fail mesti mau ada some news from motherland china…mesti. weird. Some not even worth the news but must have we news from china. Any enlightment?

    1. You’re asking the wrong question, ABA.

      You want to know why Berita Mandarin mesti mau ada some news from China setiap siaran?

      The correct question is why should there be a news programme in Mandarin and who does the Chinese-language TV channel serve.

      After all, the multiracial Malaysian party representing 90 percent of the Chinese voters insists that there are “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese” in this country. All are Malaysians. So we should only have national language TV stations to cater for the Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

      Berita Mandarin is “racist”, no?

      1. Helen – Dapsters live in a very different planet from the rest of us mortals – in an Orwellian universe. Like in the book 1984, their definition of racism and extremism are very different from what is written in dictionary.

        In their book it is racism when the non-Chinese asserts their rights and claim discrimination. And when the Chinese do the same, it is categorised as “fighting for equality”.

  6. Helen – This is hardly comes as a shock to many of us. The Dapsters not only fostering hate but also busy raising their children to be even more full of anger and disrespect by poisoning them with the same propaganda of hate and lies.

    There were some news already where some school kids refusing to sing the national anthem as long as BN is in power as they consider the nation is still being colonised.

    Just a few days I ago I was on a MAS flight. As I was on a business class I got to board early. While I was settling in, the passengers for economy class started to come in. And this guy who looked like a typical Dapster-next-door, stopped next to me and took a photo of the almost empty economy class. It is obvious that he wanted to post in his FB/Twitter account to show “how empty MAS flights are”. This reminded me the case of the Malaysian lady from Ipoh who won the cooking contest in the UK, while she was on her way to KL.

    These Dapster loudly proclaim their love for the nation and how moderate / Bangsa Malaysian they are. However all they do is to destroy the country and all the hard won harmony that we had built throughout the years.

    1. re: “It is obvious that he wanted to post in his FB/Twitter account to show ‘how empty MAS flights are’.”

      And just not too long ago, they were posting in their FB/Twitter accounts all the messages of solidarity and candlelight vigil photos for MH17.

      Really Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde chameleons lah those Dapster hypocrites.

    2. “It is obvious that he wanted to post in his FB/Twitter account to show “how empty MAS flights are”

      How convenient for you to make an unfounded accusation without the need to show proof.

      Anyone can also make up similar stories.

      1. Why would anyone take a picture of empty seats? Any other plausible reasons you can offer? What kind of proof you need? An SD from that guy?

        So you say the Malaysian Chef from Ipoh was lying too?

        1. CS,

          He who allege must prove. You shoulder that onus. Why put the burden on me?

          You are the one that allege that “It is obvious that he wanted to post in his FB/Twitter account to show “how empty MAS flights are”.

          And I am asking where is your proof?

          re: So you say the Malaysian Chef from Ipoh was lying too?

          What this has got to do with your allegation?

          1. Oh I am so sorry, I didn’t realise that only Dapsters and Pakatoons can make outrageous allegations which also by default considered as rock-solid evidence of wrong doing?

            What kind of proof would you like me to provide? SD from that guy? Perhaps You Tube confession ? LOL.

            1. CS,

              It is your choice of words. In this cyber space, anyone can be a key board warrior. Just type anything without basis.

              You said “It is obvious……..”. Why not you use “I think………..”? Then I won’t be asking proof from you.

              re: What kind of proof would you like me to provide? SD from that guy? Perhaps You Tube confession ?

              Do you have any of that? If yes, please share it here.

              If you don’t, then I take your allegation of “It is obvious that he wanted to post in his FB/Twitter account to show “how empty MAS flights are” as unfounded.

              Even Helen used some photos from other sources in her posting of “Chinese cinemagoers don’t want raja kita selamat bertaktha, meh?”

              1. re: “Even Helen used some photos from other sources in her posting of ‘Chinese cinemagoers don’t want raja kita selamat bertaktha, meh’?”

                True. But I also inserted a qualifier – “In a separate reference, DAP Sarawak chief Chong Chieng Jen made a comment about this trend.”

              2. My use of the cinema seat photos is to show that the Chinese (according to eye witness reports) did not stand up.

                Why do you think the Chinese passenger took a photo of the empty Business Class seats on the MAS flight?

                1. Helen,

                  At least you have photos (that you cite from somewhere else) that give some legitimacy to your allegation. You have practiced a higher standard of proof than CS.

                  This is what CS said:-

                  “And this guy who looked like a typical Dapster-next-door, stopped next to me and took a photo of the almost empty economy class.”

                  Not a shred of evidence proffered by CS to substantiate his allegation. I am still waiting for his so-called SD and Youtube video.

                  re: Why do you think the Chinese passenger took a photo of the empty Business Class seats on the MAS flight?

                  How you know that the passenger is a Chinese? CS referred him as a “typical Dapster-next-door”.

                  By the way CS, how you know that the ‘guy’ is a “typical Dapster-next-door”?

                  1. re: “How you know that the passenger is a Chinese?”

                    Hahaha. Then we’ll have to ask Calvin Sankaran to clarify.

                    But you still haven’t answered my question: For what purpose do you think the passenger, who took a photo of the empty Business Class seats, did so?

                    1. Helen,

                      re: But you still haven’t answered my question………

                      I can’t possibly answer such question. I am not even privy to the alleged incident. CS was the one that made such allegation.

                      I can offer 101 answers but these are my personal speculations which are of no use. I don’t want to jump the gun and prejudge the ‘passenger’.

                      Let CS bring his evidence of SD and Youtube videos.

                      CS, even Helen is interested to know that “typical Dapster-next-door” guy.

                      Helen said “Then we’ll have to ask Calvin Sankaran to clarify.”

                      The ball is in your court now.

                    2. re: “I can offer 101 answers but these are my personal speculations which are of no use.”

                      e.g. You and I can both say that we can’t be really sure what (reasons) motivated those Chinese to refuse to stand up for Negaraku. We could speculate a dozen reasons. But nonetheless, the end result is that they’re seen by a lot of Malays as being biadab.

                      You can also keep on sticking to being meticulously legalistic and thus non-committal, i.e. in deliberately refusing to recognize that there is a ‘problem’ with their attitude (I’m speaking generally taking in view all your comments altogether in my blog).

                      This overt behaviour is at surface level (Chinese showing middle finger to raja permaisuri Agong, insulting YDP Agong on Facebook, Chow Jack insulting Islam etc). There is of course the deep level which is the backlash, i.e. anti-Chinese sentiments of the Malays.

                      Being in denial is not helping any. Think about the following, ok?

                      The Adun of Machang Bubuk organized that little protest where he and his konco-konco stuffed kangkung into the mouth of a Najib cutout. He was a PKR Yang Berhormat but immediately and in public perception, blame was laid at the DAP’s door when the DAP was not involved.

                      Why? Because of the Cina factor. A Chinese YB did it, so without further checking, the pro-establishment Malay bloggers immediately rounded on DAP.

                      You may also remember the ‘toilet’/canteen incident in the Seri Pristana school where the oppo supporters were angry at the Malay headmaster. The Malay backlash (and defending the Malay HM) was against the Chinese even though the parent who leaked the toilet photo was Indian, and all of the kids in the photos were Indian with the exception of one Chinese girl and one tudung-ed girl.

                      The school was quoted in the press as having an enrolment of 1,375 pupils out of which the majority are Malay, with 28 non-Muslims out of which one was Chinese, one DLL and the rest Indians.

                      So even though the Chinese pupil and her parent did not play a major part in raising the issue in the school, yet the knee-jerk reaction among the Malay public was that it was the Chinese who were responsible for the controversy.

                      I hope you can process and register what I’m telling you.

                    3. Helen,

                      re: But nonetheless, the end result is that they’re seen by a lot of Malays as being biadab.

                      I got your message. Loud and clear.

                      But what basis you arrive at such conclusion? Is there a survey done by you? If yes, who are your respondents?

                      Or do you merely take the statements made by Perkasa, Isma, Utusan etc etc as representative of the majority Malays that ‘Chinese is biadap”?

                      May I know if your finding of ‘Cina Biadap’ as perceived by the Malays is:-

                      1. your personal opinion; or
                      2. an established fact?

                      re: middle finger incident, facebook insult, chow jack, YB Machang Bubuk (all as pointed out by you), and if I may point out more incidences like the current Sedition Act witch-hunt….

                      Why the government only take action on the above incidences with super efficient speed but no action on certain quarters (you know who I mean) that have made seditious comments like ‘balik Cina’, bakar alkitab, pendatang, hina agama Hindu, Melayu malas etc etc?

                      I also hope that you can ‘process and register’ what I am trying to tell you.

  7. This latest mushroom BGO Negaraku is just Bersih recycled in different clothing with the same members and leaders. Ambiga, after all the sound and fury about how passionate she was on the electoral reforms, suddenly decided to move on and create yet another NGO.

    This is proof that Ambiga was never interested in electoral reforms but just to help Pakatan to win the election.

  8. Negaraku is special and should not just be played at cinemas. I also recommend it be played when people are at work, when they sleep and during trips to the bathroom. Please be upstanding.

  9. Let me promote this – [Facebook]

    RTM is airing a docu-drama DEMI NEGARA Darah Merah Melakar Sejarah on Tuesdays at 10 pm in conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations. It’s based on real life events, well-researched historical facts and the “actors” are mainly from the armed forces.

    I’m trying to get as many youngsters to watch to get a sense of what the country was up against when we were fighting the communists. Considering all the communists portrayed in the drama are Cina, I will not be surprised if this is dropped nanti bila ada gerakan yang mengatakan ini adalah racist. So better catch the show now sebelum kena ban.

  10. In the US, they play the national anthem before the Super Bowl. It’s a big thing for them.

    But they don’t, afaik, play the anthem in movie theatres there.

    Is the cinema hall an appropriate place to play the national anthem?

    In Singapore, “Majulah Singapura” is played multiple times at the National Day Parades. It’s played in Singapore churches on the eve of Singapore’s National Day. It’s NOT played in movie theatres there.

    Let’s talk about appropriate venues instead of going ga-ga over “patriotism”.

    1. The Thai national anthem is played at their cinemas. And nobody dares to sit down during the anthem.

      I wonder what will happen if we play Candy Crush with the sound on while Majulah Singapura is played when we are in Singapore.

  11. Obviously, everyone missed out when the program was launched – Could it be it wasn’t highlighted by their favourite clarion The Star?

    The MP guy kalau tak setuju should have questioned the ministry when it was first mooted. Tapi and I think this is true of all MPs and Aduns, kalau dewan not in session tak perlu ambil tahu whatever is going on in the country not related to their pockets.

    Somewhere in the article Shabery Cheek berseloroh “”Saya harap saya tidak perlu meletakkan anggota polis di panggung wayang ..”

    He was wrong, people actually need to be monitored.

    1. Somewhere in the article Shabery Cheek berseloroh “”Saya harap saya tidak perlu meletakkan anggota polis di panggung wayang ..”

      No need. We will memantau with our smartphones.

  12. malaysian chinaman go try your luck in thailand….. if you dare.

    Next day yr body might be floating down some klong somewhere and nobody would give a shit….. even the thai chinese

  13. Tutup sekolah cina. Its producing very racist Chinese. We can see those educated in sek. keb. are totally different in outlook and behaviour. Now this is MALAYSIAN anak anak Negara Ku

      1. Yes they are the product of our national schools but what is of greater concern now is that this militarized worldview is being propagated among the Chinese educated as well seeing that over 90% of Chinese kids nowadays go to the national type schools.

  14. In UK they used to play national anthem at the end of films shows in cinema not until late 1960s, they stop it. In India national anthem play before the movie begin. What is the big deal if Malaysia would like to do so.

    Being an MP doesn’t make you more less than idiot when you express your statement without knowledge. Foolish!!!! I’m looking a wisdom Wakil Rakyat!

  15. I wonder how much more of these kurang ajar behavior by the Chinese youths can we stomach before the next general election which is 3 years from now. Leong Pei Koe, Mellisa Gooi, the Pukimak guy, the terbalik Jalur Gemilang students, the sex bloggers etc.

    Aren’t we sick of this? And then the politicians like Teresa Kok.

    I saw this posting through a friend of mine by Patrick Teoh.

    I am shocked at how many off his readers that want us to become Singapore. Have we no more pride even on our Malaysia Day to want to become Singapore?

    Rosh BZee I’m as Malay proud if Malaysia become like Singapore.. !
    Like · Reply · 26 · 19 hrs

    Steven K C Poh What is wrong if we are like Singapore? Meritocracy, world class education, global financial centre, strong economy, strong dollar, lower cost of living, intelligent politicians, efficient civil service, etc. I don’t see anything wrong.
    Like · Reply · 64 · 21 hrs

    Patrick Un
    Singapore Malays, Indians n Eurasians have equal opportunity n help are plentiful to them when needed! Can Umno Malaysia do that? The Chinese Minister didn’t tell the Chinese to go back China or Indian back to India for that matter! Sg rule n law are equal even minister has affair is sacked (without being caught red handed) MCA has video n scoot free! Tell me what is fairness?
    Like · Reply · 12 · 19 hrs

    Sherrill Driiesen Better education and public transportation systems! If only Malaysia can even come close to matching Singapore’s standards.. Not!
    Like · Reply · 10 · 21 hrs

    Guake Sien Ong What is wrong with Singapore? They are richer, more advance and everyone is equal …..
    Like · Reply · 9 · 13 hrs

    Thomas Yeoh Singapore has one of the most respected leader in Asia. He has just turned 91 & lead the country from nothing to what it is today. Mahathir is nothing compared to him.
    Like · Reply · 9 · 18 hrs · Edited

    And this I am very mad.

    Lionel Lim We hv wasted 55 years. If Lee KY were to take over Malaysia in 1963, i think we would be the most properous and successful multiracial country in the world… one of the few tripple-A rated country in the world – the envy of Japan, South Korea, European countries, including the US.
    Like · Reply · 8 · 16 hrs

    This guy wants LKY to take over Malaysia. Cis!

      1. And by Singapore standard too, I take it that these commentators want Malaysia not to repeal the Akta Hasutan just like the Red Dot did. A small island like Singapore pun needed the act as a deterrents what more a country divided by the South China Seas like ours!

        “Mungkin juga Singapura, jiran kita yang mempunyai kepelbagain kaum yang tinggi sama seperti kita, boleh dijadikan contoh. Singapura maju dan menjadi tumpuan jutawan dan selebriti dunia, seperti Eduardo Saverin dan Gong Li, sekadar menyebut dua nama, bukan kerana nyanyian ‘Majulah Singapura’ yang menjadi mantra setiap rakyatnya. Ianya bukan juga dicapai dengan termansuhnya akta hasutan legasi penjajah seperti telahan ramai ‘cendiakawan-cendiakawan’ Malaysia.

        Hakikatnya Singapura menawarkan kualiti hidup yang tinggi dengan prasarana moden dunia pertama dan dibantu pula dengan pelaksanaan undang-undang yang cekap dan berkesan. Pendekatan ‘no nonsense’ yang diamalkan Singapura nampkanya berjaya mengekang kejadian-kejadian yang tidak diingini seperti rusuhan daripada berlaku, seperti yang dapat kita lihat baru-baru ini, di Bangkok dan juga seperti yang kita semua pernah alami, di Kuala Lumpur itu sendiri beberapa tahun yang lalu.”

  16. Sekolah cina sekarang are teaching their children to be anti govt anti Islam and anti Malay and that is why it has to be closed. LkS and LGE are students of LKY and they are the fathers of racism

    1. The children are aged 7-12. They’re not the ones responsible for the nastiness directed at Malays today.

      Sorry, I’d missed out one name from the Tony Pua-Ong Kian Ming-Hannah Yeoh bukan sekolah Cina list above.

      The DAP Negri Sembilan chief cum party national organizing secretary Anthony Loke Siew Fook studied in St. Paul’s Institution, Seremban (according to Wiki).

      He’s a product of Christian mission school, not Chinese school.

  17. Semangat kebencian ditanam dari kecik, lepas tu dibaja dan bela sampai besar. Mereka ni lepas tu senang dicucuk hidung oleh mereka mereka yg evangelist. Kalau budak budak sekolah cina ini tidak ada the evangelist akan kurang pengaruh.

    1. Kenapa Najib masih enggan memantau evangelista tetapi sebaliknya melantik pula ketua Sarang Evangelista sebagai pemegang amanah lembaga Gabungan Moderat beliau itu?


    2. Saya hairan. Sejak daripada kerakyatan percuma en masse kepada pendatang India dan China (China dah menjadi Cina sekarang) menjelang kemerdekaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dengan syarat-syarat kerakyatan yang dilonggarkan, bukannya mereka bersyukur dan berterima kasih (tak banyak yang tahu membalas budi) malah mereka mengajar pula keturunan mereka untuk membenci Melayu dan mendapatkan lebih banyak daripada yang mereka dapat.

      Hasilnya adalah generasi sekarang yang ternyata kurang adab dan kurang ajar terhadap asas-asas negara sendiri sebab tidak diajar oleh orang tua sendiri.

      Mereka sengaja menanamkan ideologi komunis yang mereka gagal secara bersenjata untuk dicapai dengan kaedah tanpa senjata.

      1. Ideologi komunisme sudah diganti dengan evangelisme, dan kaedah pemberontakan bersenjata juga telah diganti dengan percaturan memfitnah dan berputar-belit.

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