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KJ zumba with sexy dancing queen

Here’s the hot chick who is Khairy Jamaluddin’s zumba partner

KJ zumbaG 1

And their Get Fit dance moves below

Presenting to you … the Minister Who Rocks!


See KJ do his thang

KJ zumbah

KJ zumba 3

Look how well the pair synchronize their moves

KJ zumba

KJ zumba 9

KJ zumba 7

Bravo …

Their timing appears to be quite in sync with each other

KJ zumba 12

KJ zumba 8

KJ zumba 1

Some Malays girls just can’t wait to zumba …

… ‘cos their happenin’ idol KJ is such a trendsetter

The Malay teenage girls wanna zumba right next to KJ like in the jiggies below

KJ zumba 2

KJ zumba 4

KJ zumba 5

Actually zumba looks like fun

Fans of zumba reputedly include Latina hotties Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

KJ zumba 6

Their moves remind me of what goes on in the evangelical churches

See for yourself

Orang Melayu ni agak keterbelakang sikit

The evangelistas have been doing the zumba for awhile already

KJ zumba 10


KJ zumba 11

Pasukan tari Gereja City Harvest Church Subang Jaya

Dancers from City Harvest Church Subang Jaya performing

KJ zumba roll

Zumba girlzumba girl

BELOW: The church people

City Harvest Church targets young Chinese who do gospel with fanatical fervour

BELOW: KJ and his people

KJ zumba Facebook

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51 thoughts on “KJ zumba with sexy dancing queen

        1. The charismatic church people appear to be quite emotional.

          They laugh and they cry and they love and they hate in copious doses.


          1. I think better for KJ to step down from politics and be an artist/celebrity. he even acted on a short film called Ikal Mayang: Telling Women Stories aired last week. clearly, acting, dancing, singing (maybe) and all the art forms is his forte.

            1. Astaghfirullah. Perhaps, Pak Lah’s Islam Hadhari concept did not reach his son-in-law. I saw that the Pakatan is making full use of this zumba incident.

              Pemuda UMNO should try to organise acara zumba secara berjemaah di Pengkalan Kubor. That’ll be really funny.

          2. Helen,

            This kind of entertainment makes KJ popular.

            But unfortunately does not endear him to Malay community. Just like KJ doing catwalk. It is glossy magazine material. And in the process making Malay hates Umno.

            1. Why should the Youthful and Sporty Minister doing the zumba make the Malay community “hate Umno”?

              After all, Malaysia is a young population and a huge chunk of the population, including the Malay segment, are youngsters.

              1. Helen,

                Khairi is the Ketua Pemuda UMNO.

                It is this kind of attitude that will result in UMNO being blasted.

          3. Betul ke the guy doing zumba is KJ? It’s look liked an Indian guy to me!

            He,he,he, jangan kot Helen salah pandang tak? or terima salah maklumat?

            ‘……..and lots less nasi lemak and religion…..’ Owl 2.38 am

            I agreed with ‘the nasi lemak bit, but only ‘your kind of people’ who are blind (buta mata dan hati) to the goodness of real religious teaching to mankind!

            But don’t confused between the real religious teachings with ‘ajaran sesat’ and religious extremists.

                  1. After Norlin’s comment, I had another look at the photo gallery. She’s right, they exude a kind of Tamil movie dance (around the trees) feel.

              1. He,he, he Helen I just kidding!

                I know it is KJ!

                I just want to ‘pisahkan’ (cant find the correct words in English) this image of KJ with the real image of respecful young Malay leaders

            1. Buddhists are boring, sorry to say.

              That’s why the conversion rate of young Chinese youths to evangelical Christianity is something awesome.

                1. Methinks having the numbers does provide them political leverage. Plus you must take your hat off to their organizational skills.

                  Even MCA organizing an event with Buddhist groups is unable to get a good turnout.


                  1. Of course, politics is a numbers game.

                    Regarding MCA’s prayer session, well .. If the intention was for metta transference, one can do it any time anywhere. Don’t need to go to San Choon Hall .. limited parking wei…

                    1. They are not interested in quality. If quality is the prerequisite then they are surely looking for trouble as people of relative substance could see right through their deceit. So quantity is the priority.

                      The prerequisite thus is that their recruits must know how to shout loudly when facing their enemies. The evangelical church is the best place to first, recruit youths to their cause and, secondly, as vessels to indoctrinate their members.

                    2. re: “people of relative substance could see right through their deceit”

                      Then can you explain why DAP is getting 90 percent Chinese support.

                      As irritated as I am with them, MCA is a far more decent party.

                    3. re Then can you explain why…………

                      They are an emotional lot. People of relative substance know emotions can get you into deep trouble. Not that smart people don’t get emotional, they do but they know how to hold back. They know emotion is a favorite weapon of the crooks because most people are vulnerable to emotional manipulation. The case of TBH is a classic example of emotional manipulation but in DapSpeak they call it emotional advertizing.

                      Being a decent party in times of war is not going to help you win. The more you try to be decent the more your enemies take advantage of you. While I do not advocate that the MCA imitates the DAP, the MCA should get firm with people they are supposed to represent i.e the Chinese community. Tell the truth as it is to the Chinese community that if they continue down this road with the DAP then they are toast. Of course doing so will cost the MCA dearly but come on now, after 308 and 505, there’s nothing left for them to lose anyway.

                    4. re: “The case of TBH is a classic example of emotional manipulation”

                      Beng Hock’s funeral was one example. The MH17 reception is another. Both play on public emotions.

                    5. + one thing. People of relative substance. Look at Subang Jaya. They voted for Hasnah Yeop twice and there’s no doubt they will vote for her again and again. That really says a lot of these people.

                    6. Wisma MCA is crowded… when the foreign workers congregate there to renew their visa with the agent office there. Otherwise the place is very quiet ever since the little chap fan canteen closed down because they couldn’t afford the 5k rent.

                      You’d think the MCA would cut them some slack but no, charging market rate rental. …

      1. he..he..pairing evangelistas.. they should be in that churh !

        Well, 2020 – the blurr vision, blurr mind. sharp E ! happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Kj move.

        The other Kj move is a failure…. u know.. my gosh, ouch

  1. Like Martin Luther King they sing “We shall overcome” whilst the UMNO and BN sing the more practical verse “We shall overrun”. And long may they reign.

    Testosterone has long been the downfall of men like Jamaluddin. The more things change the more they remain the same. And he wants to lad the nation? by what? his proverbials?

  2. It is part of Najib’s liberalism policy.

    Unbecoming of UMNO YOUTH LEADER.

    Never heared him voicing concern over the future of the Malays.
    He seemed to be more glamour crazy……. unlike previous KETUA PEMUDA UMNO.

    Wish he could be on the same stage with IMAM MUDA etc programmes, bersopan, and not dancing “macam orang gila”.
    Set good example to the young generation please.

  3. And KJ UMNO provide missile to opposition especially PAS for them to shoot at UMNO the true Islamic way of life party in Malaysia.

    To stay healthy and fit Malays Muslim dont need Zumba aka evangilista style. We have silat, dizir barat, tarian traditional and many more, just promote them in a more acceptable manner to the youths. KJ oo KJ

    ‘evangelical churches’ is not about submitting to the one GOD, it all about having fun!

  4. In fact Zumba can cure Madam Hannah of her Bah Kut Teh addiction.

    She can soon become an awek cun.

    Well If Pastoress Sun Ho can China Wine and look how much gold and glory could get her, I bet Speaker Cun could be a dream come through.

    Doesn’t Madame Speaker want to be thin like the Veginatable?

    1. You forgot that the Madame Speaker has already published a coffee table book Becoming Hannah glorifying herself. Perhaps you could get a copy and share your reading with us, nudge-nudge.

  5. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone asks the opinion of the fatwa council and this zumba is criticized by the council?

  6. What is wrong with this people?

    “The image depicted some 14 or so youths sitting idly while the remaining cinema patrons stood up to sing the Negaraku before the screening of a movie.

    In the description of the image, Anwar claimed that the majority of those who did not stand up were Chinese.”

    And then this loudmouth from Sarawak.

    ““Is Malaysia heading towards the Communist Mao era where everywhere you go, you must shout out loud and show that you are a patriot?” he asked.

    He wondered how he would explain this to his “foreign friends” and if Malaysians would next be forced to endure the national anthem “before dinner, before bedtime and before S…”.

    The Bandar Kuching parliamentarian did not spell out the last word.

    Retraction and apology

    Chong, who is also DAP national vice-chairperson, removed the post after about five hours and issued a retraction shortly after.”

    Like Yuki… spit and then apologize.
    To the DAPxxx, nothing from their mouth is sincere. You can say sorry anytime you want like you change your tuala wanita.

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