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hannah Her Royal Roundness1

DAP Yang Berhormats are a picture of prosperity nowadays.

Top row from left: Ng Suee Lim (Adun Sekinchan), Tan Kok Wai (MP Cheras), Thomas Su (MP Ipoh Timor)

Middle row from left: Lim Guan Eng (MP Bagan, Adun Air Putih), Hannah Yeoh (Adun Jerusubang), Ee Chin Li (Adun Tangkak)

Bottom row from left: Anthony Loke (MP Rasah), Lau Weng San (Adun Kampung Tunku), Eric Tan Pok Shyong (Adun Pandamaran)

Try the Porky Fries

Nga Kor Ming – the DAP evangelista politician in Perak – is complaining that the publication of photos of his house and his cars  – is that a Toyota Estima MPV and a Volvo 4WD – is an invasion of of his privacy. Read report in yesterday’s Sinar Harian.

The evangelistas claim they’re in politics to change the country, to serve the people and for the glory of God because “Righteousness exalts a nation” (this saying from a Biblical verse is the motto of Hannah Yeoh’s website banner).

Their activities, rhetoric, Ubah, good governance, Facebook, 100k Twitter following, Shay Shay, preaching in church are all turned into very public affairs for political mileage. But when bloggers show pictures – evangelista David Nga’s house below is reportedly worth an estimated RM10 million – the YBs say their privacy is being invaded and their family harassed. Wicked, low class bloggers we all.

nga kor ming2

nga kor ming3

Photo credit: Buletin Sengal

Updated: Picture of pork dish has been removed – 8.40pm, 2 Oct 2014


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58 thoughts on “PORKY. FRIES.

  1. We all know what they are in politics for – all them lousy politicians, all of them without exception.

      1. Ms H. Please let us know how many of the 9 well-fed pols are Hainanese the well-known caterers of Malaysia !

        1. Not sure that Chinny Chin Chin only keen on Hainanese food.









          Oh, needless to say the Bak Kut Teh and the Porky Fries as well.

          They are what they eat.

    1. Yes we know.
      But the opposition always claim they are clean. They are better. They will put the rakyat first on their agenda.

      So when they are corrupted it makes them look even uglier than the politicians in power.

      Better the devil we know.

      1. re: “The evangelistas claim they’re in politics to change the country, to serve the people and for the glory of God because “Righteousness exalts a nation” (this saying from a Biblical verse is the motto of Hannah Yeoh’s website banner). Nga Kor Ming – the DAP evangelista politician in Perak – is complaining that the publication of photos of his house and his cars – is that a Toyota Estima MPV and a Volvo 4WD – is an invasion of of his privacy.”

        They exhibit their faith in the glory of the hereafter but it is not matched by a renunciation of the glorious things of this material world – which they are ashamed to be seen possessing it appears. Did not James the Righteous, brother of Jesus the Messiah, and Patriarch of the Jerusalem Church proclaim :

        “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

        “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?”

  2. What about Mat Sabu and Dyana DAP’s house.
    Someone should start monitoring.

    Kat Malaysia takde professional paparazis ke?

  3. Don’t know about porky fries, but I do know about pork barrel.

    The term pork barrel politics usually refers to spending which is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes. Happening all the time in this country. Penang CM’s Tunnel is beyond pork barrel term. Anyway found picture [Facebook] of a buddhist monk.

    Is it against his buddhist vow?

    1. That pic is warning about fake monks collecting money.

      Real monks only supposed to collect alms food in the morning.

      If you see “monks” asking for donations at all times of the day, they are conmen.

  4. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamourous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins. [H.L. Mencken: In Defense of Women]

    In Malaysia, the hobgoblins know that there are lots of people who want to be saved from the ‘low-class’ label.

  5. Cakap tak serupa bikin ni lah Nga Kor Ming…

    Siapa Exco Negeri Perak dulu yg bagi kontrak uniform semua ADUN Pakatan Perak kpd Sykt Isterinya tu..?? Siapa namanya…lupa….

  6. No wonder Hannah is putting on weight at such an alarming rate. Not even London Weight Management can help her now. Utterly hopeless. But for those wanting to put on a stone or two read her book.

    AS for the pic of the big house of a certain DAP YB, i wasn’t a bit surprised at all. 2 types of people enter politics. The Rich enter politics to protect their interest i.e safeguarding their position since they have all the money. Then there’s the not so rich type. They enter politics to make a fortune. You decide for yourself which category that DAP YB belongs to.

  7. Well, like PAS jugak, the DAP will say Halalku Wal Harammu.

    “I beli rumah TAK SAMPAI RM10 juta tau, Kerajaan ni zalim sangat kenapa?”

  8. pork fries nampak sedap… ini pork yang digoreng macam french fries atau french fries yang diberi perisa pork?

  9. Ms H. It is not Porky Fries. It is BKT. These are the well-fed representatives of the people.

    1. Uncle Ed,

      Tun has to save Malaysia once again.

      1. Now he’s turning to TDM for help. Really? Are these people for real?

        Hey, take a stand and stay steadfast to that stand! Asyik ding dong this way and that … tengok tennis game pun kepala bergerak sepantas ni.

        1. orangkampong. There is a saying what goes around, comes around. The World is full of self-appointed oracles like the one down Soutn !

    2. Ms H. If the Tun is effective, we would not be seeing round pegs in square holes and squares pegs in round holes. Greed is everywhere these days, even 57 years after Merdeka.

      Your nine pics illustrate how absolute power corrupts absolutely from BKT to whatnot!

      1. “The world has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.” — Mahatma Gandhi

        For some Greedy, Gold-seeking hypocrites in Malaysia, what they have is never enough. They want more and more … from BKT to whatnot to what else.

        Ask them, “Apa lagi lu mau?” and they will reply “Apa lagi lu ada?”

        re: “Your nine pics illustrate how absolute power corrupts absolutely from BKT to whatnot!”

        Yet their party claims that they’re a oppressed, second class citizenry. A poor, deprived, marginalized minority people who cruise around in SUVs looking for food to fulfil their cravings.



        1. Ms H. The 9 BKTs should have their stomachs and empty heads examined by a good head shrinker from Timbuktoo !



          “The Chinese also believe that what you eat directly influences your health, and that balancing meat with vegetables is one steadfast way to harmonise your yin with your yang.

          This balance has been distorted in recent years, and has taken a sharp turn around from just a few decades ago. During the Great Famine of China in the 1950s and 60s, meat was so scarce that cannibalism was practiced on an unprecedented scale. Now that the city-dwelling Chinese can afford to eat meat by the tons, in general they do. It’s hard to exaggerate the degree to which this very recent history is impressed upon the Chinese psyche towards meat eating, and consequently its association with wealth and health.”

              1. Ms H. Our beloved country Malaysia has not been managed NORMALLY since 2003. Once we return to NORMALCY we will all rocket upwards towards 2020. It is as simple as this. But in the meanwhile, those responsible for the LOSS of the Nation’s wealth will have to find excuses for the HUGE LOSS TO COME !

      2. Ms H. Why should the DAP claim to be oppressed when they now play 3rd fiddle to the present proceedings ? And their venerable leader of a certain age already declared the DAP is only interested to be the 3rd Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    1. Hannah Yeoh claims “not every politician is bad”.

      She is very good and sincere, and is in politics because she wants to serve the rakyat.

      She simply loves surau & mosques but if you mistake her for a Muslimah, she will make a police report and ask the arm of the law to catch you.


        1. With her 5-figure income (and 36-inch waist), Madame Chinny Chin Chin can afford to buy quality selendang instead of tayangkan shoddy goods.

          1. Ms H. I used to own Prada before the subject in question was born. Otherwise, I would have given her the most expensive Prada without the MACC or is it MCC looking !

          2. You can ta pau Porky Fries conspicuously in a good Prada bag. But Coach is the best. Indon Chinese visitors to Penang have good use for keeping Char Koay Teow warm.

      1. Ms H. Is there anyone out there ready to answer this question that good food is a good substitute for good sex, since the Aduns-aduns are not to be seen womanising or whatever

          1. Ms H. Someone once told me that when Communism comes into contact with Capitalism, corruption rears its ugly head.

            We now see with our own eyes how all those lovely Government money corrupts these holistic ( I copy ) folks plus, plus eg. seduction by the luxury brands, BKT every day etc.etc. Habis to evangelism !

  10. Goodness gracious. Am at MPH bookstore now & came across a boom entitled “Becoming HANNAH A Personal Journey” by *drumrolls* Hannah Yeoh.

    The blurb features short anecdotes by Dr Daniel Ho, Dr Philip Lyn, Saari Sungib, Tony Pua & Rafizi Ramli. What’s next? Action figures or barbie dolls?

    1. re: What’s next? barbie dolls?

      Barbie has slim, long legs and a tiny waist.

      A Hannie doll would be a gross distortion of the franchise.


    2. FFC. I once told someone. If this fellow owns a Mercedes at 30 years what do you expect him to own at 40 or 50 ? A gold-plated Rolls ?

        1. “From the offspring of Adam will be those who if they owned a valley full of gold, would seek to fill up yet another valley full.”
          — Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

          One whose greed has overtaken his reason will have no control over justifying his cravings.

  11. Ms H. If these obese DAP folks stay the course like their venerable leadership, 1966 – 2014, they will attain RM 2.8 millions tax free basic Adun allowance likewise. Of course, their money money money will rocket to the sky as they climb to the top of the pyramid. It is money money money is’nt it ?

  12. Did some of them prospered at the expense of deforestration in Kelantan? The recent flood has exposed some of this ‘developments in the name of money’.

  13. Ms H. TDM has the following which that fellow down South does not even have :-

    1. Commonsense
    2. The Ability to Think out of the Box
    3. Compassion. TDM has to much of this by helping Tom Dick and Harry. In the end, some of his beneficiaries turned against him with the money which they got through him !

    These are my 3 Golden Attributes to be a Prime Minister of Malaysia. No more. No less.

      1. petrahawariyun. With all due respect, the development of Singapore 1959-2015 is in 2 parts. 1961-1984. Dr Alfred Winsemius the UN Dutch Economics expert and adviser to the Singapore Government laid down the infrastructural plan for the development of Singapore from a Hollywood type of tropical entreport to the glittering citadel which we see today. He is suppressed generally from the media. 1959-2014. The development of the human resources was left to the Ruler 1959-2015 who through his policies screwed down the indigenous population from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2012. Vide. Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population 2013. 300,000 middle income supporters of LKY emigrated during this period. Singapore is forced to import manual workers and billionaires now to bolster its GDP !

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