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Fat cats and si kucing gebu

Saifuddin Abdullah is looking rather Chinese these days.

He’s the one on the left in the photo below.


Nowadays you can’t tell the DAP Chinese YBs from the MCA tauke-tauke anymore.

Neither can you tell the DAP Chinese from the Gerakan Chinese tauke-tauke. They’re all beginning to look alike.

After all, the DAP evangelista politicians have fast become orang kaya baru.

BELOW, clockwise from top left: Lim Guan Eng, YB Ng Suee Lim (Adun Sekinchan-DAP), Teng Chang Yeow (Penang BN chairman), YB Lau Wng San (Adun Kampung Tunku-DAP), YB Thomas Su (MP Ipoh Timor-DAP). YB Tan Kok Wai (MP Cheras-DAP cum party national chairman), Donald Lim (MCA Selangor deputy chairman), councillor Andrew Chin (MPSP, Penang) and Hannah Yeoh


Porky fries

Norlin Arshad commented @ 2014/09/18 at 8:41 am

“Hai ya Helen,

Why did you insert porky fries picture with your article?

It’s really put me off. Remember I am a Mak Cik Kampung!”

My reply:

Sorry Kak. Like I said earlier, it’s just that the word “porky fries” somehow caught my fancy. Okay, I won’t use that picture anymore.

Best regards

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14 thoughts on “Fat cats and si kucing gebu

  1. we used to say, give them one term they will work hard, give two terms, they know how to cari makan already, give them three terms they are all the same.

    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. –
    Friedrich Nietzsch

  2. I don’t know there’s a food called porky fries; turned out that it is made from luncheon meat.

  3. Its ok Helen! May be I was overeacting when I saw the picture!

    To be frank when I saw the picture of porky fries, I just eat ‘keropok lekor’. The size and the looked of the ‘keropok lekor’ is just liked the porky fries.

    The only different is the colour. The ‘keropok lekor’ is greyish in colour but the porky fries is redish in colour.

    Orang Melayu Muslim ada ‘pelik sedikit’. Anjing, babi, dan alcohol adalah sama haram pada tahap yang tinggi di sisi hokum agama. Tapi kami tidak begitu sensitive bila melihat gambar atau ‘benda sebenar’ anjing dan alcohol. Tapi bila sampai pada ‘pork’ lain pula ceritanya!

    There was a time when my Chinese friend, a male teacher just sat in front of me and he ate a mee goreng contained a lot of pork. This ‘peristiwa’ happened in Singapore a long time ago.

    It really made me felt uneasy but my stand is, pork is haram to the Muslims but it is a delicious food for them to eat.

    This is a free country! As long as it’s not against the law, who I am to say anything!

    But still I have to say this, there is always a right time, a right place and a right situation.

    1. re: “because their people keep voting them”

      Their people will keep voting them as long as they can fan the hate against Umno.

  4. What to do. Last time always must belanja others minum teh wan.

    Now others queueing to belanja makan besat for them.

    Imagine majlis berbuka puasa also, the spread in front of Temban can easily make thousands of bubur lambok packets for the poors.

  5. Besides doing the songkok to tackle the Malays, what else? Well I guess they might have noticed that ‘bulat’ in Malays figuratively represents anything strong/determined/united/lucky as in ‘bulat hati’, ‘bulat niat’, ‘bulat suara’, ‘bulat datang bergolek’, etc etc.

    The problem comes when you can only understand the language backwards then ‘bulat-bulat’ opting, for example, ‘perut bulat’ which is not the best form of ‘bulat’.

    So let’s have a quiz: bulat air kerana pembetung, bulat manusia kerana _________ (100 markah).
    A) makan/an.
    B) gaji naik, senang hati.
    C) DAP.
    D) semua di atas.

    Dandy? :-D

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