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Haris Ibrahim will be emigrating

The Father of ABU (Asal Bukan Umno) and SABM (Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia) announced that he will be leaving the country.

Did you know that the majority of the Vietnamese boat people were ethnic Chinese? They originated from Guangdong and were Cantonese speakers.

Yup, the illegal Vietnamese economic migrants who boated out to Australia were the Chinese birds of passage. Wonder if before that they had asserted as loudly and vehemently too that they were Anak Bangsa Vietnam.


I also wonder if any of these fellas below have the same contingency plan, like emigrating to Tasmania and such.

Well at least one of them we know tried to get permanent resident status in Australia but failed.


Wonder what is Hannah Hypocrite’s chameleon stance on bailing out of the country.

Her Anak Bangsa Malaysia mentor si Haris tu said that he has thought about the matter long and hard, and his decision “is for the best”.

By relocating overseas, “This way, I can better serve you (the rakyat)”, says Haris.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- change country

DAP evangelista politicians are the Orang Kaya Baru now

Previously Hannah had tweeted to encourage young people, “Don’t change your country, change your government!” despite her own attempt and failure to get PR in Tasmania.

Aaah, but that was before the Prada handbags and five-figure salary landed in her lap.

Haris Ibrahim pictured here with Hannah Yeoh and Mariam Mokhtar

Something for readers of this blog to chew on

Dear Helen

One commenter going by the moniker ‘bnm‘ wrote @ 2014/09/18 at 4:52 pm


re: But nonetheless, the end result is that they’re seen by a lot of Malays as being biadab.

I got your message. Loud and clear.

But what basis you arrive at such conclusion? Is there a survey done by you? If yes, who are your respondents?

Or do you merely take the statements made by Perkasa, Isma, Utusan etc etc as representative of the majority Malays that ‘Chinese is biadap”?

May I know if your finding of ‘Cina Biadap’ as perceived by the Malays is:-

1. your personal opinion; or

2. an established fact?

re: middle finger incident, Facebook insult, Chow Jack, YB Machang Bubuk (all as pointed out by you)

And if I may point out more incidences like the current Sedition Act witch-hunt…

Why the government only take action on the above incidences with super efficient speed but no action on certain quarters (you know who I mean) that have made seditious comments like ‘balik Cina’, bakar alkitab, pendatang, hina agama Hindu, Melayu malas, etc etc?

I also hope that you can ‘process and register’ what I am trying to tell you.”


How to establish biadab as a ‘fact’?

The commenter ‘bnm‘ spoke about “the current Sedition Act witchhunt”. Haris Ibrahim is one of the individuals caught in the sedition dragnet albeit charged at an earlier time.

One reader hassan asked @ 2014/09/18 at 11:44 am, “Helen, one question want straight answer: are you in favour or not [of] the Sedition Act …”?

My reply to hassan @ 2014/09/18 at 2:46 pm, “I’m against the Sedition Act. I hope to see it repealed.”

Having said that, I really don’t know how Najib Razak can hope to otherwise deal with the Yahudi Yeohs.

Let’s look at the standard of proof demanded of me by the reader ‘bnm’

(1) He wants to see a survey which proves conclusively that some Malays consider some Cina biadab. And if I can manage to show this poll result, then he wants to know who the poll respondents are.

(2) Did the perception that some Malays believe some Chinese are biadab only come about because Perkasa, Isma and Utusan have complained as such, he asks.

(3) Or is it my personal opinion in believing that Perkasa, Isma and Utusan think that Cina memang biadab.

The commenter ‘bnm‘ hopes that I can process and register what he is trying to tell me.

Like I’ve said, I don’t support the Sedition Act and I hope to see it abolished.

But nonetheless some Malaysians are beyond control. I admit that sans Sedition Act, I do not have any suggestions or solutions on how to deal with the troublemakers among a particular group of self-professed “moderate” Malaysians who label other Malaysians as hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

(702 words)


Haris Ibrahim: “Former prisoner colony Oz now home to fugitives from justice”


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

71 thoughts on “Haris Ibrahim will be emigrating

  1. Bagus! Pergilah! This country sucks (for you and your kind, of course). If you need help to change your citizenship, just proceed to any Malaysian missions (mesti in Mat Saleh countries la kan, perasan punya kulop), koyak your passport in front of them and later baru fill in the borang tukar warganegara :)

    Good riddance Harrison Abraham (dah tukarkan nama siap2 dah). I’d wish more people like you to go and leave us alone. But if you could encourage your kind to go with you too, we’d be more than happy to show you the way.

    Pulut kuning pasti naik harga lepas ni..

  2. The Viet Namse Chinese were also the problem in VIet Nam that led to the communist uprising. They ran everything from prostitution, to gambling, to drugs and to protection rackets. The mainland Chinese under Mao had targeted them using North Viet Nam as his protege to expand into the region. There are two sides to the Chinese and to everyone else for that matter everywhere.

  3. Contextual quotes from The Great Emancipator:

    “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day.”

    “I feel like the man who was tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. To the man who asked how he liked it he said: “If it wasn’t for the honour of the thing, I’d rather walk.”

    “When you have got an elephant by the hind leg, and he is trying to run away, it is best to let him run.”

    “Do not worry; eat three square meals a day; say your prayers; be courteous to your creditors; keep your digestion good; exercise; go slow and easy. Maybe there are other things your special case requires to make you happy; but, my friend, these I reckon will give you a good lift.”

    — “Honest Abe” Lincoln

  4. ‘……….By relocating overseas, “This way, I can better serve you (the rakyat)”, says Haris……..’

    Apa maksud Harrison Abraham dengan kata katanya di atas?

    Adakah dia akan jadi BARUA kepada kuasa kuasa yang hendak memporak perandakan Malaysia dari luar!

    Ini lagi bahaya!. Sekurang kurangnya sekira dia masih berada di Malaysia, masih ada cara untuk mengawalnya.

    In Shaa Allah, tapi saya yakin dia akan dimakan sumpah sekiranya mengkhianati negara. Ingat lagi perjanjian Bukit Seguntang?

    Demang Daun Lebar (kalau tidak silap watak yang mewakili rakyat), berjanji rakyat akan taat kepada raja (sekarang terjemhkan kepada negara) dan raja pula perlu berlaku adil kepada rakyat.

    Harrison Abraham secara baka orang Melayu kan? Walaupun mungkin dia cuba menidakkannya, kulitnya yang sawo matang tidak akan menjadikannya Mat Salleh atau Cina!

    1. Father Malay, mother Ceylonese.

      His full name is Haris Fathillah Sam Sathiasingam bin Mohd Ibrahim.

      He used to date my younger sister when she was in lower six and he was in upper six at VI. He told my younger sister that his mother often took him to pray at church when he was young. With a name like his coupled with how he was brought up, small wonder this guy has turned out to be a very confused man as an adult.

  5. Fat cat si kucing gebu and okb(orang kaya baru) dan yang terbaru apa itu ABU berpatah arang berkerat rotan si Harris ni has lost hope bukan salah ibu mengandung dah tua pun patut repent compare to their college who attained good position.

    Kebiasaan nya orang spt dia ni dah tak dapat peluang apa-apa so migrate untuk mengelak azab tekanan hidup as father of ABU.

    YTL adalah contoh terbaru yang lain just follow their footstep later if things don’t changed for the better.

  6. Berabis beras saja. Kita tak memerlukan jenis tak bersyukur. Harap mereka yg sejenis dgn Haris berpindah saja. We don’t need u.

  7. Berita gembira di pagi Jumaat.. Kurang seorang pembuat kecoh. Elok masukkan sekali Ambiga n HY ke dalam luggage.. Marina, Mujahid jadikan hand luggage ;)

  8. For the wealthy, migration is a choice. They have the money, the millions in the banks. Money talks and with their money, they can migrate. For most people, migrating to another country is a luxury, not a choice so most people will never migrate because they do not possess the means to make the journey.

    Will Malaysian Chinese migrate? No. Most Malaysian Chinese will never migrate. They don’t have the money. So they stay in Malaysia and our problems continue to worsen as they continue to stir up troubles, escalating racial tensions as they pursue their agenda of ‘changing’ this country to confirm to their fiction of a Malaysian Malaysia.

    1. “Will Malaysian Chinese migrate? No. Most Malaysian Chinese will never migrate. They don’t have the money.”

      Not true. Look at how the Mainlanders go to UK or the EU. In cargo containers. The local ones migrate to show that they are so high class that they cannot stand the sight of their perceived lower class and less sophicated Bumi.

      They don’t mind getting a white trash spouse so long they feel high class.

      1. Perhaps you could share with our non-Chinese readers the 跳飞机 syndrome unique to Chinese immigrants to the Western countries.

        1. i think the chinese goes everywhere, not limited to the west, as long as we could earn a better life. nyonya is different maybe, her aim is bumiputraship.

          1. The tiao fei ji phenomenon pertains to Chinese illegal immigrants to Western countries, no meh? Or it includes Japan?

            And yes, of course your right that the Chinese would pack their bags and go … like the Vietnamese boat people who were majority Chinese did.

            No surprise then that so few Chinese are in the Angkatan Tentera Darat (less than 1.5 percent of Malaysian soldiers are Chinese) except for maybe a few of someone’s Uncles.

            1. They will pack their bags when there is nothing left for them to fleece. Just like what we are now seeing in China. After making their millions through not so ethical means, they are busy sending their money offshore, principally to western countries.

              Once a deserter always a deserter. If their brethren in mainland China can do the same to China there is no reason why those in Malaysia will not do the same to Malaysia.

              They know of no nationality. They know only money. Which is why evangelical Christianity is so appealing to them because it speaks the language they love to hear.

              As you’ve said it is simply awesome looking at the great number of young Chinese whether they are English or Chinese educated converting to evangelical Christianity. They chase the money not the faith and the faith itself is bogus as it needs an ever increasing number of new converts to amass more wealth.

              Truth be told, as a matter of fact, in the case of Malaysia, the Chinese and the evangelical church are made for each other.

              1. re: “it needs an ever increasing number of new converts to amass more wealth”

                Sounds like multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme.

            2. many go to japan / taiwan as well. if u go to thailand, myanmar, laos, vietnam, there r equally many chinese msian. call them what u wish to, at least they work for it.

              vietnamese boat people is totally different phenomenon n cause, not sure how is it relevant.

              hmmm last sentence is not direct to me right? but anyway u r right, many many uncles wakaka. but i know many chinese that was in the army when i am young, u can call them uncle as well. i recall beer, free tax beer, many many.

              1. You know many Chines in the army when you were young what are you smoking ? Pot ? Io you made up stories again ah ? Come on la stop making up stories. You think people are going to believe you ?

                They work for it ah ? Of course la they work for it as usual they work by giving bribes la ! You think people don’t know what ? Work your ass la !

                Boat people also same. Cowards run la. Just like you coward don’t want to admit your past history of working as slave labor for the white people.

      2. During the coolie trade period they too came in shiploads so this is nothing new. Only difference between now and then is that back during those days of the coolie trade they came openly.

        They arrived at the port, had their thumbprints on the documents and then voila sold to the white men, straight to the tin mines.

        Now they have to smuggle people into other countries but the effect is still the same. Apparently after 100+ years they learn nothing.

  9. Mereka mendesak Malaysia menghapuskan Akta Hasutan, tetapi di Amerika mereka sendiri menguatkuasakan Akta Patriot. Bahkan di Singapura, PBB tidak ada kekuatan untuk mendesak pemerintah Singapura menghapuskan Akta Hasutan dan ISA! Jadi, mengapa kita negara merdeka mesti tunduk kepada desakan salah satu bahagian di dalam PBB. 

    Mengapa rumah anda berpagar, mempunyai sistem alarm dan barangkali pengawal keselamatan? Kerana anda takut anasir subversif seperti perompak, pembunuh dan peragut memasuki rumah anda dan mencederakan anggota rumah anda bukan? Samalah juga dengan negara kita, mengapa kita perlu Akta Hasutan, kerana kita tidak mahu anasir subversif merosakkan keamanan negara kita.

    1. patriot act tu untuk menhalang terrorist, bukan lawan politik atau ahli akademik, singapore macam china diurus dan dikawal oleh sekumpulan dictator, mungkin msia sama kot.

      1. When you have Chinese living in your midst, you to need to impose some kind of strict laws like ISA. Do you know why? The Chinese people is difficult to control.

  10. Helen,

    Didn’t expect you to dedicate a space of your blog for my comment. Many thanks.

    re: Sedition Act

    Whether we like it or not, the Act is valid and legal until it is amended or repealed by Parliament. Many people see the Sedition Act as oppressive and unjust. For me, there is no problem with the Act per se. The real problem is the enforcement. The recent dragnet has clearly indicated selective persecution of the government. Majority of the accused are anti-BN (except the Isma president).

    Question: Why no action on people that made these statements:-

    1. balik Cina/India;
    2. hina agama Hindu;
    3. bakar al-kitab;
    4. Melayu malas;
    5. threatening May 13 version 2;
    6. demeaning Hindu/Buddhist statutes.

    Aren’t these statements more offensive and seditious than e.g. Edmond Bon’s statement that non-Muslims are not bound by fatwa? Reports have been lodged but NFA (no further action).

    Clear double standard isn’t it? Not to mention Najib’s back-pedal on his pledge to abolish the Act.

    1. re: “Not to mention Najib’s back-pedal on his pledge to abolish the Act.”

      It’s the political calculus.

      The Umno division chiefs want the Sedition Act to stay. They are Najib’s power base. Would Najib go against 85 percent (or more) of his party divisions?

      On the other hand, the people who want the Act killed are also the same people who want him politically dead. So which side do you think it is expedient for the PM to listen to?

      1. Helen,

        I am ok with either side. Looks like you didn’t fully get my message. The problem is not with the Act per se. The provisions are ok in my opinion.

        The real problem is the enforcement. As I said above, there is a clear double standard when it comes to who should be charged under the Act. The real issue is with the authorities like police, AG and the Court.

        1. I believe the Act is inherently flawed because its provisions are too ambiguous – the interpretation of “WHAT” kind of actions are determined as inciting hatred.

          The Act is problematic but the bigger problem is the PEOPLE whom the Act is supposed to curb.

          If Malaysia did not have such problematic people in our midst, then our country would not need such a Act.

          To give a more concrete example, say a piece of legislation is enacted in Singapore to punish people who spit in public (for all I know, there may be an existing one). If Singapore did not have the problem of people spitting in public to the extent that it requires the attention of the authorities, then she would not need to make such a (hypothetical) law.

          Our problem is that we have very problematic people. Take the case of Chow Jack who was slapped with a one-year jail sentence. Why in the world did he have to say all those things in his Facebook?

          Worse than his foul mouth are the oppo supporters (mostly) who fitnah, bohong and putar-belit, e.g. what they did to Chew Mei Fun and Alifah Ting Abdullah. I’ve cited two examples where the victims are female individuals but the fitnah, bohong and putar-belit by the Dpatsers is equally against the country and national institutions.

          What kind of people are they – to have fabricated that vicious slander against CMF and a whole slew of equally insidious fitnah here and there?

          Even the short national anthem which only contains 17 unique words is slagged by these people. So it boils down to problematic people.

          1. The Act is problematic. Most people would agree that it is problematic.

            The problem is, those people who are ‘challenging’ the Act do so not because they want to uphold some sacred values whatever that may be, but because in the back of their minds, ‘challenging’ the Act helps them to score brownie points.

            They are worshiped as heroes when in fact all they are looking for is mileage. The Act has to stay, but amendments must be made so that the tools are there to deal with troublemakers.

            1. re: “deal with troublemakers”

              Agree. That’s the root of it all – the “what kind of people are they?”

              It’s those people (their warped thinking, their mulut setan, their fingers tapping the keyboard, touch pad) who are the problem. Not the digital technology of Twitter, Facebook, blogs per se.

              So how did Malaysia breed this kind of people?

              1. re So how did Malaysia breed this kind of people?

                Prior to the 2008 GE, all this was alien to us although as early as 2006 there were signs that these people were starting to emerge, the blogs were beginning to incite the masses with lies and so on.

                Looking back, I believe, to a certain extend, the people educated by our national schools, principally Chinese who received their education at national schools, they were/are the ones most responsible for all this. Those Chinese educated in foreign countries, Singapore comes to mind when we discuss this, they too bear responsibility. Those from schools with missionary background, they too are involved.

                Objectively speaking, the vernacular educated Chinese are the single biggest victims of this warped politics. The Malays, Muslims despise not because of who they are but because of who they stand with while the Anglophiles and Christian Chinese too look down on them.

                The only difference is, the Anglophiles and Christian Chinese are deceitful in conducting their relationship with the vernacular educated Chinese. For them, the vernacular schooled Chinese are there only as crops for them to harvest i.e the vote bank during election time and also convert their young to their causes i.e evangelism. Other than that, the vernacular schooled Chinese serve no purpose.

                1. A renowned Zen master said that his greatest teaching was this: “Buddha is your own mind.”

                  So impressed by the profundity of this idea, one monk decided to leave the monastery to retreat to the wilderness to meditate on this insight. There he spent 20 years as a hermit contemplating the meanings of the great teaching.

                  One day the hermit came across a monk traveling through the forest. The hermit monk on learning that the traveler had also studied under his Zen master inquired: “Please, tell me what you know of the master’s greatest teaching.”

                  The traveler’s eyes lit up: “Ah, the master has been very clear about this. He says that his greatest teaching is this: “Buddha is NOT your own mind.” ”


                  To the English-savvy Chinese Christian who desires the votes of the vernacular-schooled Chinese to achieve his political ambitions: “Buddha is NOT your own mind”!

                  1. we know who to vote, nothing to do with what the christian say or do. dun show yr shallowness with this pseudo buddhism shit.

                  2. Your good intention may not have the desired outcome. The uncouth and uncultured could not comprehend. They are uncultivated. That’s why when they were sold to the white men they didn’t make a noise.

                    Now after a hundred years + their descendants follow in their footsteps becoming coolies of the church.

                    1. re: “coolies of the church”

                      First time hearing the interesting turn of phrase but you may have something there.

                      Nonetheless Porky Fries remains may favourite word of the week.

          2. Helen,

            I think you still don’t get my point. I reiterate again. The real problem in my opinion is the selective enforcement of the Act. We always have seditious and provocative people. These people exist at all times.

            Why only certain people are charged under the Act as evidenced by the recent dragnet? Where is the fairness?

            1. Post-May 13 1969, the FedCon was amended to protect the following areas – Article 3 Islam, Article 152 National Language, Article 153 Malay “special position”, the role of the monarchy, citizenship – from public questioning.

              Umno is defending the elements mentioned above while the DAP and their supporters are challenging some of these elements. The DAP party charter, for example, states that they want to eliminate the distinction between “bumiputera” and “non-bumiputera” which obliquely touches on 153.

              I’ve said several times previously that the charge against Rayer for “celaka”-ing Umno does not appear to be under the ambit of the Act because Umno is a political party and not 153 nor Islam nor the monarchy which are protected.

              Similarly, what you see as escaping charge could simply be for the same reason, i.e. that they’re outside the ambit of the Sedition Act provisions.

              1. re: Similarly, what you see as escaping charge could simply be for the same reason, i.e. that they’re outside the ambit of the Sedition Act provisions.

                Are you sure?

                One of the definition of ‘seditious tendency’ is “promote feelings of ill-will and hostility among different races and classes”. Isn’t this wide enough to cover the examples that I have listed as below:-

                “Question: Why no action on people that made these statements:-

                1. balik Cina/India;
                2. hina agama Hindu;
                3. bakar al-kitab;
                4. Melayu malas;
                5. threatening May 13 version 2;
                6. demeaning Hindu/Buddhist statutes.”

                1. re: “promote feelings of ill-will and hostility among different races and classes”

                  Which is precisely why I am against the Sedition Act and wish for it to be repealed.

                  Like I’ve said earlier in this thread, the phrasing of the Sedition Act 1948 provisions are ambiguous enough to be open to interpretation.

                  It’s obvious that you’re not satisfied with the way the Act has been interpreted and why to some people have been charged and others not.

                  The areas I mentioned (Art.3, 152, 153 etc) are specified in the amendments to the FedCon approved by the Parliament, including opposition MPs, that reconvened after the National Operations Council/Mageran was dissolved.

                  The constitutional amendments widening sedition were a direct consequence of May 13.

      2. The fact that the PM now has a brand new blog instead of the failed 1Malaysia site says that he has finally given up on those people.

          1. Only The Star is involved with this Global Movement of Moderates. I think he too has given up with this moderates’ movement. Saifuddin Abdullah is just about the only one from BN who is involved although occasionally GPS is seen with him.

            1. DS Najib recently addressed a ‘Moderates’ forum organized by Asli where the J-Star was the event’s official media partner.

              Many of the event speakers were the J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation’ including Azmi Sharom.

              So imagine: His government charged Azmi for sedition but the head of that very government shared a public platform with Azmi, and this is after the latter has been charged.

    2. Benda ni senang je, kalau tak nak ayat2 macam ‘balik cina’, ‘balik tongsan’, hina agama hindu, bakar al-kitab, may 13 V2 etc, jangan
      cuba nak usik bab constitution on bahasa melayu, status raja-raja melayu, status agama islam dan status orang melayu.

      Bilamana orang2 melayu ni berasa seperti digertak/dilawan/dicabar etc, maka keluarlah ayat2 diatas.

      Orang melayu tak akan senang-wenang je sebut ‘balik cina’ kat orang cina. Bodoh ke apa? Kalau tak ada penyebab, takkan kitorang nak mulakan. Faham tak? Mana ada benda2 macam ni sebelum ni? Hanya mungkin kes kecik2 dan terpencil saja.

      Baguslah if no action was taken on a reaction to your provocation.
      Orang yang mula2 provoke tu yang patut masuk lokap.

      Terasa diri kolot ke kalau berbahasa melayu?

      1. Dia orang ni memang sengaja nak usik orang Melayu. Bila orang Melayu naik marah, dia orang ubah cerita, putar belit kata orang Melayu yang timbulkan masalah. Tak guna beri penjelasan kepada mereka.

    1. allabih,

      No. I am not comparing. I am asking Helen if Isma, Perkasa etc form the basis of her opinion that “Malays think the Chinese as biadap”.

      Helen has yet to respond to my question.

      1. I believe that Utusan, Isma, Perkasa dan NGO-NGO Melayu Islam yang sewaktu dengan mereka itu do represent a wide swathe of Malay public opinion and hence Malay grassroots sentiments.

        Now having answered your question, I will throw the ball back into your court.

        Can you name me any equivalents to Utusan, Isma, Perkasa and NGOs representing Malay-Muslim voices that have stepped forward with a counter message saying instead that Chinese are good and polite (berbudi bahasa, berhemah) citizens?

  11. The comments on his blog regarding his decision to migrate attract my attention. The effects of Anak Bangsa Malaysia holy water. So deluded, and it took this man’s declaration that he is migrating to push it to stratosphere.

    Oh wow ! Just gotta love the comments. I wonder, how many of those commentators are Chinese ? Anyone care to answer ? :)

  12. Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung, semoga Haris Ibrahim dapat menjunjung langit yang buminya akan dipijak nanti.

    If you argued and refused to stand up when National Anthem is played, there should be another placed in this world, Malaysia will be a better placed.

    1. Dear tt,

      re: “If you argued and refused to stand up when national anthem is played”

      Not sure if Haris ever boycotted the national anthem (don’t recall that he ever did) but he did picture the national flag upside down in his blog.

      1. I am sure he will be severely punished if did the same to the Mexican flag if he were to migrate to Mexico.

        PS Our JStar hid the Hannah Montana hina bendera Mexico story in the entertainment page instead of the serious world news papers as done by NST and Sun.

        Mexicans do take their flag and national symbols seriously. Unfortunately some Malaysian do not have the same habit (including certain MPs)

  13. “The Father of ABU (Asal Bukan Umno) and SABM (Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia) announced that he will be leaving the country.”

    Congratulations. However please don’t EVER come back.

    Dear UMNO ministers
    Please do not reaccept his citizenship in the future. You really let us down concerning those people who ripped their passport.

    1. He will return to Malaysia after he gets the standard treatment from the white men, wait till the white men call him ‘gook’ then, when he can’t take it anymore, he will cabut balik ke Malaysia.

    2. Mulan,

      Baguslah kalau dia “berambus’. Aman Malaysia nanti. Kuranglah satu suara yg “merosakkan”.

      Cuma rasa kasihan pula pada negara yg dia nak pergi. Huru hara jadinya sebab pada sesetengah orang kalau tak fitnah tak sah.

  14. On the story of UK, well NO to independence.

    [Original story published at 12.37 p.m. ET]

    Voters in Scotland made their choice Thursday — remain part of the United Kingdom, or form their own independent nation.

    And to those who think Singapore is so good.

    Free speech goes to court in Singapore
    Blogger critical of a lack of government transparency faces defamation lawsuit from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

  15. “Haris Ibrahim will be emigrating”

    Helen, sure boh? Are you sure he’s not migrating his PC data from his Windows laptop to Macbook? That’s what one of the commenters in his blog says, causing me to chuckle a bit ;)

    “The commenter ‘bnm‘ spoke about “the current Sedition Act witchhunt”.”

    Me thinks ‘bnm’ is a lawyer by profession or student because he/she could argue in “digital format”, either zero or one; however socio-political issues are largely “analog”; not mocking ‘bnm’ here but he/she’s good. Anyway, have a great weekend everybody.

    1. re: “That’s what one of the commenters in his blog says, causing me to chuckle a bit ;) ”

      The same guy just put a longer version of more or less the same comment here.

      1. Anyway, the test of the pudding is in the eating.

        Haris’ sedition court case will be coming up. Then we can all see whether he is in the country or not.

  16. HA……You and your followers…..what a bunch of jokers…..kah, kah ,kah… done by Haris Ibrahim hook, line and sinker.

    Your political or rather intelligence has been laid bare……kah kah kah….you are just a divisive and racist nut…..can’t fathom what HI intended when he blared “migrating”

    He just wanted to move to another platform……and idiots don’t know the beauty of English !

    What kind of kitten are you ? Shame on you. Tutup blog and go back to tadika.

    You and your followers have truly lit up my weekend.

    The joke is truly on you!

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