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Haris Ibrahim: “Former prisoner colony Oz now home to fugitives from justice”

Since Haris Ibrahim will be emigrating or is perhaps already out of the country to dodge his sedition charge, it’s only fitting that we take a short walk down memory lane to remember him by.

In his 5 Sept 2008 blog posting titled ‘Last call for flight BN-916-ex-ile to Australia‘, Haris posted the graphics below:

(a) the BN logo upended


(b) poster with a notice saying

  • “BN in exile”
  • “Former prisoner colony now home to fugitives from justice”


Click to enlarge Haris’s web page

Last call for flight BN-916-ex-ile to Australia - The People's Parliament

How ironic, ya?

From his bravado above, it appears that Haris was persuaded that Anwar’s ‘Sept 16’ move to entice a crossover of Barisan MPs would succeed and with Pakatan soon in Putrajaya, the BN folks would have no choice but to exile themselves to Australia.

Haris even mocked the then premier Abdullah Badawi with the lyrics from the song Leaving on a Jetplane – “all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go” …


Raja Petra accused of Race Politics

Haris’s supporters have poured scorn on Raja Petra Kamarudin for what they call the latter’s “running away” to Manchester.

The parting of ways between the two blogger otai was recorded in the 23 Sept 2012 post ‘Fear mongering ala RPK style‘ in Haris’ blog.


Below is the relevant portion where Haris accuses Raja Petra of “untiring efforts to sow the seeds of fear” with relation to a potential race riot ala May 13.

In contrast, Haris claims himself to be “blind to colour and race for as long as [he] can remember”.

“The only thing racist in this country is Umno, BN, Dr M and the mainstream media,” Haris proclaims. He and his mentee Hannah Yeoh sound so alike, if I may take the opportunity to add.

Raja Petra: “Do we still want to remain in denial?”

In his column on 19 Apr 2012 headlined ‘Remember the 3Rs?‘, Raja Petra wrote:

“…when Malaysians go to the polls in the coming election, they will not be voting as Malaysians. They will be voting as Malays, Chinese, Indians and natives of East Malaysia. So, do we still want to remain in denial?”

Haris riposted, “Sorry, Pete, but not this Malaysian”. He declared, “I’ll cast my vote, as I’ve done all these years, as anak Bangsa Malaysia”.

Well, since Haris is emigrating, then obviously he cannot vote anymore in future Malaysian elections. His Jerusubang sheeple must be sorely disappointed at the loss of Haris’ pivotal ballot.


So who was right – Haris or Raja Petra?

Double irony: Both of them in exile and at two opposite ends of the world from Malaysia.

To recap, Raja Petra said the May 2013 electorate would vote according to ethnic orientation and interests whereas Haris said that they would vote as colour-blind Malaysians. Whose prediction was more accurate – Haris or Raja Petra’s?

Haris had told the sheeple in a ceramah in Malacca a few months before the 505 Chinese tsunami that he was “grateful to God for opening my heart to feel the pain and misery of the many who are suffering under an oppressed regime and to give me the strength to now try and atone for my past wrongs”.

Essentially, Haris reinforced the belief held by his ceramah audience that the ruling regime was oppressing them and generally causing the rakyat pain, misery and untold suffering.

Thank you very much Haris Ibrahim for your tireless efforts in helping Pakatan to their landslide victory in the last general election and success in wresting the popular vote.

They are reaping the fruits of your labour, praise the Lord.

nga kor ming rumah




nga kor ming3

ABOVE: Evangelista David Nga Kor Ming’s house and cars

3Gs: Gold, self-Glory and Gospel

And we mustn’t forget the fourth ‘G’, Greed, either.

I told them I was grateful to God for opening my heart to feel the pain and misery of the many who are suffering under an oppressive regime and to give me the strength to now try and help my God’s Party oust those wicked, low class BN politicians who are guilty of all kinds of wrongdoings.

When we take over Putrajaya, you all – my dearest suffering sheep – will taste Utopia.

BELOW: Hannah Banana’s car and Prada handbags – she’s toting the biggest one of all among the ladies present – and needless to say, the 5-figure Speaker’s salary she approved for herself which almost matches the Prime Minister’s paycheque. Hallelujah!


Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?     VIP orang besar mesti bawa beg besar ... Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?

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28 thoughts on “Haris Ibrahim: “Former prisoner colony Oz now home to fugitives from justice”

    1. Make sure he koyak his mykad, birth cert n passport semua. Do a ceremony lagi elok. That way, talentcorp badigols takleh bring him back here hahaha

  1. And the grass is always greener over there……

    He will miss all things Malaysian but will enjoy life among his Mat Salleh brethren, so much freedom and NIL discrimination….and many years down the road he will regret all the things he had said and done…..

  2. re: “the 5-figure Speaker’s salary she approved for herself which almost matches the Prime Minister’s paycheque.”

    Is it possible the Malaysian PM’s salary is too low? The PM of a neighbouring country earns S$2.2 million annually, while the PM of Australia makes A$0.5 million per year.

    1. Alright, I can agree with you that the PM’s salary is too low.

      I also think the Adun’s salary is too low as well and that the raise they got was rightly given.

      However the Speakers are a different matter because they gave themselves the highest quantum of increase, roughly 300 percent pay hike between the two of them. And of course their cakap tak serupa bikin hypocrisy in justifying that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys but when the BN tried to increase the MPs’ allowance, Pakatan made a show posturing austerity drive.

      The thing is the PM works throughout the year. And as I’ve pointed out, the Selangor legislative assembly only sat a total of 21 days over three terms in the year 2012. For only a month’s (or two, if we give leeway for prep) work, Madame Speaker is collecting a 5-figure paycheque EVERY month including those 10-11 months when the Dewan is not sitting.

      Take the current Selangor MB crisis which broke out and disturbed the peace of Ramadan which was months ago. Everyone is waiting anxiously for the Selangor Dewan to convene but it won’t do so until November. Puan Speaker jelas tak buat kerja!

    1. Porky fries dibuat daripada daripada Porky yang penuh dengan lemak. Porky meat adalah daging yang murah. Kalau tak oppress boleh makan lean meat.

          1. Hannah Yeoh’s friend recommends that she try the Porky Fries at any of the Tom, Dick & Harry’s (pub) outlet.

      1. “He has only forbidden you dead meat (of a carcass), and blood, and the flesh of pigs, and any (food) over which the name of some other than Allah has been invoked. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
        [Quran 16:115]


  3. Kami berharap Puan Speaker akan mengampu MB yang baru supaya beliau dapat mengekalkan dan mengembangkan kerjaya beliau.

  4. alhamdulillah, one leaving, hope he brings along the other rotten apples as well such as evangelista yeoh, ong kian ming, khalid samad, mujahid and with the ‘KO’ doa for mat sabu by his own party members, maybe mat sabu and anwar will join him soon.

    their said ‘oppression’ by the bn umno govt is pretty ‘convincing’. they look too well fed and own houses befitting a prime minister.

    good riddance harris! and you will live to regret what you will miss in our beloved malaysia.

    1. ‘good riddance harris!’

      Maybe in Oz the guy can try his hand at writing a book, he can have it titled ‘From Anak Bangsa Malaysia to Anak Bangsat (exile) Malaysia – The Story of Harris Ibrahim’-

      And he can have Amir Muhammad publishing it, say under the Ceritalah series, which in turn can cue for it to be made a TV series aptly titled as Ceritalah Australia by Karim Raslan. And maybe the Greg guy from down under can help to co produce it as well, I bet his Uni would love to finance the project.

      My bet too that Zan Azlee would tak sabar for it to be aired on Astro Awani and the whole Anak Bangsa Malaysia race can have a happy ending getting back at the rest of us, the racists and the bigots! Yay!!!

  5. Harris is a coward. Leaving a country becoz he’s afraid of Sedition Act. He should come face to face with it.

    1. His groupies are now saying that “migrating” does not refer to another country but from his blog to a news portal, wakakakaka.

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