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Gang of Six: 2 guilty and jailed, Haris plus 3 more awaiting trial

Haris Ibrahim is presently facing a sedition charge for his words uttered in a public forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on the night of 13 May 2013.

Also awaiting trial for speeches delivered at the aforementioned KLSCAH forum are Reformasi icon Hishamuddin Rais, PKR vice president Tian Chua and the son of former Deputy Minister Ghafar Baba, Tamrin Ghafar.

Safwan Anang, former chairman of Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, has already been found guilty and sentenced to 10 months jail on a sedition charge speaking at the same event, as has student activist Adam Adli who was given a prison term totalling 12 months.

They’re the Gang of Six caught in that particular sedition swoop.

Yahudi Yeoh

Decent and rational human beings simply just cannot fathom the what-kind-of-people-are-they.

Please read Ellese’s posting today ‘Those against Sedition Act don’t think‘ at Hak Bersuara. The blogger talks about the spirit of give and take and the value of jaga hati, which if we possessed, then there wouldn’t be so much of the hatred which the Act is trying to curb.

“We know we are different so we don’t purposely offend. We don’t unnecessarily provoke …”, writes Ellese.

Hannah Adam Adli

They’ve lost their sense of reason

Quite right. For example, why in the world did Haris choose to record on video, for the viewing of close to 90,000 YouTube users and other audiences, his offensive and provocative challenge – “Najib … Are you ready to die?”

I couldn’t agree more about semangat bertolak ansur, jaga hati orang, don’t purposely offend and don’t unnecessarily provoke. The Dont’s that Ellese has described is merely reasonable and civilized behaviour.

The constant fitnah, bohong, tipu dan putar-belit which are being carried out by some love-love-love Malaysians is plain revolting.

Hannah Yeoh  Twitter Sedition


By-elections on the cards?

Young activists Safwan and Adam were sentenced to 10 months and a year’s jail respectively for what they said on 13 May 2013  – a “heavy and outrageous” punishment, according to Hannah Yeoh’s retweet.

Those awaiting trial for speaking at the same event are Haris, Tian Chua, Hisham and Tamrin – a half dozen of them in the same boat.

The politicians in the list below, if found guilty and fined more than RM2,000 or jailed for a term exceeding one year, may lose their seats.

Isma’s Abdullah Zaik, if convicted, will be precluded from contesting in the next general election should he have any GE14 ambitions.

BELOW: Teresa Kok on sedition charge


J-Star‘s Voice of Moderation Azmi Sharom charged

According to the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Malaysians whose sedition cases are pending are as follows:

1. Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, Isma president (charged on 19 June 2014)

2. Ali Abdul Jalil, activist (8 Sept 2014)

3. Alvin Tan, blogger (18 Aug 2013)

4. Vivian Lee, blogger (18 Aug 2013)

5. Azmi Sharom, law lecturer (2 Sept 2014)

6. Tian Chua, PKR Parliamentarian (1 March & 29 May 2013)

7. David Orok, politician Sabah Reform Party (3 Sept 2014)

8. Gopinath Jayaratnam, assistant engineer (19 June 2014)

9. Haris Ibrahim, Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (29 May 2013)

10. Hishamuddin Rais, activist (29 May 2013)

11. Khalid Samad, PAS Parliamentarian (26 Aug 2014)

12. Md Shuhaimi Shafie, PKR Adun (7 Feb 2011)

13. N. Surendran, PKR Parliamentarian (19 April & 28 Aug 2014)

14. R.S.N Rayer, DAP Adun (22 May & 27 August 2014)

15. Tamrin Ghafar, politician (29 May 2013)

16. Teresa Kok, DAP Parliamentarian (5 May 2014)

17. Wan Ji Wan Hussin, ustaz (10 Sept 2014)

* in brackets, the date they were charged – source: Suaram

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16 thoughts on “Gang of Six: 2 guilty and jailed, Haris plus 3 more awaiting trial

  1. Btw, why is Lim Guan Eng not on the list? He had uttered even serious sedition statements by challenging the police and even calling the IGP “Lembu”.

    Why double-standard Najib? Is it because Guan Eng did not mentioned Najib’s name while the rest being charged directly mentioned Najib’s name?

    1. re: “while the rest being charged directly mentioned Najib’s name”

      Not true lah. Khalid Samad’s case is to do with MAIS, Abdullah Zaik’s is pendatang Cina “penceroboh”, Alvivi’s Bak Kut Teh, Azmi Sharom (Sultan of Perak) and David Orok (Islam).

  2. We have laws in our country.

    Those who break the law deserved to be punished, just like our family having sets of rule. Whoever break the rule shall be reprimanded by the parents.

    The same goes to our religions. Those who do not obey, will have to answer for their actions.

    Just wonder whether these learned ( or unlearned) characters really understand the importance of law to a country.

    Freedom of speech is one, but breaking the law is another.
    It’s the duty of the govt to preserve law and order in the country.
    Inciting and provoking others will only lead to chaos in the country.
    May 13 was a classic example.

    Simple kan……… Tak kan tak faham.

    1. I do not think the Sedition Act is a good law. However I agree that we have bad people who need to be controlled.

      If these people were not such YYs, then Malaysia would not need a law like the Sedition Act.

      1. Ur writing, the second para was right. Why this sediton act ? It happened to be bunch of culprits before and after ie pre merdeka and after merdeka, voicing the same tone !

        Dont they feel grateful and live with it ? In the land of abundance, no body, yet no body live in misery nowadays. We are all facing the same value when Malaysia strive for its progress. So we dont need another hero / heroes beside the selected Leader through our democratic moves.

        In this land of abundance, people of different races, religions and believes, multi-culture and multi educations, the Sedition Act is viable to decipline *those rotten individuals with rotten behaviors. And yahudi yeoh (as ms Helen tagged on), the tweets much of ‘menghasut’ in every manner. It should be flagged !

        *those – what kind of people are they.

        1. re Dont they feel grateful and live with it ? In the land of abundance

          because this is a land of abundance, they want to have it all for themselves, that’s why they create all these issues, start the fire. its all about the war for resources.

          re *those – what kind of people are they.


  3. I liked the Dirty Dozen movie!

    And I’m for ISA reinstatement. Msians are not ready to be let loose in public speaking, not yet! The country will get burnt with hate-speech wannabes.

      1. The leader should be more intelligent than his constituents – not to be overawed by their cunning intriques. One consults the wise but avoids the foolish – the eye of the heart must not be blind.

        1. Methinks Najib Razak is intelligent but he is not ruthless. I suspect he has a kind streak and is perhaps too trusting and accommodating.

          Kindness, trust and willingness to bertolak-ansur and unwillingness to go for the jugular is not the traits of a leader wanted by the agitated Malay grassroots at this moment who feel besieged.

          1. Grammar correction:

            Kindness, trust and willingness to bertolak-ansur and unwillingness to go for the jugular ARE not the traits … that can be glimpsed in the DAP evangelical leadership.

  4. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah

    Itu pepatah pra abad ke 20.

    Berani cakap, takut kerana apa dicakapkan.

    Pepatah Melayu zaman Ubah.

  5. Where in the worlds you have total freedom, even as a smoker there’s limited are that you can have a puff what more if you are thinking of going naked in the streets, or even in your own compound.

    It’s a joke if you demands total freedom in this worlds unless you live alone in a remote island, even that you are binds by nature rules.

    Actually the law is very simple, “lu tak kachau gua, gua tak kacau lu, is everybody can abide with that simple rule, we will be much more happier as an individual.

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