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Recalling ABU threats made to Najib just prior to GE13

You can refresh your memory by watching the Haris Ibrahim video below titled ‘PRU 13 : The ABU Message‘ on YouTube.

The clip was uploaded on 3 April 2013 and has close to 87,000 page views to date.

The 13th general election has come and gone and hence we have the benefit of looking back with hindsight.

The 40,000 Bangladeshis?

The Asalkan Bukan Umno (ABU) movement had cautioned vigilance against the likelihood of phantom voters stealing our legitimate electoral mandate. Haris Ibrahim in the ABU video above had warned:

  • “To foreigners who have been given MyKads, please hear this. ABU has issued warnings to all of you to stay away from our polling stations on PRU13 day. Please take this warning seriously. On polling day, ABU squads will be patrolling all polling stations and they will deal with all foreigners who are intent on defying this warning. Please, I emphasize again, take this warning seriously.”

As we now know in the aftermath of the May 5 tsunami (the video above was released in April a month prior to GE13 polling day), some dark-skinned people caught in the vicinity of the voting centres were unfortunately beaten up by street mobs.

In the video above, Haris told “foreigners who have been given MyKads” that they have been warned and that the ABU squads to patrol all polling stations will deal with them should they defy his warning.

So was it the ABU vigilantes who had beaten up the dark-skinned individuals whom they suspected to be “foreigners who have been given MyKads” trying to cast a vote?

Oh lemme guess. The ABU vigilantes have since been absorbed into the bajungu.


Twitter - hannahyeoh- I only have to look at Utusan ... 2013-12-12 00-10-25

They failed to ABU this country

Haris started his message to the rakyat with the greeting “God’s peace be with you”.

He then explained the ABU message of change as meaning “the people must come collectively together, overcome the politics of race that Umno and BN have for so long planted in our midst, and we must as one people vote to bring in a new regime”.

“… truly we need to ABU this country if we are to save this nation” (minute 0:39).

Hmm … so this nation of ours, till today, remains sadly un”saved” lah for the sheeple because clearly ABU has not succeeded. Umno still remains the biggest party in Parliament and what sore losers the ABU-ers have been.


Laman ABU dah hilang dari dunia dah

At minute 1:50 of his ABU video, Haris reminded GE13 viewers, “the material that ABU has come out to combat the media war with Utusan Malaysia and the TV stations owned by Umno-Barisan Nasiona have all been uploaded on the ABU website”.

He urged ABU supporters to upload, print and distribute the materials to the voters in the villages – balik kampung bawa berita – as part of their effort to bring about the Change they all desire.

I just checked and it appears that the domain name has lapsed. Thus their ABU material detailing how much pain, misery and untold suffering the ancien regime has caused the people is no longer available.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Their ABU struggle barely lasted a year, it would seem. Such a LACK OF STAYING power and stamina.

BELOW: Utusan is the Pakatan’s public enemy


Hannah Yeoh  irresponsible Prime Minister allowing Utusan

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh’s opinion that Najib is an “irresponsible Prime Minister [in] allowing Utusan to stoke racial tension post 5 May” was retweeted 1,058 times. There’s sure a lot of sheeple out there


Haris’s futile warning to the Pakatan parties

At 3:58 of the video, Haris issued an ultimatum to the Pakatan coalition: “We expect you to put the interest of the rakyat before the interest of your respective parties. We do not want to see parties squabbling for seats”.

Squabbling for seats only? The reality one year down the road presents a much worse scenario. They’re squabbling for the Selangor menteri besar ‘throne’ and the state’s RM3 billion Porky Fries … ooops, I meant piggy bank.

And worst of all, we see the PAS ulamas crying that their purported allies are slandering them – men of the cloth. Even the PAS ulama are complaining about their PKR and DAP coleagues. Now how much lower can the 3G G’reedy buggers go?


They so very despise Umno-BN, their contempt is dripping buckets

Ubah-Change for the better under Pakatan?

Where got lah? It’s the same old, same old. After they got power in 2008, like that lah and after they retained power in 2013, more of the same.

In fact, you all should take a drive to Penang island and see the new tourist attraction of Botak Hills brought to rakyat Pulau Pinang by the Developers Above People party.

In the video, Haris warned “Pakatan and the other non-BN parties that will be facing Umno in this coming election”:

  • 4:10 – “Please do not take the vote of the rakyat for granted. Understand this that you get our vote by default not because we love you but because we so despise Umno-Barisan Nasional and the manner in which they have cheated and robbed the rakyat all of these years.”
  • 4:33 – “You have given us promises of reforms. Deliver on those promises.”
  • 4:48 – “We think 100 days is too short a time. We will give you 200 days. If you do not deliver those reforms in the 200 days that we now give you, please understand that you will then see the rakyat on the streets.”

Aiyah, where got lah the rakyat take to the streets? What we see most on the Selangor roads are potholes.

Jalan Selangor berkolam pancing

Haris warned frogs to “leave the country”

In the video clip, Haris also warned:

  • 5:20 – “Do not succumb (to the Umno offers) but if you do, take this advice – take what you will and leave the country. If you do not leave, trust me,  we will hunt you down and we will ensure that in the shortest possible time, a by-election will be held to fill up the vacancy that would have been caused. Take this warning seriously.”
  • 5:47 – “To Najib, understand this. […] We will go to all lengths and at all cost to ensure that on polling day the will of the people will be heard. We hear that you and your party intend to cause trouble before, during and after polling. We are ready for you. We, many of us, are ready to die. Are you ready to die?”


Promises, promises

ABU promised to take their message of Change to the voters urging everyone to “overcome the politics of Race”, and to fight to usher in “a new regime”.

ABU swore that by God’s grace, they would topple the Umno regime.

Urm, isn’t it apparent that God loves Umno more than he does the Yahudi Yeohs because, after all, the “racist” party and their BN cohorts remain in power and sitting pretty.


The ABU perpetually hysterical groupies also threatened death to Najib, the Umno president cum BN chairman: “We are ready for you. We, many of us, are ready to die. Are you ready to die?”

And ABU threatened any potential frogs (opposition-elected Aduns, MPs) that they had better be prepared to leave the country if they ever dare to betray the voters’ trust by allowing themselves to be bought over by Umno.

Well, let’s see who leaves the country. I don’t think it’s gonna be the BN leaders as envisaged by Haris in his poster below.


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Blasts from the past:

Skuad Tahan isytihar perang terhadap Umno yang korup, kata ABU

Haris: “Bertaubat dan kembalilah ke pangkal jalan, korang”


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41 thoughts on “Recalling ABU threats made to Najib just prior to GE13

  1. Harris in so dept hatred of UMNO malays and muslim. Why? What UMNO did to you? Your education till who are now is from your hatred UMNO Malays.

    Not wrong to hate but so deeply in loving hatred to UMNO then that a BIG ?????

    You love orang putih more than orang coklat when you are a chocolate browninsh kokoish. What if you are Dark Chocholate brand? Australian mostly are white chocholate compare to you will they really welcome you with flowers or they direct you to a chocolate cafe?

    Hannah a yellowish sunflower tea was shown the door out and she made no issue out of it because the order came from white chocholate. See, don’t you know the differences? Why you running away from a country you love when you only hate UMNO?

  2. He said he’s migrating but to which country ? Australia ? Does he have the money in the bank to facilitate his entry ? l o l

    1. I’m sure his supporters will not mind contributing a fund if they believe that the “oppressive regime” which is causing the rakyat such “pain”, “misery” and untold “suffering” will want to inflict an unbearable dose of pain, misery and untold suffering on their Anak Bangsa Malaysia leader if/when he is jailed for sedition.

      The last time, Haris’s ABU war chest managed to collect close to RM1 million from public donations for use in the battle against the Evil Empire.


      1. His RM1 million war chest ? Now that he’s migrating it looks more like his retirement fund. Not bad at all.

        1. It’s “the ABU” war chest :)

          And as the balance sheet he uploaded in his blog said, half of it was already spent (as at 29 Aug 2013) and the amounts accounted for – this is testified by his two auditors.

          1. Has this money being declared for tax purposes.
            This is taxable I presume.
            Not paying taxes is a crime, you know.

  3. Malas hendak komen panjang panjang mengenai Harris Ibrahim ni!

    Jenis Harris Ibrahim ini termasuk dalam golongaan apa yang dikatakan oleh nenek moyang orang orang Melayu,

    ‘Cakap berdegar degar, tahi jatuh di geleggar!’

    Buktinya, cakap aje besar macam pahlawan handal, tapi semuanya kosong!

    Siapa yang hendak berambus dari Malaysia sekarang ni?, orang orang Melayu yang menyokong UMNO ke, ahli ahli UMNO ke, atau dia sendiri yang sudah terkemaluan besar bila semua cakapnya, habuk pun tak dak!

  4. Haris Ibrahim nama Melayu sahaja. Dia sungguh benci orang Melayu jadi buat apa mengaku dia ada setitik darah Melayu.

    Hanya seorang Melayu sahaja dia sayang: Anwar Ibrahim. Melayu lain jangan dekat dengan dia.

    Harap2 bila dia migrate ke Oz dia tak akan mulakan gerakan ABWA – All But White Australians.

    And Kak Long, he would be ashamed to call himself a Melayu.

    1. Dia takde chance nak mulakan gerakan ABWA sebab kerajaan Mat Salleh Australia akan sumbat dia kat dalam boat lalu tendang dia ke lautan entah ke mana.

    2. Kung Tze pernah berkata: “Sebelum kamu berlayar untuk membalas dendam atas seorang, menggalilah dua lubang kubor.”

      “When we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves.”

      Otherwise our self-conceit might spiral us down to (A)nything (B)ut (U)s

  5. Haris Abu face look like Pacific Islanders… but the Aussie white must be wondering why this idiot is small in size.. Melayu maa? No worries we can help pack some belacan and send it to him every month.

    Pls advise him not to wonder around at night, or else he will be picked up by Aussie police for mistaken identity.

    I remember a Chinese friend migrated to Aussie and came back after 3 months. Nobody want to play golf with him there and got a lot of new nick names! You know mat salleh is very good in creating nick names to those who don’t look mat salleh. Cina sama Melayu perasan saja.

    ABU new agenda probably will be to go after the kangaroos. At home where he has deep hatred towards the Melayu/Umno. Away from home, he need Melayu utk lepaskan homesick ma. So he found a new race to hate, the poor kangaroos. Haris will change ABU to ABK.. Anything But Kangaroos. He gets annoyed with kangaroos for staring him for no reason at all. I don’t blame the kangaroos… Haris Abu look like an alien with his reading glass.. No hard feelings bro…Hehe.

    He should have migrated to Greenland, nobody to hate there, except for some Eskimos and some polar bears. I have few Danish friends who can help him resettle in Greenland. A nice white icy place. If he start his ABU there, probably he will ends up in the Eskimos cooking pot, mistaken him for an stupid alien whale wearing a reading glass.

    Let Haris ABU rot in exile.

      1. I don’t know about that but one thing I do want to know is, one what grounds were her previous application rejected by the immigration authorities ?

        Tasmania is not that bad. I was in Australia 8 years ago to visit a few old friends and we visited Tasmania too. The place is great actually but only if you have the money to sustain yourself. But with her salary that’s not a problem.

        1. re: “But with her salary that’s not a problem.”

          True. So the Jerusubangites will continue to be feed copious amounts of holy water so that they will continue keeping her God’s Party in power to enable the evangelista politicians to maintain their YB position, perks and privileges.

          It’s quite fitting the old saying about lambs (or sheep) being led to slaughter.

  6. Wonder all his life being a Malaysian, what has he contributed to this nation? Anyone? Also wonder how much personal tax he paid so far. (I read somewhere there are only approx 3m individual tax payers in Malaysia).

    He stresses on Racism? Well now that he is moving to Australia (?) kat sana jengok2 ya kalau boleh send out similar warnings to the Prime Minister there. Lagi2 pula mangsa adalah the sons of that soil.

      1. To be fair, he raised civil society consciousness and created platforms for activism with the new opening that was provided by online and (at in that pre-Facebook era) through blogs.

        Check and balance is always important. For example, I live in Selangor which is controlled by Pakatan and where the Yahudi Yeohs have grabbed power and our state’s massive resources for themselves to bully their opponents.

        Where I am, those who are anti-Pakatan are in the minority and we’re the opposition. Remember that in GE13, Pakatan obtained a massive popular vote and four-fifths of the seats in the DUN (winning in 44 out of 56).

        Umno Selangor is weak and MCA wiped out. So those of us here – like me, for instance – are members of civil society who are trying to check the monstrous juggernaut that is the evangeliSTAR.

        1. True, check and balance is very important. However wld appreciate the right approach, produce facts and solid supporting documents and then take ACTION all the way.

          Ini sekadar batuk atas tangga buang air lioq aje.

          Hannah using words like RACIST, EVIL, CORRUPT..
          By sacking TSKI and insisting Jijah as KM of Selangor kalau dihalusi, that can also be considered as evil and corrupt practise.

          If Tembam is not RACIST lets see for GE14 if she berani contest in majority Malay areas?

  7. Hannah will be joining Haris ABU soon to cook porky pork for him…breakfast, lunch, dinner with Porky Pork…Hmmm yummy.. No wonder Haris is more Chinese than the Chinese themselves.

    1. Hannah kena tunggu dulu. Dia sekarang ni kerja kuat kumpul dana nak migrate. Beri dia sedikit masa.

  8. He’s ready to die… Are you ready to die?

    At the end of the day, die overseas lah. Perhaps if PR takes over Putrajaya one day, they’ll fly him back via an MH flight to be met by an honors guard for his “contributions” to the country.

    I thought he had more conviction than this. Giving up so quickly? So much for being ready to die…

  9. Helen.. looking at your pie chart on GE13, the blue color may shrink or totally dissapeared in GE14. UMNO has to do more than just the Zumba dance. We have to doa ke Allah SWT for UMNO leaders to heed the grassroots and listen to the Rakyat that voted UMNO so that there still be blue rays at the end of the tunnel.

    Otherwise this country will be lost in space for five long years starting 2018, which is just 3 years away.

    1. Why do you say that?

      Realistically speaking, I don’t see how post-GE14, Umno can be anything else but the biggest party still.

      1. I don’t agree with you Helen. Before GE13 Melayu never felt being so humiliated as what is happening now. Melayu are being called Racist, Bigots, Extremists, Raja Raja Melayu being critized publicly…

        i don’t see UMNO and Melayu will survive post PRU14. Probably Melayu has to mutate to become another form of human being.

        1. Okay, please engage with me b’cos I want to find out more why you think so.

          Here’s my view.

          In the short term and looking to GE14 which must be held by 2018 (latest):

          Umno is currently the biggest party in Parliament with the 88 seats it won in GE13.

          Most of the Umno seats, except for the ones in Sabah, were won against PAS.

          PAS is going through a bad patch currently and its reputation battered by the unholy matrimony with the Christian DAP. It will not be giving Umno a run for the money.

          Umno is also miles ahead of PKR in terms of Malay support. In fact, PKR is a party without deep roots or strong foundation.

          So Umno is strong. It’s got more Malay support now that it had in 2008 and 2013. See bar chart below.

          So if we’re talking about winning Parliament seats, I don’t see Umno – speaking of itself and it alone – being seriously threatened. However, BN is another kettle of fish. They’ve already self-destructed in the peninsula.

          Although the BN fell to its worst ever showing in history in 2013, that was not Umno’s fault. That was due to the MCA losing 90 percent of Chinese support and all the Chinese seats with the exception of Labis (Dr Chua Soi Lek’s kawasan and won by his son).

          Nonetheless I’ve been saying too that Najib will be swept away by a Muslim tsunami. I see it as led by Isma and ilk, that is if ever Isma becomes fully political in the Muslim Brotherhood mould. I agree with you’re saying about Malays feeling under siege and this is largely due to the incessant attacks by the Yahudi Yeohs.

          Now the following is the most important point to stress. There has ALWAYS been competition and challenge to the Malays coming from the Chinese, ever since before the days of Chin Peng. The Sino-Malay conflict came to a head in 1945-6, mid-60s riots (in Penang and Singapore) and May 13.

          Then due to Tun Razak taking control of the situation, and Dr M’s legendary authoritarianism, all was quiet until the country’s de facto 5th Prime Minister Khairy Jamaluddin opened the Pandora’s box.

          What’s different this time compared to 1969 is the element of Christian politics, and DAP winning a chunk of Sarawak.

          We can also see how the church is taking the lead in the agitation and organization. It is in turn the role of the evangelist Christians that has in turn prompted the politicization and re-energization of the Muslim NGOs.

          The fight is between Umno and DAP. It is also Muslim vs Christian. And Umno’s enemies are within and without. The BN’s Achilles heel are the Gunting-gunting Dalam Lipatan. The J-Star is clearly one of them.

          In terms of influencing public perception and media manipulation, Umno is getting bad press.

          For example, The J-Star is screaming against, like you say, “racists, extremists, bigots, hate-spewers, race-obsessed divisive ignoramuses” and nobody believes that the paper is pointing its finger at the DAP. So who is the EvangeliSTAR’s target?

          Umno is getting stiletto stabs in the back from the MCA-owned media. So if we’re talking about threats to Umno, it is not from the traditional political rival PAS.

          1. On those points.. Yes I agree with you. UMNO and the Malays has been challenged over the years since Chin Peng time. But we have strong leaders and Malays in general feel secure with a strong leader around.

            I have seen some Malays got so upset few days before the GE13, they never seen such kurang ajar Chinese DAP boys and girls holding placards chanting every passers by down here in Johor Bahru to support DAP.

            Okay it’s over despite the Chinese DAP avalanche. Unfortunately, despite the Melayu overwhelming support for Umno, Melayu feel being abandoned after GE13.. macam anak ayam tak de mak ayam.. berkeliaran… Melayu race has been put on the sale. The challenges and insults that we faced now is nothing compared to pre 1969.

            Most of my professional friends have long abandon UMNO even before GE13. I think most of them voted for LGE in Gelang Patah. If Melayu in Johor become disillusioned with UMNO… It’s over… you get my point?

            We are not looking for Mahathirism. But being bombarded with Racist, Bigots, Extremists, I tell you even the kampung folks will abandon UMNO. What is UMNO without the Malay support? NOTHING…

            1. Thanks for your views.

              I do not think Najib has roh Melayu. Perhaps Dr M is right about him being worse than Sleepy Dollah.

          2. Helen,

            Unlike Chinese votes that are solidly behind DAP, Malay support is less solid for any Malay based parties, be it UMNO or PAS.

            Malay supports are more difficult to read. It fluctuates depending on local issues. As an examples, Najib’s mind boggling decision to develop RMAF base in Teluk Air Tawar, a predominantly Malay constituents make Malays and UMNO Penang edgy. If Najib insists on developing the area (meaning turning it into commercial hub, meaning make it less Malay area), UMNO can kiss good bye in this DUN Teluk Air Tawar.

            But UMNO too gains extra support among Malays in Selangor. Not out of love. But rather Malays are disillusioned with PKR and to an extent PAS too.

            In Kedah, UMNO reigns supreme as Mukhriz seems able to penetrate PAS areas. But UMNO Kedah must send a strong message to Najib that it is foolhardy to put MCA to contest in Alor Setar. In last election, BN lost this seat as Malay majority were upset that a non-Muslim was allowed to represent the area.

            For reason only known to Najib, he chooses to irritate Malays by talking on abolishing Sedition Act and that costs Malay votes. Najib is lucky that PAS and PKR are in the mess. And it should be thankful that ISMA is not registered as a full fledged political party.

            1. Shamshul,

              re: “Unlike Chinese votes that are solidly behind DAP”

              How to ever recover some semblance of check and balance instead of the present 90:10 … and maybe 95:5 by GE14?

              re: “Najib’s mind boggling decision to develop RMAF base in Teluk Air Tawar”

              And his countless other mind-boggling decisions.

              re: “But UMNO Kedah must send a strong message to Najib that it is foolhardy to put MCA to contest in Alor Setar.”

              Maybe Umno Kedah can take the lead and signal to Najib that MCA has to be neutralized instead of allowing their Scissorati to run riot?

              re: “For reason only known to Najib, he chooses to irritate Malays by talking on abolishing Sedition Act and that costs Malay votes.”

              Hahahahaha, very irritating. And not only does Najib cost Umno the Malay votes, he’s not getting the Chinese nor professional votes either by abolishing the Sedition Act or ISA or Emergency Ordinance or setting up NUCC.

              re: “Najib is lucky that PAS and PKR are in the mess.”

              Agree. Umno is retaining support via the PUSH factor and not the PULL factor.

              re: “And it should be thankful that ISMA is not registered as a full fledged political party.”

              Maybe Isma should. They seem to have the moral authority that Umno is fast losing due to Najib’s pandering.

              1. Helen,

                “..How to recover some semblance of check and balance….”

                I have free advices to Najib. It is rooted in reality and not some fantasies cooked by useless and overpaid consultants.

                How about Najib trying these suggestions:

                1) For once act stop being “terhegeh hegeh”. No more mega dinner to Chinese, no need to put MCA standing in Malay areas, no need to approve application for Chinese schools. After all if Najib still “terhegeh hegeh”, he is guaranteed not to get their (Chinese) support anymore. Let us get real here.

                2) Sent those who are fond belittling Malaysia, its flags, raja raja, Islam or any religions into jail. No if. No but.

                3) Firm on Guan Eng who challenges Constitution by creating armed forced not loyal to Yang DiPertuan Agong.

                4) Stop the mess in construction of houses industry. Curb speculation. Make it a law that once a house is bought, it cant be sold within 10 years after that.

                And there are many more. But should Najib do all that, his approval rating will shoot up.

                1. re: “Guan Eng who challenges Constitution by creating armed forces”

                  It’s not been reported though that bajungu are supplied with firearms. They only have truncheons.

                  1. Helen,

                    Security matters are strictly under purview of Federal Govt. Whether they have truncheons or M16 is immaterial. The mere existence of a force not loyal to Yang diPertuan Agung is in fact an act of treason.

                    1. You said an “armed” force. That’s factually incorrect. You should, by now, well know that I’m a stickler for factual accuracy.

  10. Helen,

    ini orang adalah jenis yang biasa bakar jambatan bila sudah menyeberang.

    dikutuknya UMNO/BN habis-habisan sebelum pru13. bila dia sendiri lihat bagaimana parti-parti dalam pakatan berebut kerusi, berebut kuasa, tentunya dia sendiri rasa tak selamat nak terus duduk dalam negara.

    ialahkan…. UMNO/BN sudah diludahkan, takkan nak dijilat balik. jambatan dah terbakar…. tak upaya nak renang balik.

    lagipun, saki-baki duit tajaan untuk mengutuk UMNO/BN dulu masih ada… kan elok migrate aje.
    dia yang mulakan ABU… dia sendiri jadi abu… ke mana menghilang ditiup angin, takde siapa perlu tahu…

    eloklah dia migrate untuk saki-baki hidup dia asalkan jangan nak mengutuk negara sendiri dari negara luar tu sudahlah!

    lantak ko la harisssss!

    1. Alwieabdullah,

      harris Ibrahim reminds me of Hishamuddin Rais. Both I believe are off ‘similar” species.

      “tak ada rumah. tak ada alamat. tak ada kerja tetap. tak ada anak bini. tak ada keinginan untuk muhasabah. Tak ada perasaan takut satu hari akan mati. Tak ada kerja lain selain ajak orang memberontak, menghasut sana sini. Masa muda pun macam tu, masa tua pun tak berubah juga”.

      The above is a comment that I read about Hishamuddin Rais.

  11. This motherf÷×+er Halis (solly cannot plonounce “r” type plopely) is he still in Malaysia or already gone down under?.

    Did someome said Tasmania?.

    1. re: “Did someome said Tasmania?”

      No, Tasmania refers to Hannah Yeoh’s failed attempt in applying for Oz PR.

  12. ABU itu kini di kenali – Asal Bukan Ulama !

    You see, all the bad things thrown to Umno, is a sharp steel boomerang that will slash that so called PR !

    Inspiring indeed..

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