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“Peguam Neraka” & Co.

The successor to Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor Menteri Besar will be sworn in tomorrow. The grapevine has it that the announcement on his appointment will be made today.

So who will the new MB be? Azmin Ali or dark horse Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi? (Iskandar Samad has already told the press that he’s not it.)

BELOW: Madame Kipas is supported by Puan Prada


DAP wants Wan Azizah, PAS doesn’t

The new MB is unlikely to be Wan Azizah even as she makes a last ditch attempt at this eleventh hour to seek an audience with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. It was reported earlier on 13 Aug 2014 that Wan Azizah was declined a royal au­­dience. And when she repeated her request to be granted an audience with the Sultan, it was rebuffed again.

With two refusals under her belt and her third request as well yet to be entertained, it looks like Wan Azizah’s chances are truly scuppered. It’s certainly difficult to imagine having an MB who is unable to obtain access to the ruler of the state – how will Selangor be able to function smoothly if thus?

Geng Langgar Tok Guru

Objecting to a PAS menteri besar

“Kerusi ini untuk PKR, kita tidak akan disokong oleh PR dan DAP,” the PAS Sepang MP was quoted as saying in his speech to the muktamar a few days ago.

Hanipa Maidin said, “Kalau kita terima [kerusi MB], rakan-rakan Pakatan tidak akan menyokong kita”.

The assertion by Hanipa – a lawyer and PAS legal bureau chief – that the MB’s chair is reserved for PKR is mind-boggling to say the least. Why should the position have PKR’s name written on it when Anwar’s party has only 13 Aduns (minus Khalid) compared to PAS’s 15?

PAS delegates and observers at the party 60th muktamar were equally boggled by the lawyer’s stance and proceeded to heckle Hanipa who retorted that the floor could boo as loudly as they wished but he would finish his speech regardless.

Hostile reaction from the jeering crowd then saw Hanipa being called “peguam neraka”, “wakil PKR” and other names.

El-Haraki Facebook status

El-Haraki - Apa yang Hanipa buat di atas pentas tu

What kind of partners are Pakatan?

According to Hanipa’s argument: “Apabila kita [PAS] terima jawatan, saya percaya rakan kita tidak akan menyokong kita”.

Okay, so he’s confirming for us that the three Pakatan members do not mutually support each other.

Hanipa provides additionally Reason No.2: “Sebab kita janji kerusi itu untuk PKR. Bila kita ambil dalam keadaan kita tak mendapat sokongan PKR, bolehkah kita nak jadi menteri besar yang kuat?”

YUCKS! >>> Geli ... <<<

It was Mat Sabu who “promised” (or implicitly agreed) to support Wan Azizah. So now we know that PAS is a party where the deputy president not only outranks the president but is also above the party constitution which says that the Majlis Syura Ulama (MSU) is the highest decision-making body.

Mat Sabu’s actions drew adverse condemnation to the extent of a doa laknat being spoken against him by PAS Federal Territories delegate Azhari Ariffin (video below).

The MSU and Tuan Guru Hadi Awang are not against the MB post being given to PKR as, after all, they submitted two PKR names to the Sultan. However in deferring to Tuanku’s titah for three names, PAS also included one of their own Aduns to be put up as candidate.

PAS delegates revolt against Anwarinas

Given the commotion he created, it is clear that Hanipa – whose parting shot at his detractors as he was leaving the podium was the defiant taunt, “Sekarang kamu jerit sekuat-kuatnya” – is considered a munafik by the vocal section of the assembly.

Another delegate showered with boos was PAS Youth member Mohd Sani Hamzan (video below).

Mohd Sani said [0:41], “… saya nak sebutkan Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, kalau kita nak ambil kerusi Menteri Besar Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, tunggu pilihanraya yang ke-14 kita menang kita sapu 20 kerusi di Selangor, masa itu kita boleh jadi Menteri Besar kerajaan di negeri Selangor, betul tak?”

Nope, wrong.

Mohd Sani seems to have forgotten that Wan Azizah did not contest in Selangor during GE13 and therefore she cannot be considered to be a part of the Pakatan winning team in 2013. (Wan Azizah obtained her seat only through a forced by-election in March 2014). Hence why should she be most worthy of becoming MB going by Mohd Sani’s logic?

Furthermore Mohd Sani – by insisting that PAS would only have a legitimate claim on the MBship by performing superlatively in a future general election – is therefore implying that his party should remain subservient to PKR and take a backseat in the current Selangor government even though the Pakatan winning team on 5 May 2013 had comprised 15 PAS Aduns to PKR’s then 14.


For what reason should PAS kowtow to PKR?

And what is this rubbish they keep regurgitating about the MB chair being promised to PKR?

PKR has had Khalid Ibrahim up there heading the state government for 6-and-½ years (since 2008). It is PKR that ousted their own man from job. It is PKR that decided unilaterally on Rafizi’s Kajang Move to dislodge Khalid. It is a sole decision by PKR to nominate Wan Azizah and present their choice as a fait accompli to PAS.

If PKR has shown this amount of contempt (disregard of any need for consultation) for PAS, then what unwritten “promise” does PAS owe PKR, pray tell?

No wonder Mohd Sani’s screed elicited an angry uproar from the muktamirin.

HannahYeoh Twitter SaariSungib

Got bullets? Shoot the munafik first

As we’ve glimpsed above from the scenes of outrage greeting Hanipa and Mohd Sani, the walkout on Mat Sabu and the emotional episode of Pemuda Youth permanent chairman Kamal Ashaari breaking down in tears as well as an incident of microphone snatching, the atmosphere at the PAS muktamar in Batu Pahat was highly charged.

K2afIhaCries of “munafik” had rung out and reverberated in the hall. There were accusations of betrayal and treachery directed at the two PAS Aduns Saari Sungib and Hasnul Baharuddin who broke ranks and their bai’ah, against the culprit who leaked Dr Zuhdi Marzuki’s Whatsapp message, against PasMa and against the Erdogans who are undermining the ulamas.

(Saari Sungib is a DAP buddy – see Hannah Yeoh tweet above.)

Ustaz Norazli Musa (pix left), who was a Dewan Ulama delegate from Perak, even issued a call for jihad: “Jika ada 10 peluru, maka 9 darinya mesti dihalakan kepada musuh dalam selimut dan yang satu lagi kepada musuh yang lain”.

PAS is aware of their musuh dalam selimut but Umno, on the other hand, still remains blissfully unaware.

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26 thoughts on ““Peguam Neraka” & Co.

  1. Musuh dalam selimut PAS ialah Persatuan Ummah Sejahtera Macai Anwar (PASMA).

    I always wonder, why is it not PUSMA, because ‘U’ is for Ummah. PUSMA can also be ‘Pasukan Under Selimut Macai Anwar’ or ‘Parti U-Turn Selalu Macai Anwar’. But they came out with PASMA, how come?

    #Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.

    1. Juga kenapa PAS bukanya PIS sedangkan nama partinya Parti Islam Se-Malaysia.

      Kalau bukan manipulasi, apa lagi agaknya.

    1. I was thinking about the eruption overall at the muktamar. Things have come to boil in the Islamist party.

      But the most important point is that this time, this once, Umno has not taken centrestage as the primary bogeyman.

  2. serves PAS people right. they humiliated, mocked, ridiculed and eventually sacked the then deputy president, Ustaz Nasharudin and elevated Mat Sabu to the post. only because Ustaz Nasharudin is viewed as UMNO friendly, he was put on stake as if it is a serious blasphemy done. and it was done swiftly enough.

    contrary to the current deputy president, the only thing they are bold enough to do is just ‘boo’ and a little bit of wayang to punish the 2 barua adun, which i doubt will be executed. they (the ulama faction) have no one else to blame be it UMNO, pakatan member parties or anyone except themselves. truly, karma is turning on them day by day.

    1. Speaking of Ustaz Nasha, today he might be feeling vindicated and his reputation (which the Yahudi Yeoh tore to tatters) redeemed following the current turn of events.

      1. yes. we muslims believe that prayer from a person who has been victimised will be answered straightly by Allah. guess it already happened now.

  3. Re: Ya still remains blissful as what said, in UMNO itself the pemuda is the main cast as come what may.

    During the reign pemuda as from Allahyarham Dato Harun Idris was the most formidable and foghorn on issues not like now the then lumbered kris waving and presently jumba boys girls dancing club so dishful la konon

  4. What kind of partners? More specifically what kind of relationship. It is obvious that the relationship consists of 2 men and 1 woman. The woman is subservient to the 2 men.

    1. The poor woman is expected to stay in the kitchen and cook Porky Fries all day. And by ‘woman’, we ain’t talking about WAWI.

      1. The woman had on numerous occasions invited one of the men to her ‘kitchen’. Doubtless the same thing is still taking place.

  5. What if….against all odds….sultan lantik wawi? Interesting scenario.

    Three things for sure:

    1) suddenly we will hear how super adil is sultan from certain quarters. Most flowery words u ever heard.. maybe we learn a new proverb or two.

    2) lajnah pkr in pas will be more arrogant than b4 with tmi and mk giving them more spaces. A few spoiled child might suggest taking action to tghh and msu. Prk kubor would be another trend setter we need to watch. What is next by lajnah pkr?

    3) constitution is read to the letters not to the spirit… rubberstamp mb set it precedence

    Above all democracy prevailed but it is a farced democracy.

  6. My point is very clear. Azmin cannot become new Selangor MB. Why… because what happened to Khalid will definitely happened to him…. so the same thing back again.

    PAS rep cant be new MB for Selangor. Why?… Always U turn…. and will face undi X percaya dari DUN Selangor……

    The best solution…. PRN Selangor…..

  7. Saya tak la pandai agama tapi saya tak paham macam mana Ulama ulama didalam party yg katanya memperjauangkan Islam boleh mengkafirkan orang orang Islam lain, sanggup berkawan dengan syaitan untuk menjatuhkan umat Islam yang lain, sanggup makan babi dengan kafir daripada makan ayam dengan orang Islam, berdoa kehancuran oramg orang Islam, boleh biar agama lain meggunu nama Allah sebagai nama tuhan mereka, mentakbir ayat suci Alquran yg dibaca oleh kafir dan lain lain lagi lah. Saya betui betui tak faham

  8. Haji Hadi tried the dashboard, resetting his program. He realised that the system was affected by trojan horses, virally will effect the whole system. Later on he programmed MSU, the anti virus software, supposed to be the best brand in market.

    Well, trojan horses, named peguam neraka still at large. MSU is still defending the whole system, however, not effective !

    The main problem was then the ‘triplecore chipset’ , became extremely hot, since failure of the Cooling Fan. The distributor, of course the tricky pacman, through his associate, forced the homemade cooling fan into the system. What Hj Hadi didnt realise, the chipset was a singlecore, did not compute to the whole system, called tahalufsiasi. Not a smart buyer eh! He failed to read and compare the technical specs.

    Well, be careful. Dont buy any fake product. The Main Manufacturer, Tun M already warned this particular pacman and his homemade product, distributed by his company, Peguam Neraka & Co. and other nos. of agents and downlines.

    Since this is cyber-political gimmick, please choose the right gadget, not necessarily expensive, best suit your basic needs.

  9. Ms H. The way I see the Selangor MB caper is that it revealed the fact the DAP adopts a sly and cunning policy of divide and rule in a repeat of the 3 Kingdoms Game Plan as practised in 5 AD.

    The DAP remains dominant being friends to PKR and PAS which either will have to rely on DAP for electoral and other political support. This strategy is as old as the hills.

    1. You forget that PAS is not all about politics. It is the party of God. Winning seats is not everything for them. They’re still got idealism and struggle to carry out the will of Allah swt on Earth.

      Please read about the PAS istiqamah HERE.

  10. I was not talking agama but politics but Pas is selling agama for their politics. Itu jadi confusing.

  11. Pas is a political party. It is their duty to play politics (or take it seriously).

    Amah (Ambiga) dan rakan rakan nya jahat lagi. Batu Api

    1. re: “Pas is a political party”

      DAP is a party that personifies a GREED that goes even beyond politics.

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