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Photos: How a PAS man got porky fried

Not #trending ... Money can't buy "class"

While we’re waiting on tenterhooks for the MB announcement, here’s some light relief.

Mat Sabu photo credit to superblog MyMassa and his contributor seorang Pemerhati PAS Terengganu di muktamar Batu Pahat. Many thanks!


Selekeh, perut kurang buncit, pipi sedikit cengkung



Selekeh semakin kurang, perut masih kurang buncit, pipi naik sedikit



Semakin rapi, menutup perut buncit, pipi semakin kembang



Rambut semakin kemas, perut semakin terboroi buncit, mata semakin sepet



And there you have it – the change!

Urban legend attributes to Mat Sabu the famous saying, “Saya lebih rela makan babi dengan Lim Guan Eng dari makan ayam dengan Najib”.

There is a reference to the meme by Ustaz Fathul Bari Mat Jahya (video here) which indicates that the Mat Sabu story – possibly apocryphal – has been making the rounds although its origin is not able to be pinpointed.

(Meme is “an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations”.)



How to explain Mat Sabu’s transformation?

Urm, osmosis?

The chubbiness rubbed off from the Chinese politician – including the proverbial stereotype of sepet eyes – and is absorbed by the Malay politician from too much close proximity…

For that matter, Dyana Sofya also appeared suspiciously mata sepet in her by-election posters put up in Teluk Intan Chinese areas but strangely not so sepet in her Malay garb (wearing baju kurung and selendang) posters displayed in Malay areas.

You judge for yourself – see HERE – whether the DAP candidate was deliberately Sinocized in her image in order to appeal to the Chinese electorate.


I wouldn’t put it past the DAP’s sleek branding and marketing tactic of suiting their product – the Malay Dyana – to the taste of the Chinese consumer.

After all, one of their icons used to hold a job as Event Manager before entering politics. And speaking of the Prada wearer … Hannah Yeoh, like Mat Sabu, has also UBAH-ed tremendously.

Below is a svelte photo of the Jerusubang Adun when she first entered politics.


Then came the Bak Kut Teh and all the buka puasa in the surau-surau dan masjid-masjid.

And along with all that came the chins below.



And as with Mat Sabu’s “pipi semakin kembang”, likewise Hannah’s guppy cheeks.

The yellow costumed phase followed where the Daspsters lorded it over Bersih 2.0 and 3.0.

Similar to Mat Sabu, some politicians in the DAP (I’m referring to the evangelistas, of course) showed Leadership by Example in effecting CHANGE on their body shape.


BELOW: The spare tyre from Bak Kut Teh evidently

Hannah Wong Chen


hannahyeoh_ Power is not evil


Look what power did to the DAP!

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18 thoughts on “Photos: How a PAS man got porky fried

  1. Helen.. If you to understand Melayu Penang that support DAP.. they have long accepted Ketuanan Cina.. May be out of necessity… Chinese majority in Penang.

    There is no such thing as Ketuanan Melayu. DAP has been fighting for Ketuanan Cina since Chin Peng. How Melayu to be Tuan in their own country if they majority of them can’t even own a house, rumah mampu milk maybe. Simply rubbish.

    1. re: “There is no such thing as Ketuanan Melayu.”

      The Dapsters believe that they’re being oppressed by Umno’s Ketuanan Melayu and it’s a belief they hold with vehemence, vengeance and venom.

      Cross them in this, try to burst their bubble, and see what their handlers (the DAP evangelistas) will do to you.

  2. Hurray. Azmin is MB.

    Need to stock up dried BKT. This soap opera surely is hotter than Desparate Housewives, Scandals, Dallas and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland combined starring Azwan Ali.

    I wonder how the season will end.

    1. Diharapkan Madame Speaker yang bijak lagi jelita akan membodek dengan sedaya upaya bos baru beliau demi kesejahteraan rakyat jelata.

            1. Can you describe what is a “nice Chinese man” and in what way the letters U, M, N and O can set him off?

              He’s a purebred Penangite?

                    1. re: “Pakatoons hate UMNO” and “That is how Pakatan rally the troops”

                      True, and correct.

                      The followers of all three Pakatan parties hate Umno.

                      Namun Politik Benci yang dibawa DAP adalah senjata yang akan makan tuan dan bakal menjahanamkan masyarakat Tionghua.

                      PKR dan Umno saling bermusuhan tetapi ahli kedua-dua parti sama-sama Melayu.

                      PAS dan Umno saling bermusuhan tetapi ahli kedua-dua parti sama-sama Islam.

                      Pabila DAP dan Umno bermusuhan, ia adalah pertembungan ahli-ahli parti yang berlainan bangsa dan berbeza agama – Cina lwn Melayu, kafir harbi lwn Muslim. Alamatnya malapetaka yang sengaja diduga.

            2. Remember your reader Seagate. Seagate is the only new investment in Tokong Penang – after all the drop in FDI.

              He needs Tokong like oxygen. Seagate is the only success story of Tokong FDI.

              PS. Seagate has closed plants in Penang and Ipoh in 2002. They were Malaysia’s largest private employer after Tenaga before 2000.

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