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How the porky got fried – Dapsters dikenakan dengan pelantikan Azmin

“Mana yang bodoh saja percaya Azmin dapat ‘sokongan penuh’ Pakatan dalam masa semalaman untuk jadi Menteri Besar Selangor seperti mana dalam kenyataan Azizah dan Guan Eng semalam. Logiknya, tak sampai sebulan lepas 30 ADUN Pakatan tandatangan akuan bersumpah sokong Azizah, tiba-tiba lupa semua tu dan sokong Azmin?”

“Suka tak suka, DAP kena main, terjebak dengan ‘game’ politik Melayu…”

“Menurut maklumat, Azmin ada ciri Melayu yang kuat – faktor yang paling DAP tak gemar.” – Adam Yan, MyKMU

Look at Puan Prada’s double chin!

Azmin angkat sumpah

Hannah Yeoh Azmin

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Hannah the first to congratulate Azmin


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18 thoughts on “How the porky got fried – Dapsters dikenakan dengan pelantikan Azmin

  1. Langkah Kajang: Yang dikejar Tak Dapat, Yang dikendong Keciciran, Akhirnya Anwar dan Wan Azizah Melopong.

    Azmin dan Samsidar senyum sampai ke telinga. Itulah kesudahannya buat sementara waktu krisis MB Selangor.

    Manusia hanya mampu merancang, Allah yang menentukan.

  2. dear helen,

    hope you have seen how excited kj zumba’s tweet was with azmin’s mb post. how on earth could a ketua pemuda be
    extremely happy
    for someone who
    claims his boss najib is dr m’s
    haiwan ternakan, altantuya’s murderer and
    made harsh remarks abt dr m
    jatuh tersungkur
    in australia etc. not to forget azmin’s n
    anwar’s gestures
    to crash the
    Bersih site. kj
    zumba is
    confused with his
    political master. he
    is similar to
    yeoh, always
    tweeting and
    poking in other’s
    domain and
    behaves like a
    celebrity more
    than like a ketua pemuda umno and
    minister with his
    ice bucket, catwalk
    in pink, berzumba
    like shakira.. and
    the list goes on.

    dr m does not support najib
    now. with kj
    zumba and
    abdullah in umno, i
    too feel like
    retracting my support for umno
    too. you are right
    helen. umno parti
    paling tak apa, no
    fighting spirit in
    spite of so many
    issues by
    pakatoons. umno is in fact assisted by malay ngos whilst their pemimpin berzumba and make ‘friends’ with musuh dlm selimut..

    1. re: “KJ zumba is similar to Hannah Yeoh”

      Quite so. They’re the male and female of the same two-faced creature.

      re: “pemimpin [Umno] berzumba and make ‘friends’ with musuh dlm selimut”

      Try singing these parody lyrics of the Oh Carol song (same tune):

      Oh! Carol, I am but a fool (underneath the blanket)
      Darling, I love you (underneath the blanket)
      though you treat me cruel (underneath the blanket)
      You hurt me (underneath the blanket)
      and you make me cry (underneath the blanket)
      But if you leave me (underneath the blanket)
      I will surely die (underneath the blanket)

      Darling, there will never be another (underneath the blanket)
      ‘Cause I love you so (underneath the blanket)
      Don’t ever leave me (underneath the blanket)
      say you’ll never go

      I will always want you for my sweetheart (underneath the blanket)
      No matter what you do (underneath the blanket)
      Oh! Carol, I’m so in love with you

  3. I’m more interested to know what happens between Azmin and Anwar now.
    Is Azmin still loyal and would be helping Anwar to be his puppet or is he a Starscream?

      1. Doesn’t seem prudent to underestimate Anwar’s ambitions.
        if Azmin really thinks Anwar is over, he probably would follow up with something and makes sure Anwar is really over.

        Though if Anwar is really over then afterwards the Pakatan drive for Putrajaya would be taken center stage by DAP IMO.

        Expect what you been saying and predicting all this time to be engaged to higher gear.

        1. re: “the Pakatan drive for Putrajaya”

          Azmin’s ascendency introduces uncertainty. Stingy ol’ Khalid was keeping a tight hold on the Selangor purse strings.

          Perhaps the storyline will change now.

          So maybe YAB Azmin will be a boost for the Pakatan propulsion to Putrajaya. Khalid was not such much into politicking whereas Azmin – having been tutored by “the best” – is the consummate political animal.

          Umno should start to be worried, very worried.

          1. I don’t think Anwar passed much of his charisma and contacts ability to Azmin, Azmin strikes me more as an opportunistic henchman, like a lot of UMNO people. He got the MB post only because of PAS making him one of the candidates, didn’t even dare to openly posture for the post within his party.

            I expect him to ignore BN and PAS, cozy up with DAP and tycoons, plunder the state companies and agencies and the reserves for himself and his people instead of using them to fund the Putrajaya cause. I wonder if he believes the Selangor MB seat to be cursed, like some people, that might make him work fast.

          2. Well, for one thing, if the Sultan made Azmin his choice he obviously thinks Azmin wouldn’t be Anwar’s remote like Wan Azizah would be.
            Wonder if he’s right. So many of those political leaders with their plotting and drama and u turn decisions, need to see how they act behind the scenes instead of giving a damn of what they all say or trying to project.

            1. re: “need to see how they act behind the scenes instead of giving a damn of what they all say”

              So true. The DAP leadership, their apparatchiks and the sheeple all bleated about democratic principles, voice of the people, blah, blah, blah … Wan Azizah, majority support, must be appointed – well, that’s what they “SAID” / cakap.

              But how did they act? The evangelista YBs tripping over themselves to be the first to congratulate and pay homage to Azmin – actually that’s what they “DID” / bikin.

              So what happened to the principle of democratic majority that they were screaming about? And they dare blame PAS when it was they themselves who ignited the whole fiasco on top of all the fitnah they heaped on TS Khalid.

              Only the Jerusubang sheeple keep chewing on daun ketum, and believing what they hear rather than opening their eyes to see for themselves. For all the DAP talk, the end result is Khalid ousted, Azmin MB.

              1. Rina,

                No issue lah.

                Hannah Yeoh will send over buckets of Holy Water. A quick rinse and Azmin will come out smelling like roses and looking white as Christmas snow.

                Aaaah, the miracle of Jerusubang. Then the sheeple will make a swift turnaround and sing hymns of praise, Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna!

  4. Hope TSKI remains as ADUN and become strong opposition in Selangor, constantly checking on whatever Pakatan does under Azmin.

    PAS+BN+BEBAS scrutinizing every little move then I am sure Selangor selamat from all the greedy intentions.

    Looking at his past experiences in politics and if he plays his cards right, KJ looks like budak hingusan aje kalau nak compare. No where near Azmin.

    On personal issues wallahulalam, macam2 hal isteri, anak, mak dan adik2 and questionable personal wealth. Untuk menjadi leader material, asal usul dan latar belakang the ekement of was was are equally important.

  5. azmin’s maiden speech as mb is he will be using the rm3 billion for the people of selangor. of course he will, 3 yrs on ge14, azmin
    is eyeing
    putrajaya. rm3billion will be fully
    utilised for
    pakataoon’s road
    to pjaya.

    its mind boggling though how azmin
    is totally devoted
    and obsessed
    with anwar in
    spite of anwar using and
    backstabbing him
    several times at
    the expense of his
    mother and
    family’s aka

    azmin is
    smart, patient with
    strong pkr grassroot
    support. his
    weakness is his
    wala’ to anwar at
    all costs…

    umno should be very very worried yet no panic button has been pressed. instead kj zumba is terribly excited with azmin’s mb post.
    selangor is a gone state for umno unless pkr self destructs….

  6. Selangor is a gone state not for UMNO but also for selagorians. If azmin can sacrificed his Home Minstry before, he can also sacrifice Selangor for his mentor…hihihi

    1. selangor is already a gone state for UMNO…. just having 12 seats and have to wait for miracle to happens in GE!4….! anyone can see any effort by UMNO Selangor?

  7. Many people are really frustrated. You see Pkr or rather Azmin can take Selangor for now but what we are hoping is that Pas has had enough of their pakatan partners and quit the pakatan.

    Well, what to do. Any way its not too late yet, we wait and berdoa pada Allah to open their hearts and eyes and return to the right path.

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