9 thoughts on “Tinjauan pendapat: Patutkah PAS pecat Adun S’gor yang langgar bai’ah?

  1. Bagi sebuah Parti PAS, modus operandi dan terma-terma rujukannya sudah tentulah tak sama macam parti sekular sosialis atau sekular pragmatis sebagaimana Presiden PAS nafikan.

    Tidak setia, tidak taat dan ingkar sebaliknya taat pula kepada kepimpinan jamaah yang lain itu bukan perkara kecil bagi jamaah Islam seperti PAS.

    Presiden PAS jelas menyatakan seperti itu.

    Persoalannya, setakat mana efisiennya parti PAS ini untuk memulakan tindakan tatatertib tersebut.

  2. Dear helen,

    1. Pas or ulamak group are not at strength yet to take any sweeping action to remove not only these two but the rest of the ‘thorn in the flesh’. Next muktamar is their best platform but then…365 days to go. Both sides mark this keramat day in their 2015 calendar very closely to the chest. Do or die for either faction.

    2. Sellahoudini ayubi has already planned to extend muktamar pemilihan from 2 to 3 years. Why? Each side is already making their muktamar move and looking at recent muktamar outcomes, lajnah pkr fell vicitm into believing their own propaganda. They thought they have the strength and tghh would look weak. Worst..they were exposed. So most likely, the selangor money would be spent to buy on pas rather than on sep16 move. They just need more time and they need to keep their enemy closer.

    3. To accused dap ‘tak tau undang2 negeri selangor’, tekkkkkk. Pas silap. Dap tau very well. But bcoz of these 4 excos…the state govt bertahan and cita2 dap utk prn puffed into thin air. Again they tried cunningly behind one name…hoping for the same outcome…again…fuuuffff…..puffed away. So to lepas geram…keluarla perkataan nyanyuk…pengkhianat. It takes a crisis to reveal the true color. And now…mana2 Malay yg dah mula jinak2 dgn dap would think thrice. So much vengeance and hatred in dap. They just burnt their malay bridge. I guess tghh in his speech was referring jambatan pendek to dap. Wow…he is not only ulamak but now psychic too.

    4. But so sad, you would expect veteran politician, mr one and only, liiiiiimm…kiiiitt…siiiiannnng would have had more cooler head than his ajk pusat team! He and tghh…gone back long way before. Different ideology but same struggle. Both are alumni from same school of tarbiyyah in Kamunting from the same mudir, tdm. You would expect some camaderie. Or is he too like anwar…cannot tahan sabar oredi to rule from putrajaya. It is sad to see 1st class politician denigrating his hard earned respect. What would hv karpal done if he is still around? But lookin at the silent from his son in puchong…the karpal house knew this is a big mistake from the beginning. Dont involve me…that i think what he would say.

    5. Lge is a loose cannon. His arrogance has swamped his head when he think he can do no wrong. That is lks demise…his own son. That could well be dap demise too.

    Good night.

  3. The baiah they took is based on the belief that if one should break their vow, Allah would punish them in this world and in the next.

    Doesn’t say that PAS get to whip out punishment.

    It’s in Hadi’s own words.


    Abdul Hadi berkata sesiapa yang melanggar bai’ah yang dibuat “maka akan celaka dunia dan akhirat.”

    According to Mustafa Ali

    Ditanya mengenai kesan sekiranya melanggar bai’ah, Mustafa berkata, setakat ini perkara demikian belum berlaku dan tidak boleh memutuskan sama ada Pas akan memecat individu berkenaan atau sebaliknya.

    “Jika seseorang langgar sumpah (bai’ah), dia sendiri yang akan tahu kesan yang akan menimpanya. Saya belum dapat putuskan sama ada Pas akan pecat dari parti atau tidak,” katanya.


    It’s up to them to do whatever they want though.
    If PKR can fire their own MB just like that, no problem for PAS to fire their own so called ‘barua’ ADUN, which coincidentally if they were to follow their baiah, they would be required to resign and empty the seat in order to not betray the party.

    But if they were fired for betraying the party and thus flouting the baiah, why should they follow the baiah on that part of emptying their seats then?

    Well maybe what I’m saying is that PAS would only lose 2 Selangor seats if they fire those 2. Even if suddenly a state election happens they would lose more seats because of all those DAP and PKR supporters just waiting to punish them. Hah, they’re really losing a lot, wonder how Pengkalan Kubor would turn out?

    1. Those 2 people are only symptoms of a bigger internal problem PAS facing.

      I wonder which one the party’s grassroots will side with.

  4. Btw helen….start learning wearing hijab from now. U gotta to attend their next muktamar in 2015 in person. It is going to be the most bloodbath muktamar ever is. Hopefully bn would telecast it live with expert commentators and score sheets made available from all leading newspaper.

  5. The thing which makes me wonder is the pace of the investigation being carried out by PAS. I remember the way Hasan Ali was sacked which only take no more than 1 month compared to this case. And I believe this case is more serious since it caused internal party bickering.

  6. Buat la apa pun. Parti PAS ke PKR ke semuanya bukannya ada hala tuju nak membantu negara atau rakyat. Lebih kepada ego, syok sendiri, dendam, harta duniawi ..padan muka la orang Selangor.

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