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If sex blogger Alvin was sorry, then why mock the “country bumpkins” now?

The first word of the Quran revealed to the Prophet was iqra … read.


HannahTwitter Not every politician is bad

Hannah Yeoh swears that “not every politician is bad”.

“Read, filter & think”…

Read surah Al-Baqarah ayat 120.

Read surah Al-Anfal ayat 39,  fight them until there is no fitnah.



ABOVE: Look at the tattoo of a cross on Alvin’s chest

What kind of people are they?

The YY spread fitnah everywhere. You must filter their dakyah.

And think. Think of what they’re doing to the country.


ABOVE: Alvin’s ex-girlfriend Vivian is however left here facing a sedition charge

Alvin says that he has migrated. Read below.

“Malaysia is a small and poor market”

Excerpts of Alvin’s parting shot at Malaysians:

•  “pathetic 30-million-strong Malaysian market with super-low disposable income”

•  “Malaysia is nothing, and anyone who wants to make it big needs to get out. Malaysia is a toxic wasteland with tons of people with negative attitude; you can’t do anything creative or different, because people are too uneducated and the government too tyrannical.”

•  “I’m too busy building and enjoying my life here in one of the most modern, exciting, culturally-and-economically-significant cities in the world.”

The Ant Daily Alvin

Why should I stay back to face trial?

“when it’s obvious I won’t get a fair trial?”, asks Alvin, “So that I can sacrifice one year of my precious 20s sitting in jail like Adam Adli?”

[Note: Does the ‘I am migrating‘-Haris Ibrahim feel the same?]

•  “Now, I’m on track to get a Green Card in a year, and then US citizenship in five years.”

•  “Admit it, I came out on top from the Ramadhan Bah Kut Teh saga, and you people are really bitter, angry, dissatisfied, and jealous about it.”


Maybe you should try migrating too, Tasmania beckons

•  “I’ve burnt all my bridges with Malaysia and will not bother to comment further on anything even remotely related to Malaysia”.

•  “I won’t return forever too, so enjoy your ‘beautiful’ country, you bumpkins.”

•  “I’m simply taking Umno ministers’ advice of ‘you tak suka, you keluar,’ and I love it. Maybe you bitter souls should try migrating too.”

– See more at:

Hannah dry bkt


Earlier Alvin had apologized for his Bak Kut Teh escapade. If the report above by The Ant Daily is to be believed, Alvin now declares that he “came out on top from the Ramadhan Bah Kut Teh saga”.

This means the apology he made previously was not sincere.

His defenders insisted that the Alvivi BKT was halal. After all, the duo put the Jakim halal logo on their buka puasa invitation, they said. Alvin’s defenders were also adamant that the BKT was chicken or organic vegetarian. Urm, like the one Hannah Yeoh had (just as the evangelistas would equally insist?).

According to the YY, that business of the BKT was not meant to offend Muslims who were fasting. And they also claimed that Alvin was sorry and hence the whole incident should just be glossed over.

Now that Alvin has spoken from the sanctuary of asylum abroad, perhaps the Malays should reappraise all the assurances and sop fed you by the YY.

So what kind of people are they? It looks like even the Sedition Act will not be effective in repelling their insults, provocation and endless fitnah.

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34 thoughts on “If sex blogger Alvin was sorry, then why mock the “country bumpkins” now?

  1. Helen, dia nak kerja apa kat sana tu?? Cleaner?? Tuksng cuci pinggan kat chinese restaurant?? Tukang urut kat spa?? Cab driver??

    1. Probably launching his adult film career? His new Facebook account indicates that his location is in Los Angeles, CA.

      San Fernando Valley in greater Los Angeles metro area is famed for its porn industry (some ppl called the place San Pornando Valley). Just a guessin’ also. I dunno.

    2. When they have committed themselves to their devilish instincts to harm others, then We let them devolve into unreasoning beasts.

      1. re: “let them devolve into unreasoning beasts”

        Beasts have fangs and claws. They will bite and maul us.

        As things go, it looks as if there is nothing that can serve as a deterrent to them. Not even the Sedition Act.

  2. Porno movie industry also not so attractive now, with HIV/AIDS threatening livelihood of actors and actresses. Sorry Alvin, no potential there where you could have put your talents for all New Yorkers to enjoy.

  3. Does anyone else think that Vivian and Nurul Izzah could be sisters separated at birth? I mean, the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?

    1. Urm, welcome back to our tanahair that Alvin Tan has labelled “a toxic wasteland with tons of … too uneducated [people]”.

            1. And get it posted on his sex blog too! Perhaps by then he will make a name of himself in the USA, and help pave way for his kewarganegaraan? Hope he can inspire others like him, to follow his footsteps too! Good riddance!

  4. Hopefully Alvin will ends up in some nice white neighborhood somewhere in Tennessee, Georgia or South Carolina. Let’s see if the white mat salleh will lick his ass or they will salib him on a cross and burn him alive…you know the white supremacist neighborhood.

    If he ends up living in the ghettos…I bet he will be raped by big black dudes. So where are you going to stay Alvin? If you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time….you are gone bro…shot dead for no reason…hmmmm somebody has to take care your sweet Vivian.

    1. Vivian will take care of herself.

      He and Vivian went to Singapore to do a documentary. She made a point to go back to Malaysia. What did he do? CHABUT.

      I would support Vivian. At least she is brave to go back and face the law.

      (Question: Why did the Singaporean authorities stop him from leaving to somewhere which is not Malaysia? Or nobody checked at Changi?)

  5. I feel sad for the Tasmanian Devil… you know the near extinct animal in Tasmania. If Dapsters all migrated to Tasmania, not just the Tasmanian Devil will be gone, all kangaroos, koalas and all other marsupial in Tasmania will be gone… ends up in their cooking pot. Too expensive to buy porky pork… so all these will become substitute to porky pork.. hehe…

    Suddenly there will be a Dapster village in Tasmania… phew… red rockets will be flying everywhere in Tasmania… probably the white Tasmanian will move out and live in the South Pole instead…

  6. Why don’t u use yr creative talents to poke fun at US too?

    1. Osama or Obama, whats d difference? Both kill people.

    2. Niggers r pests but where else do I get dicks that big?

    3. US is the land of the free, that is until u pay yr taxes!!!

    Try it! It will be fun! Dont waste yr youth & creativity even in US.

  7. Helen let it be it his right.

    He a fugitive and he declare he a political refuge. USA aint dump and stupid they know what to do with such people. Best they will do is sent him one way trip to pluto.

    Don’t waste time with this people..

  8. Foolish and immature boy. Feel sorry for his parents (unless they actually raised him this way intentionally! )

    He craves attention. We should stop giving it to him. Just let him fade away into anonymity.

    Read that he went on an online rampage after discovering that Vivien cuckolded him with his best friend. Very pathetic for self proclaimed devil may care Lothario.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the U.S. does grant him a visa, they usually fall for this type of nonsense that he is cooking up.

    1. “Foolish and immature boy. Feel sorry for his parents (unless they actually raised him this way intentionally! )”

      Alvin is not a boy. He is certainly not 6 or 16 years old.

      You would notice even though these people are adults (over 18) they still behave like kids. Worst of all rich kids (kids?). Alvin Tan was really cocky when NUS expelled him.

      “I don’t really care if NUS take action against me. I am prepared to be expelled. Anyway, I have set up my own company here (in Malaysia) and is financially secure.”

      His cocky behavior will soon result he being stateless. Anyway Alvin Tan is not 6 or 16 years old. He is 26.

      Remember Chow Jack. He is 36! 36 and still peluk Hello Kitti.

      You must ask how these days Chinese parents raise their kids.

      I was looking at Saloma’s biopic. Look how matured people were at 15 back in the 60s. Back then Form 5 is considered very clever and very are matured even as a teenager.

      These days at 36, they are still playing with large toys (Hello Kitty)

      We say the younger generation are more in the know compared to us old people. We don’t suck our teddy bears at 15. What is wrong with the Chinese today?

      1. Chow Jack at 36 looks like a teenager (the photo link you gave) and behaves like one.

        Hannah Yeoh at 35 looks like a grandmother.

  9. How sure he is that he’ll get a green card? Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish!

    And let this be a lesson to all those KJ, Marina, Nazri gullible Melayu “moderates” who fall so easily when these closet racist DAPsters say “sorry.” This is what their apology really means and what they think of the Malays. “True colours come shining through…”

    Never ever believe these DAPsters fake crocodile tears!

  10. Good riddance.

    Why don’t we do the same to the politicians next?

    How many of them are facing cases now anyway?

    Perhaps Anwar is on his way to escape and seek ‘political asylum’ as well.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people who read about this whole affair have some guess at what kind of person Alvin is, and feels that his parting shot just confirms it.

    I’m interested at the part where he’s referring to Malaysians as people with super-low disposable income. I don’t feel so comfortable that this person priorities coincide with the current PM, only thinking about low and high incomes.

    Why does he think he came out on top when all he succeeded in doing(in his mind) was making people bitter, angry, dissatisfied, and jealous?

    He tell us,”Maybe you bitter souls should try migrating too.”

    Well, he’s the one who migrated.

    Maybe he’s the one who was bitter, angry, dissatisfied and jealous in the first place. Small wonder anyone selfish like that would start provocations, insults doesn’t care about others sensitivities, and offers meaningless insincere apologies when they can’t take the heat..

  11. He is no different from his holier than thou supporters is he? Insincere apologies & now badmouthing a country he once said was better than Singapore in his fb note.

    And worst of all, he left Vivian to face the persecution alone here. That’s a real douchebag of a gentleman ain’t it?

  12. This is nothing to shout about. He is a loser. Wait until some white boy calls him You Chink ! and then he will realize what a loser he really is.

  13. hahahaha! real stupid fella.

    i wonder how come a sex blogger claim to seek political asylum which he is not entitled to….. and then expecting the US Govt to simply accept and thereafter grant him the green card?

    what a joker!

      1. He said ‘Now, I’m on track to get a Green Card in a year’ but as we all know a lot of things can happen in one year. If something happens and his application is rejected, what is he going to do ? Come back to Malaysia ?

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