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“Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%”

Constitutional lawyer Tommy Thomas said Malaya reached a consensus in power sharing between the Malays and non-Malays when the country achieved independence and this compact is described as the “social contract” – see ‘Founding fathers will roll over in their graves about Zahid‘ (Malaysiakini, 24 Sept 2014).

Thomas was speaking at a plenary session at the International Malaysia Law Conference on the topic of ‘The Federal Constitution of Malaysia after 50 Years — What the Future Holds’. His two fellow panellists were Cyrus Das and Azmi Sharom.

GAMBAR HIASAN: Selepas 50 tahun, selepas setengah abad tertubuhnya persekutuan Malays-ia, papan tanda di tempat awam masih lagi mengetepikan penggunaan bahasa kebangsaan kita


Trade-off between Malays and non-Malays at Independence

Malaysiakini reported:

“Thomas said that non-Malays were awarded citizenship under jus soli (right of the soil) to cut ties with their countries of origin.”

The news portal quoted Thomas (pix below) as saying that the non-Malays had to agree to “the protection that the Malays have reserve land and enjoy employment in the public service”.

Tommy-ThomasHe is referring to the Malay ‘special position’ under Article 153 which provides for the quotas and is the mechanism enabling the other affirmative action programmes.

“In this equilibrium, the non-Malays are not to be relegated as second class citizens as there is no apartheid partition or repatriation,” Thomas was reported by Malaysiakini as saying with regard to the delicate balancing act between competing communal interests.

“What was required from the non-Malays at the time of Merdeka was undivided loyalty to the new nation. Diversity was encouraged and no pressure to make it into a one Malaysia race,” he added.

Thomas also remarked that “Even the chauvinistic of all Malay leaders then never called on the wholesale repatriation of Chinese and Indian immigrants from Malaya”.

Chinese immigrants wore ‘tudung’, konon

penoreh getah

ABOVE: These rubber tappers in this old photo look like they could be Chinese women

Alvivi vegetarian Bak Kut Teh benang basah-type of argument

Some DAP fan boys claim that the tudung is not exclusive to Muslim women who don the scarf as a religious obligation.

These DAP fan boys have claimed that the tudung does not solely denote a Malay-Muslim identity but instead can equally belong to the Chinese – just like Hang Tuah does.

They cite colonial-era labourers such as the immigrant women who carted bricks at construction sites, who panned tin (posed photo below) and who tapped rubber as examples of Chinese who have historically worn “tudung”.

Using these women – such as the rubber tappers above and the tin panners below – the DAP fan boys then argue that Hannah Yeoh and her selendang squad, when they descend upon the suraus and mosques wearing their tudung, should not therefore be accused of masquerading because … hey, Chinese women in Malaya have worn tudung since the 1900s, voila!!

This Chinese ‘tudung’ argument is no different from how they have contended that the Alvivi halal Bak Kut Teh is a chicken or “organic vegetarian” dish.

These Yahudi Yeohs are the kind of people you’re dealing with.

tin mining wash

The Merdeka bargain

Let’s go back to Tommy Thomas and what he was reported by Malaysiakini to have said about the ethnic bargaining conducted during Merdeka. I shall confine my excerpts to only the Chinese component and omit the Indian since our focus is on Sino-Malay relations.

Thomas said:

(1) The Chinese were given jus soli citizenship but this required that they “cut ties” with China

(2) In return and under this “social contract”, the Chinese had to concede to provisions for Malay reserve land as well as Malays getting government jobs (two examples cited by Thomas)

(3) Chinese would not be treated like second class citizens but at the same time, they must give their “undivided loyalty to the new nation”

(4) Chinese then living in the peninsula would not be sent back to China / “Even the chauvinistic of all Malay leaders then never called on the wholesale repatriation of Chinese …”

BELOW: Sex, Pork and Persecution – Alvin claims

Alvin Persecution

Undivided loyalty to Malaysia

Have the Chinese held up their end of the bargain of the social contract, i.e. by being loyal to the country? Mind you, when they got their citizenship paper by registration, they had to make a pledge of allegiance as below:


Perkara 18(1), 19(9)

Sumpah Pemohon bagi Pendaftaran atau Penaturalisasian

Saya …………………………. beralamat di ………………………. dengan ini mengaku atas sumpah bahawa saya dengan sesungguhnya dan sepenuhnya menolak dan bersumpah meluputkan segala kesetiaan saya kepada mana-mana negeri atau Negara di luar Persekutuan, dan saya bersumpah bahawa saya akan jujur dan menumpahkan segala taat setia saya yang sebenar kepada Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan akan menjadi seorang warganegara Persekutuan yang sebenar, setia dan jujur.

To become Malayan/Malaysian citiziens, the Chinese were required to swear that they shall,

  • menumpahkan segala taat setia kepada YDP Agong
  • menjadi warga yang sebenar, setia dan jujur

A true citizen, a loyal citizen, an honest (sincere) citizen …








Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Kib Kor 100%

ABOVE: “Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%”

Menteri Umno kata ‘you tak suka, you keluar’

Are Alvin and Vivian good and loyal citizens because they say they support Prime Minister Najib Razak 100 percent?

How many Chinese youth agree with Alvin taking the Umno minister’s advice?

Here’s what I-am-migrating Alvin said:

  • “Malaysia is a toxic wasteland”
  • “with tons of people with negative attitude”
  • “people are too uneducated”
  • “I’ve burnt all my bridges with Malaysia”
  • “I won’t return forever”
  • “enjoy your ‘beautiful’ country, you bumpkins”
  • “Maybe you bitter souls should try migrating too.”

Alvin quotes sourced from The Ant Daily

So how many Dapsters are like Alvin?

(894 words)


Merujuk kepada Saari Sungib, Adun Hulu Kelang dan Hasnul Baharuddin, Adun Morib



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59 thoughts on ““Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%”

  1. Looking at the pic depicting Malaysian Chinese students marching for Azmi Sharom you would think that you’re in Malaya pre Merdeka.

    As for the pic of Malaysian Chinese students with the national flag upside down, you ask the question, if a non white American were to to the same thing with an American flag, what would White Americans do to that non white ?

    1. The news portal quoted Thomas (pix below) as saying that the non-Malays had to agree to “the protection that the Malays have reserve land and enjoy employment in the public service”.

      What the fxxk that the non Malays had to agree for the above stupid arrangement.

      Malay Reserved Land is less than 12%..

      If the Malays are rich have a lot of money, they would rather be business people. The gomen jobs are for the poor people.

      Who is this Tommy boy? Is he a Chinese but look like an Indian fellow… name like a mat salleh…

      Dear Tommy Boy… why can’t you just check who own most of the wealth of this country?

    1. Doesn’t FB take down postings if enough people complain about it? The million Umno members should all complain to FB about him so his page can be closed down

        1. Yes, you are right. Oh well, if I have to pick I think my time is better spent watching the antics of the Kardashian family than this idiot.

        2. This is my absolute last comment on anything to do with this idiot who likes to show off his tiny pecker.

          I have always thought that it was difficult to gain entry into the US even if you are just visiting the country. If this wiener can actually gain asylum then the US immigration is dumb. His life is not in danger. He is facing up to RM50,000 fine and/or maximum of 5 year jail term, for being an idiot who thought that he was above the law. The government is not going to throw him in jail and then throw away the key (we wish!); there is no more ISA. Since the US is big on law and legalities they should send him back and let him face the law here.

          But hey, if the US wants him so bad so he can contribute for the greater good of the US of A, then please keep him and don’t allow him to leave ever.

          1. The US had even accepted Ayaan Hirsi Ali who was caught cheated the Dutch gomen, who had made her part of the gomen too, although briefly, when a reporter publishes her lies. All in the name of defaming and bullying Muslims and their country. They might do the same with this bugger too.

    1. They were mocking, as usual.

      Just as when Vivian draped herself in a BN flag and gave the appearance of being ‘nude’ (wearing nothing else but the flag), she was not really displaying support for BN but extending a backhanded insult.

  2. Alvin Tan is nothing but a snot nosed child who breaks the law and flees prosecution. Anarchist chaotic child who lacked sufficient love so seeks to delude others by “showing off” his lacklustre love trysts to the world in an effort to dispel his own paltry depravity.

    A truly civilised well adjusted human would understand the rules and social order, and seek to change and evolutionise within the confines of civil order. Neither Alvin Tan nor his advocate has shown any coherence to such endeavours, openly seeking to spew and stew chaos and sedition for the sake of asylum.

    Perhaps a fool would be fooled by such shenanigans, masquerading chicken as pork. But saying its ‘Bak kut teh’ where ‘bak’ means pork is in itself a self defeating argument and mindlessly delusional.

    How perverse can one get? Alvin and his advocate is most certainly a yardstick of how degenerate society can fall.

    1. re: “bak means pork”

      Bak means “meat” actually but is understood by the Chinese to mean pork by default.

      Like how “daging” is understood by Malays to mean beef, and the word tagged on to other animal flesh … daging ayam, daging kambing, daging rusa, daging arnab, etc. but we don;t need to specify “daging lembu” because it is already understood that daging is staple lembu.

      Similarly, other animal names are tagged to bak, e.g. goo bak (beef), kay bak (chicken), eaow bak (mutton), etc

      Bak Kut Teh is pork. A modern innovation is Chi Kut Teh, chicken.

      Kalau kita tengok pada niat Alvivi, memang dema bertujuan untuk mengacah. Hence going by the intention behind, the dish is indeed pork.

      Their supporters who twist to say BKT is chicken or vegetarian are showing their Yahudi Yeoh colours.

    2. Well, I pity those who become his victim. Obviously Vivian and his parent. Now he left Vivian alone and his parent to absorbed the anger of Malaysian as a result of his actions.

      Poor Vivan, after selling her body for this guy cheap porn stunt, she is left alone to face the music. Luckily tak pregnant.

      1. Pregnant oso no problem they can bully the Ah Jib Gor gomen to recognise the soon to be born child as anak Tan. Just like they did with anak Teoh ala Beng Hock!

  3. Helen,

    Why are you giving so much publicity to this guy….. let him be to enjoy his so call freedom and rights in the most free country on planet earth and do whatever he intend to do.

    One day when he matured and common sense kick in his horny brain then he will know hujan emas di negeri orang hujan batu di negeri sendiri…… lebih baik hujan batu…. peace!!! Hopefully by then no too late for him though.

  4. skirting and flaunting the law will land u in hot soup. If the Americans decide to allow him citizenship, then its good riddance to bad rubbish.

    A pix speaks 1000 words, yet what does it really say? An idiot with no inkling of rubber tapping would contend that Chinese women wore “tudung” back in 1900. Fact is rubber tappers worked at 0400 and wouldn’t need a tudung. Its a fake publicity photo… obviously. A clear eg of how low one would need to go to scrape at the bottom of the barrel and only hv pond scum to show for it.

    The problem here stems from freedom of speech, yet many snot nosed younglings tend to forget that there is responsibility and culpability that comes along with it. Complete freedom is an act of anarchy and lunacy.

    People with “revolutionary” ideas would be better off living in Egypt, Libya and Syria before spouting their “revolutionary” ideas. Propaganda spawn of western idiotic stooges.

    1. re: “Fact is rubber tappers worked at 0400 and wouldn’t need a tudung.”

      I would credit the pix as authentic. They might have wanted to protect their head from the dew or chill at 4am.

      1. And from the mosquitoes too….. I don’t think those ladies still wear the head gears after tapping rubber , when going about their life.

        1. Nope, they don’t.

          But then we’re talking about a bunch of people who, in their attempt to tegakkan benang basah, can claim that Bak Kut Teh is organic vegetarian.

    2. “An idiot with no inkling of rubber tapping…”

      Kt3m0© is either being stupid or purposely mischievous to spite Helen- pick one.

  5. Tommy Thomas like most of his colleagues in the opposition live in a convenient time warp because it suits them to do so. Their arguments are valid in a past that has long overtaken them past a future they have yet to come to grips with.

    “Social contract”and cliches like that term were created by a media that supports them. There was no social contract. The world he does not live in is dynamic and not static in some time warp in the past.

    We have all moved on except for a small but very vocal group who have this take on history about Jus Soli. It was never Jus soli not described in the Tengku’s cabinet papers as such either.

    The Malays remain a majority and it is not proper that we continue to threaten them and their rights and re write history to suit the distortions of the opposition and radicalize them in the process. A parlous game to play.

  6. Ramai orang marah dgn Alvivi mahu macam2 tindakan diambil keatasnya tapi kan…

    Anda tak risau ker silap haribulan nanti dia diambil jadi pengarah dan pelakun film…

    Malaysia Boleh….

      1. Helen,

        May i give some analysis on so called “social contract”.

        There is no such thing as “social contract”. It is a loose term to show understanding between Malays and non Malays prior to independence.

        Chinese and indians, being immigrants at that time, did not have position to demand or bargain anything. No doubt they provided feedbacks to Suruhanjaya Reid. But they did not have any legal standing simply because they were immigrants back then.

        Constitution takes a middle approach. Again largely due to generosity of Malay Rulers in granting citizenship in scale unheard off.

        Whether Chinese or indians agreed to specific [provisions for malays is immaterial. WHY? BECAUSE THEY WERE IMMIGRANTS at the very moments Constitution was drafted.

        1. re: “But they did not have any legal standing simply because they were immigrants back then.”

          The Chinese in Penang and Malacca were subjects of the British Crown, and the Queen generously off-loaded them onto the Persekutuan, bon appetit. :D

          1. Helen

            Yup. Which explains why Malays made up almost 90% of population (citizens). The others being Chinese in Straits Settlement.

            But in 9 states ruled by Malay rulers, Chinese were then immigrants.

            People are misled into thinking there was a bargain between Malay leaders and non Malay politicians from MCA, MIC. What we have was political cooperation.

            There is no social contract as Chinese and Indians were mere immigrants. Provisions on Malays in constitution were made in return to Malay rulers agreeing to mass citizenship exercise to non Malays.

            Simply said, due to this generosity shown, those who created Constitution felt that something must be given back to Malays. . It is a win win situation. Non Malays got citizenship. Malay heritages and Malay aspects accorded official status.

            In other words, while Tanah Melayu embraces non Malays into its fold, its heritage, traditions (Raja raja Melayu, Islam, Bahasa Melayu) are recognised.

            AND AFTER SEEING “monyet monyet ” from PKR, DAP in Selangor MB saga, I must say that the view of malays that Raja raja Melayu are important and as symbol of unity and living proof of their claim as “bumiputera” IS PROVEN TO BE A WISE DECISION.

            1. re: “In other words, while Tanah Melayu embraces non Malays into its fold, its heritage, traditions (… Bahasa Melayu) are recognised.”



              1. Helen,

                I got your message. I am pretty sure the very party in power, UMNO still does not understand it.

                One thing I learn is the way to deal with ungrateful people is we have to be firm. No two way about it. Firm yet fair.

                So I told off one of my friends recently to get lost if he has nothing good to say about his country, Malaysia. He was startled. Then i told him I and entire malay population are sick with his “toxic” attitude of complaining and accusing others(meaning UMNO, meaning Malays) as racist.

                Then I remind him that Singapore does not have vernacular schools when he started to compare Malaysia with Singapore. He was speechless. And he ignores when from that time onward.

  7. The best place for this sex crazy fellow Alvin Chipmunk is to be in US. He can have all sorts of sex game there…Kinky, bondage, he can even have sex with his loving pigs… he can get everything. He can run naked in the street… get raped by blacks dude..or get cut himself to pieces while having sex.

    1. it’s also the worst place because that’s one place that’ll sympathize with his cause (if he has any). Dude is being cute like he’s victimized by his own country, and running on a platform that he’s the brave maverick making it out there despite the harsh condition imposed by his own country.

      He’s taking sympathetic pictures, like posing with a bunga raya in US, inciting comments like ‘You had to leave but in reality you really love Malaysia,’ This boy knows what he’s doing. And the US LOVES anti-establishment, brash, confident scoundrel like him.

      before we know it, he might be the next poster boy of democracy/ reformation for Malaysia. Seriously.

      1. re: “before we know it, he might be the next poster boy of democracy/ reformation for Malaysia. Seriously.”

        That’s a thought and what you say is quite possible ‘) If it happens, lotsa Umno bloggers gonna be hospitalized for hypertension :D

            1. so he’s already on it, ma’am. If he’s telling the truth on his public fanpage – his current job is working as a political fundraiser for the Democrats. Boy works fast!

              1. re: “If he’s telling the truth on his public fanpage”

                I wouldn’t be surprised if he is.

  8. “I won’t return forever”

    Nampak gayanya tak pernah bayar cukai pendapatan la Ahkow ni. Lari macam tu saja ni mesti KWSP pun bukan ahli le..

    Kalau tak pernah bayar cukai pendapatan, sekadar duk balun subsidi dari kerajaan aje tak payah shout too loud la. Dengar tak Adam Adli?

  9. So much hatred that silly Alvin boy has towards Malaysia… he burnt his bridges n vowed never to return.

    I pity him the day when his parents pass on… Unless he brought them over there too…..

    1. Nek,

      Not just Alvin alone but the entire Dapster horde.

      DAP’s politics is built on this hatred.

      1. I wonder will the Dapter supreamos ever regretted one day for having created the young generation filled with hatred, kurang ajar, without sense of social etiquette….. A damage which tears the very fabric of multiracial harmony and I don’t think the harm done can ever be repaired. So sad for Malaysia and humanity.

      2. So is PKR’s and Anwaritas PAS’ hate for everything UMNO, as if there no good men and women left on board – as usual only the accusers themselves are goody two shoes, my foot!

      3. This self boasted 3 inch elephant trunk think that the yankees are color blind. Actually this color blind only can see the problem of dark and yellow fella.

        And your below spec. elephant trunk are too short to be E class xxx rated movie actor. And be prepare for your exhaust, it could backfire because western country use different type of piston.

  10. BAK KUT TEH has been getting a lot of bad press recently. It is really a tasty dish. You all should try it. They say belum cuba belum tau.

    Forget about chi kut teh, taste like shit. The real thing is better.

  11. Helen, did you see Alvin’s post on 13th October? Where he wrote an allegory of a place where Population A, having always lived in a place where richness is abundant, and have substandard genes cannot possibly compete with Population B who had gone through harsh conditions and tyrants abound, and therefore those who survived by natural selection had ‘elite genes’, therefore are far richer and prosperous for it. 10 points on who Population A and Population B are supposed to represent.

    Dude really doesn’t hide his own supremacy tendencies >.<

    p/s what happened to Annie's, do you know?

    1. No, I missed it. I only read Alvin when he makes news headlines.

      Annie’s blog is running full steam ahead. You can pop over and have a read.

  12. Thank goodness Alvin please don’t ever come back. We don’t need a trash like you who are being too insensitive to live in Malaysia, or perhaps seeking cheap attention to sell your butt? Go where you wish to go and don’t whine like a little baby.

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