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Will Najib defend his wife?

PAS laments that DAP and PKR are bullies.

PAS central committee member cum Pasir Mas MP Nik Abduh is complaining that the party’s Pakatan partners have become arrogant with power.

Nik Abduh, who is Nik Aziz’s son, said his Islamist party is a victim of bullying by DAP and PKR.

DAP pembuli

DAP and PKR evangelistas are bullies

What Nik Abduh says is very true.

The aggressive and abusive evangelistas are certainly not meek and mild and peace-loving as they always like to portray themselves. In truth, they are the very opposite of what they claim to be.

They bully everybody.

They’re the kind of people who say that black is white, white is black and on top of that, they concoct lies and spread slander without any qualms.

Google News 2014-09-27 22-09-14

Who controls the media?

Alvin Tan claims that Umno controls “the police force, the A-G’s Chambers, the lower courts, the media, and, via the media and the education system, the minds of the people”.

It is not true that Umno controls the media and “the minds of the people”. Please look at Google News, a sample which is screenshot above, snapped last night at 9.30pm.

Here is a full page screenshot of the Google news items last night. Google aggregates mainly the opposition portals. See content listing below.

Click 2x to enlarge

Google News Malaysia Chronicle

Google News yesterday at 9.33pm:

Four news items from Malaysia Chronicle


(1) Low blow from PAS

(2) BN media crank up pro Azmin spin

(3) To stop Azmin from becoming a Khalid

(4) Faye Wong-Nic Tse romance a fantasy or for real?

Three news items from The J-Star Online

(1) PAS councillor was victimised by DAP, says Nasrudin

(2) Export industry will benefit from GST

(3) Bali marathon

Two news items from The Malaysian Insider

(1) Walk the talk, social media users tell Najib over his UN speech

(2) Developer insists Johor’s biggest reclamation project is above board

Two news items from Sin Chew Jit Poh

(1) Pahang govt to bear plastic surgery cost for baby attacked by monitor lizard

(2) Malaysia to send medical experts to fight Ebola

One news item from Free Malaysia Today

(1) Our love affair with cars can be deadly

One news item from The Rakyat Post

(1) Women bowling team end medal drought with a silver

The Umno-owned NST is missing from the Google line-up above. Pro-establishment newspapers and media outlets are clearly omitted whereas the rabidly pro-opposition Malaysia Chronicle is the most visibly featured.

So how can Alvin Tan claim that Umno controls the media when Malaysian news aggregation is dominated by the pro-opposition and pro-Christian news portals?

When it comes to political news, it is the opposition media that sets the agenda. National news agency Bernama is only aggregated by Google for one item, and that is Sports news!

Below: PAS, especially its ulamas, get really bad press from the English media


An educated guess on Chinese dominance

The Google staff who compiled the news aggregation screenshot above is, I suspect, a Chinese opposition supporter.

I surmise this judging from her (or his) choice of the Malaysia Chronicle article on the ‘romance’ between Hong Kong singer-actress Faye Wong and Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse as something worth the attention of international web surfers logging on to the Google-Malaysia channel.

The same trend showing a strongly pro-opposition slant is discernible with Yahoo! News too.

News items featured as the day’s highlights are not selected by androids, you must remember. “Copytasting”, i.e. journalism jargon meaning “to pick what stories to run” is carried out by local Malaysians.

I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the editorial staff who fill the Yahoo!, Google and MSN offices in Kuala Lumpur are predominantly Chinese or Christian. Their prejudices and biases are reflected in the news aggregation.

Angry Chinese Merdeka Center

Najib has lost the plot

The Najib administration has lost the plot, lost control of the national narrative/dialogue, and Tun even thinks they’re going to lose GE14.

So no, Umno does not control the mind of the masses through a stranglehold on the ‘media’ (blogosphere and social media included).

It is instead the opposition, especially the DAP, who dictate the media climate and environment. BN is being bulldozed whether in Facebook, Twitter, alternative/online media or mainstream media. The J-Star is after all a Nest of Evangelistas.

And like Dr Kua Kia Soong says, the oppo apparatchiks are Rottweilers.

DAP controls one half (the “popular vote” half) of the masses to the point of perpetual hysteria. Anyone questioning or crossing the DAP Dear Leaders and Jerusubang icons will be savagely set upon and mauled by the Rotties. Ask Tunku Aziz. Ask Hasan Ali and Ustaz Nasha. Ask the four PAS excos under Khalid. Or ask Khalid Ibrahim himself.

BELOW: Najib listening to Wong Chun Wai, the chief evangelista of the J-Star


Najib selamba aje while his wife is insulted

Najib talks about moderates and moderation. He really needs to be reminded that this brutal bullying conducted by DAP is a form of extremism.

As voters who pangkah dacing in GE13, we expect the government which we put into power to protect us from the Pakatan bullies.

However Najib seems unable to defend his own wife from the online bullies.

Alvin Tan has rudely insulted Rosmah Mansor in his Facebook. He is free to show his middle finger to Umno, which he did.

Alvin also cocked a snook at the AG, the Chief of Police and the Home Minister but these are men and they can fend for themselves. The thing now is, will the Datuk Seri rise to the defence of his Datin Seri?

Twitter exchange

Hannah Yeoh: “which big mama?”

Mr Regina Lee: “Take a guess. Biggest of them all :) ”

Hannah Yeoh: “hu hu hu”

The opposition have been continually taking potshots at Rosmah, and today the infamous fugitive sex blogger joined the bash Rosmah bandwagon. That this phenomenon has been allowed to develop unchecked for so long reflects poorly on her husband.

How long more will Najib allow the bullies to bermaharajalela?

HannahTwitter TEH

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29 thoughts on “Will Najib defend his wife?

  1. Helen,

    The attitude of media alligned towards DAP is well known. There is no need to be alarmed. What need to be worried is Najib’s indifference to this critical situation.

    Najib still does not get it that it simply does not pay to be nice to DAP worshippers. Why Tun Dr Mahathir, Zainuddin Maidin are hated so much by these media alligned to DAP? Because these 2 personalities are willing to call a spade a spade.

    Tun and Zainuddin understand what malays feel about many issues. Both of them are able to appreciate the concerns of the malays UNLIKE NAJIB.

    During his tenure Tun was firm. FIRM YET FAIR. Tun “tak bagi muka pada media Cina yg menghasut. Malah ahli UMNO pun dia sumbat dalam ISA kalau dah mereka melampau. Zahid pun masuk ISA”.

  2. Berita seperti ini tak keluar dalam media pro pembangkang. Berita2 yang boleh memperlekehkan islam akan jadi topic hangat.,7340,L-4574844,00.html

    According to the passengers who were on the plane, their fellow ultra-Orthodox travelers refused to sit next to women prior to the takeoff, which not only delayed the flight, but caused actual chaos to ensue on the plane.


  3. u r reaLLY a very hard working lady maam.. salute

    may Allah bless u with good health and good life

    not any man can do what u r doing and i am one of the dissappointed one

    malaysia is always a lucky country to have person like u maam

    may Allah always bless our beautiful malaysia

    it is a pleasure to have u to remind us all.. thank you very much maam

    1. I recommend that you join Isma and contribute to Muslim society rather than depend on “maam” to fight your battles.

      1. Helen,

        Good point. One of the Malay weaknesses that DAP exploits is the attitude of “tak nak bising”.

        Malays, UMNO are never hysterical. For example, UMNO does not use Sultan of Slangor’s rebuke against PKR to its advantage. If I were to be Menteri Penerangan, I would repeat the footage on Sultan’s public reprimand again and again.

        In contrast, DAP never shies from telling lies. It went berserk over TBH’s death. It blamed UMNO for TBH’s death.

        1. re: “It went berserk over TBH’s death.”

          They go berserk every now and again, e.g. at Alifah Ting Abdullah, at Tun Hamid, at Ahmad Ismail.

          Sick and tired of their ranting and red hot rages.

          1. Helen,

            And there is only one way to deal with DAP. Be firm. and show no mercy.

            Guan Eng established a police force not answerable and loyal to Yang DiPertuan Agong. The act is tantamount to waging war against Yang DiPertuan agong.

            Why Guan eng not arrested? refusal to be firm is a plague that will destroy the country. It sends signal that Najib is “lembik’.

            1. If in Singapore you happen to meet rude, kiasu and robot-like people, they are definitely the locals, that is how PAP cultured them wan. So easy for foreigners to differentiate between Singaporeans and Chinese from mainland China.

              LGE is trying hard to UBAH Penang people to be like that wan lah.. Look at LKS and LGE’s faces, infact all of them inckuding the celaka Adun, muka tak tenang all the time macam harimau lapar aje.

  4. The Rakyat have seen enough since the Pakatan Trios have already shown their true colours already. What kind of governance do we the rakyat are expecting from the Pakatan should they are in power? We don’t blame the Chinese because we have all seen they can be very polite and humble as a business operator. But once they are in power this is what we can expect to get from their so called Chinese evangelista.

    Even Guan Eng has been caught trying to sabotage the country with his negative statement while he was in Hong Kong. Source info - Just wonder why didn’t the Government brought him to justice? I bet he will be caught in no time if Guan Eng is a Malay.

    Quit simply Najib should be more stern in his stance not to be a “softie” towards these bunch of bullies. Otherwise he should step down and let somebody else lead the country.

  5. Re I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the editorial staff who fill the Yahoo!, Google and MSN offices in Kuala Lumpur are predominantly Chinese or Christian. Their prejudices and biases are reflected in the news aggregation.

    To be a bit more precise, they are not predominantly Chinese or Christian. They are predominantly Anglophile/Christian.

    Google’s Malaysian office is located at the Quill 7 Jalan Stesen Sentral KL Sentral. Their Malaysian operation is responsible for sales and marketing. Sales and Marketing ! No wonder they are so good at recruiting people to their causes.

    BN is really just about useless when it comes to sales and marketing.

    Habis lah ! News aggregation is essentially a form of propaganda. If you believe it then it means you’ve been brainwashed and judging by the popularity and frequency the pro opposition crowd is exposed to these news feeds and aggregation it is safe to say that they have all been brainwashed.

    1. re: “BN is really just about useless when it comes to sales and marketing.”

      MCA-BN is really doing sales and marketing for the other side.

  6. I think you have pointed out something very interesting.
    Indeed Google, Yahoo and the likes in Malaysia definitely being helmed by a member of the cult of CCP – Chinese Christian Pakatoon.

    If you look at other country sites of these news aggregators (HK, Singapore, India, Philippines, etc), typically they only pick up news from the major newspapers. But only in Malaysia, the opposite is true where the stories are picked up mainly from unknown, unreliable and politically-driven news portals.

    Not only this but even the international news agencies like AP, AFP, Reuter, etc. are being headed by the CCPs. If you read their coverage of Malaysia, they never report on any usual stories that happening to the country but focus almost exclusively on the negative aspects that paint an unfaltering picture of the government, the Malays, the Muslims, etc.

      1. I think the Malays have for too long allowed the “PAS Islamist” discourse in tandem with “Anwaristas-Saudi” realpolitik to overwhelm the Malay identity and to dictate the manner in which their religion ought to be practiced in the modern world.

        I can’t see how irrational and often radical Arab chauvinism and Anwar’s cunning could ever approximate the image of the wise Bendahara Tun Perak and the sanguine Hang Tuah ministering to the global entrepot of the Malacca Sultanate.

        Malaysian Chinese could never reject a personage like the muslim Admiral Zheng He and the dragon fleet voyages of peaceful diplomacy, but many Malaysians today are bewildered by the contradicting types of “Malay cultures” manifesting in society.

        Ultimately, the ISIS jihadist is just as terrible as the Maoist communist. If PAS’ Islamist State is a failed vision, as evidenced worldwide, then DAP’s Maoism co-opting western rapture evangelism to keep abreast of global political realities is also grounded on false premises. Only thing is, it begets the gold and glory better than their Pakatan partner.

        There are many good and intelligent young Malay individuals out there, but the UMNO cronies are indeed committing harakiri on the Malay people.

    1. Sudah tiba masanya anak muda berjuang dalam DAP , meruntuhkan dogma dan rasisma yang lama ditanam dalam benak rakyat Malaysia

      I l o l the moment i read it. so l o l !

      Yet they are the very same people obsessed with race and hate. Look at their portals. Look at their news sites. The main topic is race/hate. l o l cakap tak serupa bikin l o l !

      Jamila Rahim a.k.a Melati Rahim merupakan seorang graduan dari UNISEL dalam jurusan Diploma TESL. Ini pulak recruit mereka yang terbaru. TESL bagus lah. They need the English language to disseminate their race/hate propaganda. You have to admit that of all the known languages in the world, English is the best medium when it comes to disseminating, propagating and spreading race/hate propaganda.

      Re Melati berkata wawasan dan asas DAP yang membuatkan beliau tertarik untuk bersama parti itu.

      Siapa yang tak tertarik ? The easiest way to get esposure not just to fame but also fortune. Fame and fortune = wawasan dan asas DAP. Don’t believe me ? Take a good look at Speaker Prada.

      Re “Jika diteliti secara kasar, perlembagaan DAP itu sendiri, humanisme atau dasar kemanusiaan diletakkan sebagai tunjang dan teras utama.

      Ya lah tu. If you want to know what bad comedy is, this is it l o l !

      Re “Sejujurnya, DAP lebih dekat dengan keadilan seperti yang digagaskan oleh Islam. Islam merupakan prinsip utama saya dalam meneruskan kehidupan sebagai hamba Tuhan.

      Tapi bila isu hudud diketengahkan, DAP tak habis habis menentang. l o l !

      Re “DAP menentang ‘kapitalisme parti’, mereka mempraktikkan perkara ini dengan meminta setiap ahli parlimen dibawah DAP mewakafkan di antara 20 hingga 30% daripada gaji mereka kepada parti.

      Kan DAP ni MLM jadi biasa lah. Bukan itu saja, malahan mereka juga mewakafkan sebahagian gaji mereka kepada gereja mereka bagi mereka yang beragama Kristian. Tak hairan lah gereja mereka ni macam syarikat besar a la conglomerate l o l !

      Re “Senaraikan kepada saya siapa ahli parlimen di dalam DAP yang memakai kereta mewah selepas menjadi wakil rakyat?

      Kalau kita ambil gambar mereka dengan kereta mewah mereka, kita akan terima surat peguam kerana kita telah mencabuli privacy mereka. You tak pernah dengar ke ? l o l !

      Re “Di negeri naungan DAP itu juga mempunyai briged yang ditugaskan menjaga keselamatan awam di kawasan masing-masing dengan kelengkapan penuh yang di taja sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan Pulau Pinang.

      Ya lah sampai ada orang kena hentam, cedera. Siapa yang tak idam khidmat yang disediakan oleh mereka ? l o l !

      Re “Hadirnya wakil rakyat dari kaum Melayu dan India seperti Zairil Khir dan Ram Karpal menguatkan lagi bukti bahawa DAP bukanlah parti Cina yang anti Islam.

      No Malay No Indian No Chinese All Malaysian sudah tak laku lagi. Slogan baru patut berbunyi No Malay No Indian No Chinese All Malaysian All Muslim. l o l !

        1. Mereka wajib bikin serupa cakap. Kenapa tudung Hannah tu kejap pakai, kejap tanggal?

          Kalau betul-betul diikutkan “tradisi” (konon lah, sepertimana ia telah dicanangkan oleh pendakyah Dapsters), maka wanita Cina sudahpun tamapk “bertudung” sejak zaman nenek-moyang pendatang mereka di Tanah Melayu.

          Wanita-wanita Cina ini mengenakan tudung ketika mereka bekerja menoreh getah, mendulang bijih timah dan sebagai buruh kasar di tapak pembinaan.

          Dengan itu, seiring mengekalkan warisan budaya tersebut yang diuar-uarkan pencacai Dapster mereka, wajar Puan Prada memakai tudung ketika dia pergi kerja dan bukan setakat tatkala melantak di majlis-majlis berbuka puasa di surau dan masjid.

          1. Puan Prada mungkin akan start dengan purdah. Then perlahan-lahan pakai tudung. Lepas tu skaf. Pastu barulah selendang. Dan diikuti dengan ‘free hair’!

            Purdah can kosher DAP anti Islam image!

              1. His expression of………

                l o l ! Still denying that he’s anti Islam and anti Muslim. The truth is, they are vehemently anti Islam anti Muslim.

                1. Just like how they deny that the Alvivi Bak Kut Teh is a pork dish, and deny that DAP evangelistas wearing tudung to mosque is a form of masquerade.

                  They live in their own singularly sick moral universe.

      1. Re “Senaraikan kepada saya siapa ahli parlimen di dalam DAP yang memakai kereta mewah selepas menjadi wakil rakyat?

        LOL, don’t have to go so far, the Tokong helped himself to a S Class Mercedes using public money. But then this blinkered thinking is very common among Dapsters.

    2. I think recruit like this that empower DAP to trash Pas like there is no tomorrow.

      DAP seems to be confident that they can get votes from traditionally impregnable Muslim-Malay bloc.

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