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EvangeliSTAR campaigning in colleges and universities next

The EvangeliSTAR and their Voices are taking their ‘Moderation’ campaign into its next phase.

Moving into the colleges and universities, the evangelistas will no doubt be telling students that the ultra right-wingers are “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” who are “racist, extremist and bigots” devoid of any “rational and balanced views” – see Wong Chun Wai’s most recent column yesterday.

Does Najib Razak support the J-Star‘s agenda, considering that his NGO headed by Saifuddin Abdullah is working hand-in-glove with the EvangeliSTAR?

Saifuddin’s involvement also indicates that government money is being spent on helping the evangelistas penetrate into the colleges and universities to reach young minds.

BELOW: Chun Wai and Saifuddin Abdullah

chun wai saifuddin

Acceptance of the evangelista Peace & Harmony

The Nest of Evangelistas has been running a so-called ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign purportedly to promote:

  • Acceptance
  • Harmony
  • Peaceful co-existence

How much funding exactly is the Prime Minister’s Department channelling to this J-Star “moderates” project?

Brave Views Bold Ideas

Ada bikin serupa cakap?

Let’s look at the J-Star‘s “Brave Views, Bold Ideas” advertisement messages, in the order that the personalities/public figures appear in the MCA media’s poster campaign.

•  Marina Mahathir: “If politicians are for the people, why do they insist on dividing us?”

My view: Now, now, Marina mustn’t hedge. It is only fair that she be upfront and tell us specifically who are the divisive politicians she has in mind.

Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam: “As loyal Malaysians, we must reject and fight extremism – before it is too late!”

My view: What does the Tan Sri mean by “extremism”? Can give one example?


Wong Chun Wai: “Stand up against religious and racial bigots, that’s the only way to keep the country moderate.”

My view: I’m discussing Wong’s message at length – please scroll down.

BELOW: Wong spouting off to the PM

Does Najib Razak listen to other advisers? Why is he unwilling to lend Tun an ear?


Azmi Sharom: “If we value the democratic process, we must defend it and continue to take part in it.”

BELOW: “the democratic process” in action … ‘Love’ students demo in solidarity with Azmi over his sedition charge


Zainah Anwar: “Too many of us have remained silent while our democracy is being trampled.”

My view: Democracy means different things to different people. What rights and freedoms is Zainah (Sisters In Islam co-founder) referring to in particular?

Zaid Ibrahim: “We must be allowed to develop critical, questioning minds to be empowered in a modern Malaysia.”

My view: Fair enough. I hope that Datuk Zaid will speak up against the Rottweillers who savagely maul anyone venturing to put forward critical questions directed at the Pakatan leadership. Please refer to Dr Kua Kia Soong HERE on the Rotties.

BELOW: Karim Raslan and Puan Prada

Karim Raslan and Hannah Yeoh

•  Karim Raslan: “We cannot fulfil our potential if we remain obsessed with race and religion.”

My view: In which case, I would be very curious as to Karim’s opinion on Articles 3 and 153 of the Federal Constitution.

•  Wan Saiful Wan Jan: “Liberalism is not an alien concept. It is the founding philosophy of this nation.”

My view: On this score, Isma should extend an invitation to him for a public debate.

•  Tan Sri Razali Ismail: “This country requires genuine reconciliation and all parties must close ranks for the sake of the country.”

My view: You mean reconcile with the Alvins and the Vivians? Tall order!

BELOW: Marina and Niki Cheong

Marina organized the fast for the non-Muslims with Scissorati Nikki Cheong, and publicized by The J-Star

Idris Jala: “We need to be an inclusive society to transform Malaysia into a high income nation.”

He is the cabinet minister in charge of Pemandu and who oversees TalentCorp. What is he transforming Malaysia into?

Niki Cheong: “Are we wrong in wanting a better Malaysia, even if it differs from what some of us think it should be?”

My view: What exactly about the status quo is he objecting to, and what aspect of Malaysia does he want to “Ubah” /change?

The above, briefly, are my views on the J-Star‘s syok sendiri self promo. What do you, my dear readers, think of the J-Star project?


Anti-“religious and racial bigots”

J-Star CEO , the uber evangelista Wong Chun Wai, provided a review of his organization’s ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign in his newspaper column recently on Sunday.

In his article ‘Keep pushing for moderation‘, Chun Wai vented at his usual targets.

Presuming to speak for Malaysians, he said the rakyat “were fed up of politicians, or any group or individuals, who used race and religion to win support”.

“They were likewise fed up of those politicians who maintained a deafening silence as the voices of some racist personalities and groups grew louder,” Chun Wai wrote.

Zainah Anwar: “We are all Allah’s children” (nobody educated her that Allah does not beget and nor is He begotten?)

Marina Mahathir dan Zainah Anwar, pengasas Sistsers in Islam, mengadakan flashmob serentak di ibukota

Chun Wai also wrote:

“A small number of right-wingers, known for their ultra-nationalistic views, posted angry statements on their blogs but offered no rational and balanced view apart from making sweeping personal remarks.”

Together with Najib pet Saifuddin, who heads Najib’s NGO the Global Movement of Moderates, the next move by Chun Wai and his J-Star “would be to reach the young in our colleges and universities”.

He said that together with the GMM, “we are now charting our plans on how we can reach the 60 tertiary institutions spread across the nation”.

The evangelistas are moving into the campuses to conquer minds while the Minister of Youth is busy doing ice bucket, selfies and zumba.

KJ zumba 7

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11 thoughts on “EvangeliSTAR campaigning in colleges and universities next

  1. “Let the superior man never fail reverentially to order his own conduct; and let him be respectful to others and observant of propriety. Then all within the four seas will be his brothers.”

    Confucius reminded us that the “inner rules of propriety” are:-
    the open mind, sincerity, purity of purpose, will, courage, poise, and all the rest. These must first be attained; otherwise mere outward conformity with “proper etiquette” is void of substance. The Analects record that: “It is by the “rules of propriety” that the character is established. Without an acquaintance with the “rules of propriety”, it is impossible for the character to be established by “proper etiquette.”

    So, the issue of “moderation” as delineated by the council, namely : acceptance, harmony, and peaceful coexistence, cannot be disenfranchised from the moral criterion of what is right and wrong, within the individual in regard of his Divine Origin, as well as without, in terms of his interpersonal relationships with respect to human rights and responsibilities.

  2. Kalau Voice of Moderation tu dah dapat restu PM, nak cakap apa lagi. Dah memang tujuan laa nak rosakkan minda anak2 muda terutamanya di instituisi pengajian tinggi.

    Takkan bebal sangat pemimpin umno sampai tahap ni pun nak kena ingatkan oleh Helen Ang. Malu laa sikit.

    Nanti bila ramai jadi Adam atau Alvivi tau pulak marah.

    Memang tak boleh harap…

    He had warned, that our choice of words colours our thinking. Those who are talking about Islamic Renaissance are trying to get the European experiences to guide their efforts. Islam calls for islah and tajdid – self reform and renewal. Dictionary may translate Renaissance into tajdid but history tells us otherwise.

    When we talk about tajdid and islah, we think the likes of Sayyidina Umar Abd Aziz, Hassan Basri, Imam Ghazali and many more Islamic scholars. When we talk about Renaissance, the names that come into our mind are Plato, Petrarch, Machiavelli and the likes. Khalid concluded that the difference between the two lists is like that between day and night.

  3. Well. On the topic of universities, I am extremely happy that now forecast results are not recognised as entrance level.

    Let me tell you the way how Penang Chinese escape Latihan Khidmat Negara especially the method used by Melissa Gooi’s alma mater. (Kolej xxxx)

    1. Enrol your Chinese kid at a local college when the kid receives notification for KLN. Use the forecast results.

    2. The college will print a letter to ask for deferment of LKN. The college even has a standard letter.

    3. Enter the college.

    4a. Continue a diploma course if pass SPM and ask for further deferment.
    4b. Take a remedial diploma if fail SPM and ask for further deferment.

    5. Continue with a degree and ask for further deferment.

    By then LKN would have forgotten about the kid. JLKN does not chase for people who have not completed the LKN by deferment for all reasons.

    For those who want to enter STPM will end up doing LKN because Form 6 does not start immediate after Form 5.

    You all know the reason given that letting students wait for Form 6 and blablabla it is waste of time to let students wait, students might loiter while waiting is pure bull. Many Chinese Middle and Upper class moms do not want their kids to go to LKN. The kids might pick up some lower class Chinese, a Malay or horrors an Indian.

  4. “When we look beyond race, religion and cultural barriers and come together as Malaysians”

    This is a typical Evangelista hidden agenda. Please be moderate fellow, forget your race, religion and culture, then we will absorb you. We have been Malaysians for the last 51 years. Why not just have one aliran sekolah, then we can come together as Malaysians, something similar to Indonesia or in USA. Mana ada negara dalam Dunia yg Ada sekolah dengan 3 aliran bahasa ? Macamana nak jadi true Malaysians?

    Even in USA the race is defined as “white”, “blacks”, “hispanics”, ” asian”, etc. Malays in USA may be mistaken as hispanics . Alvin The Fugitive will definitely be known as Asian. Of course their nationality is American. Our nationality is Malaysian. Apa yg sibuk sangat? Tak faham ke dah 51 tahun kita ni Warganegara Malaysia?

    Warganegara (nationality) berbeza dengan Bangsa (Race). Tak ada satu negara yg menggunakan Bangsa sebagai menggantikan Warganegara. Ada ke Bangsa Amarika? Warganegara America, Bangsa Hispanics.

    We don’t need to look beyond our race, religion and culture to define our nationality as Malaysian. As a Malaysian you have to respect it’s constitution and rules of law. There’s no logic that someone has to look beyond his race, religion and culture so that he or she be accepted as Warganegara Malaysia.

    If one does not respect the constitution and rules of law, this has nothing to do with race, religion or culture. This person simply has to surrender his or her Warganegara Atau Kerakyatan Malaysia and just migrate out, mungkin jadi Australian (Chinese).

    1. re: “There’s no logic that someone has to look beyond his race, religion and culture so that he or she be accepted as Warganegara Malaysia.”

      You’re absolutely correct. The J-Star is deliberately, sneakily being illogical.

      The problem is that the “moderate” NGO founded by Prime Minister Najib is supporting the EvangeliSTAR campaign.

      Why is Najib’s Global Movement of Moderates endorsing the message that everyone has to look beyond his race, religion and culture so that he or she be accepted as a Malaysian?

      Is the PM confused?

      1. Need we remind us that some among them are advocates of their own interpretation of “moderation”; they are on the bandwagon of the “transcendental unity of religions” a.k.a. Ambigaism – it’s an ideological pluralism that problematically reduces one and all forms of religious doctrine and practice to the same level. The claim for common shared values is often not shored up by convincing proof nor is it able to stand up to the contradictions between religious cultures which obviously manifest.

  5. Ms H. Have these so-called evangelists gone off their heads. Just look at Hong Kong. China is not going to budge even though the Chinese in Hong Kong and China are the same.

    And in our beloved Malaysia, these evangelists can only be labelled as ordinary troublemakers within the context of our Constitution and Malaysian Democracy! See these agitators representing shadowy figures are barking up the wrong tree!

    Instead on focussing on National Development, these troublemakers are bent on stirring up trouble in a land now basks in peace, harmony and prosperity.

    It is the Devil at work in their nubile minds! At the slightest sign of trouble, these troublemakers run off to a safer haven. Cowards! Like the guy who has no shame!

  6. I just dont understand how do we come together without religion, culture and race to become moderates. What are the basis and standards of moderation are they talking about can they explain in detail of what are we to become.

    1. If the Religion of the Federation was Christianity and the Chinese were the majority race in the country, these Firsters would not have created this “No Race, Beyond Religion” slogan.

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