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Why Saari must be sacked, the big picture

The 2004 general election was held on March 21. Under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, BN recorded its most spectacular victory ever.

A closer look into the results of the 11th general election (GE11) reveals that despite the BN’s emphatic win, the Chinese electorate did not however give the BN any more support than they did in the previous GE10 in 1999.

The analysis by Aliran reproduced in the table below divides the peninsula seats into three major types:

  • generally RURAL large Malay-majority seats with more than 70 percent Malay voters
  • URBAN large Chinese-majority seats with more than 70 percent Chinese voters, and
  • semi-urban MIXED seats wherein no particular ethnic group constitutes more than 70 percent of the voters

Aliran’s analysis by Dr Francis Loh compares the amount of votes in percentage obtained by BN in 1999 and 2004.

In 1999, there were 10 Parliament seats where Chinese voters made up more than 70 percent of the electorate. BN won 4 out of these 10.

In 2004 after Parliament was expanded from 193 to 219 seats following a constituency re-delineation exercise, there were 12 Parliament seats where Chinese voters made up more than 70 percent of the electorate. BN won only 2 out of these 12.

2004 election

Therefore in terms of its total number of Chinese-majority seats, BN fared worse in 2004 than it did in 1999. BN’s Chinese performance can be summed up as:

1999 (GE10):  bad

2004 (GE11):  worse

2008 (GE12):  terrible

2013 (GE13):  disaster

GE14:  guarantee wipe-out

If we look at the “popular vote” percentages in 1999, BN polled 48.5 percent in the large Malay majority constituencies. This is the traditional Umno vs PAS battleground.

In 2004, BN’s vote share in the hugely Malay-majority seats took a leap up to 59.1 percent. We can interpret this as BN not only regaining Malay support (following its loss due to the 1998 Anwar Reformasi and 1999’s poor showing in the general election) but enjoying a huge vote swing.

BN registered a whopping 10.6 percent increase in popular votes in the rural Malay seats. In the Chinese urban areas nonetheless, it is a different story. Despite the overall trend of BN’s enormous popularity in 2004, the ruling coalition actually suffered a loss of the Chinese popular vote in the Chinese-majority seats.

In 1999, BN received 48.0 percent of the votes in urban seats which had more than 70 percent Chinese voters. In 2004, BN received 46.5 percent of these Chinese urban votes.

Between GE10 and GE11, the BN Chinese parties saw a drop of 1.5 percent in Chinese support. Therefore, the Chinese urban voters had in reality bucked the national trend of warmly embracing Pak Lah in his first term.

As a counter check, please note that the BN’s performance in Sarawak both in 1999 and 2004 did not witness any major change. BN made a clean sweep of the Sarawak Parliament seats in 1999, winning 28 out of 28, and similarly made an almost clean sweep in 2004, winning 27 out of the 28 Sarawak seats.

In Sabah, the BN did significantly better in 2004 compared to 1999.

All in all though, Pak Lah’s resounding electoral success in 2004 came from the Malay rural voters (meaning Umno trumped PAS in the Malay heartland) as well as in the mixed constituencies where the BN has generally performed better than its rivals until 2013 when PKR outperformed BN in the mixed band – see GE13 table below.

Chinese voters GE13

On the Chinese front, what the 2004 election results tell us is that the BN was never much in favour with Chinese voters and its popularity keeps slipping with each successive GE. Come the next one, any vestiges of BN’s last hold on Chinese community loyalty would have evaporated.

But let’s also zoom in on PAS’s track record.

In 1999, PAS had 27 MPs in the Dewan Rakyat. In 2004, this number dropped drastically to seven. This goes to show that PAS bore the brunt of Umno-BN’s runaway GE11 success.

By comparison in 1999, DAP had 10 MPs in the Dewan Rakyat. In 2004, DAP had 12 MPs. We must remember that 2004 was the year that BN notched its most exhilarating performance. Yet the DAP did not suffer but managed to increase its MPs by two. What this goes to show is that the Chinese hardcore support for DAP never wavered even in the face of Hurricane Dollah.

In 1999, PAS retained Kelantan and won Terengganu. In 2004, PAS allowed the BN to recapture Terengganu with a thumping margin of victory. BN snatched back the penyu state winning 28 out of 32 DUN seats.

At the same time, BN under Pak Lah made a strong clawback in Kelantan, gaining up to 21 state seats to PAS’s 24. The Kelantan DUN has altogether 45 seats.

A by-election was called in Pengkalan Pasir, Kelantan in 2005 following the death of the PAS incumbent. In the December by-election, Umno wrested the seat from PAS to further reduce PAS’s majority in the state.

In 2005, Kelantan was the sole opposition state in the country.

Kelantan DUN

  • 21 March 2004: PAS (24), Umno (21)
  • 6 Dec 2005: PAS (23), Umno (22)

As you can see from the donut chart below, PAS was holding on to Kelantan by a whisker.

In such a precarious 23-to-22 scenario, a switch by just a single PAS Adun would have cost the Islamist party the state through the collapse of the PAS government. Something like Perak 2009 when the Pakatan state government was toppled by DAP and PKR crossovers could have happened in Kelantan 2005.

(Note that PAS Aduns maintained their integrity in Perak when DAP and PKR Aduns succumbed.)

Cross comparison: Joseph Pairin Kitingan’s PBS state government was installed in February 1994 after narrowly winning the Sabah election securing 25 seats against the BN’s 23. The Pairin administration sadly lasted only two weeks. With the defection of his Aduns, Pairin was forced to resign as Sabah chief minister on 17 March 1994 after losing his majority in the state assembly.

Remarkably, the Nik Aziz administration remained intact in December 2005 despite having only a one-seat advantage in the DUN. This was due to the iron-clad bai’ah held by the PAS Aduns.


Unlike Umno, PAS has never possessed immense financial and other resources. What PAS has is its wala, the tremendous discipline of its elected representatives and immense volunteerism of its rank-and-file members.

Among all the political parties, PAS is the one most respected for its ethics and distinguished for its istiqamah. PAS is ideological and philosophical in the way that Umno Baru cannot come close.

Hence what Saari Sungib and Hasnul Baharuddin did struck at their party’s spiritual core and existential foundation. An arrow shot straight to the heart.

Their action was nothing short of treachery, one as tragic as the frog-jumping that once caused PBS to cede Sabah.

When PAS’s Hulu Kelang and Morib Aduns langgar bai’ah, the question surfaced as to what punishment could be meted out to the traitorous duo. There was no precedent to refer because such a thing had never happened before.

Muslims take sumpah laknat very seriously. Sejahat-jahatnya Anwar Ibrahim sekalipun, dia tidak berani bersumpah di masjid perihal kes liwat Saiful Bukhari.

It would not be amiss to say that the betrayal by Saari and Hasnul (pix below flanking Kit Siang) sent a big shockwave rippling – how could PAS people ever do such a thing!

How could they? They could and they did because they have been morally contaminated by the DAP and PKR.

Let’s now revisit the 2008 general election to trace the damage that the DAP has wrought on the moral fibre of our nation.

Political scientist Chandra Muzaffar has explored the reasons behind the BN’s shocking reversal of fortune. The following excerpts are taken from his article ‘The polls – and the BN debacle‘ (17 March 2008).

Dr Chandra wrote that one should not be surprised that the opposition parties harnessed to the hilt all the dissatisfaction of the Indians and the Chinese.

Although some Umno wrongdoings deserved to be exposed, nonetheless “some Opposition leaders had no compunctions about disseminating scurrilous allegations pertaining to the private lives of government figures without providing incontrovertible evidence,” said Dr Chandra.

Dalam kata lain, mahupun tidak berbekalkan bukti yang kukuh mahupun keterangan sahih, sesetengah pemimpin pembangkang masih tetap melontarkan pelbagai tohmahan terhadap orang kerajaan tanpa apa-apa batasan atau sedikit rasa berdosa.

Sebut fitnah lah tu.

According to Dr Chandra:

“Truths, half truths, distortions, exaggerations and outright lies were mixed into a scintillating cocktail and served to the people by an Opposition who, like the government parties, was ever ready to separate means from ends in pursuit of state and parliamentary seats.”

Bagi puak pembangkang, matlamat menghalalkan cara.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr Chandra’s assessment that the opposition are willing to spew (and have done so abundantly) outright lies in their pursuit of power. Preservation of Truth has been the first casualty of the DAP greed and power craziness.

In Dr Chandra’s view, GE12 was perhaps the election in which the new ICTs had tremendous impact. The opposition had utilised not just Internet and SMS-es to the fullest and good effect but employed DVDs and other digital technology too for their info dissemination.

Opposition politicians had succeeded in opening up channels of conversation with the young through effective use of the new ICTs, he said.

I will add that those unregulated ICT networks also enabled the evangelista pollies to better tell lies to impressionable and politically naive youngsters, and in the process creating hordes of Dapsters.

Dr Chandra advanced a convincing theory as to how the non-Malay voters are emboldened due to the role played by Anwar.

Drawing on history, he recalled that in the 10 May 1969 general election, the newly formed, mainly Chinese Gerakan had trounced the MCA and MIC in Penang. Gerakan was fronted by a credible Malay face Prof. Syed Hussein Alatas as its president.

Similarly in the 1990 general election, DAP steamrolled the MCA and the MIC in Penang when it teamed up with Semangat 46 led by Tengku Razaleigh.

(And presently post-2013, the DAP is riding on PAS Malays if I may say.)

LKS saari hasnul


ATAS: DAP kaduk naik junjung memang kuat melantak dan tak hairanlah betapa bulat jadinya mereka

Dr Chandra summarized:

“Non-Malays felt confident that they could go for the jugular because a Malay leader of stature was prepared to espouse their cause.

“The Chinese in particular were brave enough now to abandon their often cautious and pragmatic approach to political change.”

He said that several NGO magazines were “shamelessly pro-Opposition [and] unwilling to evaluate their favourite opposition leaders on the basis of those standards and principles that they insist Barisan officials adhere to”. I’m certain Dr Chandra is alluding to the Aliran magazine as one of the culprits.

“Much of cyber media was also loaded against the Barisan,” he added.

Dr Chandra pointed out that “[w]henever a government provides some latitude for free expression after decades of authoritarian rule, the ensuing debate often tends to weaken the position of the ruling elite who had in the first instance broadened the scope for dissent”.

This syndrome took its toll on the Badawi administration in 2008’s GE12, Dr Chandra concluded.

Sleepy Dollah and his fourth floor boys opened the floodgates and BN has been hemorrhaging support ever since.

Among the opposition pollies, DAP’s evangelistas have been the ones most responsible for the politics of hate. They have sown distrust and destroyed goodwill, splitting the populace and pitting the people against each other. They have callously and calculatedly entrenched the culture of fitnah in our political landscape.

Whomsoever is aligned with DAP are given the seal of approval as “us” while those who don’t see eye to eye with their Christian politics thrusts are demonized as “them”. To the DAP and its rabid, fanatical followers, Saari and Hasnul are now firmly ensconced in the “us” camp and thus it was no surprise that they were accorded a “hero’s welcome”.

These two renegades risk becoming more DAP than PAS.

PAS does not benefit from the Pakatan set-up. It is exploited and bullied, and when PAS has outlived its usefulness, the party will be discarded. By then, the DAP will have their own Dyana’s to hold the fort.

The opposition pact is more of a vehicle for the DAP ascendency. It’s clear that DAP is miles ahead as the strongest party dominating the pact while PAS is lagging behind and steadily losing ground.

DAP’s direction will inevitably lead it to collide head on with PAS, sooner rather than later. The evangelical interests promoted by DAP are in direct conflict with PAS’s raison d’etre.

(2,013 words)

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23 thoughts on “Why Saari must be sacked, the big picture

  1. It’s call debenture of stock in pakatan (put self interest first) where the good, the bad and the ugly are all together to fight for a course and timely as from 1969 to 1999 the racial dispersant still continuance for instinct there would be no end like what Vivian case was, be Seditious Act gone and come Harmony Bill, neither nor whenever hates, free expression broadened the scope for dissent who will take the blame…

  2. Helen,

    Interesting observation. I have all along been telling my friends that when BN (meaning UMNO) did well , many “muka tak malu” MCA leaders would claim BN won due to Chinese spport.

    That is far from reality. unfortunately, UMNO leaders often “malas” to do analysis. If they have performed analysis, they would realise that all along BN won due to Malay votes. So, they would not have come out with stupid statement that Chinese votes are the deciding factor.

    What UMNO leaders still fail to understand is that a mere say 5% swing in votes can result in change of seats or more importantly change in government. In Kedah, Kelantan UMNO, PAS won just because of 1000 or 2000 votes. In some places, UMNO lost due to 100 odd votes.

    I believe that should Sultan of Selangor dissolve the assembly, UMNO would won another minimum 15 seats. Not out of love but I believe another 10% Malay votes would abandon PKR and to lesser extent PAS. Malays would choose UMNO as they are upset with Anwar.

    UMNO in next election will even do better if they reject politicians who “menumpang”. The one who loves to “zumba” or the one who loves to please those who want UMNO to be dead

  3. The opposition hacks will accuse you of presenting half truths in this latest posting of yours. A certain commenter….he may comment or he may not comment. Let’s wait and see.

    The Chinese never supported the Alliance or BN. The majority of them have always voted opposition. Only those big business tycoons and their affiliates are with the Alliance/BN although some of them have begun to shift their bets to the opposition.

    Re I will add that these unregulated ICT networks also enabled the evangelista pollies to better tell lies to impressionable and politically naive youngsters, and in the process creating hordes of Dapsters.

    Hmm….I wouldn’t day they are impressionable and politically naive thought. In fact it is quite the opposite. They just needed someone to tell them what they already believe is true and the opposition principally the DAP did just that aided by ICT. Stop defending these youngsters. They were already Dapsters. Then the DAP came along and they got their badge of honors to make it official, the induction to Dapster fraternity

    Re The opposition pact is more of a vehicle for the DAP ascendency. It’s clear that DAP is miles ahead as the strongest party dominating the pact while PAS is lagging behind and steadily losing ground.

    Pas is sleepwalking into history. PKR will likewise follow in the not too distant future. After all, in private the Chinese essentially view PKR as Umno DNA and are despised as much as Umno is despised by them.

    Re DAP’s direction will inevitably lead it to collide head on with PAS, sooner rather than later. The evangelical interests promoted by DAP are in direct conflict with PAS’s raison d’etre.

    In the final analysis, this is Umno vs DAP. It has always been the case. We are ripe for a political consolidation of sorts. It will be a very messy, tumultuous process but after the dust is settled, it will be Umno vs DAP.

  4. Jika pemilihan pimpinan berdasarkan kepada tarbiah dan fikrah maka krisis yang berlaku dalam PAS tidak akan sekalut ini. Tarbiah akan menjaga perjalanan dakwah dan fikrah dan juga pemilihan pemimpin. Oleh itu PAS perlu melihat semula elemen-elemen penting dalam membina sebuah jemaah Islam.

    P/S…jangan terperanjat jika apa yang berlaku pada Pas ini akan berlaku pada umno. Sudah ada orang Dap bekerja dengan pemimpin umno.

  5. UMNO should take note of your excellent analysis. If Umno still pursue to please the Chinese DAP, there will be a strong avalanche from the Malay community. Enough is enough.

    The chinese swing their votes irrespective of political party brand, as long as they see they can wrest control of the political power. For the last 10 years, it is DAP. They rejected the “kongsi” idea. Go for it… grab the power.

    So UMNO-BN cannot be syok sendiri all the time. You should kiss the hand those who put you in power. If UMNO-BN thinks they can win with just 2 months of campaigning prior to GE14. They are dead wrong. So many issues on Malay Bashing by the rottie has eroded the Malay support.

    Pls don’t look down at your race.

  6. Just nak Kongsi dgn Helen

    MCA Members Dillema

    Ketika ini di fb status oleh Sdr Lim Sian See salah satu my fb friend ada discussion artikel oleh beliau diantara ahli MCA dan pembaca.

    Helen boleh terus ke page fb beliau di ;

    Dibawah adalah extract perbualan mereka;

    Lim Kar Seng
    No way MCA can live to the expectation of most chinese (about 80% of chinese.). The chinese wants level playing field. They want more chinese schools and chinese independent schools, they want chinese university ,they want all their children who scored well to have a place in public university and study the course of their choice, which means they want their children who scored to study medicine, dentistry , pharmacy, engineers, law, etc. because they believe their children are the smartest etc. Most parents will tell how smart their sons/daughters are. When their children were not selected to study in public universities and were not given scholarship, they were said the government is unfair. Will vote for opposition to show their anger. Then they will say MCA is irrelevant. They have gotten which other party have set up colleges and university with affordable fees and much cheaper than other private universities.

    Edited · Like · 1 · 28 minutes ago

    Albert Khoo
    Lim Kar Seng Hope you don’t mind if I ask. Are you a member of MCA?

    Like · 23 minutes ago

    Alfert Chiam
    Mr Lim, in fact Chinese independent school is not so important to most of new gen Chinese. Most of us will go kebangsaan after primary . To us, u only go Chinese independent school after kena buang. To me, du zhong is not consider Chinese education . I’m not from Chinese independent school, but is that mean my mandarin not up to standard ? 
    Why need to build more Chinese primary ? Build d than close down ? Now the birth rate is so low, why still build ? 
    This is the concept that their parent tell them, DAP poison them the same oso … 
    MCA ? What are they doing ? We don’t see they trying to correct the mind set .. No effort

    Edited · Unlike · 1 · 20 minutes ago

    Alfert Chiam
    Mr Lim, no offend , seriously if MCA still think like that , mean they don’t go to the field .. They don’t really noe what is happen out there and they are still living at year 2000..

    Like · 20 minutes ago

    Lim Kar Seng
    Alfert Chiam, yes I am a member of MCA and I have done my bit to help members of the public through MCA like education problem, health problem, etc. If you were to tell the chinese why built then close and the birth rate is so low, why still build you will be in real trouble. I really wish you can list out what the chinese want especially young ones really want.

    Like · 12 minutes ago

    Franky Yong
    As a Chinese living thru

    Like · 9 minutes ago

    Alfert Chiam
    Mr Lim, a lot still think we don’t hv enough Chinese primary school .. But in fact , rural area, Chinese primary school enroll rate is so low, some only hv 5 student or less. But MOE still ned to send teacher there. What I mean is, look at the birth rate, after 5 years , after 10 years, do we need more Chinese primary school ? 
    I really don’t understand why spend all the effort on du zhong , how many of them only ? How many of us ? No one seem to bother kebangsaan student , everyone just busy with du zhong . Wat so special bout them ? Depend them to celebrate mooncake festival ? Die lo.. 
    Is nothing to do wit what ppl wan.. Is the mind set .. As long as u don’t correct their mind set, wat u do oso no point .. 
    Many will show support for du zhong, but how many send their children there, they themselves don’t even know mandarin .. Is all Abt emotional ..

    Like · 4 minutes ago

    Alfert Chiam
    In fact the money spend on Kuan zhong, can help lot lot lot lot Chinese student finish their SPM ..

    Like · 3 minutes ago

    Alfert Chiam
    Mr Lim, many think that we don’t hv enough Chinese primary school , but in fact, many rural area Chinese school enroll rate are so low, some school only hv 5 some even worst , no new student .. But MoE still ned to send teacher there.. 
    Look at the birth rate, after 5 years ,10 years, do we need new primary school ? 
    Now build build build thsn 10 years later close down coz no student , thsn kena shoot again. 
    Is nothin to do with wat ppl wan.. Is the mind set .. As long as u don’t correct the mind set, wat u do oso useless..

    Like · 15 minutes ago

    Alfert Chiam
    And why spend so much effort on du zhong ? 
    How many of them ? How many of us? Wat so special bout them ? Only they noe how to celebrate mooncake festival ? 
    How many of them bcome Chinese teacher ? 
    Many show support to duzhong is emotional .. How many of them send their children there ? How many of them can write their Chinese name ?

    Like · 11 minutes ago


    Manakala artikel asal oleh Sdr Lim Sian See yg jadi perdebatan adalah spt berikut,


    hrs · 

    Are more and more Malaysians starting to see through the lies and propaganda of Pakatan Rakyat? Are we increasingly aware that Pakatan is an unstable coalition not fit to take Federal power and is a “talk only” coalition?

    Firstly, So far this year, Pakatan no longer seem to be able to organise any mega-demo of any significant size – be it anti-GST, sedition, Harga naik..etc.

    And secondly, Pakatan votes majority in every single by-election have seen significant decreases be it PKR, DAP or PAS contesting – including massive ones in Teluk Intan and Balingian.

    This year, we have had Kajang where PKR’s winning majority reduced from 6,824 to 5,379 – a 22% drop.

    Next was Balingian, where BN increased the winning majority over PKR (again) from 5,154 votes to 6,911 – a 34% increase.

    Then comes Bukit Gelugor where DAP’s winning majority dropped from 41,778 to 37,659 a 9% drop. But BN did not contest here.

    Then comes Teluk Intan where DAP lost its seat and had its winning majority of 7,313 wiped out 100% turning into a 238 votes losing majority where votes for DAP plummeted 28%.

    And in the recent Pengkalan Kubor by-election, PAS’ losing majority widened by 50% from 1,736 to 2,635 votes with votes for PAS dropping 13% compared to PKR. 

    It was expected that PKR would have lost way more votes if it had re-contested instead of PAS in Pengkalan Kubor.

    It not just the drop in turn-out rates alone to explain the increases of majority as BN actually managed to get more votes compared to GE13 in Balingian and Teluk Intan while votes for BN was stable in Kajang and Pengkalan Kubor.

    No doubt, 2014 was a bad year for Pakatan in terms of elections. 

    Has the corner turned? Are there less zombies or at least, less enthusiasm and trust for Pakatan Rakyat now?

    Will the impact of the Selangor MB crisis further accelerate the decline of their popularity and hence eliminating the possibility of UBAH in GE14?



    1. re: “And why spend so much effort on du zhong ? How many of them ? How many of us? What so special about them ? Only they know how to celebrate mooncake festival ? How many of them become Chinese teacher ? Many show support to duzhong is emotional .. How many of them send their children there ? How many of them can write their Chinese name?”

      The way forward in education for Malaysian Chinese is to integrate with the Sekolah Kebangsaan core-curriculum; augmented with extra subjects in Chinese language and civilization. The need for the children to identify with Malaysian society even as they retain their mother tongue is vital, but what is more important is for them to understand the ethical values of Buddhist and Confucian culture and their relevance to life in modern times. Also, a marked improvement in English language proficiency will open vistas of knowledge in our media-connected world.

      1. re: “what is more important is for them to understand the ethical values of Buddhist and Confucian culture”

        Yes. Thank you.

        The Christian evangelists are destroying the soul of Chinese community in Malaysia.

        I wish more Malays are able to see this.

        1. Re The Christian evangelists are destroying the soul of Chinese community in Malaysia.

          Only partly true Helen. You need 2 to tango. The Chinese community is complicit in their relationship with opposition parties and the Christian evangelists. They allow the evangelists to poison their minds. Their community leaders do nothing in the face of the assault by the evangelists. When they say it is okay, even encouraged their children to go Christian, what does that say about the Chinese community ?

          Re I wish more Malays are able to see this.

          When Malays and Malay leaders point out the errors of the Chinese, what’s the response from the Chinese ? The typical, predictable excuse that the Malays are out to undermine the Chinese.

  7. BN need not confront DAP head on. Just distract their support base with prosperity.

    3 tools: liquidity, volatility and security.

    Pump liquidity into the middle classes and the SME. Keep the big GLC deals quiet, forget about doing those fancy MOU signing ceremonies, those are like waving a red flag to even pro-BN folks.

    This is somewhat risky but controllable – induce more volatility in share trading. Split stock units down to smaller denominations. Push e brokerage like nobody’s business. When your average Ah Beng is hooked on to the share market, you think he’s going to bother storming the streets? No, because he’s got a bigger stake in the market now.

    Finally, get brutal on crime. Especially organised crime and the loan sharks. Stop pussy footing around trying to negotiate a “lower repayment” for affected family members.

    BN, you want to win this game of thrones or you want to fade away? Your choice.

  8. I am not sure prosperity will work in confronting DAP. So many Towkeys and bug businesses turn their back on BN during GE13. Our BN boss keep wooing cinabeng till the 11th hour before GE13. The result is hampeh. GE13 has proven that with Malay votes, UMNO-BN can still rule this country.

    So forget about making these folks any richer. Prop up the kampung folks, provide more amenities, repair those poor houses that going to collapse to ground, upgrade medical facilities, give whatever you can give. NEP has helped the creation of the middle class malays…but affordable housing is very much in everybody’s mind.

    Most of all take stern action against malay bashing (race, religion raja-raja melayu, nama Allah…etc). STOP THE INSULTS AND BRING BACK SOMETHING SIMILAR TO ISA.

    I am a businessman. My priority is to make my customers happy. Then my business will prosper. Why should I go all out to help my enemy or someone that has nothing to offer except to bring you down.

    UMNO-BN strategies are all wrong. Never take lightly on your loyal customers. If the boycott you, that’s the end of the world.

    Make your loyal customers happy first, then explore ways to get new customers.

    1. re: “Most of all take stern action against malay bashing (race, religion raja-raja melayu, nama Allah…etc). STOP THE INSULTS AND BRING BACK SOMETHING SIMILAR TO ISA.”

      Can’t put the genie back into the bottle anymore.

      Najib Razak is replacing the Sedition Act with the Harmony Act, and has replaced ISA with Sosma.

      Both the new incarnations don’t scare the Yahudi Yeohs anymore. They’re not afraid of anything now. That’s why Alvin and his supporters can be so bold. They’re pushing the frontiers of provocation.

      1. Well, I think last time, the ISA thing it was different to this Sedition Act. ISA was not subjected to the council of Rulers.

        This time it will be difficult for Najib, or what I believe to his buddies around him actually.

        There was resistance to the repeal of ISA, but the resistance now to the repeal of sedition Act is greater. The way to repeal is tougher as well. Hopefully Najib would have the time to check thoroughly about the proposal to amend the Act this time.

        I agree with Helen that, once our nation repealed ISA there is no way of turning back. But the SOSMA may be strengthened. In my opinion, it is just our enforcement party has not yet to tune with the new system.

        In mu view, ISA was of executive branch while SOSMA is a creature of judiciary kind. I mean that court’s thing. Well, can we encourage our police to watch more episodes of CSI so that they are eager to end up in court and forget the past. That may solve the problem.

        1. re: “Hopefully Najib would have the time to check thoroughly about the proposal to amend the Act this time.”

          PM is overseas a huge part of the year.

          1. Urm, he’ll probably delegate the job to his consultants.

            Just like how the Bar Council drafted the Harmony Act for the NUCC that is acting on Najib’s behalf as his consultants.

            1. Yeah, he delegated, but if someone asks me who advised Najib for the NUCC to form. My answer would still the same. My opinion though.

              So there are two layers of delegations discussed here.

  9. Re : Sejahat-jahatnya Anwar Ibrahim sekalipun, dia tidak berani bersumpah di masjid perihal kes liwat Saiful Bukhari.

    Inilah panah pulak kepada jantung ahli-ahli PAS yang percaya Anwar kena fitnah tu.

    It seems that Helen able to understand the issue here, I did not expect Helen’s understanding up to this extent. How about that YB Khalid Shah Alam?

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