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Alvin: “the government is not only evil but also incompetent”

Alvin Tan gives an exclusive interview to a Singapore blogger @

Alvin declares that he is not entirely ungrateful to the Singaporean taxpayers for funding his secondary, pre-university, and university studies and as such, he hopes to be able to return to visit Singapore one day.

(Wonder if he got his cross tattoo in Singapore?)


As for his country of birth, Alvin says: “I’ll never return to Malaysia forever.”

He considers Singapore to be “still one step above Malaysia, where the government is not only evil but also incompetent”.

Malaysia, additionally, Alvin describes as “a country that has done so much harm to me”.

Another in depth write-up by the Singapore media can be read @

Limpeh speaks to Alvin Tan in America- exclusive


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28 thoughts on “Alvin: “the government is not only evil but also incompetent”

  1. Alvin…Alvin…you look like an idiot man…you can fuck your girl all you like but don’t ever fuck the government. You are just a small insect in the Amazon forest…you may have pretty huge dick but nobody cares man…shout all you like but nobody will listen to you. You know are just like a crying baby who wants attention badly…pity on you dude!

  2. Let’s not give this whiner any more publicity. Because the more we kutuk him, the fatter his dossier will be to show to the U.S. authorities that he, indeed, has grounds for asylum status.

    By airing his views, we only make him relevant. Ignore him and let’s do reverse psychology and WISH HIM WELL!

    For me, I’m not going to read any of his comments henceforth. Better things to do in life.

    1. re: “By airing his views, we only make him relevant. … For me, I’m not going to read any of his comments henceforth.”

      He has fans who belong to the same age group and demography. Malaysia is a young country and there are more Malaysians in their 20s than there are those belonging to our middle-aged cohort.

      Alvin’s generation are the users hooked on social media and they can access his views direct on Facebook without any longer the need for traditional media – TV, newspapers and magazines (and blogs too) – to serve as conduits of information.

      “The government is evil” is a view that sounds like it will go down well with the DAP Christians whole “the government is incompetent” sounds like a view usually bandied about by the typical Dapster.

      We shouldn’t think that he is speaking only to get attention to suit his personal purposes of seeking asylum. His speech is actually reflective of the social milieu that he comes from, i.e. what the people he mixes with are thinking and saying among themselves in Malaysia.

      And the thing is that despite the sedition charge already pending against him, and now another new one being investigated, Alvin seems to be free to keep on at it. And the insulting ‘pig’ poster he created has gotten a lot of eyeballs. Its shock factor is big.

      I don’t think we can ignore Alvin in the hope that he will go away (fade from public consciousness). This is because he’s challenging the authorities directly and very much in your face. The impact he is making shouldn’t be underestimated or ignored, i.e. by trying to deprive him of the oxygen of publicity.

      Instead we should try to understand how the Alvin-Dapster mind works and what makes them tick.

      1. Don’t worry Helen,

        Tengok paras rupa dia biasanya kalo siapa terbaca article akan terlintas kat otak “owh.. a Chinese immigrant boy”…

        Just like when we see a Negro or an African, jarang nak tau if they are from Nigeria, Somalia or Sudan kan… semua rupa sama aje..

      2. Typo error:

        The government is evil” is a view that sounds like it will go down well with the DAP Christians WHILE “the government is incompetent” sounds like a view usually bandied about by the typical Dapster.

  3. Seronok la Singapore go chance to bash Malaysia. But weekend they still trolled to this country ruled by the evil and incompetent

  4. Hi Helen

    I understand Alvin had been suffering since birth.

    Poor Alvin was trying hard to find his roots

    Alvin Alvin please accuse your great great grandparents why they landed here during the 18th century..

    I’m sure your relatives over there will welcome you with black carpets.


    1. Hi Siti,

      Your comment contains more truth than you perhaps realise.

      This Alvin person is indeed too outlandish but regardless. Let’s say we take what you say and applied it to other more ordinary and average Alex’s and Alan’s, would the characterization be true?

      Why didn’t the Chinese in the cinema stand up when Negaraku was played?

      Why did the university students pose for the group photo with all of them holding our national flag upside down?

      Why have other Chinese – like Chow Jack for instance – similarly made the same kind of Bak Kut Teh taunts against Muslims?

      1. Many Chinese here have lost their moral centre. They are very busy pursuing material success (even education is only seen as a means to earn more money) but they are intellectually and spiritually LAZY.

        They don’t bother to ponder why they are miserable despite having wealth. If they happen to think about it, then they will get caught in some charismatic religious group (can be Buddhist, Falun Gong or Christianity) that offers them social support … in exchange for money.

        Or they go off on some hedonistic tangent like Alvin above, using sex, drugs or fast cars to assuage the emptiness of chasing material illusions.

        When the core is empty, it is easy for defilements like rage and ego to take over. This anger is the zeitgeist for this year. The worst is happening now.

        This cycle must be broken but it cannotbedone through official means.

        Let the fire burn out by itself by end October but until then, the instigators must be watched closely.

        1. Education from the Confucian perspective is about cultivating the inner self i.e character development. An educated person is therefore one who is of impeccable human character. A cultivated man.

          Their present day misery even as they accumulate more wealth is of their own doing. When money is perceived as the solution to any and all woes, what does it say about the people who hold such a worldview? Gold is everything thus the misery continues unabated.

          Hedonism is a luxury afforded by wealth. The haves know what hedonism is because it derives from money. A toy of sorts. But hedonism is only a temporary respite to worldly woes. It distracts for a while then the misery resumes so more hedonistic behavior is required to contain the misery.

          So the vicious cycle continues unabated. Yet these people have no inkling of how pathetic they have become. Truly pathetic.

          1. re: “Yet these people have no inkling of how pathetic they have become.”

            Yet these Gold and self-Glory seekers have the gall to accuse everybody else as having the same Greedy values embodied in their prosperity Gospel.

            1. Their mindset is very narrow. They have confused their worldly achievement as an indication of their wisdom.

              One can be very intelligent and successful, no one is denying that but at the same time, such people can also act in a very foolish manner.

              Actually, it’s very ironic. These are the ones most fond of using the “Katak di bawah tempurung” accusation but they are themselves trapped in a golden cage.

              1. re: “They have confused their worldly achievement as an indication of their wisdom.”

                They say it takes brains to make tons of money, especially if the money comes from scams or successfully persuading sheeple to part with 10 percent of their monthly income.

  5. Just wondering if Singaporean welcoming Alvin to ‘come home’?

    But sad thing to see, there are our fellow Malaysian who are keep on supporting Alvin bashing our country.

    You know who they are…

  6. Pas and Hannah Yeoh shiuld start dakwahing to Alving before he ended up becoming the misadventure of the infamous ex Malaysian PORN star’ who will rule Hollywood Porn Star Movies and watched all over Singapore. Hope God will show him the right way.

  7. “Not associating with a country that has done so much harm to me.”

    What about all those harm he has inflicted upon the people of Malaysia, eh? All the uncensored clips and photos, all those Bah Kut Teh provocations, that serves to sow mistrust among the people?

    Ya right. Please leave faster. We also don’t want to associate with a person that has done so much harm to our country.

    1. Yusz,

      If you’ll allow me to be cheeky, Alvin probably thinks that allowing Malaysians a view of all those uncensored clips and photos free of charge is a privilege for us and we owe him our appreciation.

      As for the Bah Kut Teh invitation, the Dapsters think it is very delicious and the Muslims don’t know what you’re missing. This might sound cheeky as well but it is nonetheless true.

      Even Puan Speaker Hannah Yeoh loves to eat Bah Kut Teh despite that after filling her stomach with BKT, she tweets an Instagram of rendang and ketupat.

  8. I really hope our police will drag him back and give him proper treatment. I hope the police is really serious enough to cari him sampai lubang cacing. Otherwise….well! Its the same old story.

    1. I wonder if the police are holding Haris Ibrahim’s passport … or not?

      If Alvin is in California, where is Haris? Bondi Beach?

      1. Tindakan sangat keras dikenakan pada peminjam Ptptn yang gagal bayar hutang, mereka disekat dari keluar negara.

        Bagaimana paspot Alvin boleh dilepaskan dengan mudah dengan alasan nak balik Spura sedangkan Spura dah melarang dia memasuki negara itu.

      1. She has more guts than he does. At least she had said she’s staying to face the music and then move on.

        Good for her. I hope she has a better life after this episode.

        1. I agree, she has more b**** than he does. Being a woman makes it doubly hard and yes hope she will find a better man and life after this.

          If he gets extradited and jailed, I don’t suppose the inmates will look kindly upon his cowardly actions and might take upon themselves to administer some painful lessons Anwar Ibrahim-style. Which is apt since he admires PR so much.

  9. Poor vivian… she thot alvin was her prince of charm…. soon she will realized how idiot she was and reduced to nothing much than a sex toy to him.

    My advice to her… find solace in Islam.

  10. Alvin: “the government is not only evil but also incompetent”. Nahhhh…you are talking about yourself and that is very certain.

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