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Ah Jib Gor, what kind of moderate are you?

Earlier this year in May, Abdul Hadi Awang was warded in Istanbul Hospital after complaining of breathing difficulties.

Now what is Hadi’s Turkish connection?

Ankara, according to Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, supports important causes which matter to the ummah.

Erdogan, who hails the efforts of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in “directing the Muslim world towards the centrist and moderate Islamic approach and in exposing the extremists and takfiris”, had met with IUMS president Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi on Aug 18 this year.

BELOW: Erdogan receives Qaradawi

Erdogan Qaradawi

Who says Hadi is confined to the kampung?

International Union of Muslim Scholars is headed by Qaradawi, the 88-year-old cleric who is one of the world’s most influential Muslim thinkers.

This year, IUMS held its convention in Istanbul where Turkey deputy prime minister Dr Amrullah Ishlir spoke at the opening session on Aug 19. The convention later re-elected Qaradawi as president.

IUMS also re-elected as general secretary Sheikh Dr Ali Al-Qaradaghi (Qatar) while electing as its vice presidents – Dr Ahmad Al-Raisuni (Morocco), Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalili (Oman Mufti) and Abdul Hadi Awang (Malaysia).

The four-day meeting was attended by about 1,000 scholars and Muslim community leaders from around the world.

“Muslim scholar who is recognized by the world”

IUMS vice president Hadi Awang is lauded by Khalid Ibrahim as a “Muslim scholar and a politician who is recognized by the world”.

Yet while the PAS president’s ulama credentials are recognized abroad, he is belittled at home as “nyanyuk” and slapped with other demeaning epithets by the leaders of his coalition partner, the DAP.


Quran 55_7-9

And the Firmament has He raised high, and and He has set up the Balance (of Justice), in order that you may not transgress (due)  balance. So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance [55:7-9]

Moderation an important feature in Islam

IUMS characterizes itself as adopting “the centermost approach of the centermost ummah, an approach of mediation and moderation”.

Islam book cover QaradawiIn Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s book Islam (translated into English from Arabic by Dr Syed Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri), the IUMS president writes that Moderation is one of the main characteristics of the Muslim faith.

According to Qaradawi, the Quran addresses the theme of Moderation in Surah Ar-Rahman, ayat 7-9 (above) – and Islam encourages moderation in all of its teachings and practices.

In Malaysia though, the Yahudi Yeohs like to accuse many Muslims of being extremists.

Islam believes that Man has an inclination for both the good and the evil, Qaradawi tells us, but a balance can be achieved by “not holding exaggerated ideals that require man to be almost angelic in nature” but at the same time not succumbing to the temptations of his baser self.

This appears to be a more realistic outlook than the Love-Love-Love rhetoric propagated by the Jerusubang evangelistas.

Moderation balances rights with responsibilities

Qaradawi writes:

“In the Islamic worldview the individual and society are arranged into a wonderful balance, a balance which takes into consideration the interests of the individual and society giving a host of responsibilities to each. […]

“All of the revealed religions in the past originally came to promote a balanced life full of peace and mutual co-operation, but sooner or later the followers of these religions changed the divine revelation.” (page 204)

He adds that in our world today, “we are witnessing a conflict between individual interests and the interests of society as a whole”.

Qaradawi could well be talking about Alvivi or the participants of the nude games in Teluk Bahang, Penang who have disturbed the outward balance of our moral equilibrium.

BELOW: The J-Star splashing sex blogger Vivian Lee on its front page

Reality bites pizza; gambar Vivian dipampang di muka depan The J-Star

Provoke, provoke, provoke, then put on pitiful face

Extremism need not only refer to militants handling firearms. Deliberately provocative behaviour should be viewed as extreme too.

Take for instance the Ipoh bikini couple (here).

It may well be in the interest of their career to model skimpy apparel in the open streets but don’t they owe a responsibility as well to our conservative society not to offend sensitivities? (Obviously not, with these people.)

We are experiencing intense social conflict now because some segments demand individual rights without being willing to shoulder their responsibility to society at large. They forget that they’re living in an orthodox Muslim country which is decidedly not secular.

Alvin tattoo

Mocking Najib ‘Moderate’ Razak’s 1Malaysia

“Individual rights and liberties do not come in isolation, rather they must corroborate with the welfare of society”, says Qaradawi who feels that capitalism “bestows on the individual an unhealthy amount of rights in the form of wealth, free speech and entertainment at the expense of others”.

Moderation is found in the system that succeeds in balancing the competing interests. Looking from the Islamic perspective, Qaradawi stresses that “the individual is not allowed to abuse the shared values held by a given society and similarly society is not allowed to exploit the individual”.

cina alvivi

In the Alvivi “halal” – see the Jakim logo that they misused above – Bak Kut Teh controversy, the Alvin and Vivian duo issued the following Jom kita makan invite in their Facebook:

“Izinkan kami memperkenalkan cara kami memupuk semangat 1Malaysia dengan bertukar-tukar makanan antara kaum-kaum Malaysia pada musim perayaan yang mulia ini. Hak untuk menikmati juadah enak tempatan seharusnya merentasi batasan bangsa dan juga agama. Kepada saudara-saudari yang beragama Islam, selamat berbuka puasa dan Salam Aidilfitri! (smiley)”

To Alvivi, Muslims eating BKT is a “right” – in their provocative words, “hak untuk menikmati juadah enak”. And as icing on the cake, they couched this freedom as “memupuk semangat 1Malaysia”.

Thanks to Ah Jib Gor’s moderation, the YY are getting louder and bolder.

Moderation missing, most obviously

porkee friesIn the TMI e-mail interview revisiting his rashness “for inviting Muslims to break fast with pork during Ramadan”, Alvin explained that the reason he targets Muslims is because “they do not seem to understand the concept of separation of church and state”.

“My satirical attempts at ridiculing Muslims is an expression of my political disapproval of Muslims and Islam,” admits Alvin.

After all the benang basah yang ditegakkan oleh puak Yahudi Yeoh (halal chicken BKT lah, “organic vegetarian dish” lah, reaching out-building bridges lah), Alvin finally comes out with it that he was indeed targetting Muslims for disapproval and ridicule.


What a load of bullshit the YY have been serving the Malay community by pitching Alvin’s alleged apology and feigned remorse.

Under Islam, one is “not permitted to harm others or inflict any kind of self-harm. Furthermore, when individual rights begin to harm the whole of society, the latter is given precedence”, Qaradawi informs us.

This is a lesson that Najib ought to learn instead of helping to enable the bullshitters to trample on conservative values through lending his support for their brand of “Moderation”.

BELOW: Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%

Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Kib Kor 100%

Can Najib’s “moderation” pass muster?

The PM rides to New York to preach moderation to an international audience but is unable to get a grip on the havoc at home.

A fact our domestic audience is not wholly aware of is that Qaradawi’s colleague Abdul Hadi Awang has done his share in shaping moderation on the world stage and under more parlous circumstances.

For instance, Hadi, who visited Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran for discussions, had presented his report to the high-level IUMS delegation led by Qaradawi which was spearheading the conflict resolution initiative in Yemen. See ‘Muslim Scholars in Yemen-Houthi Mediation‘ (Islam Online, 21 Jan 2010)

Watch also Hadi’s policy speech at the recent PAS muktamar – video top of page – where he touches on attaining a balance between PAS and its Pakatan partners.

BELOW: Najib and J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai


PAS has its own idea of moderation as opposed to Najib’s which is snazzily crafted by his expensive consultants.

But what we need ask is, does the PM’s “moderation” belong to the Islamic lexicon – say for example as illustrated by Qardawi – or has he allowed the concept to be hijacked by the evangelista marketing team?

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15 thoughts on “Ah Jib Gor, what kind of moderate are you?

  1. The obvious difference between Sheikh Qaradawi and Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang is that the former never intended political office while the latter has been riding the bandwagon of Islamism.

    I’ve never read Hadi Awang espouse half as many scholarly reflections of Islamic universalism as you have presented in this article; unfortunately it’s been mostly justifications for his political alliances against his political adversaries.

    How does Anwar Ibrahim – with his sodomy and zionist connections – figure in the books of Qaradawi and Hadi Awang?

    1. re: “How does Anwar Ibrahim – with his sodomy and zionist connections – figure in the books of Qaradawi and Hadi Awang?”

      Apparently the Tok Guru has updated the Sheikh Doctor on the topic of AI.

      Their meeting got a very low-key coverage in the press but the contents of the briefing not made known.

    2. Agree with you wholeheartedly Chris. PAS, as an Islamic movement got involved in politics purportedly to exploit the spaces provided in a democratic system to spread the message of Islam, via freedom of speech.

      But along the way, PAS lost sight of its raison d’etre. I may sound harsh, but I consider Hadi Awang a renegade Islamist. He ends up glorifying democracy itself. Not only that, just like any other politicians, attaining power is the ultimate end but sadly for Hadi Awang, he also justifies the means to achieve the end.

      The evidence that cannot be rebutted is the tahalluf siyasi. It’s haram from the 1st step but for the sake of power it becomes not only halal but also wajib. How lost PAS leaders are! Perhaps Hadi succumbed to peer pressure [especially the so called Erdogans] but that’s his weakness.

      BTW, Nik Aziz perhaps deserves harsher condemnations vis-a-vis his stand on the tahalluf and UMNO.

      1. Right Idris, since he’s still clinging by the fringe of his robe to this “haram” siyasi thingy, how does that exemplify quality Islamic scholarship? Aren’t there many other very good scholars in Malaysia? Is it the “Anwar-as-political victim” factor that got him into the Scholars’ Union? Very puzzling for the man on the street lah.

  2. Hello, please don’t call Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak as Ah Jib Gor because what is the point of calling him that name if you and majority of your people didn’t vote for him.

    Now, you can see that he is not interested to use that name anymore because before the GE, he thought that by using that name would bring you people closer to him but when your rejected him, now he got so frustrated and didn’t used that name anymore.

    Don’t try to comment him if you rejected him.

    1. They will say they can say whatever it is they want because they rejected him. You see how they are going to putar belit. That’s why we call them lizards !

  3. Re Who says Hadi is confined to the kampung?

    If you do not possess a degree from a foreign i.e Anglo university then you’re a village wonk. This is how they perceive you. So the majority of people in this country are wonks, pariahs and know nothings. Now you know why they are so smug.

    Re We are experiencing intense social conflict now because ………

    The captain of the ship is on autopilot. His consultants are running the show for him.

    As for his cabinet colleagues, they are too busy having a fun time. Some are in UK overseeing investments l o l as if they are really making investments l o l

    The minorities think this is a secular not Muslim country. This too is the result of the government’s failure to properly inform and explain to the people the nature of our nation.

    Re “they do not seem to understand the concept of separation of church and state”.

    He is ignorant. That concept is a western concept. It is not even a concept of Jesus’ teachings. Why should we adopt something which is inherently not ours? He’s truly pathetic.

    Re is an expression……..

    A coward. and still in denial.

    Re The PM rides to New York to preach moderation to an international audience but is unable to get a grip on the havoc at home.

    His consultants are telling him all is well at home.

    Re But what we need ask is, does the PM’s “moderation” belong to the Islamic lexicon …….

    His consultants will come up with the details for him and he will read them out loud. Truly pathetic this man.

    1. This is going to be the latest fashion trend for the DAP’s evangelistas. You can bet it will !

  4. Kepada siapa di tujukan supaya menjadi moderates?

    Kalau di peringkat United Nations, mungkin ditujukan kepada puak puak ektrimis saperti puak puak pelampau Islam, Kristian, Yahudi Zionist, Buddhist, Hindu dan bermacam lagi. Tetapi adakah puak puak extrimis ini akan mengambil ikhtibar dari saranan menjadi moderates ini? Next to impossible.

    Kalau di Malaysia, siapakah target group supaya menjadi moderates? Tiada puak pelampau ektrimis yg tersurat di Negeri ini masakini. Adakah moderation ini suatu agenda politik? Org Melayu paling majoriti menyokong kerajaan UMNO-BN. Adakah mereka ini ektrimis? Pembangkang pulak mencetak rompak agenda moderation ini dengan melemparkan pelbagai tomahan seolah olah melayu ini pulak puak ektrimis, racists, dsbnya.

    Perkara ini telah diputar belitkan dan telah menjadi satu kekeliruan dalam suasana politik dunia ketiga di Malaysia. Melayu telah memilih kerajaan UMNO-BN, malangnya di mereka pulak dihujani dengan pelbagai tomahan ektrimis.

    Malangnya agenda Moderation ini dibawak oleh UMNO-BN sendiri.

    1. re: “Malangnya agenda Moderation ini dibawak oleh UMNO-BN sendiri.”

      Satu langkah oleh Ah Jib Gor yang kurang bijak dan tidak wajar, yang dibiarkannya di’hijack’ oleh EvangeliSTAR dan yang janji memakan diri Umno.

  5. Banyak cerita tang moderate/s ni … maybe we misunderstood … or the moderates themselves that are confused.

    > Dari Boss Grandmarquis: “… Not only they want to hijack the term moderate …” Sept 30, 2014

    > Dari Boss Xynalhamzah di atas: ” … pendekatan moderate yang tak tentu arah …”

    > As for me, with specific reference to Boss Helen’s question(in the above title) … it may have come from a sentence that has missing words(in between) during the translation process:

    “Mode of operation at a very slow rate” = mode-rate

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