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  1. You’ve been slogging away for a while now. Kudos for your efforts. It cannot be easy to blog the way you do with rather detailed analysis, charts, statistics etc which can only be derived via time consuming research.

    Sometimes we think the little that we do don’t matter. But judging by the many regulars & some not so regulars commenting plus your impressive page views, I can safely say that you’re definitely making a difference in cyberspace.

    Keep up the good work Helen. Year end is creeping up on us again. Perhaps a few days break, schedule & finances permitting, would bring you a world of good since you hardly seem to take one.

    1. I love drawing the charts :)

      I start with collating the data like a squirrel, then doing the tables and thence from the diagrams and info, I do my analysis or write-up.

      I don’t always know what to expect beforehand, e.g. it was only after I painstakingly compiled the breakdown of the Parliament constituencies according to ethnic compilation that I saw how PKR actually beat BN in winning the mixed seats during GE13. That’s what the data said.

      For me, I believe we should explore the stats objectively and allow it tell us the story, however the chips may fall.

      Unfortunately for the Pakatoons, they’ve come to believe in their own propaganda to the extent that they can gobsmackingly blame PAS and Umno for the S’gor MB fiasco.

      I find that the facts favour BN but the PPTA are unable to effectively articulate why Umno by rights in a stronger position vis-a-vis the FedCon, nusantara history and continuity of tradition/convention – e.g. watikah pemashyuran kemerdekaan, perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948, Dato’ Onn – well … the entire set-up of things, including the role of the Raja-Raja Melayu.

      I’ve spent three solid years sifting through the issues and narratives that have been presented in my blog in order to come to a convincing conclusion (for myself, at least) why I refuse to support Pakatan.

      However, it is impossible to even begin discussing the ‘WHY’ with the 90 percent of the pro-oppo Chinese especially if they don’t speak or read, much less write, in BM. Just look at Nat Tan who’s a sucker for punishment.

      At this juncture, I don’t really think we can make any difference anymore. The course is set.

      It’s reached a point where even the Sultan had to titah about the tohmahan dan hasutan terhadap TS Khalid, and Hadi Awang complain about fitnah against his ulamas. There’s no hope already for such people (the YY) to come to see reason. They’re just going to keep on banging and banging against the police and other authorities.

      So maybe taking the step to delete my Facebook and recording this particular posting is a hint that I’m trying to disengage from a lost cause and ease off from the heavy blogging.

      1. Helen,

        The problem facing UMNO is from within. Najib sorry to say is actually “killing” UMNO by putting policies that upsets Malays.

        Abolishing ISA, giving so much consideration to all these consultants, favouring the Chinese over Malays are actually stretching the patience of Malays to the limit.

        1. The fate of MCA is actually in the hand of Malay pro-establishment voters because the MCA seats are in Malay-majority areas.

          1. Helen,

            Yup. Why PKR won Alor Setar seat? The malay majority was upset that a non Malay from MCA contested. ISMA joined in, splitting the votes and in the process telling UMNO that Malays no longer wish to have non UMNO representing A Malay area.

            The same happened in Kuantan. UMNO better takes note.

              1. Helen,

                Precisely. “Aku lempang baru tau”. That was my friend’s comment on Najib. By the way he is UMNO Youth from Salak Selatan.

      2. Re: eating monkey brain,
        I guess you’ve never seen a struggling cow waiting for its throat to be slit.

        1. The issue here is societal (or religiously) imposed limits.

          If someone squashed a cockroach with his heel, he’s not going to be reported to the SPCA or PETA for cruelty to animals.

          Personally I’ve not seen a struggling cow waiting for its throat to be slit and nor do I wish to. Nonetheless throughout human civilization, Man has traditionally eaten beef, mutton, lamb, chicken, fish.

          But we don’t eat elephant or giraffe or gorilla.

          Is it necessary for the Chinese to eat an expensive, “exotic” cuisine like Monkey’s Brain and eating the matter from a hole hammered into the creature’s skull while it is alive and screaming?

          Why do the Chinese do this when other races in the world do not?

          Fitnah is something one should not do because it is considered immoral and dosa. What kind of people would fabricate the fitnah that MCA’s Chew Mei Fun resigned her Deputy Minister post because she abused a maid (this is a truly vile slander)?

          I do not have a comprehensive research findings on this but I’ve revealed that after moderating close to 80,000 comments, I find – from anecdotal evidence – that Malays/Muslims have got a boundary that they can be persuaded not to cross. In other words, they can be persuaded not to repeat a fitnah if they’re reminded of beratnya dosa.

          With the Chinese and the Christian commenters, there is no limit. They’re capable of doing anything, i.e. concocting the most vicious, callous and calculated lies. One recent example would be what “they” (of which the C & C commenters are a subset) have done to TS Khalid Ibrahim.

          The same lack of ethical limits – as generally observed by society – is absent in the Monkey Brain eaters.

          My point to underscore is that this kind of people have got no limits.

          Below is a description by a historian on what the Bintang Tiga did during the Malayan Emergency:

          “In Johore, guerrillas shot dead a Chinese squatter, hacked his wife to death with a parang, set their hut alight and threw their eight-year-old daughter into the flames. In Perak, Chin Peng’s men hammered a nail through a Chinese girl’s head. At Pantai Seremban, two young men were battered to death by guerrillas wielding cangkuls. Even captured guerrillas admitted that the tortures were “too horrible for description”, while a late 1952 police report noted that this “senseless cruelty” was typical of “hundreds of similar incidents” throughout the country.”

          – Assoc. Prof. Kumar Ramakrishna of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies) – source http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/chin-peng-fanatic-no-hero?singlepage=true

          Below is Najib Razak’s explanation on why he sued Malaysiakini over the comments made by MK subscribers:

          “… the fundamental right to protect your dignity and your good name from being recklessly attacked as a result of political beliefs.”

          “There is a difference between legitimate criticism, and defamation. It is my legal team’s opinion that recent allegations by an online news portal overstepped the line.”

  2. Helen. Carry on blogging. We need you and I find and use your work extensively to argue a case against Najib who either reform or chase out from the leadership.

    1. Dinturtle told me he got fed-up and wanted to give up 2 to 3 times and yet he is still around to fight for a cause.

      1. Me too, same situation. Remember when I switched to writing two sentences within the 140-character limit? (Twitter length)

        Another time I almost stopped blogging but then Hannah Yeoh was given her 5-figure salary, 300-percent Speaker’s pay hike, and I just had to make a comeback!

  3. Dear Helen,

    “The Chinese on the other hand eat Monkey’s Brain. They scoop the raw, bloody goo with chopsticks from a crack hammered into the live monkey’s skull, at the same time that the poor creature is screaming in agony with its hands and legs clasped in irons to the table and its head locked in a vice.”

    I heard about this years ago from my late dad. I’ve no idea until today that it is a practice of Chinese. Does this happening in Malaysia today?

    1. “Does this happening in Malaysia today?”

      I doubt this barbaric dish is served in M’sia, but maybe somewhere in China. Frog meat- yes, in fact it’s widely served here in Chinese restaurants, but preparing the frog before cooking is cruel.

      Dog meat- again some mainlander Chinese eat them but dog lovers are fighting back. Civet cat- yes, that’s what cause SARS in HK 10 years ago. And many more because some are considered “aphrodisiac food”.

      1. re: “And many more because some are considered ‘aphrodisiac food’.”

        Tiger penis.

        Other animals that die for the Chinese to harvest their body parts – bear for their paws, rhino for their horn, shark for their fins …

        1. “Tiger penis.”

          I almost wanted to write that as well, but hesitated as not to cause some Malay / Indian folks here to choke on their food or drinks while reading.

          Rhino horn- yah, al-Jazeera ran a documentary some time ago about some syndicates in Africa cutting off rhino horns to sell to some China / Vietnamese black market.

          When it comes to food, no one can really beat the Chinese.

    2. No, not in Malaysia.

      I’ve seen monkey brains served in cooked form in HK many years ago but not live. Maybe China might have it but I’ve not heard of it lately.

      1. re: No, not in Malaysia

        actually as told by my late mom, yes, in our country also have but that is almost 40 or 50 years ago.

        today, one probably could not find it in the open.

  4. Dear Helen,

    Keep writing. That’s all I can say.

    I believe you can feel what we Malay/Muslim feel right now. I’m praying for the ‘best’, just for you.

    Even though we Muslim ‘can’t’ touch dogs, we do love them as God’s creation. It is not actually ‘can’t’, we can, but we have to clean after that. I love all the pics that you posted about dogs.

    1. Re doggy and haram.

      quran verse :Mereka bertanya kepadamu (wahai Muhammad): “Apakah (makanan) yang dihalalkan bagi mereka?” Bagi menjawabnya katakanlah: “Dihalalkan bagi kamu (memakan) yang lazat-lazat serta baik, dan (buruan yang ditangkap oleh) binatang-binatang pemburu (anjing) yang telah kamu ajar (untuk berburu) mengikut cara pelatih-pelatih binatang pemburu. Kamu mengajar serta melatihnya (adab peraturan berburu) sebagaimana yang telah diajarkan Allah kepada kamu. Oleh itu makanlah dari apa yang mereka tangkap untuk kamu dan sebutlah nama Allah atasnya” (Surah al-Maidah:4).

      Watch this natgeo story abt arab beduin muslim and their saluki hunting dog. Can one trains hunting dog without touching the dog? [YouTube]

  5. Expected.

    Sooner or later you gonna run out of shit to stir.

    And it is the same old shit but different color everyday just to keep the hater coming back to drink the posison and hence the 4+ million page view. No need to brag about that. I for one keep coming back just to see how many versions you can sing the same song.

    I guess you are tired of your own shit now.

  6. Miss Helen why surrender so easily, if u quit now its means big victory for evangelis Dap.

    do u really think the opponents onslaught is unstoppable. The fight is not over yet. U are still in pretty good shape like Muhammad Ali. Why throw in the towel in the middle of the fight?

    Please continue the excellent work just keep on fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  7. I’ve always been one of your silent reader, dont quit Helen, reading your blog reassures me that there are still rational people around.

  8. You’re not quitting entirely, right? Just FB? That’s ok, then. Yours is one of the few blogs I read daily and actually enjoy reading daily. Kudos.

    On another note – Damn! Damn! Damn! PM you idiot! You can’t just increase the petrol prices when you and your deputy and your menteri KDN are not even in the country to listen to our grouses. Even that Us. Kazim guy makes sense when he wrote why bother giving BR1M if you’re going to keep increasing the cost of living.

    1. re: “On another note – Damn! Damn! Damn! PM you idiot!”

      And I couldn’t agree more.

    2. kalau bagi rm1 & mintak balik rm1, dikatakan buruk siku. bila bagi rm1 & mintak balik rm1.80, nak kata apa pulak.

      btw Helen, jangan patah semangat, just look at the positive side concerning ‘their antics’ for at least we know they are uncovering their own weaknesses. kalau depa duduk diam2 umpama air yang tenang (ada buaya ke tak ada) susah jugak. cheers!

  9. This is the second time you said true I won’t know the third time you speak the truth and so forthrightness only Allah sahaja yang mengtahui. Salam

    1. Aik, kat sini kita tak friend ke? :D.

      I think, that’s how Facebook has made the word “friend” much more cheaper than the FB apps itself, albeit free :D.

  10. We started to benefit from your political calculation anyway. Those Anwarinas would be smiling ear to ear if you quit.

    Your saying “sejahat-jahat Anwar, dia tak berani bersumpah dalam masjid” is really a political nightmare to them.

  11. Dear Aunty Helen,

    You are a strong and great blogger who blog because you want the best for our country. And you are a fighter and you love writing. Please do not let me down.

  12. Three years plus is too short a time to consider throwing your towel. I consider those three years of your writing equivalent to the PREFACE section of any books. You have a long way to go and you have to fight to the finish. Listen to your very heart that is not in agreement to your waving of the white flag.

  13. The next step in your life…. to unseat Hannh Yeoh or Kit Siang (oooooohhhhh…. thats terrible racial stereotyping as if you can’t make the main stream).

    Helen let me congratulate you on a superb achievement. I don’t know where you find the time to so skilfully articulate yourself in short compelling sentences whilst the rest of us (like me) weave, meander and go on an endless and serpentine journey to get to our points.

    Enjoy the day and many many more years of blogging (or whatever the next generation of technology will bring to replace it).

    You are head and shoulders above the rest. You certainly understand the psychology of marketing and effective communication.

    1. Hope to take a break from blogging.

      BN is doomed unless Najib fires the punahsihat dan konsetan keliling pinggang (advisors and consultants hangers on around him). And Idris Jala too.

      He must heed Tun’s advice.

      1. Ms HA…

        Saya rasa macam nak mencarut dan memaki hamun sahaja hari ini.. BUT as you pointed out, the Muslims have an upper boundary for which many dare not cross.

        Just imagine that on the day of Judgement on Padang Masyar, I have got to search or wait for the person whom I bad-mouthed or fitnahed or even gossiped about and ask for his forgiveness, and on the day, in the eyes of our Creator, when no money, assets, gold or any worldly item is worth anything except one’s dosas and pahalas.

        So to express my feelings may I quote you instead..hope you don’t mind, lest I would be sued for plagiarism

        “BN is doomed unless Najib fires the punahsihat dan konsetan keliling pinggang (advisors and consultants hangers on around him). And Idris Jala too.

        He must heed Tun’s advice.”

        1. Unfortunately PM does not listen to Dr M and his PMO people (to defend their Boss) are attacking the Tun, attacking Kadir Jasin, attacking SAA.

          Even more unfortunately, look at who DS Najib is listening to instead.

          Uber evangelista Wong Chun Wai, CEO of The J-Star, belanja PM minum Holy Water kot. See the bottle.


  14. Good for you. Facebook is now essentially a platform to propagate hate and slander. The sooner you quit the site the better.

    I too deleted my Facebook account months ago. But for a certain group of people Facebook is their holy water. They can’t get enough of it for some obvious reasons you know what I mean.

    I hope you keep blogging. Better you than that anarchist chauvinist who apparently, after taunting the Malays and Muslims and just about anyone is now busy with the Occupy Central movement. The man has finally shown his true color. An anarchist and chauvinist through and through. He’s just like Hannah.

    1. re: “But for a certain group of people Facebook is their holy water.”

      You talking about Jerusubang- and Penang-ites? ‘)

        1. I observe them, it’s true.

          They retaliate by constantly defaming me all over cyberspace for penning down my observations of them. And over the more contentious issues, they just go all ape shit at me.

    1. Aduh ! Dorang mana tahu apa tu Ya juj dan Ma juj. Dorang tak tahu siapa tu Gog and Magog pun. Pergi tanya evangelistas siapa tu Gog and Magog. Dorang hanya tahu Gold and Glory.

  15. What can we do with weak leadership?

    China can make sure their 1.6 billion multi-tribe Chinese stay in line, yet indecisive on how to deal with Hong Kong protestors. How does one respond to that? The world is made complex by human minds.

    1. re: “indecisive on how to deal with Hong Kong protestors”

      The Hong Kong protestors a different breed. HK was a British crown colony for a long, long time, so the Anglo-ness rubbed off.

      Also HK international port, financial hub, full of expats, churches etc. Beijing can’t deal with them like how it deals with the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

      1. One way or the other Beijing will put a stop to the charade that’s taking place in Hong Kong. I m certain they have a contingency plan in place.

        You should be well aware by now that any country, region that was under the thumb of the British, those that were once under British rule, they never seemed able to shake off the Anglo whites. They worship white culture, adopt white ideology.

        Look at our Anglophiles. All worship white culture, all adopt white mannerism. And they are ashamed of their own identity.

          1. Well he is not THAT famous la. You forgot there’s another one. She is much more famous la ! But she was kicked out by the rubbish bin of the British empire. You know her too :)

            1. re: “You know her too :) ”

              Can’t miss that chinny chin chin, can we?

              Looking at it (the double chins), makes you – if you’re a Chinese that is – get hunger pangs just thinking about Bak Kut Teh.

              If Tasmania no got BKT, someone will suffer withdrawal symptoms, LOL.

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