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Do you trust Najib to defend Islam?

Alvin Tan made the following remark about his Bak Kut Teh stunt:

“My satirical attempts at ridiculing Muslims is an expression of my political disapproval of Muslims and Islam.”

(see TMI e-mail interview)

If like this how to live in a Malay-majority Muslim country?

Utusan, 15 Julai 2013
Utusan, 15 July 2013



How many are like Alvin?

How many disapprove of Muslims? Disapprove of Islam?

Think about the way they’re now treating PAS.

Kosmo, 14 Jan 2014

How many love to ridicule Malays (and other dark-skinned races)?

Why do they keep mocking the language, the culture, the traditions, the ethos of the Malays?

Think about how they hate and despise Umno.



The most hypocritical people

How far is this constant “disapproval” and wanting to “ridicule” others reflective of what they really, truly feel in the deepest recesses of their heart … despite memang lah diorang ni pandai bermuka-muka.

Think about why Hannah Yeoh threatened to make a police report against anyone who mistakes her for a Muslim.

Kenapa asyik saja naik turun masjid tapi belum dapat hidayah?

Masjid pusat hidayah Muslim

According to a Sinar Harian report on 11 July 2014:

“Saya menganut agama Kristian dan tak pernah memeluk Islam,” tegas Adun Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh menafikan dakwaan kononnya beliau memeluk Islam.

Menurutnya, beliau berkata, ada pihak menuduhnya sedemikian mungkin kerana melihatnya berbaju kurung dan mengenakan selendang setiap kali dijemput ke majlis buka puasa di surau dan masjid.

Katanya, dia langsung tidak tahu menahu mengenai perkara ini dan siapa yang mendakwanya sedemikian, beliau akan membuat laporan polis berhubung dakwaan tidak berasas.

Think! Why should Hannah take such umbrage just because some people have got a wrong impression that she has embraced Islam?

Najib Razak makes promise after promise that his government will defend Islam.

Do you believe him?

Pertahan kalimah Allah - Najib

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79 thoughts on “Do you trust Najib to defend Islam?

  1. I am baffled when we Malaysians didn’t take it well when the oil price was increased 20sen yesterday. Didn’t we ourselves, the ‘people’ and the real people alike, immediately ask Najib to walk the talk following his recent call for moderation? He has done his part, now it is our time lah pulak, kan?

    I mean, now it’s easier for us to be more moderate when we spend our money, right? And what with those panic buyers last night? Come on you people, at least please show the world a wee bit of moderation in each and every move we make. We are Malaysians, are we not?

    Ya I know that’s not funny :D.
    Tapi saya cuma teringat perbicangan dalam kelas dengan seorang ustaz pasal wasatiyah/moderate/bersederhana dulu. Dia tanya kepada kelas, secara ringkasnya, “kalau Islam menyeru kepada wasatiyah, kenapa Islam sendiri yang terlalu menekankan kepentingan bersederhana?…bukankah itu(perbuatan membuat penekanan berulang-ulang kali) adalah salah satu ciri tidak bersederhana?”.

    Semua kelas terdiam. Loceng bunyi, dia senyum, ambik buku, beri salam dan terus keluar kelas. Sampaikan ada seorang-dua pelajar yang fikir dia dah ‘murtad’ menyoal apa yang Allah ajar!

    Tengahari tu, dalam kelas kedua(dia ajar 2 subjek), baru dia terangkan. Dalam Islam, mula-mula adalah adil(i.e: meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya), kemudian barulah wasatiyah. Macam mana masyarakat dapat mengamalkan cara hidup bersederhana kalau tidak ada keadilan? Semua benda berterabur (i.e: tidak berada pada tempatnya). Dalam erti kata lain, kita jugak perlu bersederhana dalam mengamalkan kesedarhanaan.

    Allah yang Maha Adil menyeru kita berulang-ulang-ulang-ulang kali(i.e: meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya) untuk bersederhana supaya tidak melampaui batas. Dia sambung terangkan lagi apa wasatiyah itu sendiri….(dan seterusnya).

    Panjang lagi kalau nak cakap pasal bersederhana ni. Cuma saya tertanya-tanya, adakah tindakan kerajaan sekarang tidak menyekat unsur/unsur melampau dalam masyarakat kita sekarang sebab mereka nak bersederhana? Kang tangkap orang masuk lokap, diorang cakap kerajaan melampau…tak bersederhana. Kena hentam “cakap tak serupa bikin” pulak. Pasal tu kerajaan bimbang, mungkin? Kang hilang pulak ‘kepopularitian'(nak sebut pun susah :D).

    1. re: “Najib to walk the talk following his recent call for moderation”

      I can understand the justification for reducing fuel subsidy and saving the government money.

      The problem is Najib’s profligate expenditures on all those agencies which are not government bodies and for which there is no public oversight, i.e. consultants, Pemandu, TalentCorp, Khazanah and Tun highlighted 1MDB overpaying for the power plants it bought.

      Sleepy Dollah started this nonsense of setting up parallel agencies to existing government bodies. For example, we already have the EPU which has been drafting our five-year Malaysia plans since Merdeka.

      But Najib brings in his ETP, which tweeted referring to him as the “former Prime Minister” I did not hear that the culprit was sacked from Pemandu for that piece of insidious sabotage.

      Najib’s pet projects are burning so much money to the point that Tun is compelled to raise the matter of 1MDB and the consultants.

      The working class is naturally angry when the cost-cutting measures and belt-tightening are imposed on them but at the same time, Najib’s blue-eyed boys appear to be spending money like there’s no tomorrow.

      Pemandu’s detailed expenditure must be made public. Likewise TalentCorp’s.

      1. No way idris jala will table what he has spend from the taxpayer’s coffers.

        In fact, there is not a single time idris jala has ever answered a parliament question. He just masuk dewan to punch card in order not to be expelled according to the parliament standing order.

        All is burdened to various ministry. No wonder like you said he and his ilk spend money like there is no tomorrow. But no gain at the end of the day.

        1. re: “No way Idris Jala will table what he has spent from the taxpayer’s coffers.”

          That’s why Pemandu and Khazanah and 1MBD are not accountable. The civil servants are more answerable. These people are like operating in a Bermuda Triangle and flushing money down a black hole.

          They are allocated SO MUCH!!! of the government money in the federal budget but yet the public have little idea how that money is spent.

          Looking at TalentCorp globetrotting to Marriott, Hilton, Oberoi etc, it’s staggering!

          Although it started with Tun Dol, Najib has been largely responsible for setting up this monstrous parallel structure to existing government infra.

          Tun is so right. Najib is worse than Sleepy Dollah. On top of that, there is this evangelista thrust.

          In 1987’s Ops Lalang, the gomen under Tun rounded up the church activists and threw them in Kamunting.

  2. To attain wasatiyah one must first attain qana’ah. Some preachers like to take short cuts, easy dakwah, never telling what one must endure first before achieving a higher level, like MLM people. Not all, but some.

    1. Does Najib know what (wasatiyah) he is preaching or is this like his other ETP, GTP, NKEA, NKRA, etc etc soundbites?

      I’m not a Muslim so it’s difficult for me to speculate on whether I would trust him to defend Islam.

      However looking from the other side of the equation, I do NOT trust him to be able to keep the evangelistas at bay.

      And the evangelistas do not merely encroach upon the Muslims but they’ve done much worse in bullying the Buddhists and Hindus already. Najib does not appear to have the mental framework to be able to tackle this problem.

      1. Wasatiyah wasn’t heard of before. Some smart alec probably used it for one of the VIP speeches, lo and behold, WASATIYAH in bright neon. Qanaah is commonly taught at masjids and musollahs.

        1. PMO has published booklets about Islam wasatiyah.

          Tun Dol had his Islam Hadhari.

          The next PM might introduce his own unique Islamic branding too.

          1. Yup. To me the advisers look more and more like fresh Marketing grads who have little or no field experience. Just taking ideas from Peter Drucker and who else’s marketing books.

            This idea has been used many many times in the States and in some movies I’ve seen before. Its like coming up with a catchy jingle and playing it over and over again till people hum it subconsciously.

            Wasatiyah sounds grand don’t it. Makes one sound knowledgeable.

            1. I had a quick read of the booklet. But since I have no Islamic knowledge background, I’m unable to appraise. Nonetheless, it left no impression on me.

              I wonder how many people are impressed by Najib’s GTP and ETP brochures.

          1. Islam’s idea of “wasatiyyah” is about understanding the extremes in order that we may walk upon the middle way in life. Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah, one of the foremost scholars of the our times sheds light on the meaning and significance of the struggle of the human soul to moderate his existence according to the Divine plan in an alliance of virtue with his fellowmen:


  3. Islam will be defended through the demographic war.

    What are you waiting my fellow Muslims… get ready for some Friday Night Malam murah rezeki.

    Lets work double shift to import Malays from Phillipines and Indonesia.. I man there are 200 fucking Musims out there just a boat ride away… I wonder why our evil Nazi rivalling UMNO have not worked on that since 1957…

    1. re: “through the demographic war”

      There are only 6 million Jew in Israel. The country is a small one swimming in a sea of Arabs and Muslims – look at map.

      Although Israel lags far behind in demography, yet it wins the wars conducted on the battlefield.


        1. Israel is in fact losing the war. That is why it is going all out to recruit Jews to come to Israel. They know the demographics is not on their side. Why do you think they recruit Jews from as far as India and China. The answer is obvious. Demographics matters. They have to do something and that is get more Jews and do it fast.

          The ‘war’ in Malaysia will ultimately be decided by demographics. The numbers. The evangelists can play the divide and rule game, pit Muslims against Muslims but you must ask the pertinent question, for how long can you play this divide and rule game? For how long? Eventually the game is up and then no amount of scheming will help or save you from the inevitable backlash.

          1. I concur that Israel is having big demography trouble, and are absorbing people of all colours to become Jews.

            But its lack of numbers regardless, nobody could stop the Israel army assault on Gaza. No force or power managed to halt to the attacks on Palestinians.

            Likewise Malaysia.

            The BN’s Achilles heel is the enemy within.

            Numbers game:

            – 90% Chinese support DAP

            – Malays support Umno, PAS, PKR, Muslim NGOs-Perkasa, fence sitters & the tidak apa crowd

            1. The assault on Gaza and other Palestinian lands will end when the Palestinians both Muslim and Christian overwhelm the Jews decisively. This will take time but eventually it will happen. Be patience.

              The same will happen in Malaysia. Most Malays have given up on the Chinese vote. Whether Chinese support the establishment or otherwise is besides the point. We crossed the Rubicon on May 5 and there’s no turning back.

              We will still enjoy relative peace in Malaysia. Malays, Muslims will not go amok. I m confident that after 50 over years Malays, Muslims are rational enough to think about the future of this country. What really concerns me is this, that the evangelists will incite the Chinese and other minorities [deleted].

              This is what most troubles me. I think about this from time to time because there is so much resentment among the Chinese towards the Malays, Muslims and just about anyone.

              I discussed this a lot with friends who are involved with social media and it really is disturbing when I found out that on social media the Chinese, especially Chinese youth and those of a certain age harbor so much hate, so much resentment on just about anyone, not just Malays, not just Muslims but anyone.

              Is the hate ideology so pervasive?

              1. re: “Is the hate ideology so pervasive?”

                Quite clear for everyone with eyes to see.

                (1) just look at what the Love-Love-Love people always say about the Tun

                (2) about NEP

                (3) the insults they throw at Umno and the labels they slap on MCA (“running dog”)

                (4) the profanities they spew at the police and to a lesser extent, the names they call the civil servants and the judiciary (if the court judgment is not in favour)

                (5) the contempt they heap on mualaf Cina, e.g. the torrent of abuse hurled at Isma’s Alifah Ting Abdullah

                (6) their disdain of the mamak

                (7) latest, it is the PAS ulama in particular and the Islamist party in general that have become a target of their hate

                (8) not only do they hate other people, they hate Islam, e.g. Chow Jack (Chow Mun Fai) who was sentenced to a year’s jail recently for his anti-Islam comments

                (9) they even hate symbols like our national anthem, the Negaraku

                (10) they despise our national flag which they turned upside down

                (11) they resent the monarchy – e.g. Subang Jaya voter Leong Pei Koe who was sentenced by the court for showing his middle finger to the Permaisuri Agong when she visited Penang, and Facebooker Melissa Gooi who was investigated by police for her comments about the YDP Agong

                (12) not least, they really hate any Chinese who refuses to support the DAP

                Their behaviour is revolting but lacking a mirror in the house, they believe that they’re really beautiful people who are overflowing with Love for their neighbours. And they accuse the pro-establishment side as “divisive”.

                1. Re Their behaviour is revolting but lacking a mirror in the house, they believe that they’re really beautiful people who are overflowing with Love for their neighbours. And they accuse the pro-establishment side as “divisive”.

                  A certain blogger, I m not going to name his name as I trust you know who I m referring to because he has a penchant for name calling just about anyone, you yourself have been subjected to his name calling countless times, he still presents the utopia that the Chinese are not what you and other like minded bloggers portrait them to be.

                  You start to think, with so much damage that they have done to our national fabric there are actually people out there who are still in denial. Oh by the way, that blogger is now busy with the Occupy Central movement l o l ! You know him right ? His blog is verboten l o l !

                  1. re: “with so much damage that they have done to our national fabric there are actually people out there who are still in denial”

                    The ‘In Denial’ Syndrome, ah yes.

                    PKR executed the Kajang Move. DAP supported PKR in ousting TS Khalid.

                    They played so dirty in their smear campaign to fitnah the (former) MB that the Selangor Sultan was compelled to bertitah to set the record straight.

                    Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah in his speech said:

                    – “Dengan ini timbullah pelbagai hasutan dan tomahan untuk memburukkan Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim supaya dapat diturunkan daripada jawatan Menteri Besar Selangor. Perkara hasut menghasut dan melempar tohmahan-tohmahan terhadap Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berterusan walaupun semasa bulan suci Ramadhan …”

                    “… Beta ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim yang telah menjalankan tugas beliau dengan jaya dan sempurna sebagai Menteri Besar”

                    – “Krisis yang berlaku berkenaan dengan Menteri Besar Selangor ini telah membuka mata dan hati serta pandangan Beta terhadap politik di Negeri Selangor ini.”

                    But the people out there who are in denial are blaming and bashing PAS for the Selangor crisis. Talk about their level of ‘in-denial’.

                2. The ones who make the most noise on social media, I suspect are not really very successful in other aspects of life. Hence, that dissatisfaction manifests itself in blaming others for their own shortcomings.

                  Oh NEP is not fair, they say. Well, to be honest it is not particularly so but there are reasons for it. But why is it other Chinese can do well without help from NEP? So who is the loser actually?

                  Same goes for Islam, moan moan moan that it is “oppressive” but in actuality, how much does Islam impact your daily life? Not very much if you don’t want it to, right? It’s all about perception and emotional maturity, which they lack and then this kind of attitude is reinforced among their peers.

                  1. re: “this kind of attitude is reinforced among their peers”

                    Dapsters are very, if not the most active users of social media – of which network they use to spread their Politics of Hate. And also tabur fitnah merata-rata.

                    However if you’ll remember May 2013 before and after polling day, you’ll find that some of the fitnah came from the party leaders and their apparatchiks such as the “40,000 phantom voters” allegation, purported the blackout at polling centres and other fibs and insinuations.

                    As for complaints about NEP, the DAP leaders use it to perpetuate their eternal victimhood.

            2. re: numbers game

              I meant that the Malays are divided between:

              – Umno
              – PAS
              – PKR
              – Muslim NGOs-Perkasa
              – fence sitters
              – the tidak apa crowd

              Thus for the present, the Malays do not have strength in unity.

  4. As what i see is that Najib is doing something by the advise of his adviser that surrounds him, in which i cant see him finding the answer to what problems that outcomes after his proceeding changes.

    Can you imagine when a middle range people starts questioning ‘Why the government have to increase the petrol, when the world oil price is dropping? And why must they hike it at the eve of a Festive travel season? And don’t they ever think of the repercussion that’s gonna happen with the chain of price effect? Even a non educated kampung people can ask – how to answer maaa…

    Luckily, there’s one or two orang kampung people that I’ve met this afternoon, can answer that this is due to a lot of stolen subsidize petrol, so somehow like padan muka… How about urban citizen, you think they can accept this. I think i can take harsh reply like, undi lagi BN, BN barang naik etc… but when they give a saying like “Terima kasih Najib”, wow.. it feels very chilling and frightening, like someone is berdendam.. you know.. For this I blame very much Najib for not thinking wisely.

    Can you imagine after the announcement by TV, immediately they show Najib speech as if complying the reply with his BR1M notation. Hah… what fools is this media doing for him..

    My 2 sen advice, Get Real Man..

  5. Najib will never feel the pinch. Next year they may just increase their petrol allowances by 10%. Tuang aje la banyak mana driver dia nak. Tiap kali isi sure full tank.

    Rakyat biasa kena pikir panjang sikit. Kalau full tank selalu nanti poket koyak silap2 anak bini dan ibubapa yang dah tua kat rumah tak cukup duit nak beri beras pula. Okay la kalau tak mampu naik bas sja tau!

    Najib kalo nak protect Islam, kekalkan itu Sedition Act. This is to ensure non Muslim yang tak faham sebenda about Islam jgn sewenang2nya diberi muka mempermainkan/menghina Agama kita. No mercy on this issue.

    That Ahkow dont like Muslims and Islam? Dia pernah practise Islam ke? Bab mana yang dia tak suka? Pasai haram to show-off kemaluan to the public? Dia Agama apa?

  6. Helen,

    To answer the question, if you neglect the Malay is just the same as you neglect Islam.

    To the Malay Islam is above all, jadi kalau pendokong kapada Ugama Islam itu disisihkan, seumpama menyisihkan ugama itu sendiri.

    1. “Chu Yiu-ming, a silver-haired, 70-year-old Baptist minister, spent decades spearheading pro-democratic initiatives in Hong Kong before he became an Occupy Central leader last year. After the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, he led a covert operation to rescue Chinese activists from persecution by helping them find safe houses in Hong Kong and apply for asylum abroad. Chu recalled the moment he heard the news of the bloodshed in an interview with Bloomberg in May. “The tears came down,” he said. “I made a prayer: God, what can we do?”

      “I made a prayer: God, what can we do?”

      1. The Hong Kong protestors are no doubt inspiring would-be protestors in other countries. Our former police top brass have warned about this potential menace to public order.

        How far are the Christians spearheading the HK protests?

        1. Like Malaysia, Yellow and Blue have meaning in the protests in Hong Kong.

          Yellow – the protestors

          On Wednesday, as the People’s Republic of China celebrates its 65th anniversary, tens of thousands of American undergraduates from universities across the country will dress in yellow, the identifying color of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

          Blue – the other side (those who support police, normalcy)

          “They have taken to sporting blue ribbons, the colour of the local police uniforms, in response and calling for peace and a return to normalcy.”

          Samelah macam Malaysia. Remember I mentioned a gym class in Penang, the students who were blue were given pumping by the instructor because he hates the blues (BN). Some studnets even brought the ubah bird to aerobics class.

          1. How far are the Christians spearheading the HK protests?


            “Hong Kong’s churches are playing a quiet but important role in the city’s protests, offering food and shelter to demonstrators, with some organizers and supporters citing Christian values as inspiration in their fight.

            At least three of the founders of the main protest groups are Christians, including the 17-year-old leader of a student group and two of the three heads of Occupy Central. One of the group’s founders is a minister and the city’s former Catholic bishop is a vocal supporter.

            While the protests are specifically for democratic elections in Hong Kong, some see a broader struggle to protect that culture from China’s communist government as it increases its influence on the city. Christianity has been a visible element of the demonstrations, with prayer groups, crosses, and protesters reading Bibles in the street.

            Hong Kong churches have long tried to spread Christianity in China. Protestant pastors based in Hong Kong have helped propagate the evangelical brands of Christianity that have alarmed the Chinese leadership in Beijing with their fast growth. “

            1. Thanks for the info, Mulan.

              It was the same with the Bersih protests in KL. The churches were organizing group participation programmes.

          2. (1) LOL at blue being the establishment and colour of orthodoxy.

            (2) What did they do with the ‘Ubah’ bird in gym class?

            1. They place it as a symbol against their fight against the BN. These people are very psycho.
              Even Body Pump class can be turned into something political. Penang-ma.

              Oh ya. Hong Kong is also an island and called the Pearl of the Orient.

              1. re: “They place it as a symbol against their fight against the BN.”

                Is it a soft toy?

                re: “These people are very psycho.”

                What age are they?

                re: “Even Body Pump class can be turned into something political. Penang-ma.”

                You’re living dangerously along the fault line.

                re: “Oh ya. Hong Kong is also an island and called the Pearl of the Orient.”

                So the Occupy demos will be exported to its Pearl-of-the-Orient Penang twin soon?

  7. Org Melayu terlalu moderate. Tengok amoi pakai baju kurung pakai selendang…. Dah lembut sejuk hati melayu. Nak kata setengah melayu bahalol, tak jugak…Melayu ni terlalu moderate… Tak pakai otak…

    Bayangkan amoi ke asoi ke pakai baju kurung, berak tak basuh, taik berselepat di bontot masuk masjid… Org Melayu kata dia tu Islam dah….

  8. Moderates liberal will never defend Islam. Let’s everybody speak their mind.. say whatever you want to say…freedom of speech…

    if someone with a conscience mind… things will never get this far… by keeping silence is a sign of encouragement…

    Takut kalau kasi tau tak boleh cakap lebih lebih nanti kena label RACISSSSSSSTTTTTTTT

  9. Helen go to mamak bookshop and look for Muhammad Asad Quran Translation in English. He a JEWS converted to Islam and he is a Jewish Muslim no Arab Muslim.

    As for PM he himself is distancing from the raykat with his man made popularity and flamboyant stlye such as 1MDB, Talent Corp, 1Malaysia, tadika that PM wife forgot aready till today I dont see the result.

    PM is distancing himself from Bumiputras especially Malays, and most of all the UMNO’s ground. PM seems to forget Bumiputras Save the day for UMNO especially Sabah and Sarawak. It better to be nobody than somebody!

  10. On Minyak naik issu: kekawan aku berjaya cipta injin pakai angin. Tak yak pakai minyak lagi. Aku dah plan nak buka steyen angin cam steyen minyak. 1 litre angin 0.10 sen saja. Engin bersih tak de polution.

    Selain itu untuk menjimatkan dan maximise pengunaan angin di sediakan tempat ‘menangkap’ angin. Sesiapa yang nak kentut sila aim punggong anda di tempat yang disediakan dan poooooot. Angin akan di simpan dan disalurkan ke pam pam angin.

    Kereta yang mengunakan angin ini boleh pecut 200KM dalam 10 saat saja. Cuma ada satu masaalah saja. Kerajaan tak bagi lesen.

    Dikata kalau bagi lesen kerajan nak makan apa? Petronas Tutup la. Sapa nak bayar menteri mentri punya expenses dan gaji. Cammana PM nak terbang ke luar neggeri. 365 hari setahun berapa hari PM ada kat sini?

    So lesen kena tolak. Maaf kekawan bukan salah daku. Daku dan cuba tapi tak dapat lesen.

  11. Moderation means understang and respecting each others religion and culture. For berpuloh tahun especially under TM as PM we lived harmoniously and peace fully, those who try to create trouble were taken to task.

    I spoke with a few Chinese friends, they say that not all Chinese are anti Islam and Malays but of course if we can take over and if the Malays are that stupid why not.

    BUT its dap thats burning the hate fire and sad for the Malays that we have a very lembik PM who is syok sediri and confused with his concept of moderation.

    He wants to build a modern and developed liberal country without considering the Islamic values. Looks like he thinks that being liberal is being moderate being moderate Islam is being extemist and bigots. Conpuse katakan

    1. The Mahathir years, owing to his leadership, were relatively peaceful and progressive, but they were also fertile times for the Islamist propaganda – Hadi Awang and his “takfir” of all things UMNO, inspiring Ibrahim Libya at Memali and the Al-Mauna extremists.

      It was Anwar who pushed for the liberalization of Islamic worldview. How did they ever coalesced into Pakatan is a psychological phenomenon. Now, some kind of liberalizing moderation seems to have caught on with Mr. Najib.

      1. re: “Now, some kind of liberalizing moderation seems to have caught on with Mr Najib.”

        Mr Najib’s close confidant is Mr Idris Jala.

        Mr Idris is a member of the Sidang Injil Borneo, see

        SIB is an evangelical church, see

        Maybe Mr Najib caught his liberalizing moderation through the process of osmosis, rubbed off from his Cabinet colleague in his Prim Minister’s Dept.

  12. ‘………my political disapproval of Muslims and Islam.”…….’

    Alvin is the most arrogant bastard that have been lived in this universe!

    Did’nt he knows that the Muslims disapproval him a millions times more?. We know that the kafir liked him will be burned in the deepest hell in the life ever after!

    Does he see any Muslim missed him and beg him to come back to Malaysia? All of us ‘makan pulut kuning and rendang ayam’ to celeberate the end of Alvin in this boleved country, Malaysia!

  13. Bertambah celaru lagi apabila wujud di kalangan kelompok Islam tersebut yang mendokong agenda reformasi yang cuba merobek agama seperti mana golongan reformis Kristian merobek agama Kristian sehingga lahirnya kelompok muslim moderat seperti mana sebelum itu munculnya Kristian moderat.

    Seperti yang dilakukan oleh Kristian moderat, begitu juga yang dilakukan oleh muslim moderat. Mereka cuba mentafsir agama Islam berasaskan liberalisme dan pluralisme agama.

    Mereka berjaya membawa anak muda Melayu dan Islam untuk berfikir menggunakan istilah-istilah yang digunakan dalam reformasi Kristian seperti moderat, keterbukaan, harmoni, keamanan, dialog, progresif dan seumpamanya serta melabel mereka yang mempertahankan identiti Islam dan jati diri bangsa sebagai tertutup, rasis, ekstrem, mundur dan sebagainya.

  14. Re If like this how to live in a Malay-majority Muslim country?

    The door is always open. This is a free country. If you have issues with Malays and Muslims, you can go elsewhere. Nobody is going to stop you from doing so unless you’ve committed a crime and you have to stay back to face the music.

    Re How many are like Alvin?
    Re How many disapprove of Muslims? Disapprove of Islam?

    Many, far too many the majority of them those under the age of 40 who enjoyed a privileged upbringing during the boom years of the 1980s and 1990s.

    Re How many love to ridicule Malays (and other dark-skinned races)?

    Many, far too many. The irony here is that the people ridiculing the Malays are themselves people of color, light yellow, dark yellow, mango color etc. And I’ve observed that these people who love to taunt and ridicule Malays spend a lot on skin whitening products l o l !

    Re Why do they keep mocking the language, the culture, the traditions, the ethos of the Malays?

    Inferiority complex at work. They can’t hold a candle when it comes to comparing themselves with whites and other fair skinned people so naturally they picked on the Malays to make themselves look larger than life i.e better than Malays.

    If Malays are not convenient then of course Indian Muslims, Chinese converts, Hindu Indians and other dark skinned natives are easy targets for their self aggrandizement.

    Re Think! Why should Hannah take such umbrage just because some people have got a wrong impression that she has embraced Islam?

    She was involved in the Occupy Mosque movement. Safe to say she still does albeit not as frequent as previously. But you know, as always, when she was exposed as a fraud, she will revert to her snake oil saleswoman MO of accusing people of slander and other shenanigans.

    You can’t trust a lizard to talk straight.

    Re Najib Razak makes promise after promise that his government will defend Islam.

    Re Do you believe him?

    The answer is obvious to most senior commentators of this blog. You don’t have to ask the same question over and over again.

    I must say that although he has done well in some areas i.e economics he failed the most important test, the political test. His enemies are running wild all over him and his response thus far, and I believe his only response, is to reward his enemies with more means, more opportunities to run even wilder all around him.

    He is not making new friends. In fact he is turning his once loyal and supportive friends and well wishers into his new enemies. This man is utterly pathetic. The dumbest PM so far, worse than Abdullah Badawi.

  15. Najib is not a product of Islamic movement, such as Abim. Anwar is. Actually was.

    Najib is not from religious family background and his thinking, conduct and expression never shown him as such.

    Najib in the past had made comments that shows his understanding of Islam, which I categorised it as intermediate.

    But later on he learned. Not learning in depth on Islam, but learned that he should seek advice on Islam. This is obvious when he became a PM.

    If you care to look for a comment of mine in zamkata blog that the blogger had made it as one of his posting, I have the view that seeking advice itself is not a problem, that is part and parcel of a style of management.

    But one management can be effective or not effective. In this case when it is no longer effective then the method of approached is questioned on how it is implemented.

    It is clear that the word moderation comes from the speech of the PM and it refers to wasatiyah concept in Islam. Of course that comes from one of his advisors. There are many other Islamic terms or words were embedded in the speech as I can remember it.

    But later on, as you have noticed it, there was hijacking of this “moderation” word. I don’t know what happen, but somebody there sub-contract it to wrong team. As one of the common picture that you Helen always post. That the one with the Star Editor and it shows the question what is moderation? Someone wrote down “wider space to speak up!!”.

    I am not saying the phrase “wider space to speak up!!” per se is wrong and I opined that it is subjective to interpretation and debatable. But I see that it is surely not the meaning of moderation for current situation! I mean with all the fitnahs and defamations spread around uncontrollable, do we still need to expand the the space to speak up. I think a gay would agree to it as he has his own cause of struggle. But then that is extremism.

    Moderation is to achieve the balance, it is neither extreme nor lackness. It is in between, the perfect ideal balance or tuning.

    Lastly, this is my personal view, there have been so many hijackings took place. You have named numbers of them. If you minus all the hijackings, you would see that overall Najib has impressive management skill to lead the country and it is proven. But as Tun Dr Mahathirs said, today the world is becoming more complicated. I say that one of them because of there are so many groups with own agendas tried to influence the PM.

    And that is why I think Tun Dr Mahathir was criticising Najib in a gradual manner. Calling Najib to step down is his last option.

    1. The bottomline is semangat berjuang.

      PAS has perjuangan. The Umno of Dato’ Onn 1946 had perjuangan.

      The Umno today of “KJ 10 Q(KJ thank you), i.e. Khairy Jamaluddin’s MPV number plate), does not have perjuangan.

      Isma has perjuangan which Umno does not have.

      Najib is sorely missing that ‘X’ factor – perjuangan.

      Britain had Winston Churchill during the war years. The Allied Forces needed a war general. Neville Chamberlain was a disgrace with his Munich capitulation to Hitler.

      Malaysia now needs Churchill, not a Chamberlain.

  16. Saya juga ingin bertanya sikit pasal Alvin punya statement:-

    “My satirical attempts at ridiculing Muslims is an expression of my political disapproval of Muslims and Islam.”

    What in the hell is the difference between “political disapproval” and plain “disapproval”? Let us remove the word “political” from the statement above……

    “My satirical attempts at ridiculing Muslims is an expression of my DISAPPROVAL of Muslims and Islam”……..bigotry anyone?or freedom of expression?

    but when ‘political disapproval’ is used, what does this imply?

    I’d say… ‘Ale Uto’ lah Alvin…..hang nak kencing sapa nie?

    Anyway, good riddance to Alvin. Since America is the leading exporter of porn, i’m sure looking for a job there is easy. He’d better get use to the North American slang ‘douchebag’ as he fits the definition fully.

  17. Majority in the pakatoon want the Sedition Act to go because they want a free hand to bash Melayu. The anger has been built up for the past 57 years, becoming like Pinatubo volcano going to erupt anytime now spewing hot lava. Without Sedition Act, it’s free for all to bash Melayu..

    Then how are we going to be moderate? Pakatoon going crazy with moderation idea. But at the same time they want SA to go…so all kinds of extreme speech and Malay bashing can take place.

    They have to learn to practice politics professionally. It’s not freedom of speech, but need to be moderate in your speech.. Need SA to whack you if you become extremists (=malay bashing)..

    1. It is the ones who pandai bermuka-muka that are most dangerous. They talk about moderation (or tolerance), about building bridges, about unity and harmony — and at the same time they call other people “divisive” … and racist-extremist-haters-spewers of venom blah blah blah.

      These opinion leaders are the ones manipulating the pro-opposition sheeple, who in turn are the (verbal) “kaki pukul” ranting on the Internet (including the Dapsters who come to my blog whenever they terasa the criticism against their J-idols) who get caught by police and are punished with jail.

      e.g. that Chinese Subang Jaya voter who insulted our DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong

      Yeah, true he was the one show showed his middle finger but consider the environment he came from. Subang Jaya is a toxic landfill that is stewing hate.

      The people of Subang Jaya can even see the holy image of Mother Mary in the dirty window of a hospital building. You wonder if they’re a cult over there.

      1. Helen,

        Yup. DAP sympathisers are paranoid and double faced.

        Guan Eng talks on transparency, a trait that is alien to DAP. DAP preaches to others(meaning UMNO) on opennes, transparency but it is quick to expel those who criticize then.

        From my observation, DAP adores Malays who are “liberal”. Liberal means that the Malays must be willing to condemn UMNO as racist, proposing Malay rights abolished, UMNO keeping quiet when it is slandered, free for all to condemn(meaning attacking malays).

        Ussually these types of Malays like Marina Mahathir, Saifudin, Mujahid, Azmi sharum are reject items. They are not held in high regards by malays themselves.

        1. re: “Umno keeping quiet when it is slandered”

          Parti Paling Tidak Apa, so whaddya expect?

          “Selagi mana kebejatan agenda DAP tidak ditangani, kita hanya sekadar mengukuhkan lagi penguasaan fikrah beracun mereka ke dalam tubuh masyarakat dan jati diri Muslim kita.” – Muhammad Luttfi Abdul Khalid (Yang Dipertua ISMA Sg Petani)

          1. “PAS dan lebih-lebih lagi PKR tidak boleh buat apa-apa untuk menundukkan ego dan kelancangan DAP … Umno pula tidak berani angkat muka terhadap kelancangan dan kebiadaban MCA dan Gerakan dalam isu yang sama.”

            “Kedua-dua parti Melayu Islam (PAS dan Umno) ini seolah-olah sudah kehilangan kejantanan mereka untuk menempelak agenda rasis DAP secara tegas dan berterus terang. – Md Luttfi, Isma


          2. “Antara ‘kecerdikan’ DAP adalah untuk mencanangkan bahawa si fulan atau sesuatu organisasi itu rasis atau ekstrimis secara konsisten dan lantang dengan bantuan ribuan bala tentera maya (RBA) nya sehingga persepsi ini akan terpahat di minda para audiennya, meskipun ia adalah satu persepsi yang palsu dan tidak berfakta.

            “Selain Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad, mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, pernahkah kita mendengar mana-mana pemimpin PAS atau Umno berani mengeluarkan kalimat ‘Rasis!’ kepada mana-mana pemimpin DAP?” – Md Luttfi, Isma


            1. Helen,

              Sincerity is crucial here if we are to save Malaysia from racist DAP.

              Why UMNO makes it so difficult? Just tell the truth. The truth about any matter. Meaning take a bull by its horn.

              Examples of how to deal with racist DAP

              1) When they complain about being treated like 2nd class (meaning by Malay dominated Govt), just reply by saying in all media that if Chinese are discriminated, how come they are controlling economy.

              2) When they say UMNO is racist or “celaka:, reply by saying DAP is “celaka” too.

              3) When they start comparing with SIngapore, just say that Singapore does not have vernacular schools.

              BE FIRM.

                1. Helen,

                  I could not agree more. If i were to be in his shoes, in no time i would jail Guan Eng.

                  Why? For waging wear against yang DiPertuan agung by creating a police force not loyal to the King.

                  1. re: “For waging wear against yang DiPertuan agung by creating a police force not loyal to the King.”

                    You mean auxiliary uniformed force.

                    And by the way, where is that investigation headed?

                    1. Helen,

                      Security matters are strictly under the purview, officialdom of Federal Government. The separation of duties between states and Federal government is very clear.

                      Is Najib is till sleeping on danger Guan eng is posing when he creates armed force not loyal to Yang diPertuan agong.

                      THE INVESTIGATIOn as usual heads to dumbsite.

                    2. re: “Is Najib is till sleeping on danger”

                      Najib punishes BN voters who are the poorer people and he rewards those who are undermining the BN.

                    3. “And by the way, where is that investigation headed?”

                      Macam biasalah, hangat-hangat taik ayam sahaja.

                  2. Was it 9000-strong those DAPster corps?

                    If the Malaysian leadership doesn’t see the need to take stern action on this Penang initiative then they have sacrificed the PDRM and national security to the dogs because:

                    1) DAP has a maoist socialist background which shows up in its racial chauvinism and their stand on social issues like their muted reservation with regards to the nude games on their beaches and the alvivi fiasco

                    2) which institution should determine and supervise the protocol channels of law and order between the DAPster corp and the Polis DiRaja Malaysia?

                    1. Chris,

                      The old DAP pre-2008 may have had some trappings of socialism but today all of that is lost.

                      It has become the Developers Above People (DAP) party and the nickname is apt as can be witnessed by the botak hills, flash floods and expanding waistlines of the ruling party (DAP) politicians in Penang.

                      Just as PAS’s stock-in-trade is political Islam, the DAP is currently trading in the political Christianity currency.

                      DAP is no longer a socialist party. That’s so yesterday. Even Russia and China are capitalist now.

                      DAP is an evangelist party.

                    2. This DAP is not even a party. It is a cult machine. Personalities are exalted and worshiped. They are the biggest con in town and the gullible people see birds’ dropping as their savior.

                    3. The opposition was ahead of BN in the GE13 popular vote by almost five percent.

                      DAP is the second biggest party in Parliament behind Umno and ahead of PBB which is the third biggest.

                      This “cult machine” is headquartered in Jerusubang which is the alternative (virtual) Pakatan capital and their machinery can avail themselves of the resources of Selangor, the richest state with the fabled RM3.2 billion in reserves.

                      On the BN side, MCA is as dead as a dodo and using their Scissors to stab their partners from behind.

                      So why shouldn’t the DAP succeed in mind control given the MCA’s multi billion-ringgit media empire being a Nest of Evangelistas, and added to this Umno’s “paling tidak apa”ness and its party president who is all ears to the EvangeliSTAR.

                    4. Kak Helen, I remain confused about DAP’s convictions, the manner in which they flaunted their adoration for the Malayan Communist chief Chin Peng at his recent death. And how could Mat Sabu (as an ally of DAP) justify their terrorist insurgency, especially in the Bukit Kepong massacre of the Malay police regiment.

                      Furthermore, “The New Village” film interprets the emerging Malaysian espirit de corps at that time as intrigues of colonization while purposely leaving out the “Kuomintang versus Maoist” equation – the DAP actually believe Chairman Mao’s authoritarian socialism should substitute for the universalism of Chinese Confucian civilization! But Mao Tse Tung waged a “genocidal cultural revolution” against his own people to weed out traditional Confucian and Buddhist values.

                      Therefore, most certainly DAP does not represent Chinese culture other than exhibiting some form of bak kut teh-styled social revisionism, even if it has updated itself with political evangelism.

                      It seems the new skin of “Chinese” DAP is a kind of cultural marxism mixed up with “elitist capitalism”. Isn’t this new found ideological confidence the raison d’etre of the DAPster vigilante corps? How does the Penang CM reckon to arrange the proper protocols between his state troopers and the PDRM with regard to the principles of national security?

                      Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his Kuomintang members had through a long struggle liberated China from the iron-fisted Ching dynasty into a modern republic focussed on “the 3 Principles of the People”: nationalism, democracy, and the people’s livelihood.

                      On the the other hand, Mao was a rejector of all things capitalist, denouncing peaceful co-existence with non-communist countries, which eventually led to the vile hostility between the Sino and Soviet communist blocs and then the Cold War against the Western nations.

                      Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated; It is easy to hate, while it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.”

                      the slanted hermeneutics of The New Village [YouTube]

  18. Helen,

    That is the reason why Najib must go. What Najib is doing is actually attacking UMNO.

    1. re: “That is the reason why Najib must go.”

      Kadir Jasin has assessed that Najib’s position in Umno (meaning among the division bosses) is unassailable.

      1. Since Dr Mahathir still an Umno member, the urge for Najib to step down may not be that serious.

        I am observing the temperature though.

        1. I feel, though, that the more open criticisms today of Najib are due to Dr M’s withdrawal of support.

          It appears that Tun has opened the floodgates. No doubt there is no sudden strong gush of water deluging the PM, but nonetheless the plug has been pulled.

          1. Helen,

            Tun is doing UMNO a favour. Now up to UMNO to bring some sense to Najib. If he still refuses to change(from getting advices (poisons) from these overpaid consultants, by all mean get a new President.

            Or wait and see how Malays can dethrone a prime minister.

            1. re: “Or wait and see how Malays can dethrone a prime minister.”

              It happened to Tunku and it happened to Tun Dol.

      2. Helen,

        That is his position in UMNO. More importantly how the very people who defend UMNO see him and their assessment is not that positive.

        What is the point becoming a boss in party that has no power. Malays still have soft spot to UMNO as they can see there are good and Malay based leaders like Muhyiddin, Mustapha Mohd, Dr Zambri or Mukhriz or Mohd Hassan.

        Najib seems to ignore the fact that on many occasion Malays vote UMNO when they see leaders who understand reality. Tun Ghaffar Baba may not seen as “modern” as compared to Najib. But Malays trust him as he was seen as genuine, humble. These traits unfortunately are quite “distant” when one evaluates Najib or Khairi.

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