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UPDATED: I love new PM / Konsultan didahulukan, rakyat disengsarakan

BR1M 2.0:  Beratur  Ramai-ramai  Isi  Minyak  20 sen

“Apakah kerajaan sudah kekeringan kantung kewangannya sehingga tidak sabar-sabar mahu mengurangkan subsidi rakyat?” is not a question asked by bloggers alone but by many angry Malaysians.

To add my 20 sen worth, do you know how spendthrift are the Prime Minister’s Department and Pemandu and TalentCorp? They are profligate, without a doubt.

prɒflɪgət, adjective … means “recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources” or in another buzzword – “immoderate” (i.e. not at all moderate).

Najib Razak spent more than RM7 billion – or has it topped RM8b? RM9b? by now – on his consultants who appear latest to have told him that he needs to “rationalize subsidies” some more.

BELOW: TalentCorp events are held in the Marriott Melbourne, Hilton Adelaide and elsewhere around the holiday cities of the world


Actually the opposition MPs should table questions in Parliament “gali sampai ke lubang cacing” the details of how they (JPM, PMO, Pemandu, TalentCorp) are wasting gomen money.

Also, as I’ve asked previously: How much funding did the PMO provide the J-Star‘s ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign?

BELOW: Najib being advised by J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai


‘Claps claps claps!’

– to take our cue from the opposition MPs.

Our gomen spends money, most particularly wasteful on consultants and advisors (including those whom Tun calls the courtiers that are happily telling the emperor he’s wearing a robe of gold), and in the most profligate manner while the rakyat at the bottom are being squeezed the hardest.

The latest round in the rationalization of fuel subsidy resulted this morning in the guy riding a kapcai and driving a Kancil having to pay more for his petrol.

Same old, same old. As has happened countless times before: Akibat harga minyak naik, kos pengangkutan naik juga dan seterusnya harga barang pun pasti ikut melambung. Which in turn sparks a chain reaction sending si mamat and si minah reeling from inflation woes.

BELOW: PM paid only one ringgit for the whole bird


The problem is the PM

Langsung tak berjiwa rakyat

Lots of people are beginning to be unhappy with Najib Razak. A blogger who is popularly aggregated by the pro-opposition portals – his name is Shahbudin Husin – is one such person. He wrote today, ‘Inilah padahnya bila anak bangsawan jadi PM‘. He asks,

Apakah kerajaan masih prihatin lagi kepada rakyat?

Eh, takde lah.

Hari Raya Korban means rakyat marhaen yang kena berkorban.


Click 2x to enlarge

Ranking Blog pro PR terkini 1 OKTOBER 2014 - Cenangau Daunkari

Blogger Shahbudin’s take on the RON95 glad tidings:

•  “keputusan yang … membebankan rakyat”

•  “kenaikan itu hanya tiga hari sebelum umat Islam menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha yang pastinya akan melonjakkan peningkatan harga barang-barang keperluan”

•  “bagaimana pula diumumkan baru-baru ini ekonomi negara berkembang sebanyak 6.4 peratus? Logiknya jika ekonomi makin berkembang yang tentunya diikuti dengan bertambah kukuhnya kewangan negara, tentulah kerajaan tidak begitu terdesak memotong subsidi untuk rakyat bawahan.”

•  “adalah manifestasi wajah dan warna hati sebenar Najib sebagai anak bangsawan yang tidak memahami derita dan kesusahan rakyat terbanyak di negara ini.”

•  “Sebagai anak bekas Perdana Menteri yang sejak lahir dilimpahi kemewahan, bukan saja kesusahan tidak pernah dirasainya, pemahaman mengenai erti derita dan kemiskinan juga tidak sama dengan mereka yang pernah mengalaminya.”

angry mob

The pitchforks are coming closer. Read, “I see pitchforks”, what does Najib see?

King Canute cannot stop the waves

The problem for the PM is growing bigger and bigger because not only is he being hentam by bloggers like Shahbudin (who is seen as pro-Pakatan) but by bloggers/writers who are fence sitters too, and those who are unaligned and even those who are pro-establishment.

As the dissatisfaction on the ground becomes more widespread, an incipient revolt among the grassroots against Najib is beginning to be sniffed.

BELOW: What kind of things do you reckon that Najib Razak will get to hear when he is only accessible to people like Wong Chun Wai (pictured standing)?

Chun Wai Najib

Does PM figure his ‘Moderation’ polemics is going to win him brownie points?

Rintahan rakyat bawahan, keluh kesah kelas golongan pekerja … semua tak diendah the beloved PM.

As I’ve mentioned before, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai boasted that he was seated at the VVIP table with Najib during a Buka Puasa function held at Angkasapuri earlier this year on July 18.

At the same function were a number of Malay bloggers, some whom had travelled from outstation to attend the event, seated at the back tables set up under the canopy. Now why didn’t the PM at least make an effort to speak to ordinary people – the bloggers after all were there – instead of remaining confined to the Datuk-Datin elite social circle at his select table?

Adakah Najib peka kepada denyut nadi rakyat? Hah! Like Shahbudin Husin said, “Inilah padahnya bila anak bangsawan jadi PM”.


Najib bakal dilanggar todak

It is not just us ikan bilis bloggers who are questioning Najib but bigger fish as well such as the Tokoh-Tokoh Wartawan Datuk Kadir Jasin, Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin and even the blue whales (several prominent Tuns).

Vocal critics such as Pak Kadir and Zam, and most certainly the Tun, are better able to feel the pulse of the people – an important point this: the P-E-O-P-L-E who vote BN – rather than Idris Jala or the evangelistas whom Najib makes time for.

The fact that Najib appointed Saifuddin ‘Firster’ Abdullah to steer his Global Movement of Moderates proves that the PM’s kiblat is pointed the wrong direction.

BELOW: Perdana Menteri kita yang nih kepalanya nyata ada di awang-awangan


(Updated: 4.50pm)


Original posting

Di bawah ni semua YB-YB comel molek DAP

Baris atasdari kiri: Tan Kok Wai (MP Cheras), Eric Tan Pok Shyong (Adun Pandamaran), Tiew Way Keng (Adun Teratai)

Baris tengahdari kiri: Lim Guan Eng (MP Bagan, Adun Air Putih), Hannah Yeoh (Adun Jerusubang), Ee Chin Li (Adun Tangkak)

Baris bawahdari kiri: Anthony Loke (MP Rasah), Lau Weng San (Adun Kampung Tunku), Thomas Su (MP Ipoh Timor)

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Yang Berhormat-Yang Berhormat

Rajiv Rishyakaran – Adun Bukit Gasing

Ng Suee Lim – Adun Sekinchan

Mohd Ariff Sabri – MP Raub





Puan Speaker Selangor Hannah Yeoh

Kita alu-alukan Perdana Menteri DAP nanti


(96 patah perkataan)


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54 thoughts on “UPDATED: I love new PM / Konsultan didahulukan, rakyat disengsarakan

  1. Wow, truly “fat cats!” No wonder we are the heftiest nation in the region.

    Anyway, was reading the October issue of SJ echo (another pro-Pakatan rag, given the comments of its writers) and learnt that Mdm Speaker has a phobia of cats.

  2. Sometimes Malays are slow to digest the psychological war being bombarded on them. Racists, Ketuanan Melayu, our Raja Raja Melayu…. all being bashed as part of the cinabeng psychological game.

    Once the Melayu become mentally rotten… some melayu already running around with rotten brains… then the cinabeng eventually will be the our new Prime Minister. You mmg bijak Helen…

    Kalau org Melayu pun dikatakan pendatang jugak (sebagai Perang sikologi), apa salah kasi Prime Minister ke orang cina.

    1. Malays are losing the psywar because Umno is PPTA – Parti Paling Tidak Apa.

      Do you remember the Teluk Intan by-election? DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming was daily quick off the mark with his cunning commentary. He got the national airtime and his version became the narrative of the campaign.

      BN on the other hand, was quiet as a church mouse (pun intended). Ong Kian Ming should have been immediately rebutted when he claimed that Malay support for DAP increased in Teluk Intan but nobody did.

      I would have happily rebutted OKM but I did not have the data. If the BN Chinese parties and their media like The EvangeliSTAR are in cahoots with DAP, then Umno should have stepped in and taken charge.

      But do hear Umno people taking charge of the dialogue and analysis? Ahmad Maslan ada? Shabery Cheek ada? Ku Nan ada?

      Nope! Only Dr Mahathir and KJ are in the ideological battle. But KJ Zumba is battling for the other side because he’s really Dapster Khairy with the Scissorati Press Secretary.

      Where is the voice of the Umno cyber war general? Ibdilillah Cocodilly ke?

      The only group I see as fighting back against the DAP evangelistas is Isma. But the gomen is charging Isma president Abdullah Zaik with sedition and he could be thrown in jail if the Yahudi Yeohs (who hate his guts) bray loudly enough for his blood.

    2. Anon_JB @ 2014/10/02 at 7:38 am,

      You’re right that Malays are too selamba and “slow to digest the psychological war being bombarded on them”.

      (1) Malays daily called “racist”

      The Hannah Bananas screaming “Racist!” all the time is to demonize and demoralize you. It’s like how critics of the Zionists are instantly branded anti-Semitics to shut them up.

      Recall how The J-Star’s ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign is so aggressively – their motto in their own words – “drowning out the voices of the bigots”. Well, who are the “bigots” according to these J-Star editors?

      What the EvangeliSTAR is drowning out is the voices of the Melayu totok and the fundamentalist Muslims. Note that Dr Mahathir once declared that Malaysia is a Muslim fundamentalist country. So what if that Malaysia is a fundamentalist is his implied retort. He took them on using their own political vocabulary.

      Rebel without a (sensible) cause Marina Mahathir is the opposite of her dad in the ideological spectrum.

      This poster girl of the J-Star ‘Moderation’ campaign took a potshot recently at Utusan (which is the voice of the Malays and the Muslims). But she didn’t have anything negative to say though about Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider or Malaysia Chronicle over the same sins that she accuses Utusan as being guilty of.

      (2) Malays accused of “Ketuanan Melayu”

      The evangelistas liken Malaysia to the Nazi supremacists and South African era of apartheid.
      Diorang memang pandai bermuka-muka. Their licik Anak Bangsa Malaysia colour blindness is a roundabout way to virtually kill Article 153 on Malay “special position”.

      Malays are so traumatized by the daily assault on them as being racist that they become shy of admitting they are indeed Malays. If Malays no longer acknowledge the race they belong to, then Article 153 by itself is nullified because no Malay will be interested in claiming 153 as it has been drilled into them that “racism is so yesterday”.

      (3) Malays bullied to look beyond culture and religion

      If adherents of every religion in Malaysia are regarded as Brothers and Sisters, “Your Allah is my Allah/Tuhan too”, then Article 3 of teh federal Constitution that makes Islam the Religion of the Federation loses its de jure status.

      When the evangelistas insist that all must be “regardless of colour and creed” and “everyone is equal irrespective of race and religion”, then Islam in this country will be stripped of its paramountcy because all faiths are now on an equal footing.

      De facto, all religions become equal in status and when this happens, i.e. playing field is levelled, the evangelistas will give the Muslims a run for their money.

      (3) Chinese anti Raja-Raja Melayu

      Two police cases: Leong Pei Koe (a Subang Jaya registered voter) convicted of showing his middle finger to the Permaisuri Agong when she was in Penang, and Melissa Gooi over her Facebook comments on the YDP Agong.

      Recall all the insults they hurled at the Sultans of Perak and Selangor over the MB crises. One more police case – the Chinese twit @YouTiup investigated for insulting the late Sultan Azlan in his Twitter timeline.

      The monarchy is called system kerajaan beraja and the rulers are Raja-Raja Melayu. China has not had kings for more than a century. Ask yourself if many Chinese in Malaysia would prefer if Malaysia looked to their motherland as guidance in this matter too, since in other things like spoken language, eating habits, CNY celebration, the Chinese diaspora are more akin to China than to Malaysia.

      (4) Malays told they are pendatang too

      If Malays can be convinced that they too are immigrants, then they can be made to believe that there is no justification for BM to be the sole national language. The evangelistas will demand that English and Chinese be ranked alongside as national languages too.

      Consequently, the English-speaking Malays will become brown Englishmen. Hilang roh Melayu dan jati diri. See how much they admire KJ because he speaks English with an omputih accent. And how they sanjung the Oxford grad over the Al-Azhar grad (incidentally, the Isma president is an Al-Azhar alumnus).

      And the next step for the Church is to remove the protection currently enjoyed by Muslims and Islam. Then it will be a free for all for the Christian missionaries to berdakwah.

      See, Perjuangan gereja yang belum selesai mahukan Melayu diberi kebebasan beragama

      (5) Chinese can become Prime Minister

      They were inspired by the success of Ah Hock, the Indonesian of Chinese ethnicity who was recently elected as the governor of Jakarta.

      1. Republicanism doesn’t always work. People tend to crave for some form of “nobility” to admire or gossip about.

        The poor USA is now under the thrall of the Kardashians. …

      2. Malay are slow in digesting psychological war!

        Malays normally succumb to action, ‘kalau orang sangup menjual, kenapa tak sangup membeli’, that what had happened in the May 13 incident. When the Chinese are drumming around the towns shouting at Malays to ‘balik Kampong’, then only the Malays realize it’s time to react.

        I supposed this time it’s will be to late.

        1. re: “I suppose this time it will be too late.”

          While the agitators and troublemakers run off to the USA to seek political asylum or to Tasmania or to Bondi Beach, it is the Dapster suckers who are the ones left here to face the music.

          Do you know why Pakatan Rakyat’s acronym is PR? Answer: Because their leadership have got Plan B ready, getting Permanent Residence (PR) abroad.

          And why not? After all, they already collected the Gold and enjoyed the Glory thanks to the fanaticism of the sheeple.

  3. You know, they all have one thing in common. All put on a stone or two, maybe three after they got elected.

    1. One stone is 6.35 kg.

      Yeah, I can believe that Madame Chinny Chin Chin has put on between 13 – 20 kilos ever since she started getting her fat paycheques.

  4. So according to Prudent (M’Kini commenter) when M’sia has a Chinese PM will it be considered a non-racist race-blind country. So why Chinese, why not Indian or Kadazan or Iban or Dayak or lain-lain? And why can’t it be Malay? After all if democracy is about majority rule then as the majority race why would having a Malay PM be considered racist?

    Prudent’s comment that Cina as PM is the standard for non-racist colour-blind country is the standard racist argument by all dapsters, i.e. everything Cina is not racist but everything Melayu is racist.

    1 Melayu among the top 10 billionaires in the country. Racist crony! 8 Cina and 1 India in the same list – meritocracy.

    1. re: “everything Cina is not racist but everything Melayu is racist”

      Say something about their born again religion, then you’re a religious bigot who is anti-Christian. And they will create a huge media outcry and make police reports like they did over the UiTM seminar on “Christology”.

      But when they say things about Islam, then they’re only being moderates practising moderation and fighting against religious extremism.

    2. Malays are not against a Chinese becoming a PM. But the Chinese candidate for PM must be a loyal subject, respect and defend the Federal Constitution and most importantly he must be a Muslim because some protocols demand that he must be able to participate.

      There has never been any opposition by Malays on a Chinese becoming PM. The problem is that no Chinese will accept the conditions imposed.

      1. “Malays are not against a Chinese becoming a PM”

        Says who?

        I am against it. I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of the majority. If it’s a Chinese Muslim, that’s another issue.

          1. Hmm – so in your view that ‘Zairil Khir Johari’ guy can ah? He even put relation in his wikipedia as Son of Tan Sri Khir Johari.. haiyaaa

            Being a muslim on paper is sooo easy nowadays lah. Some people might just do it to get the approval.

            My take is majority will decide which race is the PM. So if the chinese in next few years can proliferate/ multiply rapidly and overtake malay numbers in Malaysia.. then yeah.. maybe.

          2. I know you mentioned must be a Muslim. I merely suggested that its not the only criteria hence ‘another issue’.

            No reason to insult my reading skill. What are you? A beanie?

            1. The prime of ministers among muslims must his heart be close to his Creator Lord and always feeling compassion for all the people, so that his intelligence blossoms into wisdom.

  5. Helen.. UMNO mmg PPTA.. But the rakyat that support UMNO-BN already becoming disillusioned.. sakit hati… Mungkin Melayu ingat ini negeri dia orang… Jadi semua selamba saja.

    Racists is a very vulgar word to represent a race…

    Things being bombarded against Melayu not only a form of psychological war but also a form of reverse psychology.

    Aku memang racist… Tapi kalau aku cakap kau yg racists berkali-kali, dalam otak kau.. kau terima kau racist la… jadi perlu keterbukaan.. Kalau sudah ada keterbukaan… kami pun boleh buat apa saja. Kita semua yg sokong UMNO-BN jadi mcm zombie… Selamba duduk diam..

    1. re: “Tapi kalau aku cakap kau yg racists berkali-kali, dalam otak kau.. kau terima kau racist la…”

      True what you say. The Dapster Firster tactic will backfire. They’re pushing the strategy past a point where Malays (except for the Marina Mahathir crowd) give a hoot anymore to be labelled “racist” or not.

      Racist, racist lah. So what.

      The beleaguered Malay response might soon veer to thinking: “Already you’re every day saying I’m a racist. You’re calling me Nazi, hater, spitting venom, Ku Klux Klan. Okay, now let me show you what racism and apartheid really are.

      I mean, these Yahudi Yeohs leave their comments like birdshit all over the international web (Yahoo!, Google News-link, MSN, etc portals) telling outsiders, i.e. the orang putih, the Cina China & HK, Taiwanese, India Indians) that Malays are the most racist people in the world.

      Reputasi orang Melayu sudah rosak di kacamata dunia angkara diorang buat onar. Sampai PM kita terpaksa terhegeh-hegeh ke PBB dan berbuih mulut dalam mengaku diri moderat.

      Dah lah dengan sikap tolak-ansur masih lagi dicop ‘rasis’ dan didakwa bertindak ekstremis. So what have the Malays anymore to lose?

      Tuduhan dan nama buruk melekat udah. Buat pun rasis, tak buat pun rasis. Putih akan juga dikatakan hitam oleh raja-raja dan ratu-ratu kelentong tu.

      1. They will never learn. They are incapable of learning anything.

        I don’t think a repeat of 513 will have any effect on them. Maybe for a couple of years they will feel the fear, they will remember. Then after that first few years they will forget then they will start the whole process again.

        You know why they were sold to Malaya? Because even their brethren knew back then that these people are cow dung. Now their descendants become our problem.

  6. Nampak gayanya pengundi cina dah tolak both umno dan Pas. Kalu melayu masih pecah belah lagi tak mustahil akan dapat New PM!

    Dulu bukan main lagi Pas tungkus lumus nak menangkan Dap. Bila dah menang tak habis2 kena kencing.

    [Poster: Lim Guan Eng akan masuk Islam …]

    [Poster: Bagaimana nilai wakil PAS di mata DAP]

  7. Saya sendiri telah beberapa kali berkata, peduli apa mereka hendak kata kita racist. Menjadi racist pun bukan berdosa mengikut hokum agama asalkan kita tidak menganiaya orang lain!.

    Malah saya bangga dikatakan racist. Ini bermakna saya cintakan bangsa saya dan semua yang berkaitan dengannya. Setiap bangsa mesti ada sikap racist. Itu fitrah manusia!

    Oleh kerana ada diantara kita yang begitu sensitive dikatakan racist itu sebab, Cinabeng biaDAP makin suka memprovokasi kata kata racist untuk melebalkan Melayu Islam.

    Pendulikan dia! Lama lama bila penat mulut mereka dan kita tidak memperdulikan provokasi mereka, akan terdiamlah mulut mereka!

    1. Norlin,

      Part of the blame lies with Malays themselves. PAS has been accusing UMNO of “assabiyah” for as long as I can remember. As PAS appoints itself as divine representative on this planet, It expects people to accept its rubbish unchallenged.

      Malays realise that what PAS said as wrong. But they have a peculiar attitude that as long as PAS camouflages as champion of Islam, its slanderous remarks are acceptable. Which is why Malays would want to believe Najib’s alleged flirtation with Altantuya despite no evidence saying that. On another end of spectrum, Malays are willing to “ignore” Mustapha, PAS dalliance although the evidence is credible.

      The effect is killing us slowly. Slowly Malays begin to feel that it is sinful to talk about your race’s interest. For Malays, though initially they realise PAS intentionally accusing UMNO as racist, they begin to feel that actually that UMNO(meaning Malays) are racist.

      AS FOR DAP, what better way to achieve total power other than slandering against the only party(UMNO) that stands against DAP achieving total control.

      Under Tun’s tenure, the problem with DAP seems distant. That because Tun does not tolerate rubbish. Dr M simply would not have allowed DAP playing with racial issues. DAP knew it too well. ISA was then waiting for those playing with racial issue. AND ISA was used against UMNO members too.

      But as goes the saying, good times do end. Najib, anxious to please the Chinese simply refuses to get advices from those who matters, those like IGP, military top brass, UMNO divisional chiefs or Malays.

      So Najib “FRANCHISES’ his thinking to overpaid consultant whose aim is to bring down UMNO. What Najib has been doing is actually “engaging hostilities against the very people who defend his government”.

      He could not be bothered when Malays perceive AG as bias. He refuses to act when Malays, Islam, Malay rulers are insulted. He organised a mega dinner to Chinese who rejected him. But Najib never tried to organise a mega dinner in Kuala Ketil, Selama, as the bulk of voters there are Malays.

      So, that is why Najib must go. Or UMNO will be gone in PRU14.

      1. shamshul anuar,

        Shell we say he is duri dalam daging kapada UMNO dan orang Melayu. Duri dalam daging is very serious and just cannot be ignore, the pain will preside until it removed.

  8. Ms H. Have you noticed that only the Opposition politicians look obese ? A picture is worth a thousand words ?

    1. They have the denial syndrome.


      When their chinny chin chin is remarked upon, they pretend that they’re having a throat infection that makes it look swollen, wakakaka, despte that Madame Bak Kut Teh lover’s double chin is caught on video [YouTube].


      1. She is still the Speaker so the fat paycheck will keep rolling in for her. More means to add a stone or two to her skyrocketing weight l o l !

        1. re: “skyrocketing weight”

          Rocket party what, ngam lah.

          DAP has become MCA. Like Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    2. Ms H. Or a daily dose of BKT due to the good life and pay at public expense. Also, I know a few shops which sell second Pradas. I had a friend who must have his BKT every morning from young. He died aged 49 years of age !

  9. Asking for more and more allocation for SJKC is also racist what? Moreover, is also against the constitution but the day government keeps a blind eye ever since merdeka.

    Fuel subsidy rationalization, then put more allocation to SJKC; tak patut!

    Then, if “Say something about their born again religion, then you’re a religious bigot who is anti-Christian.” later they will say you anti-Semitic! Remember who is the advisor to their brother in the south?

  10. She described the education system as one where “the Malays are told and are made to understand that they are better and that others are ‘pendatangs’ (a derogatory Malay word for immigrant)”.


    This is what Ambiga accusing the govt of. I also studied in a govt school (as are my kids) but nowhere there is such message being painted or pushed to the students.

    Is this a form of hate campaign and a racist attack on the Malays in the guise of attacking the govt ?

    1. Some more on what Ambiga and cohorts want, sir:

      “Religious Pluralism” is an attitude or policy regarding the diversity of religious belief systems co-existing in society. It can indicate one or more of the following:

      (1) As the name of the worldview according to which one’s religion is not the sole and exclusive source of truth, and thus the acknowledgement that at least some truths and true values exist in other religions.

      (2) As acceptance of the concept that two or more religions with mutually exclusive truth claims are equally valid. This may be considered a form of either toleration (a concept that arose as a result of the European wars of religion) or moral relativism.

      (3) The understanding that the exclusive claims of different religions turn out, upon closer examination, to be variations of universal truths that have been taught since time immemorial. This is called Perennialism (based on the concept of philosophia perennis) or Traditionalism.

      (4) Sometimes as a synonym for ecumenism, i.e., the promotion of some level of unity, co-operation, and improved understanding between different religions or different denominations within a single religion.

      (5) As term for the condition of harmonious co-existence between adherents of different religions or religious denominations.

      (6) As a social norm and not merely a synonym for religious diversity.

      Their “religious equality” agenda has not been specified by the “NegaraKu” progenitors. The discourse cannot begin without their clear-mindedness on the issue: which of the above definitions do they mean in their struggle for “equality of faiths”?

  11. Mengikut erti kata yang sebenarnya PM yang ada hari ini tidak dapat sokongan seratus peratus undi orang cina, apa tunggu lagi miss stay fail to be in stay la tak gitu

  12. Kesian org yg berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana. Bagi org kaya millionaires kenaikan 20sen tak jadi hal. Harga barang, pengangkutan dll akan turut naik.

    Kalau kita ada private jet tak de lah jadi masalah. Terbang je semua di bayar ke Eropah, US, kemana saja di Awan biru.

    Tapi yg bawak kancil sama kapcai.. 20sen mmg akan terasa. Kalau kasi BR1M pun dah tak de makna…compensates dgn kadar inflasi.

    Yg pelik nya harga minyak per barrel di Asia menurun. Apa sudah jadi?

  13. Pembaziran penubuhan Global Movement of Moderates yang hanya menjadi agen kepada suara kumpulan ekstremis liberal di dalam negara juga dapat membantu menambah jumlah isi rumah yang yang terkesan dengan kenaikan kos bahanapi dengan menyalurkan semua pembaziran yang diberikan kepada GMM kembali kepada isirumah.

    1. re: “pembaziran yang diberikan kepada GMM”

      Seterusnya disalurkan kepada kempen J-Star, antaranya program yang bakal diadakan dalam kampus di kolej dan universiti.

      Puak evangelista dibuka lorong bagi mereka masuk untuk mencuci otak para pelajar atas usaha sama dengan Saifuddin Abdullah yang merupakan mantan Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran Tinggi.

  14. Part of the reason why oil price has come down is because US is now the number one oil producer in the world, surpassing even Saudi Arabia. Price probably will continue to drop a bit as US have a lot of untapped black gold resources.

  15. Helen, top PR blog?

    Why others seemed not curious about this as I am. Am I slow in tackling psychological attack from Cenangau?

    1. Hahahaha

      Probably because I call Umno the PPTA, predict that MCA will be wiped out, pick on the mainstream media (J-Star), am anti-KJ, ask for Pemandu to be dissolved, think Idris Jala should be sacked and believe Najib’s pet projects TalentCorp, NUCC and GMM are bad ideas, call for Hindraf to sue Najib Razak etc, etc


  16. while I am also intrigued by the rm7 billion cost on consultans… I still agree with the subsidy reduction. I have self studied this subject and is firmly behind any move by any government to gradually eliminate the highly unefficient oil subsidies.

    Najib is doing PR a favor. If PR takes over, no way they will restore the oil subsidies when they look at the national accounts and they will thank Najib for balancing the deficits or reducing the cancer aka oil subsidies that has for so long been an obstacle to deficit reductions.

    To compare the oil price to during Mahathir and Najib era is fallacy, back in Mahathir days the oil subsidies cost only rm4 billion in 1998, now its rm22 billion in 2013 and rising as our oil consumption will soon exceed out oil production.

    Nonetheless, anomalies like the fishy 1MDB must also be scrutinized and we better push those bloody consultans to work hard for the rm7 billion they got….

    1. Look the RON95 increase yesterday is not about reduction in subsidy entirely. Of course there is a need to cut the subsidy. But there were other considerations –

      1. Who made the decision to reduce the subsidy on the 1st? Was the PM even in the country then?

      2. The announcement to increase the price/ cut subsidy was poorly done. Who was responsible?

      3. Why reduce the subsidy a few days before Raya Korban? Tak sensitif ke terhadap perasaan orang Islam/Melayu? Atau ni dianggap “korban wajib”?

      4. Budget is a week away. Wouldn’t it be better to announce the reduction in subsidy over the budget and then counter it with measures to ensure that the right demographics are given the direct subsidy? As it is, the PM is giving the rakyat kampung (the ones who mainly voted for BN) a whole holiday period to “mencelakakan” the BN. Then in a week’s time he’s going to offer them candy. Too late, damage done.

      5. I’m retired, so too lazy to get into any mathematics unless I absolutely have to. But in my simple mind, if oil prices are dropping, then shouldn’t the government be reducing the price of petrol? So wouldn’t it sound better if you tell people, the price of oil is reduced but it will remain the same at the pumps because the government is reducing the subsidy?

      So if the price reduction is 5 or 10 sen then the gomen take that in subsidy cut, so it wouldn’t affect the people.

      1. re: “As it is, the PM is giving the rakyat kampung (the ones who mainly voted for BN) a whole holiday period to ‘mencelakakan’ the BN.”

        Maybe that is the hidden intention, wink. To sabo the BN, snip x3.

  17. Oh I see,

    I told you they are having difficulty to understand your language (It actually is a compliment to your level of mind).

    Those are reasonable, bona fide arguments made by Helen, whether one agrees or disagrees it is up to his or her personal judgment.

    I my self may agree to some issues raised, but differ in term on how to tackle it.

    Anyhow, I am benefiting from your writing and it may reflect in my own future writing. Thanks in advanced.

  18. what is all this dongengan subsidi? it doesn’t exist. it’s all temberang, tipu, bohong, pelawak etc, etc. this is my simple, uneducated mind at work.

    If fuel prices really are subsidized,how does it work? does the government buy all the crude and resells it to refineries at subsidized/discounted price? or the government subsidizes production costs of oil refineries? how, when and to whom does the government pay those subsidies? or the government does not impose tax on imported crude? Can we call that subsidy?

    Crude price fluctuates all the time and so does fuel production costs, naturally. Government claims it pays a fixed subsidy [over a period of time, until revised] but why does fuel price remain fixed [i know it’s controlled]? And when crude price comes down why does not fuel price lowered too [when crude price goes up, the government uses it as an excuse to increase fuel price]?

    the truth is, the government’s claim of reducing subsidies is a camouflage for collecting higher fuel sale tax. For each litre of fuel sold, the government gets the lion’s share of the proceeds, not the oil companies. if it really does subsidize fuel prices, then it should not collect fuel sale tax. the truth now is; fule sale tax minus/subtract fuel subsidies still yields a surplus. so, what subsidy rubbish is the government harping about?

    perhaps a learned economist can enlighten us on this.

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