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Isma bangkit menyeru mentera pusaka

BN component party Gerakan has accused Isma of having a “siege mentality” with regard to the organization’s video titled Pewaris Bangsa.

Asharuddin AhmadThe 5-minute video was released to rally public support for Isma president Abdullah Zaik whose sedition trial starts on Oct 13. It is described by Gerakan vice president Dr Asharuddin Ahmad (pix right) as “provocative” and containing “dangerous and extreme messages”.

Dr Asharuddin, who is also his party national unity bureau chairman, refuted Isma’s claim that the Malay community is under threat by non-Malays. Warning Isma against further “inciting the masses”, he called on the organization to “stop making incendiary remarks”.

According to him, Chinese are loyal to Malaysia and everyone must be “part of the national reconciliation effort”.


Isma creates “imaginary enemies”, says Gerakan

Likewise condemning Isma is Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong (above in Indian costume) who slammed the “us versus them” mentality adopted by Isma.

In a statement on Oct 2, Mah told Isma: “We must stop making imaginary enemies and threats that were never there and unite as true Malaysians”.

Mah is de facto Minister of Indian Affairs and presently occupying the office vacated by Hindraf’s P. Waytha Moorthy.

liow harmony

Enemies of Islam are real, rebuts Isma

Isma responded to Gerakan by chiding the party for labelling it “extreme”.

Ustaz Abdullah Zaik said the enemies of Islam as well as the enemies of the Malays are not a hallucination nor a product of Isma’s imagination.

“We will be proven right in the days to come,” he added.

Liow- Reject extremism

MCA and Gerakan very trigger-happy in their labelling

It is not only Gerakan that has been slapping the label “extremist” on other people but the MCA too. See above, the J-Star story today.

MCA is the dog that is being wagged by its tail, i.e. the EvangeliSTAR media belonging and at the same time mind-controlling the BN Chinese party.

Both MCA and Gerakan appear to suffer from selective vision and only able to discern extremists, racists, bigots and haters among one particular segment of the population alone.


“National reconciliation” efforts, really?

What has the two parties that are ostensibly promoting national unity and reconciliation done to curb people like the following Alvin Tan fans quoted below? Their Facebook comments are excerpted from the FMT link HERE:

“Why don’t you ask those buggers of Isma, Perkasa and the rest of the racist why they say things that they should not. … Most of us wanted to impute the faults on the government and challenge the government but are held back by wise and prudent rationalization but, what a chance, when we have Alvin Tan to speak our minds.” (see HERE for all screenshots)

Facebooker Kam Teow Eng lauds Alvin’s “courage to speak out” and reveals that for his derring-do, Alvin has earned admirers who view him as a “hero”.

Mr Kam admits that many of the Alvin fan club would personally love to “fault” and “challenge the government but are held back by wise and prudent rationalization”. Nonetheless, lucky for them, they have Alvin to speak their minds.

What, pray tell, is MCA and Gerakan doing about moderating the views of Chinese such as Kam Teow Eng?

starthreatDeafening silence on the lack of “moderation” among Chinese, Christians

Commenting on Alvin’s poster of pig snouts superimposed on five Malay-Muslim public figures, another Facebooker Stanley Ti wrote, “Do you think the non-Malays have any respect for these leaders of yours??”

The leaders referred to by Mr Ti are all government people, with the exception of Rosmah Mansor.

What is MCA and Gerakan doing about the huge numbers of Chinese who openly disrespect the authorities (Chief of Police, Attorney-General, Home Minister)?

Another Facebooker Kyros Clarence Yeo remarked “there are plenty more like him [Alvin] still living in Malaysia”.

So, do not MCA and Gerakan feel that the plenty of other Malaysians who are like Alvin are extremists? Or is it only Isma that is extreme in the eyes of Gerakan, MCA, the J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai and his fellow editors running the MCA newspaper?

Najib shrug

MCA, Gerakan in denial that they’re part of the BN regime

Social media users are insulting the establishment with epithets like “the sick BN regime” all over Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

MCA and Gerakan are a part of this regime, are they not?

Yet why is it that the two BN component parties are as silent as a church mouse (pun intended) about this syndrome? On the other hand, it most certainly appears that MCA and Gerakan take the side of the BN critics instead of the BN supporters whenever a controversy erupts.

KOMAAnother Facebooker NC Chew questioned, “what’s wrong with criticizing the government”.

Have MCA and Gerakan stepped up to the plate to defend The Gomen when it is criticized? Or do both parties jump on the bandwagon too and join in the criticisms?

Are MCA and Gerakan blind and deaf to all the “immoderation” – no, actually it is bullying and terrorism – being carried out by Isma’s opponents?

Isma retaliates

Isma deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya said (video below): “Yang hairannya, orang bercakap menghentam kita boleh. Tetapi bila kita berkata mempertahankan agama kita, mempertahankan bangsa kita, orang kata kita rasis, orang kata kita ekstremis”.

“Bagi saya lah, semua kenyataan-kenyataan ini, slogan-slogan seperti “rasis”, “ekstremis” hanya lah satu slogan yang sengaja dibuat,” kata beliau.

Hidup atas undi ehsan orang Melayu

Gerakan and MCA are cheap. They’re taking the low-blow approach of labelling and demonizing Isma.

Now why don’t both parties man up and debate Isma on what they consider to be the “extremist” elements contained in the Pewaris Bangsa video? After all, both Gerakan and MCA are living on the life support of non-Chinese votes.

Let’s see if MCA and Gerakan can justify their continued existence to the Malay electorate extending them the lifeline.

Darah merah pekat
Mengisi uratku
Agar bisa aku berlangkah
Gagah dan tampan
Bagaikan si jantan yang berkokok

Di mana bumi ku pijak
Di situ langit ku junjung
Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam
Biar sampai ke pangkal lengan

Aku seru mentera pusakaku
Mentera semerah padi

Isma sudah bangkit! 

Abdullah Zaik doa

(1,007 patah perkataan)

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15 thoughts on “Isma bangkit menyeru mentera pusaka

  1. Saya memang pelik dengan sikap Gerakan dan MCA. Menangnya MCA dan Gerakan dalam PRU ke 13 atas dasar ihsan undi Melayu kecuali parlimen Labis.

    Saya faham semangat ke bangsa an tapi tidak kah mereka ada rasa berterima kasih kepada pengundi Melayu yang memberi tali hayat kepada parti mereka?

    Kadang kadang saya lihat sifat kecinaan mereka lebih hebat dari DAP. Adakah mereka ingat pengundi Cina akan mengundi mereka jika sifat kecinaan mereka lebih gah dari DAP? Jangan haraplah!

    Saya berharap pada PRU 2018, pembahagian kerusi BN berdasarkan majority kaum sesuatu kawasan. Kalau kawasan itu majority Melayu, UMNO yang mesti diberi bertanding di kawasan itu .Kalau kawasan itu majority atau hampir majority Cina berikan pada MCA.

    Jangan ada lagi perasaan hendak menolong kawan kerana kawan jenis ini tidak tahu berterima kasih!

    Kita lihat berapa banyak MCA dan Gerakan boleh menang kerusi Parlimen dan Adun. Kalau mereka mampu menang, itu benar benar mereka hebat dan mewakili kaum Cina.

    Bila saya fikir di sebaliknya, ada baiknya MCA dan Gerakan lebih kecinaan dari DAP! Senang bagi orang Melayu membuat pemilihan.

    Saya sebagai warganegara yang mesra semua kaum akibat dari pendidikan di sekolah dan lokaliti tempat tinggal campuran semua kaum, sudah mula berasa bosan dengan sikap MCA, Gerakan dan DAP.

    Kenapa kita sahaja yang hendak hidup berbaik baik dan bertolak ansur dengan mereka sedangkan mereka, itu, ini dan semuanya mahu dibolot!

    Pelik ke kalau wujud ISMA. ISMA menjadi entiti yang dikenali hanya selepas PRU 2008! Mengapa itu terjadi. Cari jawapan sendiri!

    Atau perlu cermin wajah sendiri untuk mencari jawapannya. Kalau mereka tidak mahu berubah berjuta ISMA akan lahir

    1. Orang Melayu cuba pertahan hak Melayu ada sahaja Melayu BAHLOL BIN TOLOL yang cuba menghalang… sungguhpun hak itu termaktub di dalam perlembagaan.

    2. Norlin,

      There is nothing surprising about MCA and Gerakan”s attitudes. These 2 parties are actually a version of DAP.

      As far as I can remember, I never heard MCA or Gerakan reminding the Chinese that the way forward is friendship with Malays, not outmanouvering them. I never heard MCA telling the Chinese that the only reason why UMNO reigns supreme is simply because it manages to get the lion share of Malay votes who happen to be the biggest etnic group Malaysia.

      I never heard MCA telling Chinese that whatever said about Malays (UMNO), it still allows them the peculiar phenomenon (vernacular school) which no other countries will tolerate.

      What I or any Malays can see is that these people have no feeling of “grateful”. And there is only one time tested way of handling these ungrateful people. Be firm. Meaning if they are plain rude, revoke citizenship.

      It is not that difficult. Only if we have Prime Minister who is willing to use his brain.

  2. Ya Isma bangkit jangan tak bangkit kamu tidak begit tidak pekak tidak bisu.

    Meritokrasi rasis Malaysian Malaysia rasis no Malays none Indians zero Chinese rasis.

    Manusia dijadikan berbangsa-bangsa dan budaya pun rasis cakap lebih-lebih pun rasis cakap salah tak cakap salah pun rasis tanya sama LKS apa yang tak dak rasis. Dia lah tok wan rasis.

  3. We can’t change the history. Migrants workers 100 years ago were Chinese, Indians and Indons… Migrants workers now Banglas, Vietnam, Indians and so many others. In those days, the migrant workers end up being the citizen of this country.. So let it be.. it’s history.

    The Malay indigenous, Bumiputra in Sabah and Sarawak and OrangAsli rights must be protected. When these rights are being questioned and ridiculed, then give birth to NGOs like Perkasa and Isma. But whatever the grievances, we have to respect the law of this country. Jangan jolok sarang tebrau..

    The fact that Chinese and Indian were brought into this country as migrant workers can’t be denied. Along the way the decision to give these migrant workers citizenship also shouldn’t be question. It’s history.

  4. Abdullah Zaik commenting on Khalid Samad: “He can no longer see that DAP is a socialist and secular party that promotes good governance, equality and transparency to camouflage their chauvinist agenda.”

    Ustaz terkhilaf. DAP bukan lagi sebuah parti sosialis dah.

    DAP sudah “UBAH” jadi kapitalis – Developers Above People (DAP) parti.

    Falsafah DAP pun tukar angin dan sekarang berkiblatkan evangelis.

  5. Hapus sekolah vernakular. The Main Topic. Ada berani ?

    Melalak tidak keharuan. Who are the extremists ? ( Now, Helen, youve got to replace, “What kind of people are they ?” with ” Who are the extremists ?” on the next episode.

    Boleh ?

    1. re: “Hapus sekolah vernakular.”

      It’s alright for MCA, which is the Malaysian CHINESE Association and whose membership is all Chinese, to defend Chinese schools.

      However DAP the multiracial party which boasts its Malaysia Firstness should by the same token support the “Malaysian” (i.e. Kebangsaan) single school just as they want a single race called Anak Malaysia – “no Malays, no Indians and zero Chinese” as tweeted by Madam Speaker.

      Since Puan Speaker is so insistent that there are no Chinese, then what for ada sekolah Cina? To serve whom?

      Similarly since Puan Speaker and her DAP are so insistent that race-based parties like Umno, MCA and MIC are racist, then aren’t Chinese and Tamil schools “racist” too according to their own DAP argument?

      Umno should rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat the lines above.

      1. Helen,

        i totally agree with you especially the last statement that Umno should rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat….

        however, i doubt that Umno Today have the capability to do it. Umno Today may have the resources and they may have the strength BUT the problem with Umno Today is the PM.

        and, even for Umno Tomorrow the situation will be the same or maybe worsen because the line-up to heir the throne looks like they are of the same kind…

        I’m sure should ustaz abdullah zaik or datuk abdul rahman dahalan type is made a PM the situation will not be the same…!

        1. re: ” the problem with Umno Today is the PM”

          I totally agree with you

          re: “Umno Tomorrow the situation will be the same or maybe worsen”

          Setuju jugak.

          1. Helen,

            What really irritates me is the failure of UMNO Ketua Bahagian to realise that UMNO will be gone if Najib still in power. Simply because Malays are losing patience. His indecisivess is mind boggling.

            He is too “calm’. Macam tak ada perasaan.

            1. re: “Umno will be gone if Najib still in power”

              Whatever happens in GE14, Umno will still remain the biggest party in Parliament.

              It is the BN in the peninsula that will have entirely collapsed.

              Umno controls Sabah. There might be some shift in Sarawak since the DAP is playing the Christian sentiments, and Sarawak is the Malaysian state with the most and highest percentage of Christians.

              You should check out Idris Jala’s evangelist profile at international level.

              1. Helen,

                “whatever happens …..”

                From a viewpoint of a Malay, what’s the point of becoming the biggest party in Parliament if UMNO does not control the Federal Government.

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