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PM that’s spending most money but with least to show

When I ponder on the legacy that Najib Razak will leave behind him, the one thought that hits me hardest is the staggering, colossal amount of the country’s money that has been spent by his administration and under his watch.

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Where in Constitution is Sekolah Cina guaranteed?

Updated (7 Oct 2014): MCA has made a police report against Umno PJ Utara deputy chairman Mohamad Azli – Sinar Harian.


Dong Zong states that 96 percent of Chinese parents send their children to Chinese vernacular schools.

This overwhelming choice of the Chinese community notwithstanding, there is nowhere in the Federal Constitution that says Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina SRJK(C) is an enshrined right ataupun satu “hak” masyarakat Cina di Malaysia. Continue reading “Where in Constitution is Sekolah Cina guaranteed?”