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Najib the “opposition leader” now – Malaysiakini pula yang buat typo

Earlier we had Idris Jala’s ETP twit referring to Najib Razak as the “former Prime Minister”.

Now it is Malaysiakini that made the same slip of the tongue by calling Najib “the opposition leader” – see screenshot below.

Twitter - etp_roadmap- We would like to apologize ... 2014-01-06 14-18-17

Najib opposition leader

Najib ‘sacked’ by Idris Jala’s staff, also demoted by media

Malaysiakini has corrected the mistake in its subscriber article version after it was pointed out by a reader.

I managed to print screen the gaffe on Malaysiakini‘s Facebook. The error has similarly been pointed out by a few Facebookers.

This is not the first time that a media outlet has inadvertently demoted Najib. Below is the Utusan slip-up early this year implying through its photo that Najib is “Timbalan Perdana Menteri” or TPM.

Utusan senior new media editor Gamal Nasir Mohd Ali explains – here – how the technical mistake had occurred.

Iman, takwa kekalkan kemuliaan Islam - TPM

Najib & Co.

Najib obviously does not cut not a prime ministerial enough figure, subconsciously, in people’s mind and hence all the boo-boos. You can’t imagine this happening to the Tun while he was PM.

For many of us, the ‘PUSH’ factor is strong, i.e. we are averse to the thought of Pakatan coming to power. However, there is little ‘PULL’ factor, i.e. attraction to the idea of BN holding on to the federal government, to sustain us.

As appalling as the thought is of DAP and PKR occupying Putrajaya, the present occupants of Bangunan Perdana Putra – Najib & Consultants – fail to warm the cockles of our heart.

CUFIbannerNajib’s opponents are full of hate

They portray themselves as the Love-Love-Love crowd but they despise the PM, hate his wife, absolutely loathe the ex-PM (Malaysia’s 4th premier), resent Umno and the MCA (whom they call “running dog”, “prostitute”).

They detest the police, dislike the civil servants and the judiciary, disdain mamaks, are contemptuous of mualaf Cina and unable to stomach PAS and its ulama.

They insult Islam, consider Muslim NGOs enemies and Perkasa as Public Enemy No.1. They mock our national anthem and flag, are rude to the monarchy as well as harbour tremendous enmity for any Chinese who refuses to support the DAP.

Their hate list is really too long. They even diss the Palestinians. But they declare that they’re meek and mild and peace-loving and love their neighbours and desire only to build bridges.

And what does our PM do? He bats his eyelashes at the evangelistas.

BELOW: Najib and J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai



What a joke!

Najib’s posturing as a moderate has allowed his political opponents to seize the initiative and even run campaigns probably funded by his JPM that depict BN supporters as racists, extremists, bigots and hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

Why is Najib so buta sejarah? Does he believe that Lee Kuan Yew treated communist troublemakers with kid gloves?

BN supporters patah semangat because of Najib’s attitude of musuh didahulukan, penyokong dipinggirkan.

Abdullah Zaik doa

Bangkit lah Isma

Since readers of my blog ada punya hati dan akal, I’ll let you read and appraise for yourselves the statement below from Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman.


Pendirian Isma terhadap Akta Hasutan 1948

Undang-undang yang baik jika dikendalikan oleh orang yang jahat, boleh menjadi tidak baik, tetapi jika undang-undang yang tidak baik, jika dikendalikan oleh orang yang baik, boleh membawa kepada kebaikan. Isunya, baik buruk itu terletak kepada kesolehan seseorang pelaksana kepada undang-undang dan bukan kepada undang-undang tu sendiri. […]

Disebabkan ia undang-undang buatan manusia, maka undang-undang dan pelaksanaannya boleh dinilai dari semasa ke semasa, boleh diubah atau dihapuskan. Cuma dalam konteks perbincangan ini, adakah baik akta ini dihapuskan atau sebaliknya? […]

Dari segi implikasi, pertama, penghapusan akta ini akan membenarkan pihak-pihak tertentu untuk memperbahas atau memperdebatkan isu-isu teras dan muktamad yang tidak boleh dicabar selama ini. Contohnya Islam sebagai agama persekutuan, kedaulatan institusi Raja, hak keistimewaan Melayu dan bumiputera dan soal-soal berkaitan Bahasa Melayu, semua itu boleh dibahas, dimansuh, diperdebatkan, dicadangkan, dimansuhkan dan sebagainya.

Jadi ia memberi implikasi yang berat dan besar berkaitan kontrak sosial dan struktur masa depan negara.

Jika berlaku penghapusan semua undang-undang ini secara pakej dalam negara kita, maknanya kita akan melihat satu bentuk liberalisasi yang begitu luas tanpa sempadan dan akhirnya di samping masalah yang saya sebutkan tadi, (membenarkan pertikaian perkara asas dalam perlembagaan), ia juga boleh mendedahkan negara kepada campur tangan luar di mana golongan kapitalis Yahudi dan Kristian boleh menentukan dan mempengaruhi dasar-dasar negara dan menentukan polisi negara mengikut kehendak mereka, mereka juga boleh menjatuhkan kerajaan, dan menaikkan kerajaan yang memihak kepada mereka.

Jadi kita lihat implikasi pemansuhan akta-akta ini adalah suatu yang besar, yang teruk akibatnya kepada negara kita dan mungkin tidak juga menjamin keharmonian yang kita harapkan, dan mungkin akan mendedahkan negara kita kepada masalah pertembungan yang lebih berat dan dahsyat dan sukar dikawal. Apalagi kalau kita lihat pada demografi struktur polarisasi kaum dan sebagainya, yang begitu kritikal dalam masyarakat kita sekarang. Ia membenarkan pertembungan antara pihak-pihak yang berkepentingan menjadi begitu rakus dan gersang dan bertambah berbahaya.

Pendirian Isma

Berdasarkan perkara di atas, ISMA berpendapat bahawa isu sebenar yang kita hadapi ialah soal penyalahgunaan akta, penyalahgunaan kuasa untuk kepentingan politik pihak-pihak tertentu, atau yang sering disebut seperti dakwaan terpilih.

Kita merasakan dalam isu salah guna kuasa, yang perlu dikawal ialah dari sudut pelaksanaan, bukan menghapuskan akta itu secara total. [You can read the full text of Abdullah Zaik’s statement here.]

See also, ‘Latar belakang perbicaraan kes Presiden Isma‘ (Ismaweb, 7 Oct 2014)


Here is how I see it

This is a man who has been charged under the Sedition Act and yet for the greater good, he is willing to defend the very law that is being used against him.

Abdullah Zaik is able to see the bigger picture that the absence of Sedition Act (in a situation where the ISA has been abolished) will enable the capitalists and the Christians to influence and determine the country’s policies to the detriment of Muslims and Malays.

His organization maintains that the Sedition Act is needed despite that the Isma president could be jailed for up to three years if convicted under this piece of serkap jarang legislation.

Najib shrug

Take a deep breath everyone

Is our clueless Prime Minister – even one iota – able to discern the patriotism of Abdullah Zaik who is putting God, King and Country above himself? Can the blur PM see the personal sacrifice that Abdullah Zaik is willing to make for the sake of the ummah?

In my opinion, the Sedition Act is indeed a bad law.

The fact that Malaysia has need to resort to it presently is largely due to the weakness of Najib’s leadership. If some Malaysians did not have such a bad attitude, then we would not need this kind of law. The bigger problem than the sedition law is some segments of the population.

We have a PM who is not only unable to control the hypocritical haters but allowing himself to be taken advantage of by them.

Again I ask:

How much funding is the PM’s Dept through GMM providing the J-Star‘s ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign?

BELOW: Chun Wai and GMM boss Saifuddin Abdullah, the former Deputy Higher Education Minister. The EvangeliSTAR is teaming up with Saifudin’s outfit to take their message into the college and university campuses

chun wai saifuddin

Why allow the evangelistas to define what is ‘moderate’?

Najib by permitting himself to be associated with the J-Star ‘Moderation’ campaign is indirectly shooting BN in the foot.

Fed up, lah

We don’t need Pakatan to sink the BN ship when Najib is the captain helming the Titanic. He’s steering it all by himself headed for the iceberg.

Why should we burst our blood vessels despairing over what Najib has wrought? After all, we’re just blogger-blogger picisan. He has his consultants and the media bosses nestled in the Nest of Evangelistas appear to be his advisers as well.

So I’m not going to be uploading new writings anymore until such a time I feel like engaging again.

Nonetheless, this space will continue to be updated once daily by digging into my reserves, i.e. previous articles posted in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

My blog will be flying on auto pilot from today onwards and for an indefinite period of time until I recover my equanimity.

Kalau diteruskan, mesti muntah darah tengok gelagat si politikus-politikus.

Speaking of politikus and rats, please observe how the rise and rise of the DAP evangelistas is correlated with a corresponding explosion of the rodent population in Subang Jaya sin city.


Ever since the evangelistas took Jerusubang for Jesus, banyak tikus-tikus besar yang membiak dan berkeliaran sana sini




Yeah, the rats are this big!

Video HERE

What I’m gonna do

Today I reproduce below something from this date (7 Oct ) which are filed in my 2011-2013 blog archives.

Tomorrow I’ll compile Oct 8, 2011-2013 and the day after – Oct 9, 2011-2013, and thereon.

Oct 7

Back in 2011-2013, I had taken more effort to write in Malay and as such, I’d encourage readers to similarly try to comment in BM.


ABOVE: The Lim dynasty

It has happened as I predicted

7 Oct 2013

On this date last year, I’d written:

“di Johor pula sedang diatur sebuah kempen yang diberi nama KOBANKnock Out Boo And Norman. Ia dikhabarkan telah diatur oleh Dinasti Lim agar anak buah mereka Liew Chin Tong (yang telah memenangi kerusi Parlimen Kluang baru-baru ini dalam PRU13) boleh mengambil alih sebagai pengerusi negeri.”

Both my forecasts have proven accurate. Norman Fernandez has resigned from DAP and Dr Boo Cheng Hau has been knocked out, with Liew taking over as DAP Johor chairman after ousting Dr Boo.


My 7 Oct 2013 article above was headlined ‘Pemimpin-pemimpin negeri tidak sebulu menjadi korban Dinasti Lim

I wrote:

“Kita boleh lihat pemimpin-pemimpin veteran DAP sendiri yang dianiaya angkara Lim Guan Eng kemaruk kuasa.

“Kalau rakan seperjuangan parti yang sebangsa pun boleh dilayan sebegitu rupa oleh Guan Eng dan konco-konconya, maka cuba anda bayangkan nasib Melayu andaikata Dinasti Lim beserta puak evangelista berjaya memperolehi kuasa mutlak.”

Again, I told you so.

See how they’re treating their partner the Islamist party, the ulama-ulama and the four PAS Selangor excos.

PAS dan Umno boleh merujuk?

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS), Dr Mashitah Ibrahim (Umno), Zahid Hamidi (Umno), Salahuddin Ayub (PAS)

ABOVE: Two peas in a pod – Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS), Dr Mashitah Ibrahim (Umno), Zahid Hamidi (Umno), Salahuddin Ayub (PAS)

7 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I’d written:

“Lambat-laun, PAS pasti hilang sabar juga kerana sudah tidak mungkin dibendung lagi tabiat penyokong DAP yang suka mencerca dan memfitnah.”

See, I have a magic crystal ball.

I wrote the following under the title ‘Pertembungan tamadun’ on this date in 2012!  –  “mungkin parti Islam itu akan bermuhasabah diri sama ada ia mahu terus bersekongkol dengan DAP”.

Tepukan gemuruh bagi Guan Eng oleh Dapsters


7 Oct 2011

“Semasa manyampaikan ucapannya, Lim Guan Eng telah menselang-selikan dalam Bahasa Inggeris, Mandarin dan sedikit Bahasa Melayu.

“Ketika ucapannya dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan sedikit Bahasa Melayu, sambutan serta respon adalah sederhana sahaja.

“Bagaimanapun ucapannya dalam Mandarin mendapat sambutan serta respon yang amat baik sekali dengan tepukan gemuruh serta sorakan dan pekikan membingitkan daripada para hadirin termasuk kalangan pelajar.” – blog Tok Jeng dirujuk


On this date three years ago, I’d written about how Guan Eng memberi alasan bahawa dia tidak harus dipersalahkan kerana tidak menggunakan bahasa Melayu pada hari itu kerana majlis tersebut bukan dianjurkan oleh kerajaan negerinya.

Guan Eng juga “melemparkan tuduhan bahawa Rais [Yatim] “terus menipu untuk memainkan sentimen perkauman”.

2011 … 2012 … 2013 … 2014 …

Funny that Hannah Yeoh rants how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.


(1,847 words)

October retrospective series:

Oct 10: J-Star action smacks of sedition

Oct 9: MCA says Umno sore loser in blaming Chinese

Oct 8: Here’s my blog new short format


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  1. Much of Najib policies are, looks like, in responds to PAKATAN demands, never to the aspiration of those placed him there and support him.

    Mungkin dah nak menjadi kot! kalau dinasihat tak berubah, ditegur tak mendengar, bukan satu yang mustahil.

    1. I’m not stopping.

      I’ll update with one posting daily – only it’ll be a sample of old stuff copypasted from what I wrote on the date – say today’s Oct 8 – in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

  2. They were right to address him as opposition leader. Read that article : PM Najib and Opposition leader Najib. In fact it’s true. Najib proposed and he opposed that why he has to rely on so many consultants. Minta maaf Najib gurau je..

  3. Helen,

    seseorang yang ‘diangkat’ menjadi pemimpin itu sebenarnya belum terbukti ‘kemampuan’nya.

    pemimpin yang diangkat itu pula sekiranya terpaksa membelanjakan terlalu banyak wang untuk menggaji ‘pembantu aka penasihat’ telah jelas menunjukkan ‘ketidakupayaan’nya.

    pemimpin yang diangkat itu pastinya seolah-olah sudah ‘dipegang telornya’ oleh sekumpulan ‘pembantu aka penasihat’nya yang pastinya ada yang berkepentingan.

    maka dapatlah kita seorang pemimpin yang hanya tahu apa yang diberitahu oleh ‘juak-juak’ di sekelilingnya….

    maka dapatlah kita seorang pemimpin yang ‘syok-sendiri’ yang menyangka pimpinannya ‘terbaik’ kerana sering melihat ‘placard : I love PM’.

    maka meranalah seluruh rakyat majoriti yang masih mengharapkan pemimpin sebegini.


  4. Petanda-petanda typo ini tidak meyakinkan atau tidak menunjukkan jelas tanda-tanda kejatuhan Najib. Kalau ada orang yang memikirkan sebegitu.

    Sebab typo ini dilakukan oleh orang lain. Lainlah kalau Najib cakap sendiri. Contohnya saya bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Setakat ini ada dua dalam kiraan saya typo begini. Yang Pemandu tu satu dan yang ini.

    Saya lebih menerima kalau ada sesuatu tanda-tanda yang lebih jelas. Seperti seseorang itu menyanyi karaoke “oh nasibku malang.. Jijah tak datang..” dan diulang-ulang rangkap itu.

    Petanda-petanda pun hanya signs, yang boleh menjadi yang ditandakannya atau tidak. Kerana seseorang yang mempercayai adanya Pencipta alam tentu secara logiknya faham Pencipta alam itu mampu melakukan sesuatu dengan diberikan tanda-tanda dahulu ataupun tidak. Kehendak Pencipta itu yang muktamad.

    1. re: “Seperti seseorang itu menyanyi karaoke “oh nasibku malang..”

      Oh Najib ku malang…?

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