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Here’s my blog new short format

8 Oct 2013

On this date last year, I’d wondered aloud –  ‘Nazir tak dengar nasihat abang?

I also asked, kenapa banyak sangat iklan CIMB diletakkan di Malaysiakini?


8 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I’d written about hot air baboons, i.e. evangelista politicians who offer you the sun and the moon and take you for a ride in their hot air balloon.


From faith to faith,

Glory to glory




Erm, you guys look kinda scary to us ...
Waiting for banana from hanana

8 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, MCA Youth grumbled that Guan Eng had accused their party of playing up the Islamic state threat in order to deceive the rakyat while Umno had done the same with Christian issues.

MCA Youth then urged everybody to do their part to curb the DAP’s “politics of hate”.

Obviously the plea by the BN Chinese party in 2012 for DAP to stop stirring hatred fell on deaf ears. We can see this with the benefit of hindsight.

Holy Water
Drinking J-Juice

8 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I’d pointed out that tajuk-tajuk berita Malaysiakini – senarai di bawah – semuanya memberikan spin negatif kepada sambutan belanjawan.

  • Budget 2012 unrealistic, says Anwar
  • Groups disappointed with lacklustre budget
  • Najib failed to live up to expectations, says MP
  • Gov’t economic adviser queries civil service pay hike
  • Pakatan: One-off handouts not enough to help poor


Change … the more things UBAH, the more they remain the same?

Quick recap on yesterday

On 7 Oct 2012 – two years ago – I’d written:

Lambat-laun, PAS pasti hilang sabar juga kerana sudah tidak mungkin dibendung lagi tabiat penyokong DAP yang suka mencerca dan memfitnah.

I also said, mungkin parti Islam itu akan bermuhasabah diri sama ada ia mahu terus bersekongkol dengan DAP.

Undeniably, I was prescient.

Funny that Hannah Yeoh rants how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.

(297 words)

October retrospective series:

Oct 10: J-Star action smacks of sedition

Oct 9: MCA says Umno sore loser in blaming Chinese

Oct 7: Najib the “opposition leader” now – Malaysiakini pula yang buat typo


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42 thoughts on “Here’s my blog new short format

  1. Cik Helen, The red beans army must be busy cracking their heads getting ready to hit soon. If they repeat on the same issues, this time copy and paste aje article2 lama.

    The DAP fellow boldly scribbling Malaysia on his placard in support of Hong Kong demonstration?. Oghang macam ni, just batalkan saja passport dia.. Clearly abusing his Malaysian travel documents.

  2. Helen, you should have kept that Mkini headlines til Budget Say. Mesti sebijik sama komennya nanti

    1. :)

      I’m compiling my retrospective by date according to the calendar.

      But now that I’ve embarked on this format, I’m finding that, actually, it is quite beneficial to take a breather and look back. Like you say, mKini would likely photostat the same reactions under the same headlines.

      I’m also curious myself as to what the YY were up to 2-3 years ago at this time.

      1. YY is busy contemplating her next move in politic since azmin is the new MB. contrary to her viciousness when dealing with umno/bn, she adopted the playsafe approach when confronting with the dapsters.

        or maybe she’s sulking in her yang dipertua office because azmin has decided to revoke her pay rise approved by the previous administration.

    1. Because Umno is PPTA and does not mind that the MCA media is doing all this scissorsing.

      Because Umno’s new media unit are only interested in selfie, zumba and # lifestyle, and disinterested in fighting ideological battles or DAP Malay awek-awek cun recruits.

      Because the president of Umno and the CEO of The J-Star got kamcheng.


      1. Hahahaha.. can’t disagree with you on that!

        If you notice DAP now has two-pronged strategy in attracting Malay recruits – one the liberal Awek Cun brigade and two, the conservative Awek Purdah brigade.

        I think they will go all out to attract members from PKR and PAS as they realise after the Kajang Move, they cannot relay on these 2 parties. I won’t be surprised that with UMNO is a state of suspended animation and the Malays deeply divided, DAP will sneak in and become the strongest political party in Malaysia.

        1. Never mind if all the PKR Malay and PAS Malay joining DAP, what most important how many of them can be in the CEC, better still holding the position SG. Would the evangelist allowed that to happened? Kalau join jadi tukang sorak sahaja buat apa.

          1. Kalau Cina, tapi bukan Kristian, pun takkan dapat tempat, saya rasa.

            Haven’t you noticed that the evangelis pasti akan lantik evangelis?

            Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran was given the Bukit Gasing DUN seat in PJ Selatan to stand in GE13. It was cronyism, not based on race but on religion.

          2. They may not be able to get into the CEC, but come next GE I wouldn’t be surprised if DAP fields these young Turks as candidates. After all, DAP needs them to place in the Malay majority areas and also to be seen as Malay-friendly and also these young turks are easier to control.

            Just feed their ego and be seen to support their idealistic ideologies and they’ll stay on the leash.

      2. re Because Umno’s new media unit are only interested in selfie, zumba and # lifestyle, and disinterested in fighting ideological battles or DAP Malay awek-awek cun recruits.

        In other words, they are all busy with syok sendiri.

    2. Because they want to indoctrinate and brainwash their readers into thinking, believing and finally to accept that the religious garb is a symbol of moderation and is therefore progressive.

      In the final analysis this is Orwellian propaganda at its very best and I m certain, absolutely certain that a decisive majority of The Star’s readers will buy this.

    3. A bit late this but I just read about Melati (personal FB feed, can’t link). But apparently she wrote and had a book published titled Pelacur Kelas Pertama, which some considered too graphic and incompatible with her niqab-covered appearance.

      Since we have seen how the Star likes to highlight sex-related stuff, I’m not surprised she trumped gold medals.

      1. Ah yes. Now that you mention it, and to prove your point, see …

        J-Star stories 8-10 Oct 2012.




  3. Rencana Utusan Malaysia hari ni…

    “Di mana silapnya, terutamanya di kalangan bumiputera walaupun pelbagai polisi dilaksanakan dan berpuluh agensi telah ditubuhkan?

    Adakah kerana Melayu malas, boros, tiada kelulusan tinggi ataupun ada faktor yang lain?

    Dr. Muhammed telah menunjukkan bahawa terdapat kajian mendapati bahawa faktor kadar tabungan, perbelanjaan, mahupun pendidikan bagi kaum bumiputera adalah sama dengan kaum yang lain. Jadi di mana silapnya?

    Penulis menghuraikan tiga perkara.

    Artikel Penuh:
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

    Kajian dah ada, bukti pun ada. Lagi ultrakiasu dan menyokong liberal nak menegakkan benang basah menafikan; lagi nak menghina Melayu?!

    1. I actually have enough blog material keep up this format for a full year, until 6 Oct 2015.

      1. Kay. Your past materials are oldies but goodies.

        You can do a “greatest hits compilation album” now, like what Dr Mahathir did with his “Blogging to Unblock” book or Dean John’s “Mad about Malaysia” (and its sequel “Madder about Malaysia”).

        1. Dunno how the readership feels about it but personally I’m appreciative of going through my old stuff.

          It provides a perspective of the evolution, or alternatively nothing much has really changed, of the past 4 years. A reminder of the past is good to help us keep our bearings.

  4. UNISEL accounting exam question

    How much GST will we pay if we drink beer at Octoberfest 2015 at a pub at a Shah Alam mall with all our evangelista friends? We plan to drink RM500 of beer?

  5. “”’Never mind if all the PKR Malay and PAS Malay joining DAP, what most important how many of them can be in the CEC

    You really think Lks and Dap Sdn Bhd cares, 50 pc can be malays on the CEC, nothing will change the Dap chinese agenda.

    For the malays ,indian, pribumi,kadazan serani iban the chinese you will be just catecorized as dan lain lain (dll). Why? coz your not chinese and will never be.

    Its not politics that that the chinaman dap practices, its just race
    fanaticism and by using these min yuen which they entice with all their resources.

    At one time it was RIP Mca, come Ge14 its goin to be RIP Barisan National and the gang.

    1. re: “nothing will change the DAP Chinese agenda”

      It’s the DAP evangelist agenda.

      Non-Christians, I reckon, are second-class party members.

  6. “‘nothing much has really changed, of the past 4 years”‘

    agree with you on that

    just more people filling up their kitty before the last train pulls out of the station come GE14

    1. Do you agree with the Tun’s assessment that Najib could lose BN the next general election?

      I’ve heard that Tun is dead serious about his appraisal, i.e. it’s not merely political rhetoric.

  7. Question: Aren’t the Siamese Bumiputeras?

    Why didn’t UMNO intervene in the Kampung Siam dispute?

    UMNO should do better than the Gerakan in tackling the Tokong and his minion Miss Yap.

  8. I think you got all the statics down 98%, better then whole of BN and their so called screwed up war room

    What has changed since 2008 with BN, nothing, same rhetoric and same crap without any substance. being played over and over

    1. Win all without fighting

    Lets face it Dap has all the brains here, sorry to say, all they have to do is throw a spanner in the works and wallla all hell going to break lose. And they just watch from the sidelines

    2. Avoid strength, Attack weakness

    We all know where our achiles heel is, Sabah & Sarawak. has anybody from BN come up with any strategy to overcome this. Dap has hit the ground running there with much success since ge14

    3. Deception and foreknowledge

    What is the difference of elections now and 20 yrs ago? Technology innovations. The core of Dap success in 2008/2013. The red beaners and gang is a success, can the same be said for BN? Demographics another matter which was studied to their benefit

    4. Speed and preparation

    GE 12 was the defining moment for Dap, instead of blowing their own horn they just carried on the momentum, where else our BN bunch of losers just carried on hoping our new PM is going to swing thing around, well they got it all wrong. A come from behind win konon…. dream on, how do you have a winning team when all members are a bunch of imbeciles and you recycle idiots who in a million years will never be a winner ie Kayveas and have village idiots like KJ 10Q….. if he had the balls he should have given up rembau which is a sure bet and contest somewhere BN could have won a seat

    5. Shaping the Enemy, preparing the Battlefied

    The ground work has all been by Dap, its all about strategic and straight forward targets.They have tons of voters they can move around, always can move some 5k voters somewhere where a win is a sure thing. Or if they like they can move their MP around anywhere. A good example would be Teo Ni Ching she may just go to Cameron Highlands and kick the MIC presidents ass come ge14.

    6. Character Based Leadership, Leading by Example

    When you depend on consultans to run a country, something must be very wrong, when money instead of leadership is the defining factor what are you as a leader… nothing,zilch nada just a honeypot where everybody can makan free.

    Well Dap got them all

    LGE….. in your face take it or leave it

    LKS….. father of in your face

    Hannah ……. Evangelism in all its facade

    Khairil………. just a puppet but a sure winning puppet both ways chinese or malay

    Sun Szu Art of war,,,,,,,,,,, many know it, simple and accurate.

    Nobody cares any more, all the rats just waiting to jump the ship……. but really rich rats.


    1. Thanks for the analysis, BoB.

      re: “when money instead of leadership is the defining factor what are you as a leader…”

      You have something there. As I’ve mentioned previously, BR1M is one of the Najib transformations of which the Tun disapproves.

      Let’s see how the budget will appease the hoi polloi bread and circus.

      1. Speaking of BR1M has anyone seen that snippet from Tan Sri Navaratnam about giving vouchers instead of outright cash for BR1M? They keep showing that bit on TV3. I love the part where he said if you give them cash they might “blow” it on fast food. LOL.

        So TSRN if poor people are not allowed to have the occasional fast food, what else are they not allowed – movies, tv, videos, occasional trips to the mall? Wow, the haves are really, stupendously out of touch with the have-nots.

          1. You are spot on – he is one !
            “This is the same issue over and over again, using religion for political end. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and with so many laws to protect the Muslims, why should there be threat of Christianization. These are acts that are not in line with path of moderation as prescribed by our Prime Minister Najib Razak or his 1 Malaysia,” Ramon Navaratnam, a Christian lay leader and prominent civil society leader, told Malaysia Chronicle.

  9. BTW I wonder what is the take on the Oktoberfest controversy by the usually loud and righteous Madame Prada. Looks like another DAP vs PAS controversy brewing (pardon the pun).

    The newly minted MB of Selangor has opted to cop out by asking the organizers to get customs and police permits first. So much for someone wanting to end the BSM Bible issue!

  10. I tell you Helen, you should have kept that bit on Budget until now. Semuanya relevant.

    Najib is increasing BR1M and giving out goodies (walaupun bukan election year) MPs are getting pay hike. They must be so thankful, tak perlu ikat perut.

    All the acronyms came out – my head still buzzing with the RIM sound – BR1M KR1M LGM UTC RTC SUPERB and what nots. Oooh most importatntly, TALENTCORP getting more money. Now to bring back professional women and get more women who has left back into the workforce.

    Maybe we should sign up – mana tahu briefing di spa kat Bali.

    1. Am trying to discipline myself by distancing from events. Keeping up with the current and breaking news is just too taxing.

      And given the dismal state of the BN (I mean if the Umno warlords don’t care, then why should I?), I don’t really want to raise my blood pressure by concerning myself with the eroding fortunes of the ruling party.

      Can’t speak for the blog readers but personally, I do find it worthwhile to be going through my old stuff. Amazing how things predicted 2-3 years ago have come to pass.

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