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MCA says Umno sore loser in blaming Chinese

9 Oct 2013

On this date last year, the Malaysian Insider ran a headline about the racial slurs uttered by Umno leaders.

TMI quoted Parti Rakyat Sarawak president James Masing as advising Umno leaders to try to be moderate. The TMI article was written by Elizabeth Zachariah and Desmond Davidson.

Voters don’t owe Umno leader a living, said MCA vice-president

On 9 Oct 2013, my blog posting was titled ‘MCA puts the blame squarely on Umno‘.

I noted that MCA did not want Chinese voters to be faulted for their party’s devastating losses in GE13. Instead the MCA leaders blamed Umno.

MCA Online reported the (then) MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu as saying former Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam had “made himself an icon of a sore loser” by conveniently blaming Chinese voters for the latter’s electoral defeat.

Gan also remarked in his press statement that voters do not owe Ali Rustam a living.

In a related J-Star article titled ‘Don’t play the racial card, Umno leaders told’, Gan was quoted as saying, “Such [Umno] party election campaigning approaches not only threaten the cohesion of Barisan Nasional but also damage the social fabric of our nation”.

Chinese reps blame Umno

On 9 Oct 2013, TMI reported the MCA’s complaint about “racist remarks by some right-wing leaders in Umno”. The TMI article was headlined ‘Chinese reps criticise Ali Rustam, blame Umno for losses in past 2 general elections‘.

Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie (pix above) had declared:

“In fact, these are the leaders who have angered and driven away many of our Barisan Nasional traditional supporters irrespective of ethnic background in the 12th and 13th General Elections. We are concerned that such invalid accusations and racial bigotry will similarly affect BN’s performance at the ballot box in future.”


9 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, my blog posting was titled ‘Sah! Guan Eng memang mencampur-adukkan politik dengan agama (ini buktinya)‘.

I wrote:

Guan Eng mendakwa Utusan menghasut dengan niat mencetuskan perasaan benci terhadap orang Kristian.

Dia juga mendakwa Ibrahim Ali menjadikan orang Kristian “an object of hate” lantaran Perkasa melancarkan perang jihad (“crusade”) terhadap golongan Kristian — lihat petikan: “… Ibrahim Ali an extremist for launching this crusade against Christians”.

lim-guan-engGuan Eng membayangkan orang bukan Melayu dan bukan Muslim sengaja dikambimg-hitamkan di negara kita:

“Are non-Malays and non-Muslims an easy target to be blamed and kicked around based on lies just to distract attention from the real problems affecting 27 million Malaysians?”, ruj.

Guan Eng avowedly uses religious occasions for his politics.

On Wesak day 2011, he called on “all Malaysians to stand up for peace and harmony” by uniting against extremists and racists whom he alleged wanted “to see Malaysia burn with hatred and violence”.

Lim Guan Eng Xmas 2010

Likewise his Christmas 2010 message (screenshot above) said:

“Malaysians should be united by the common platform of freedom, truth, democracy, justice and social welfare for all.”

“Jesus taught that we must learn to love each other even our enemies. Then only can we open our hearts to peace and give hope to not only everyone but future generations.

“Malaysians must reject those who preach hate and violence to the extent of calling for the bloody May 13 tragedy to be declared as a sacred day that should be celebrated.

“Let us reject these pseudo-Malaysians who are extremists, racists and greedy cronies of corruption. Let us focus on real Malaysians as ordinary fathers and mothers who want to improve their economic livelihood and see a brighter future for their children.

“We pray that we will stand united in one heart and one mind to serve one another and our community with love and compassion.”

BELOW: Freaky fingers


Us vs Them

Guan Eng and the DAP evangelistas frame their worldview in an ‘Us versus Them’ dichotomy.

“Us” in Guan Eng’s Christmas message are the Christians with whom he relates the values of freedom, truth, democracy and justice, and love and compassion”. His Christians are depicted ordinary, peaceful “fathers and mothers” who hope for nothing more than a brighter future for their children.

“Them” – the people on the other side – are characterized by Guan Eng as extremists, racists and greedy cronies of corruption who preach hate and violence. He calls them “pseudo-Malaysians” as opposed to “real Malaysians” whose Christian hearts are open to peace.

How utterly hypocritical of Guan Eng to repeat the trope that Jesus taught Christians to love their enemies when he does not do as he says.

Ucapan Guan Eng bermula minit 1:55

9 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I blogged –  ‘Apa kandungan ucapan bahasa Cina Lim Guan Eng di Han Chiang?

Ucapan Guan Eng pada 6 Mac 2008 di stadium Han Chiang

4:35 – “There cannot be such double standards. BN practices double standards … they have no more issues, they are politically bankrupt aaah (kedengaran sorakan dan tepukan). We will not allow ourselves to be distracted by personal attacks.”

Dia berkata pula dalam Hokkien (bermula minit 6:30) – terjemahan

“Bolehkan kita menjadi warga kelas pertama Malaysia? Selama 50 tahun, 50 tahun lamanya kita menjadi warga kelas kedua, ketiga, keempat aaah. Sudahlah, cukuplah, betul tak? Hendaklah kita bagi tahu Abdullah Badawi, bagi tahu Ong Ka Ting, bagi tahu Koh Tsu Koon, supaya mereka akan ketahui … kita mahu jadi (warga) kelas pertama.”


Before the election tidal wave of 2008, Guan Eng asked Penangites to send a message to Koh Tsu Koon that Chinese no longer wanted to be second-class citizens.

Well, the much-maligned Koh Tsu Koon has been kicked out of office. Like an Orwellian turnaround ala Animal Farm, Koh has been replaced on the political stage by his lookalike Hannah Yeoh.


ABOVE: Like fraternal twins, DAP’s Hannah and Gerakan’s Koh Tsu Koon

For that matter, can anyone differentiate between the DAP and the BN Chinese parties nowadays?

Over the past four years … 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 … we’re beginning to see their morphing, i.e. two coming together as one.

Funny that Hannah Yeoh rants how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.


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19 thoughts on “MCA says Umno sore loser in blaming Chinese

  1. * Us vs Them and Varying Standards *

    In a distant village, a long time ago, there lived six blind men. One day the villagers announced, “Hey, there is an elephant in the village today.”

    They had never seen or felt an elephant before and so they all decided, “Even though we would not be able to see it, let us go and feel it anyway.” And thus they went down to the village to touch and feel the elephant to learn what animal this was and they described it as follows:

    “Hey, the elephant is a pillar,” said the first man who touched his leg.

    “Oh, no! it is like a rope,” argued the second after touching the tail.

    “Oh, no! it is like a thick branch of a tree,” the third man spouted after touching the trunk.

    “It is like a big hand fan” said the fourth man feeling the ear.

    “It is like a huge wall,” sounded the fifth man who groped the belly .

    “It is like a solid pipe,” said the sixth man with the tusk in his hand.

    They all fell into a heated argument as to who was right about the big beast, according to their own perceptions. A wise sage was passing by and heard the argument, so he asked them “What is the matter?” They said, “We cannot agree to what the elephant is like.”

    The wise man spoke calmly, “Each one of you is correct; and each one of you is wrong. Each one of you have only touched and felt a particular part of the elephant’s body. Thus everyone of you only has a partial view of the animal. But if you join your partial views together, you will get an idea of what an elephant looks like.”

    * * * Guan Eng should seek out the wise man lest he never finds out what the real beast is actually like.

    1. Lim Guan Eng was quoted as saying yersterday, “either you are with us or against us” in reference to those PAS member who spoke against DAP.

      I wounder when UMNO and it’s president will say this to MCA and Gerakan leadership.

  2. The elephant anecdote is a popular analogy used by many as a philosophical view on the 5 major religions and of the whole Truth (version with 5 blind men and the elephant) main ones Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Each one who had touched a specific limited part of the elephant insisting their version is the real one and all others are wrong, passionately defending their versions because they touched and felt it that had convincingly formed an indelible image in their minds, therefore any differing account must be wrong.!

    And so they bicker amongst each other, on the shape of the creature. each as adamant as the next but in reality, noone is wrong and not entirely right either, but just that they each possess merely a part of whole truth.

    If only, they can drop their ego-centric stubbornness and pride that deters them to compare notes, and piece all their versions together…Then the whole Truth emerges. but Alas… the absolute conviction of each, results in ignorant arrogance in denying each other’s versions!

    Different paths that lead to one singular ultimate Truth- of what is the Real Shape of the Elephant ..

    PS..can be applied to politics/politicians as well,esp the ego-centric part. Just swap the analogy to “Religion” with “Efficiency in Goverment.”

    1. There are so much differences within each particular religious tradition itself that we rather understand the blind men anecdote to represent the partisan perspectives of handicapped individuals who abide within the general norms of their own religion.

      There’s no denying that truth-claims about any thing, in order to be legitimate, must be substantiated. It is certainly futile, let alone dangerous, for an individual lacking in perceptive and cognitive faculties to fight over what he “believes” to be the reality about some thing whose truth-value is being contended by differing parties. After all, even a humongous elephant exists within the fold of its own limited perspectives, even if “lesser” humans are in mortal danger when it is infuriated and stampedes over everything.

      In the case of a politician she could very well be the proverbial elephant if not a blind person.

      In the case of religion, rather than paying much attention to the philosophical peculiarities of different systems, the Dalai Lama emphasises that one should look at the purpose of religious doctrines, namely the promotion of love and compassion for the benefit of human beings. Indeed, the Dalai Lama describes the ‘essence of religion’ as compassion, and sees all religions, without exception, as being concerned with ‘making the mind more peaceful, disciplined, moral and ethical’.

      1. re: “essence of religion as compassion, and ‘making the mind more peaceful, disciplined, moral and ethical’.”

        Like :)



        “This event was guided by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as an opportunity to examine and celebrate the focal understanding that all world religions and faith traditions are devoted to common teachings and insights. The panel participants and 500 invited guests were drawn from a diversity of religious communities.

        The Dalai Lama joined many of the nation’s Muslim scholars and leaders in trying to promote a better understanding of Islam, which he believes has been wrongly demonized in America. “Nowadays, to some people, the Muslim tradition appears different, more militant,” the Dalai Lama said. “I feel that’s wrong. Muslims, like any of the major traditions, have the same message, the same practice. That is a practice of compassion.”

        “The essence of pain and suffering in this world is ignorance,” said Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, co-founder of the Islamic Zaytuna Institute. “We can no longer ignore each other as faith-based communities.”

  3. Ms H. I am sure you are llke me. We do not blame others for our own shortcomings. Otherwise, how is it possible for us to advance ? This belief is as old as the hills !

  4. Let the tokong explain to us what it means by ‘second class citizen’. Does it mean that they want to change the history and reality that the Chinese was brought in by the British to undermine and control the Malay/Bumiputra people ?

    And now this ‘second class citizen’ are trying to extend the British policy by taking away the Malay/bumiputra rights?

    The same Malay/Bumiputra who gave them citizenship when no other countries want them?

    I’m still waiting on the definition of ‘second class citizen’ based on tokong’s understanding. Then we’ll discuss some more. ok you ungrateful Chinese?

  5. UMNO sore loser?

    Wait, wait. Who are the one who depends on vote from UMNO members/ supporters? If these people did not vote for that party, I don’t think they have any representative left.

    What is the need of you when you speak the same tone with your supposedly political enemy.

    I think many people are sore with the hypocritical “muka tembok”.

    1. re: “If these people did not vote for that party, I don’t think they have any representative left”

      Then these people should make their intentions loud and clear to the PPTA. Start sending up the protest signals to the Umno branch and division chiefs now.


    Sorry to divert a bit. Some time back we spoke about how the Dapsters have infiltrated foreign media and aggregators. Here is an excellent example how they do their reporting, this time from AFP.

    This news has been published across the region and even the world to paint such a negative picture of Malaysia. Some how students having to re-sit exams due to leaks has become a political issue that being used to attack the govt accusing them of being incompetence. I thought such things happened even in the US and other First World countries.

    This news is written with such malicious intent that clearly shows the level of hatred in the hearts of these Dapsters- no doubt stoked by the likes of Tokong and Madam Pradapter,

    1. re: “how the Dapsters have infiltrated foreign media and aggregators” / “This news is written with such malicious intent that clearly shows the level of hatred…”

      Umno (the anchor party of the BN) have brought it upon themselves by ceding control of the English media to the Dapsters.

      An Umno minister even took a Dapster as his press secretary.

      A BN component party is harbouring a venomous Gunting Dalam Lipatan in its multi-billion ringgit media conglomerate.

      All I can say is PPTA and the BN deserve what is coming to them.

    2. If this hate campaign on m’sian edu stuck on foreign edu players, it wld eventually affect dapsters offspring as well one way or other.

      Recall mh 370 n china bash n boycott m’sia tourism whereby dapsters happily joined the fray. Months later china tourists cancellation badly affect their biz here. Idiots!

    1. Pre-independance and years after independent, were there any city in Malaysia that the chinese really founded. Most nowadays cities in Malaysia which they dominates were really founded by the Malays. Slowly Malays were marginalised from the cities they founded to be occupied by the chinese with british assistance.

      Any chinese back then who really had the sweat to open new township from a thick jungle, nay! They just coming to already opened township and slowly swept away the founder to nearby jungle!

        1. Was known by the name Klian Pauh. At the end of Perang Larut, Malay lose, bonded by the Perjanjian Pangkor 1874 and those Hai San and Gheen Hin gangsters (still live up to this day) were awarded by the founding of Taiping over the Klian Pauh land owned by the Malay.

  7. I suppose MCA is not sore at losing its traditional support among the Chinese electorate; they are not sore that their own members did not vote for their candidates in the last 2 GEs.

    Why MCA is not sore, worried or not trying very hard to get this back support this support is an interesting subject to explore.

    Is attacking UMNO at every turn going to bring back this support? Is acting like the DAP going to make MCA into a more macho Chniese-based party? Or is the MCA working in concert with other parties to undermine UMNO and BN so that DAP can win really big and thus achieve the objective that the MCA has all along been pursuing? Is this part of the struggle of the DAP-MCA-Gerakan axis?

    I know people are wary or will pooh pooh conspiracy theories but I guess we need to explore all angles to understand what actually is going on.

  8. Beri betis nak peha, dapat paha nak naik kepala pula.. Hehe

    Negara toknek moyang, depa ni semua asal usul keturunan dari kelas ape? Betis pon tak dapat terpaksa bertongkang lari merata perusuk dunia sekadar nak cari semangkok moy..

    Dah menikmati lebih dari semangkok moy, sampai tembam2 bulat2 double chins belaka pon tak sedar diri, ini jenis binatang ape eh? Lapaq segalanya sampai taik pon nak jilat sampai licin?

    Back to religion. Kalau tak faham apa itu erti kesyukuran entah Agama apa yang depa sedang ikut owh? Wonder what their religion is teaching them.. tu yg jadi masalah, any tom dick and harry can claim themselves as preachers. Entah apa yg ‘preachers’ ni semua dok meghapu kat followers mereka?

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