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Gereja: Uskup Agung KL dilantik adalah “pilihan Allah”

A crowd of more than 12,000 people thronged the event at the church in Wan Azizah’s DUN constituency – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below.

Julian Leow Beng Kim said it was “with humility and meekness that [he] accept this appointment as the fourth Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur”.

Hannah Julian Leow the Archbishop of KL

Tiny minority but big audience

The Archbishop’s ordination in Kajang was given high-profile coverage by The J-Star despite Christians in Malaysia being such a “small and weak” religious minority of “only 9 percent”.

A five-hour video of the church proceedings is embedded in the J-Star pages. The MCA’s flagship media is “the top read Malaysian English language news portal” ahead of Malaysiakini. Placed seventh among the Top 30 local websites, The J-Star online attracts some 820,000 unique visitors (figure rounded) per month.

Thus the MCA-owned media had provided an obliging platform that enabled a potential Net audience of 820,000 pairs of eyeballs to watch the video recording of this Kajang church event.

Click to enlarge,

BELOW: J-Star embedded five-hour video of church activities

ordination of Father Julian

Not one report but two, both with the lengthy video embed

In fact, The J-Star incorporated the archbishop’s ordination video in two separate reports on the same day (Oct 6).

It is clear that the MCA-controlled paper is highly supportive of Christian activities and disseminating the evangelical message to its readership.

Below is the second J-Star news report to carry the video.

Click to enlarge,

Churchgoers defiant in using kalimah ‘Allah’

Julian Leow Beng Kim takes over the Kuala Lumpur archdiocese from Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam who has been fighting the ‘Allah’-Herald case in court the last several years.

John Ha Tiong Hock, the Archbishop of Kuching, recited the homily on the auspicious occasion – intoning that “pelantikan beliau [Uskup Agung Julian] oleh Bapa Suci disahkan sebagai pilihan Tuhan Allah”.

You can listen to Archbishop John melafazkan kalimah ‘Allah’ at minute 1:47:48 in the video below.

If Umno doing its job, Ibrahim Ali can jaga cucu

The newly ordained Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur said he would issue a statement on the kalimah ‘Allah’ issue when the time is right.

Nonetheless churches in the peninsula continue to use lafaz ‘Allah’ in defiance.

Controversy over its usage has resurfaced to hog headlines again in the last couple of days after Ibrahim Ali escaped unscathed for his earlier call urging Muslims to seize and burn Malay-language Bibles containing the “Allah” word.

Police have said they are not charging the Perkasa president either under the Sedition Act or Penal Code.

BELOW: Tweet by J-Star Bintang Lima on Suhakam’s disappointment and alarm that no action has been taken against Ibrahim Ali

Star on Twitter Suhakam

Why does DUMC use lafaz ‘Allah’?

Ibrahim Ali is not the only one to successfully evade police action. The Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC), which was raided by JAIS, was similarly let off the hook.

On this date three years ago, I blogged ‘Kemelut DUMC: Diberi betis nak peha‘.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah in his titah a day earlier on Oct 10 said he was satisfied that the actions of JAIS were correct and did not breach any law enforceable in Selangor – see report below.

Bishop complained of “persecution by vile slander”

Bishop Paul Tan was however not satisfied with the outcome of events.

He said:

“Begging the Tuanku’s pardon, how is it possible to assert that there were attempts to deviate the faith of Muslim attendees at the dinner function at the DUMC but there is, then, not sufficient evidence to prefer charges.”

See, ‘DUMC-Jais: Bishop troubled by sultan’s statement‘ (Malaysiakini, 10 Oct 2011)

Bishop Paul concluded:

“Christians have waited patiently for exoneration from false accusations by people whose intent is to grandstand on behalf of their losing causes.

“It’s a good thing the general election is imminent, because there seems to be no let-up in this ugly campaign of innuendo and insinuation against Christians, so that the ballot box becomes our only recourse from persecution by vile slander.”

BELOW: Bishop Paul Tan blessing Archbishop Julian Leow

Paul Tan Julian Leow

What are they doing in Jerusubang?

The “Jesuit-trained prelate” is leading the Christian choir in playing victim. Are the allegations of Christian dakwah really “false accusations” as he claims? Why are the non-native, non-Malay speaking Christians in the Klang Valley so adamant about using lafaz ‘Allah’?

The Malays are correct to fear that the evangelistas want to use kalimah ‘Allah’ in order to berdakwah surreptitiously to vulnerable Muslim groups.

On the Christian reactions to the Muslim backlash, I had written on 11 Oct 2011 how “para penganut Kristian yang lain pula tidak segan silu untuk meninggalkan komen-komen yang lagi keras dan kesat (berbanding apa yang telah disebutkan Uskup Paul Tan)”.

If Ambiga can believe that the BTN is “brainwashing” kids, why is it so difficult to believe just as well that the church under the guise of their community centres – such as DUMC’s Dream Center – are doing the same?

racist kids, Ambiga claims

11 Oct 2012

Coincidentally, Bishop Paul was once more the topic of my blog posting on this date – Oct 11 – the following year (2012).

On this date two years ago, I had titled my article ‘[Uskup] Paul Tan kata Nasha pakai taktik Nazi‘. See also my most recent recap about the horrendous bullying of Ustaz Nasha by the foul-mouthed Christians, HERE.

In October 2012, Bishop Paul had slammed Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa for the PAS ulama raising what the Christian prelate had called “the latest resurgence of the bogey of Christianisation of Malaysia”.

“This beast of Christianisation of Malaysia is apparently a cat with nine lives; barely is one dispatched than another rears to life,” Bishop Paul said in reference to Ustaz Nasha, Hasan Ali, Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria, Zul Noordin and other Muslim leaders repeatedly issuing warnings to the ummah to beware the missionary zeal of the evangelistas.

 ABOVE: J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai responds in his Sunday weekly column to allegations that his newspaper is a “Christian extremist linked daily”


Umno’s motto is “Untuk Bangsa, Agama dan Negara” but the PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa) is not showing leadership in this matter. It is instead the Muslim NGOs – not necessarily aligned to the government – that are at the forefront of the battle to defend the sanctity of the lafaz ‘Allah’.

Umno is not in control of the situation. The reason that Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has entered the fray is due to Najib Razak’s reticence as well as preoccupation with posturing as a “global moderate”.

Do you trust Najib to defend Islam?


Same church lawyer involved in police report against UiTM forum

Uthaya Sankar (pix below) lodged a police report with regard to Seminar Kalimah Allah dan Kristologi Nusantara and a MAIS booklet titled Pendedahan Agenda Kristian distributed to participants at the forum held in UiTM.

Uthaya was accompanied to the Shah Alam district police headquarters by his lawyer Annou Xavier, who is also the lawyer acting for the church in the Herald ‘s bid to use the ‘Allah’ word.

Even though the apex court has ruled that the Herald should not use lafaz ‘Allah’, nonetheless the Christians show no signs that they’re willing to let the case rest.

Again I wish to know how much funding has the Prime Minister’s Department channelled to the J-Star’s ‘Moderation’ campaign. The PM in his eagerness to appease the evangelical Christian crowd seems out of touch with the roiling Muslim sentiments on the ground.

BELOW: Uthaya is photographed with J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation’ Marina Mahathir and the paper’s columnist Nikki Cheong

Marina organized the fast for the non-Muslims with Scissorati Nikki Cheong, and publicized by The J-Star

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20 thoughts on “Gereja: Uskup Agung KL dilantik adalah “pilihan Allah”

  1. Is it hard to imagine that this virulent evangelical challenge on this predominantly Muslim country may be caught on the IS radar with all its consequences?

    1. Why do Malaysian Christians insist on using the word Allah?

      There are many other words that better suits the needs like, God, Tuhan etc., and maintain peace.

  2. Some background history of the sectarianism within the Trinitarian Catholic Church of the evangelist Paul of Tarsus:

    Paul’s teachings about Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] were very different from those of James, Peter, and the others in the Jerusalem assembly. It is striking that Paul’s letters never quote Yeshua, rarely refer to Yeshua’s teachings, and never mention Yeshua’s life. Paul taught his own version of Yeshua’s teachings and created his own rules. The Christian Church throughout the 2,000 years since the historical Yeshua, has been formed by Paul’s teachings, not the teachings of James, the brother of Yeshua, and, some say, not the teachings of Yeshua himself.

    When Peter visited Paul in Antioch and became aware of the full extent of Paul’s views, a serious rift began between Pauline and Jewish views of Yeshua’s teaching. At a second conference in Jerusalem, around 55 CE, the patriarch James accused Paul of teaching Jews “to turn their backs on Moses” (Acts 21:21). Again, however, Paul evaded the charge by concealing his views, and he agreed to undergo a test of his own observance of the Torah. His deception, however, was detected by a group of “Asian Jews” (probably Jewish Christians) who were aware of his real teaching. A stormy protest ensued. Paul feared for his life and was rescued by the Roman police, to whom he declared that he was a Roman citizen so that they would protect him. This announcement surprised the apostles in Jerusalem because the Romans were their chief enemy. It was the end of Paul’s association with the Jerusalem Church. And in a sense, it was the beginning of Christianity as we know it today.

    1. re: “Paul taught his own version of Yeshua’s teachings and created his own rules.”

      Viva Jerusubang!

  3. The heart underneath the white cloth can still be evil. Bishop Paul Tan is a blatant liar at professing the innocence of the DUMC event. I personally know one of the attendees. She was born and raised a Muslim. Those close to her stopped short at admitting that she is now a Christisn. If asked, she was told by certain parties that she was there to attend a dinner.

    Even I was once a target of conversion.

    I guess these evangelists feels that their higher calling gives them the right to lie and spew hatred.

    1. Your point being what, precisely?

      There are many cases of Muslims who have converted to Christianity. In the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and closer to home, Indonesia.

      Do the Islamic authorities in those countries make a big hoo-hah about this?

      Or, maybe, in those countries, “freedom of religion” means exactly what it says. No glossing, no twisting, no obfuscations.

      So, what exactly are Bishop Paul Tan and Archbishop John Ha guilty of? For standing up for their faith as senior members of the Catholic hierarchy in Malaysia?

      Here’s a thought – let the articulate and eloquent Nancy Shukri meet with the Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia and explain the government’s stand with regard to Islam, Christianity and freedom of religion, including the right to evangelise and proselytise.

      Surely, she’s up to the task, isn’t she?

  4. The Archbishop of Kuching in his homily has 1. distorted the Malay language and 2. mocked Allah. Has anyone ever heard or written in Malay the phrase “Tuhan Allah”.

    Allah is one he neither begets nor is he begotten, there is no Tuhan Allah and Tuhan something else.

    Either the Archbishop is not comfortable is saying just Allah which would mean the one who neither begets nor is begotten – then don’t use Allah.

    Or this is being done to provoke the Muslims.

    1. re: Tuhan Allah

      The Christians say ‘Lord God’. The translation could have been imported from their convention.

        1. Something’s gotta give.

          In my humble opinion, the Christians in Malaysia – since we’ve already reached this boiling point temperature – should be the ones to back off.

          They tried the Idris Jala-brokered solution for the sake of the native Malay speakers of Sabah and Sarawak but the greedy Jerusubang evangelistas spoilt the deal.

          1. Well, the US is sanctioning Putin and his coterie….

            Security analysts are calling it the “soft containment” of Russia.

            And China is willing to play along. For now.

            Could a more “aggressive” US administration similarly “target” those countries that it thinks practice discrimination on religious and racial grounds?

            A Republican US President and a Republican-majority US Congress may look askance at uppity Islamic regimes.

            Just saying, that is…..

            1. re: “Could a more “aggressive” US administration similarly ‘target’ those countries that it thinks practice discrimination on religious and racial grounds?”

              Which countries do you have in mind?

              1. I am sure that any US administration can call upon the resources of multiple think tanks, not to mention the overarching CIA and NSA.

                The US Federal Reserve has considerable powers to sanction banks in “unfriendly” countries and to sideline their financial systems.

                So, perhaps, the US has already identified it’s “friends”, “enemies” and “fence sitters”.

                It’s on record that the US has sanctioned Iran. It is sanctioning Putin and his coterie.

                It has sanctioned quite a number of radical and terrorist groups – again on the record.

                Which is why what happens in Washington D.C. often reverberates around the world.

          2. Not only evangelistas but the very heart of RC too. Why not Tuhan Tuanku, Tuhan Baginda, Tuhan Betara – too Malay not Muslim enough!

        2. Just curious – how would you translate “Lord God” into Malay?

          Or would you rather that Christians use “Lord” or “God” separately, but not together?

          Perhaps it’s “inappropriate and insensitive” that Christians are being fingered for a whole host of evils, when the proponents of radical and violent Islam are happily given the benefit of the doubt.

          Double standards?

          Now that’s both “inappropriate” and “insensitive”!

          1. You want translation into Malay ask Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka,

            Btw what sort of scholarship is it to translate a book from another translation?

            Out of curiosity it seems that the word for God in Syric is different from the word for God in Malayalam and God is used in English by Syrian Christians – they lost their Aramic bibles to the Jesuits though.

            But why the militancy here that Allah should be the translation for Elohi in BM?

            What double standards are there – pray tell us what “host of evils” are the Christians being fingered for? It is the Muslims radicals that are being rounded up under SOSMA. Benefit of what doubt?

            It is the militant evangelist who want to unsettle things here, hell bent on getting to the “unreached” regardless of what happens to the country.

            Perhaps we should be reminded of the example of the Caliph Umar when asked to say his prayers in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre declined to do so for fear that those coming later would claim a right to the place, to avoid disharmony – that is the way of Jesus and Muhammed (peace be upon both of them) not the way of the Church here and Ibrahim Ali.

            1. Interesting – are you conflating the Church (which Church) and Ibrahim Ali?

              I suspect that the other shoe just dropped!

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