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PM 10 Q

So, how many billions is the KBS (Kementerian Belia dan Sukan) getting from the 2015 Budget?

Najib briefcase

11 Oct 2013

On this date last year, my blog prophesied ‘Pembangkang sayang KJ alamat Umno dihancurkan dari dalam‘.

The J-Star reported that Khairy describing the revival of his political fortunes, after being appointed the Youth and Sports Minister, as being given a “second chance”.

PM 10 Q

for giving Khairy his second chance

KJ's convoy -- see his SUV number plate
See the number plate of Khairy’s SUV

Zam: DAP mengheret gereja masuk politik

11 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, mantan Menteri Penerangan Zainuddin Maidin berkata dalam blognya:

“Lihat betapa DAP berjaya mengheret gereja ke lembah politik dan paderi-paderi berada pada kedudukan yang difahami sebagai menyokong DAP.”.

Oktoberfest! Tindakan Hasan Ali untuk mencegah arak


PAS, ada tak, nak mohon maaf pada Hasan Ali yang dipecat tu?

Pada 11 Okt 2012, bekas naib presiden PAS Hasan Ali meluahkan pendapat beliau bahawa “apa yang diperkatakan oleh [Ustaz] Nasharudin memang berlaku dalam Pakatan”. Hasan juga berharap Majlis Syura akan berusaha membebaskan PAS daripada musuh-musuh Islam.

Sekarang sudah terbukti Hasan Ali and Ustaz Nasha sememangnya berada di pihak yang benar.

Golly, and mind you the former Selangor PAS commissioner gave his spot-on warnings two years ago. PAS members owe Hasan Ali an apology, don’t you think?


Waspada strategi musuh Allah swt

Mantan timbalan presiden PAS Nasharudin Mat Isa telah mengingatkan umat Islam supaya berwaspada lantaran “berdepan strategi yang sedang dirancang oleh musuh Allah swt”.

Kata Ustaz Nasha:

“Selepas pilihanraya di Sarawak baru-baru ini, untuk meraikan kemenangan, parti DAP lah contohnya, di Sarawak, telah ada satu perhimpunan yang diadakan di sebuah tempat sebagai majlis kesyukuran di dalam perhimpunan tersebut yang di dalam majlis kesyukuran tersebut antara perkara yang menjadi slogan, antara perkara yang didoakan dalam majlis tersebut adalah doa supaya Malaysia menjadi negara Kristian.”

Beliau berkata hasil kemenangan besar yang berjaya diperolehi DAP maka “sudah ada doa supaya Malaysia menjadi sebuah negara Kristian”.

Sementara itu, Ustaz Nasha pernah dituduh “ejen Umno” oleh Lim Guan Eng.

Kelmarin Guan Eng menuduh Nancy Shukri, Menteri dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri, pula sebagai seorang penyokong sulit atau bersembunyi Perkasa (“a closet Perkasa supporter“). Gaya Guan Eng ialah melekatkan pelbagai label (umpamanya “Umno agent, “closet Perkasa supporter, etc) pada musuh atau lawan politiknya.

Guan Eng- Why is Nasha acting like an Umno agent- - Malaysiakini 2014-10-10 11-12-27

Who are the Nazis?

PAS ulamas have suffered years of abuse at the hands of the Chinese evangelistas.

What kind of people are they?

Uskup Paul Tan kata “Nasha pakai taktik Nazi” was the topic of my blog posting on 11 Oct 2012. Saya telah menulis bahawa perbagai kata-kata nista dilemparkan Dapster terhadap ustaz Nasha gara-gara beliau mendedahkan agenda negara Kristian DAP (lihat screenshot, bawah).

Orang BiaDAP pengikut parti pembangkang mencemuh Ustaz Nasha –

Pariah dog of Umno

Porky Fries – see avatar above

“He is just a rejected PAS stray dog”, they said of PAS former deputy president Ustaz Nasha.

They also pooodaahahh-ed him as a “pariah dog of Umno”.

They called him a “liar”, “hypocrite”, “hypocritical farce’ and “hypocritical munafiq” and believe that he “sold his soul to the devil”.

They accused him of being “crooked” and a “cancerous Umno implant” who “received downpayment from najis”.

Nashas allegations malicious calls himself a Muslim

Nashas allegations malicious Angry Bird

Yahudi Yeohs see PAS ulama as “unprincipled”

They alleged that Ustaz Nasha is a “Najis mole”, “unprincipled lackey of Najib” and “Dumno mercenary”. They said Ustaz Nasha received “money and ah moi” from Umno – see screenshot comment below by ‘go 2 hell b end‘.

Most obviously the Yahudi Yeohs are champions in fitnah.

Malaysiakini subscriber Inspektor Klueso (see screenshot below) accused Ustaz Nasha of reporting to his “paymaster du jour Umno” and serving the interests of the “bigoted and brain dead segment of the electorate”.

Nasha's allegations malicious  amoi

Nasha Umno paymaster

In 2012, they wanted Nasha sacked from PAS; in 2014 they want PAS sacked from Pakatan

Back in October 2012, opposition supporters believed that the continued membership of Ustaz Nasha in the Islamist party was something “seriously detrimental” to the positive branding of PAS as different from Umno.

During that time they hated Ustaz Nasha and Hasan Ali mostly. Today, they hate Hadi Awang, Nik Abduh, Nasrudin Hassan at Tantawi and the rest of the ulama personalities as well.

BELOW: The Malaysiakini October 2012 article on Ustaz Nasha drew a total of 201 comments

What kind of people are they?

They are the people who – kononnya – turn the other cheek, love their enemies and who only want to build bridges between the Christian and Muslim communities.

These bridge builders claimed that after having received millions of US dollars from Umno, Ustaz Nasha was going to “retire and enjoy life with his new mistress in a developed country after GE13” – see comment by ‘wpa‘ screenshot below.

Well, the GE13 has come and gone. Ustaz Nasha is still in Malaysia and not in “a developed country” (eh, Tasmania, Australia ke yang dimaksudkan?) and there are no signs of his supposed “new mistress”.

They said all of the above October two years ago. With the passage of time and with Ustaz Nasha vindicated, we are able to see what kind of people his accusers are.

Nasha new mistress

Disuniting the rakyat

Mulut longkang yet they claim they speak the language of unity

Ustaz Nasha was accused of being a PAS traitor who utters “poisonous religious and racist slurs”. In their eyes, he is sinfully “divisive”!

See comment (screenshot above) by ‘Fair & Just‘ implying that Ustaz Nasha was “disuniting the rakyat and causing disharmony”.

Despite his status as a PAS ulama, Nasha did not escape being insulted as “the bastard”, “a fxuing bastard”, “fucker” and “illiterate SOB” by those meek and mild people.

The very same peace-loving folks also vented — “This doggie will only know how to lick his real master” and characterized him as a “vermin”, “rubbish”, “look like a crook”, “bozo”, “looney”, “monkey”, “mentally retarded”, “stupid”, “moron”, “idiot man”, “wanker”, “dung-brained weakling”, “tahi lembu” and “sudah gila”.

Quite evidently, they speak the language of love.

'Nasha's allegations malicious' tpn sedition

Nasha- S'wak polls led to 'Christian state' prayers - Malaysiakini 2014-10-10 13-15-44

Lock up Ustaz Nasha, they demanded

“A fanatic like you is a menace to peace and harmony of the country” they proclaimed while demanding that Ustaz Nasha be charged under the Sedition Act.

In their Orwellian reversed logic, it is Ustaz Nasha who is the menace that ought to be charged for sedition – see comment by Malaysiakini subscriber ‘tpn‘ screenshot above.

Another commenter The Analyser (screenshot above) remarked: “Lock this trouble maker up and throw away the keys. Yet another insane muslim that is hell bent on destroying everything that is good in the world”.

Additionally the “Nash moron” was enjoined to “come to know Jesus” (see comment by ‘msiakini4all‘ screenshot below).

Nasha Extremist Racist

Nasha- Jesus

What’s the difference between DAP and MCA, if any?

MCA and its J-Star are screaming that “extremists” and “religious fanatics” must be dealt with. They sound just like Dapsters.

See above – Ustaz Nasha is called “Extremist!!! Racist!!!” by Fong on 10 Oct 2012. This name-calling by opposition supporters against the ulamas has been ongoing for a long time.

Ever since the J-Star launched its ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign, the media’s owner MCA has been taking potshots at “extremists” too. I’d certainly like MCA to put a name to the people whom the party accuses of extremism and religious fanaticism.

liow harmony

Kristian evangelista pun kuat mengkafir

It is the Yahudi Yeohs that want to determine who among the Malay-Muslims are Islamic and who are not.

They challenged Ustaz Nasha – “how can he call himself a Muslim”? (see comment by ‘Anonymous #19098644‘ screenshot below).

He is pronounced by them as being a “fake Muslim”.

'Nasha's allegations malicious' - call himself a Muslim

Nasha- S'wak polls led to 'Christian state' prayers - Malaysiakini 2014-10-10 13-19-45

PAS leaders distance selves from Nasha's statement

Christians judging Ustaz Nasha to be murtad

Malaysiakini subscriber YF who is an evangelical Christian went to the extent of labelling “Nasha the Murtad” (see screenshot above).

YF furthermore called Nasha an “iblis“. These Born Again Christians practise takfir more severely than even the PAS members during the Sembahyang Dua Imam phase.

Ustaz Nasha is told:

“You’re an utter disgrace to the Islam that prophet Muhammad espoused. May God curse you. Amen!” (see Odin’s comment screenshot below)

'Nasha's allegations malicious' - cursed

Guan Eng- Why is Nasha acting like an Umno agent Iblis

Who is one really practising “gutter politics”?

They said the former PAS deputy president “slept with the devil and called them friend”.

They said: “This Nasha bastard is so cheap and can resort to gutter politics only to remain relevant.”

Ustaz Nasha is reminded (the irony!) by them of his obligation to promote “peace in the country and not create friction amongst parties and races” – see comment by iloveBN screenshot below.

But at the same time that they would remind Ustaz Nasha about maintaining peace, they also taunted how “This scumbag looks more like a ‘balik kampung tanam jagung’ type of fart than a member of the august Parliament house.”

Nashas allegations malicious slept with devil

'Nasha's allegations malicious' - Malaysiakini 2014-10-10 23-21-54

Defending Islam

Was Ustaz Nasha rightly acting in defence of Islam? The Muslims say ‘Yes’ and the Christians say ‘No’ – see the comment by Chinese evangelista ‘YF‘ below.

Of course he was! He was defending the kalimah ‘Allah’.

Najib has similarly made an identical pledge. And please read this very important article: ‘Do you trust Najib to defend Islam?’

If you’re a Muslim, it is imperative that you listen to Ustaz Nasha’s speech (below) delivered at the PWTC for a seminar titled Dakwah Islamiyyah organized by Muafakat.

Nasha- YF defending Islam

ABOVE: Umno accused by the evangelista commenter of distorting Islam

11 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I blogged ‘Kemelut DUMC: Diberi betis nak peha‘.

I observed that meskipun kekalutan cuba dileraikan dengan cara berhemah, namun golongan Kristian masih lagi meronta-ronta tidak puas hati.

Funny that Hannah Yeoh rants how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.

Najib No Votes

October retrospective series:

Oct 10: J-Star action smacks of sedition

Oct 9: MCA says Umno sore loser in blaming Chinese

Oct 8: Here’s my blog new short format

Oct 7: Najib the “opposition leader” now – Malaysiakini pula yang buat typo


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9 thoughts on “PM 10 Q

    1. GMM is in the wrong hands. Saifuddin Abdullah is not seen as a “moderate” by the Umno ground but as a liberal.

      Umno Temerloh party members and Malay Temerloh voters both rejected him. He’s got no grassroots support.

      1. The “liberal humanist” discourse commonly appears in any of three guises: 1) relativist 2) subjectivist 3) agnostic. In what way is Mr. Saifuddin regarded as a liberal?

        1. GMM wants to bring into Malaysia Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL) Indonesia speaker Ulil Abshar Abdalla.

          Jakim, Persatuan Ulama and the Muslim NGOs object.

          Saifuddin is the mascot for the Firsters and by extension, this makes him the mascot for the evangelistas as well.

          With reference to my earlier statement that he is rejected by Umno – the overwhelming majority of Umno division chiefs surveyed had responded that they want the Sedition Act to stay. Saifuddin wants the Act to go.

          Umno is centre-right. Saifuddin’s stance on a number of issues where he’s the lone voice going against the party current places him outside of the Umno mainstream and more aligned to Sisters of Islam and Sidang Injil Borneo, say.

          So relative to his party colleagues, he is a liberal.

          1. If that is the case then I think the GMM has about-turned from the substance of Ustaz Nasharuddin’s stand on moderation which is the “middle way” [wasatiyyah] of Islamic practice.

            The Jaringan Islam Liberal are partners with Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga in their ideological religious equality program and social liberalism.

            Under Indonesia’s Pancasila credo, for example, a muslim man or woman can officially register to be married with a Christian or Hindu man or woman. Furthermore, homosexuality is justified by the deviant JIL interpretation of the Quran. And we all know about the numerous Indonesian bibles which use “Allah” for “Tuhan”

            Look what this “liberal islam” is doing to their university campuses [YouTube]

  1. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana Melayu Islam lain berfikir. Tetapi tindak tanduk Cinabeng DAP golongan Evenglista yang sering memberi gelaran/label yang jelek jelek kepada tokoh tokoh PAS menyebabkan jiwa dan roh saya semakin memberontak menjauhi DAP!. Adalah mustahil tahap tinggi untuk saya menyokong malah untuk bersimpati dengan DAP!

    Pada saya perjuangan parti DAP terlalu kecinaan tidak menjadi masalah kerana memang parti parti di Malaysia berasaskan perkauman. Begitu juga dengan UMNO malah PAS juga. Berterskan Melayu dan Islam.

    Adakah DAP berfikir bahawa orang orang Melayu Islam tidak tersinggung dengan gelaran/label yang mereka berikan kepada pemimpin PAS walaupun dia seorang ahli UMNO? Peribahasa peribahasa Melayu banyak memperkataan tentang perpaduan dan persaudaraan sesama Melayu Islam. Antaranya
    – Air dicincang tidak akan putus
    -Sebusuk busuk daging dibasuh/dicuci dimakan juga

    Sedangkan kelakuan munafik mereka apa kurangnya! Gelaran/label yang mereka sering laung laungkan kepada pemimpin pemimpin PAS dan UMNO, mereka juga lakukan, malah lebih hebat lagi! Apakah mereka fikir tindak tanduk mereka tidak diperhatikan dan dinilai oleh orang orang Melayu Islam?

    Taktik memberi label/gelaran kepada musuh musuh politik perlu mereka hentikan. Kalau tidak jangan harap untuk mendapat kuasa secara demokrasi. Jangan harap akan mendapat undi Melayu kecuali Melayu Islam yang sudah pupus akar umbinya. Pada saya golongan ini masih tidak ramai untuk memberi kemenangan kepada DAP!.

    Saya teringat satu ketika apabila keadaan hubungan Melayu-Cina agak genting, saya terdengar perbualan satu keluarga PAS yang mengatakan kalau Cina menyerang jirannya, kebetulan ahli UMNO, tidak ada dia biarkan tanpa memberi pertolongan!

    Ingatlah kalau keadaan menjadi genting Melayu Islam yang tidak bersatu sekarang akan menjadi bersatu untuk mempertahankan agama dan bangsa mereka!

    1. re: “Apakah mereka fikir tindak tanduk mereka tidak diperhatikan dan dinilai oleh orang orang Melayu Islam?”

      Below is Najib Razak’s explanation on why he sued Malaysiakini over the comments made by the portal’s subscribers:

      “… the fundamental right to protect your dignity and your good name from being recklessly attacked as a result of political beliefs.”

      “There is a difference between legitimate criticism, and defamation. It is my legal team’s opinion that recent allegations by an online news portal overstepped the line.”

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