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The issue is not Ibrahim Ali ! It’s the Yahudi Yeohs claiming kalimah Allah

Ibrahim Ali was at the Palace of Justice last Oct 14 when he declared that his organization is all for peace and harmony among Malaysians of different races and religions.

The Perkasa chief told the crowd gathered at the court complex that morning how Christians are like his own family just as how the Christian evangelists always say Muslims are their brothers and sisters.

See, ‘Christians our brothers and sisters, says Ibrahim Ali ‘ (TMI, 14 Oct 2013).

Ibrahim Ali Christian Love

Perkasa is colour blind too

And identical to their Christian counterparts, the Malay right wingers too are keen to reach out and embrace their fellow Malaysians regardless of creed and colour.

Malay right wing mascot Ibrahim is even willing to treat Christians to a Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik kenduri. Aren’t we all Malaysian First?

Let’s move forward and build a future of togetherness based on love, respect and national unity. Let’s move on from Ibrahim’s terlepas cakap on the ‘Allah’ Bible that is water under the bridge.

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Marina Mahathir dan Zainah Anwar, pengasas Sistsers in Islam, mengadakan flashmob serentak di ibukota

Mid-October 2013

At around this time last year, I’d blogged a posting titled ‘Justices mention “evangelical” in their judgment‘.

On 14 Oct 2013, the Court of Appeal found for Putrajaya against the Church.

In their written judgment delivered on the Herald ‘Allah’ case, the coram comprising Justices Mohamed Apandi Ali, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim and Mohd Zawawi Salleh said in paragraph [35]:

“On Article 11(4), Professor Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi in his book entitled ‘Document of Destiny the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia’, published in 2008, at pages 138-139, wrote:-

“Propagation of religion to Muslims: Under Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, non-Muslim may be forbidden by State law from preaching their religion to Muslim.  Many Muslims complain that this part of the social contract’ is not being observed by some EVANGELICAL groups, some of whom are from abroad.   On many occasions in recent years news has spread like wild fire that thousands of Muslims have converted or are waiting to convert to Christianity. Invariably this raises tensions.”

(emphasis mine)


Jangan cabar umat Islam

ABOVE: Protest banners read “Jangan cabar orang Islam”, “Nak guna kalimah Allah, sila masuk Islam”, “Jangan kurang ajar!”

Threat to public order

The three judges agreed with the Home Minister that kalimah Allah must not be used in church publication the Herald.

The Tuan-Tuan Yang Arif who heard the suit adjudged that allowing the Herald-Christians [evangelistas] to lafaz ‘Allah’ is a threat to national security and public order.

This is the judgment by the Palace of Justice in our country’s administrative capital.

Justice Mohd Zawawi Salleh gave his grounds as follows:

“It cannot be considered as a mere argument over semantics for Christians of the protestant / EVANGELICAL variety. To use ‘Allah’ synonymously in reference to the Biblical deity is both confusing for the Muslims and Christians as to which God one is referring to as it is poles apart theologically. There is the danger for both sides untaught of its respective theologies to think it is the same God who is worshipped. Christians must distinguish themselves in their doctrine and not use an Arabic word for the Biblical God.”



Umcedel: Kalimah Allah “isu asas bagi setiap umat Islam”

A public opinion survey by Umcedel among 1,676 participants – of which 65 percent were Malay respondents (pie chart below) – found that objection to non-Muslim using lafaz ‘Allah’ cuts across all age groups and levels of education.

Umcedel Kalimah Allah pieUmcedel is the University of Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections. It conducted the Kalimah Allah survey across the peninsula and released its poll results in January this year.

“Isu ini agak sensitif dan mampu menggugat keamanan serta ketenteraman penduduk di Malaysia yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum”, said Umcedel.

The Malays feel very strongly about this. A total of 77 percent of Malays polled said they do not approve the non-Muslims using kalimah Allah.

Umcedel Kalimah Allah

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Evangelistas hellbent on subversion

A few months ago on June 23, the Federal Court dismissed the Church’s application for leave to appeal.

Yang Amat Arif Tun Arifin Zakaria, the Chief Justice who lead the seven-man bench, had delivered the ruling by the apex court in a majority decision.

The highest court in our land has held that the Home Minister’s ban was lawful and reasonable. It is a reasonable premise that permitting the evangelistas to lafaz ‘Allah’ poses a threat to national security and public order – this is the appraisal of the top learned judges.

Our judiciary has already decided on this matter in line with the Federal Constitution and their view is endorsed by former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad.

Now, are the evangelistas prepared to abide by the law?

It appears not.

TMI Twitter church Allah

Christians want to fight their cause

Last month on Sept 19, the Church filed a review application against the June 2014 decision handed by the Federal Court.

They simply refuse to desist from laying claim to kalimah Allah.

The Church is challenging the scope of Article 3 (Islam is Religion of the Federation) and Article 11 (missionaries are prohibited from evangelizing to Muslims) of our country’s constitution.

Why have the Umno cabinet ministers been silent and leaving it just to the woman PBB minister from Umno-less Sarawak, Nancy Shukri, alone to face the onslaught of the Christian extremists?

The Prime Minister has repeatedly made the promise (see below) and reiterated his commitment to defend the sanctity of Islam.

Pertahan kalimah Allah - Najib
Muka depan Utusan
Utusan, 15 Julai 2013
Utusan, 15 Julai 2013
Kosmo, 14 Jan 2014

Najib’s promise versus Perkasa’s promise

Christians are “only nine percent” of the population. And they are so meek and mild and peace-loving.

You really have to wonder why – since the Christians love even their enemies and will unfailingly turn the other cheek – that there is any need for the pledge on the Perkasa banner to say, “Berjuang hingga ke titisan darah yang terakhir”.

Incidentally, Jerlun (see protest photo below) was Mukhriz Mahathir’s Parliamentary constituency in 2008. Mukhriz, the Kedah Menteri Besar, is one of the few Umno leaders to have openly asserted that lafaz ‘Allah’ is for Muslims only.

Perhaps it is timely for Najib Razak to clarify his stand.

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Updated: 10.06pm

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15 thoughts on “The issue is not Ibrahim Ali ! It’s the Yahudi Yeohs claiming kalimah Allah

    1. “Both Dr.Mahathir and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew are nearly 70 years my senior. I do not know nor do I care what was happening in the past between Malaysia and Singapore. What I do know and care is that to-day in Malaysia we have first class citizens and second class citizens whereas in Singapore all citizens are of the same class”. So thought the young Penang lang. Singapore is still the wonderland in their mind. Bet they never read this.

  1. Those who made provocations on the ” Allah” issue is free.

    Those who responded to the provocation may face the music.

    Funny or not. ?


    Those who commit a theft is allowed free.

    But those who tried to apprehend the thief is penalized ,!!

    Macam filem cartoon pulak !

    1. Pak Uda,

      No. It is not funny. it is sign of the time. It is reality.

      Those insulted police were slammed with RM100 fine. And police had to pay hundred of thousand ringgit when criminal families brought cases to court.

      All because those in power refuses to use brain when appointing judges.

  2. Weird la these people, still mahu cari pasal ka..

    You cannot just using other’s God specific name and put it out of context. If they want, they could just import the Coptic Egyptian Gospel which uses the word Allah in the exact context as one God and Jesus as His messenger. But they are evangelists, they won’t. It defeat their cause.

    Tak syok la, yang syok for them is using Allah out of context and to expect Anwarinas for their support.

    1. Why it’s only happened now during Najib premiership?

      Those evangelist are just taking the best opportunity they had.

  3. Imam Ghazali berkata, “Agama (Islam) itu adalah asas, manakala negara adalah penjaga. Apa yang tiada asas, maka ia runtuh. Apa yang tiada penjaga, maka ia hilang”.

    Mengurusi kepelbagaian bangsa dan agama di Malaysia tidak perlu sampai mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak benar tentang negara ini.

    Kebimbangan bahawa negara tidak berlaku adil kepada bukan Islam hanyalah hasutan musuh semata-mata yang mahu Islam itu hilang. Hakikatnya rakyat bukan Islam di Malaysia adalah kelompok minoriti paling bertuah di dunia.

  4. [link withheld]

    I find the linked news disturbing. If its true then we Muslims are f*#@ed and if its not the person who made the story up is one shit-stirrer. Either way, the federal government should look into this seriously.

  5. Re: Who’s the idiot who started it…..

    Tiada apa yang boleh mushkilkan kecuali cuba bayangkan dan renongkan apabila akidah Muslim terus terusik, bencana lah umatnya… Auzubillahminzalik that’s why Isma is here… always in Helen blog, syabas!

    1. “Mutasyabihat” dan “mujassimah” telah jadi iktiqad kelompok Hanbali berkurun-kurun, dan Ibnu Taymiyyah telah menguatkuasakan pegangan akidah ini pada abad 8 AH. Sampai hari ini kaum muda iaitu kaum Wahhabi-Hanbali terus menyatakan bahawa ALLAH bersifat dengan bayangan sifat makhluk (contohnya : ALLAH bersemayam atas takhta Arsh bermakna ALLAH bertempat di situ) – ini jelasnya adalah penyelwengan akidah yang mendakwa Jisim kepada Zat Allah. Sesungguhnya hakikat Allah Ta’ala yang sempurna itu tidak ada bersamaan dengan sesuatu pun daripada sifat-sifat makhluk yang bertempat dan berada demi masa.

      Inilah sebabnya orang Melayu yang Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah sejati terus berpegang kepada kefahaman “kaum tua” Imam Abu Hassan Al-Asha’ari mengenai “SIFAT 20” yang patut di sifatkan kepada Zat Allah Ta’ala – wajib, mustahil, dan harus nya.

      Hanyasanya, ramai daripada ahli PAS adalah luput pada meraka akidah Ash’ariyyah; dalam menuntut kegiatan politik Islamist mereka cenderung kepada “kaum muda” Wahhabiyyah yang semata-mata menolak akidah Ash’ariyyah mahupun pelajaran mantiq (logik) yang lazim diajarkan tok guru2 pondok Nusantara.

      Mungkinlah keadaan akidah terusik pada kalangan orang Muslim sendiri sudah menyenangkan semangat keingkaran rakan politik PAS, iaitu DAP Sosialis yang berbaris dengan ahli Evangelista. Memang penyelewengan akidah Christian Trinity telah mengtuhankan Isa Al-Masehi (Jesus the Messiah) padahal ia adalah seorang makhluk milik Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.
      Maka kita dapat menyaksikan bahawa dua rakan politik ini: PAS-Wahhabi dan DAP-Evangelista agak rasa senang dengan kefahaman mutasyabihat dan mujassimah terhadap “ALLAH”

      * * * * * *

      Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih, lagi Maha Penyayang

      Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): (Tuhanku) ialah Allah Yang Maha Esa.
      Allah Yang menjadi tumpuan sekalian makhluk untuk memohon sebarang hajat.
      Dia tiada beranak dan Dia pula tidak diperanakkan
      Dan tidak ada sesuatu apa pun yang serupa denganNya.

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