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Umno ministers threw cabinet colleague Nancy Shukri under the Christian bus

Today is the seventh day of my October retrospective, which began on Oct 7. Indulging in “see-I-told-you [since three years ago, hah!]” is most satisfying, I must say.

Having completed a whole week revisiting old writings, I will admit that I’m personally happy with the current format of my blog.



13 Oct 2013

On this date last year, I’d blogged that Khairy Jamaluddin is Anwar 2.0, plus the fact of Khairy famously declaring that he wanted to change the Umno DNA.

(KJ had won the Umno Youth presidential election a day earlier on Oct 12.)

I wrote that Khairy was letting Scissorati into Fortress Umno, and how the mutual embrace of the zumba chief and the Dapsters is a danse macabre (French for Dance of Death).

Twitter - niknazmi- a few yrs back I wrote an essay, ... 2013-10-13 14-40-09

“Stuffing maggots” into Chinese wound

Also on 13 Oct 2013, a Facebooker by the name of Bryan Wang K-Xiong – see below – wrote in Anwar Ibrahim’s blog that the ruling party, instead of trying to mend fences between the races, seems to be doing the opposite and “enraging” the minority communities.

Wong commented that “they” [Umno presumably] are only stuffing maggots onto their [the minority races] wounds” in the attempt to punish them for not supporting the BN.

This course of action has rendered the sociopolitical situation in Malaysia beyond any redemption, he remarked.

Click 2x to enlarge

Malaysian Malaise Anwar Ibrahim

Dangerous disconnect between Chinese, Christians and rest of the country

Also in the same article ‘Malaysian Malaise‘ reproduced by Anwar’s blog on 12 Oct 2013, it was alleged that “the BN government resorts to extremism” on a daily basis.

The handling of the Alvivi case by our authorities, the “heavy-handed action” over a Takbir Raya video clip uploaded by Maznah (a Malay dog trainer), the demolition of the Sedili surau where a group of Singaporean Buddhists had meditated as well as the court verdict on kalimah ‘Allah’ were all cited to illustrate the extremism of the Malaysian government.

BELOW: “Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%”

Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Kib Kor 100%

The article featured in Anwar’s blog quoted “experts” such as Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran saying that he believed “the government has resorted to conservative religious rhetoric in recent months”.

According to Pramesh, the “inflammatory language sparks fears that non-Muslims are overrunning the country”.

The article concluded: “As the BN continues to lose its grip on Malaysia, it keeps returning to Islamism as a political strategy, which only serves to alienate the Malaysian electorate”.

It has been constantly drummed into the public’s head by the opposition that the BN and the government are extremists (and racists and religious bigots). We can see that the Yahudi Yeohs strive to link this extremism to Islam.


Islamism only serves to alienate M’sian electorate, claim Christians

Malay-Muslims are alienated by Islamism?

Well, that’s what the Chinese and Christian opposition believe. Wrongly.

In reality, wide swathes of the Malay electorate are hardly irate at the police for charging Alvivi with insulting Islam. On the contrary, they wish the authorities would go further and strip Alvin of his citizenship as well as bar him from ever returning to Malaysia.

The perception gap between the Malay ground and the mostly Chinese and Christian opposition crowd only goes to show how successful the snake oil peddlers have been in convincing their supporters to swallow the Pakatan Voices of Moderation propaganda.

BELOW: J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai and Global Movement of Moderates CEO Saifuddin Abdullah

chun wai saifuddin

Why is Ah Jib Gor’s office indirectly funding The EvangeliSTAR?

How much is JPM / PMO contributing to uber evangelista Chun Wai’s campaign?

Kelmarin Zamkata, “fahaman akhbar The Star yang diberikan tanggungjawab oleh Jabatan Perdana Menteri untuk mempromokan GMM juga telah menyeleweng dari hasrat rakyat setia yang menyokong kerajaan”.

The irony is that the Prime Minister’s Department, through Ah Jib Gor’s think tank the Global Movement of Moderates, is very likely funding the J-Star ‘Moderation’ campaign which is very free with its accusations against those the EvangeliSTAR deemshate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.


13 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I highlighted an FMT article where the portal’s columnist Selena Tay (pix below) asked, “Has [Nasharudin Mat Isa] become a Trojan Horse? Definitely he has plunged PAS into a dilemma”.

In her article titled ‘Speeding up the game?, Selena also wrote:

“… BN forces are now trying to create havoc within the Pakatan component parties by pitting PAS against DAP and DAP against PKR and what not.

“It is up to the voters to see through BN’s ploys. Otherwise the saying that Malaysian voters are stupid is proven true beyond reasonable doubt.” (FMT, 13 Oct 2012)

BELOW: Selena Tay is a Christian


13 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I wrote: Yang perlu kita ingat ialah Bishop Paul Tan (gambar bawah) amat tipis ‘sifat’ keCinaannya, itupun kalau ada sekelumit.

I also observed – begitu ramai sekali politikus DAP yang Kristian, contohnya:

Teresa Kok, Lim Guan Eng dan isterinya Betty Chew, James Ngeh Koo Ham, David Nga Kor Ming, Chow Kon Yeow, Liew Chin Tong, Teo Nie Ching, Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Edward Lee [deceased, 20 Dec 2011], Anthony Loke, Wong Ho Leng [deceased, 21 June 2014], Lim Lip Eng dan Lim Jack Wong – kesemuanya Adun dan Ahli Parlimen.

Juga Charles Santiago dan John Fernandez.

The list above referred to the DAP’s Parliamentarians and Aduns in 2008.


DAP full of Christian evangelists

Among the Christian YBs elected in 2013 include, additionally: Rajiv Rishyakaran (pix below), Ong Kian Ming, Yeo Bee Yin, Howard Lee, Steven Sim, Ng Tze Han, Lee Kee Hiong and a number of the DAP Chinese reps in Sabah and Sarawak.

PKR Christian YBs are: Wong Chen (another masjid-surau frequent visitor like Hannah whose Subang Jaya DUN is under his Kelana Jaya Parliamentary constituency), Elizabeth Wong, Xavier Jayakumar, Gan Pei Nei, Lee Boon Chye, William Leong and a few of the Aduns in Perak as far as I’m aware.

There are plenty more Christian YBs in both DAP and PKR but no blogger, insofar as I know, has compiled a comprehensive list. Mind you, the names I’ve mentioned are only the ones in the peninsula and I’ve omitted those who are natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

The Christians claim that they are such a small minority of “only nine percent” yet they have so many representatives in Parliament and the State Assemblies.

Rajiv buber lambuk

Evangelistas the brain, Dapster Gangsters the brawn

A comment yesterday by GR Kumar, who blogs at, caught my attention.

He wrote @ 2014/10/12 at 10:24 am,

“The Born Agains are the Christian Taleban whether we like it or not. It won’t be long before there is a call to arms from their inner ranks to the mindless slogan chanting plebs they lord over.”

The question for us in Malaysia is whether the aggressive and abusive Yahudi Yeohs will take their verbal militancy one step further.

Pembela (Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam) is concerned as to where the Christian extremism is headed.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh swears they’re all peace-loving Christians who love even those people that hate them

pray Christian enemies

~ Christians not only turn the other cheek and love their enemies but they pray for their enemies too, konon ~

PBB’s Nancy Shukri thrown to the wolves

Pembela chairman Ustaz Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin issued a press statement yesterday with regard to the clash of Christian extremist demands with provisions of the Federal Constitution that protect Islam.

Ustaz Hafiz said:

“Jika sikap pelampau golongan ekstremis Kristian ini yang berterusan membuat hasutan tidak dibendung dari awal, kami khuatir akan ada dikalangan mereka yang terasuk sikap ekstremisme yang mendalam setelah kerap dihasut akan mula mengambil jalan yang lebih keras termasuk menggunakan kekerasan ala militan untuk mencapai maksud-maksud perjuangan mereka.”

Ustaz Hafiz requested the authorities to monitor the Christian extremist groups.

He also expressed his organization’s regret that “YB Nancy Shukri dibiarkan oleh rakan-rakan sejawatnya dari kalangan anggota kabinet Islam untuk menghadapi tekanan golongan ekstremis Kristian tempatan tanpa sokongan moral yang cukup”.

Pembela is perfectly correct to point out that the Muslim federal ministers, disgracefully, have not risen to Nancy’s defence. Shame on the Umno members of Cabinet! How unchivalrous (Nancy is one of the only two women in the Najib 35-member Cabinet).

It makes you wonder whether they can be trusted to defend Islam when push comes to shove.

Not so funny perhaps that Hannah Yeoh rants how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.


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36 thoughts on “Umno ministers threw cabinet colleague Nancy Shukri under the Christian bus

  1. Dear helen,

    perfectly true comments by gr kumar! the born again evangelists are the christian talibans.

    they create chaos and when comprehended, all the werstern super powers will be bashing msia and start the intrusion and invasion of our ideology culture and impose their version of human rights which sets aside religion and culture which are the path that guides human towards humanitarian way of life as compared to the western human rights which is more freedom to behave like ‘animals’. free to do anything at the expense of discomfort to others and common sense.

    the normal decent human beings are now considered as barrier and outcasts. what kind of a pathetic life are we leading? With ‘moderates’ najib and kj zumba leading our nation, obviously the western liberal style of human rights will flourish.

  2. Heh, heh….there you go again with your rants.

    Sad, in a way, that the rest of the world moves on to better things, while Malaysia is regressing towards inwardism and navel contemplating.

    I wonder if Ustaz Hafiz would be just as forthcoming with his remarks if a Christian movement were to threaten to burn the Koran?

    What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, as the Brits are wont to say.

    1. Heh, heh…. a real rant sounds like when Hannah Yeoh denounces how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.

      Sad, in a way, that the rest of Malaysia wish to move on after our highest court have given their ruling on the ‘Allah’ issue whereas the evangelistas still want to continue throwing tantrums and demanding what the Muslims have (i.e. lafaz ‘Allah’), they want too.

      I wonder why the pastors have no remarks on the misdeeds of the churches, like City Harvest geographically close to home or on the criminality of the mother churches that have been well documented in the more distant Christian lands?

      Indeed what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The evangelistas have gone on a rampage painting the Muslims as extremists and religious bigots. The Pembela ustaz is only giving the “Christian extremists” a dose of their own medicine.

      1. Ducking the question, Helen?

        A threat to burn the Koran – how? What would Ustaz Hafiz’s and Ibrahim Ali’s stance be?

        Would Ibrahim still be magnanimous and proclaim that Christians are his “sisters and brothers”, such a threat notwithstanding?

        I asked you a straight question about ISIS. Do you agree with their agenda and modus operandi?

        Let’s get your clear answer on this question.

        And let’s not throw up a smokescreen by writing about the City Harvest Church case in Singapore or the ” criminality of the mother churches”.

        These have been exposed and well-documented.

        Has there been similar exposes of the “criminality” perpetrated by various Islamic movements? ISIS, the Tareq e-Taliban, JI, JAT and the Malay Archipelago Unit come to mind.

        1. re: “A threat to burn the Koran – how? What would Ustaz Hafiz’s and Ibrahim Ali’s stance be?”

          I’m not the ustaz’s keeper. You can go to the Pembela website and leave your question there.

          re: “Would Ibrahim still be magnanimous and proclaim that Christians are his ‘sisters and brothers’, such a threat notwithstanding?”

          Aren’t all these ‘bruders and sistas’ folks the epitome of magnanimity? After all, they love and pray for their enemies. Since Tok Him (his nickname, like Pak Lah) is on the same wavelength as the Christian Love brigade, I should imagine he would turn his chubby cheek and love his ‘enemy’ too under the circumstances.

          re: “I asked you a straight question about ISIS. Do you agree with their agenda and modus operandi?”

          Urm, doncha reckon IS / ISIL / ISIS is a false flag operation?

          re: “… the City Harvest Church case in Singapore or the ‘criminality of the mother churches’. These have been exposed and well-documented.

          No, they have not. The J-Star has buried the story.

          re: “Has there been similar exposes of the “criminality” perpetrated by various Islamic movements? ISIS, the Tareq e-Taliban, JI, JAT and the Malay Archipelago Unit come to mind.”

          I thought you folks rant nothing else but. Whether the expose remains within your non-Muslim circles as contrasted to it receiving airtime in the Malay language social media is another question.

          If you’re that keen on revealing the “criminality perpetrated by various Islamic movements”, write in Malay and FB your Muslim friends.

          1. “False flag operations”?

            I suppose, then, the carefully choreographed and videotaped beheadings are mere play acting, a sandiwara of sorts?

            I am sure that the Kurds who are fighting for their lives in Kobane will be mightily chuffed by your comments.

            And that those air forces who are carrying out air strikes against ISIS have been bamboozled by “false flag operations”?

            1. The ‘activities’/assault carried out by IS (ISIL/ISIS) has the effect of defaming the term “Islamic State”. I wonder if that is the hidden intention.

              As for the videotaped beheading (taking one example of James Foley), I’ve come across the conspiracy theory that it was choreographed. Haven’t you?

                1. I’m afraid I haven’t read NW’s theory – or any overarching theories regarding the beheading of several Western hostages – but since you mention, I’ll look it up.

                  Wrt to James Foley’s decapitation, I was referring to the technical dissections in YouTube of the ISIL video clip itself.

                  1. Naomi Wolf is a respected writer.

                    Of the numerous conspiracy theories sprouting up, eventually one, which says that ISIS is a US-Zionists creation, makes its rounds locally and might discourage the those locals aspiring to make the trip to Turkey/Syria, and which local authorities are trying to prevent.

                    1. I have her book on the feminist topic but am not up to date with latest stuff.

                      Do you credit Zionist conspiracies?

  3. Ibrahim Ali qualifies his statements about “Allah” bible (Oct 14 2013):

    “We respect the Christians, we consider them our brothers. We are for a harmonious multi-religious Malaysia.” He stated, however, that when the Bible was published in the various languages in the past, the word Allah was never used. “It is only when they published it in Bahasa Malaysia that they used the word Allah,” he said.

    Say (Oh Muhammad) : “Allah is One, Unique and the Origin of all creation; neither begotten nor begetting (offspring); and for Allah there is no association whatsoever.” [Quran: chapter on “Sincerity”]

    The eternal and immutable, transcendent, self-subsisting, and all-encompassing Origin : A L L H = Y H W H
    The Immortal Creator Lord: All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Knowing, All-Mighty, whose Will and Authority commands all things in the heavens and on the earth. And there is no creaturely likeness unto ALLAH = YAHWEH.

    Where is there room for three in One-True-Reality?

    In the Name of God Most Compassionate Most Merciful :: “Disentangling the confusion in the understanding of the name ‘Allāh’ ”

      1. Well, invoking first mover advantage, Christianity preceded Islam.

        Of course, the Jewish faith preceded them all.

        Yet the Jews are invoked as enemies by the Islamic movements.

        Will Ibrahim Ali be willing to include Jews and their faith in his camp of “sisters and brothers”?

        He could always pay a courtesy call on the rabbis in the synagogues in Singapore to express his fraternal greetings!

        1. re: “Will Ibrahim Ali be willing to include Jews and their faith in his camp of ‘sisters and brothers’?”

          Interesting question. Let’s ask.

          1. Over to you, Ibrahim. Let’s not be bashful and coy now!

            After all, as a standard bearer and defender of a great Abrahmaic faith, it is beholden on you to extend the utmost courtesy and respect to the representatives of another great Abrahamaic faith, is it not?

        2. Sir, what does “first mover advantage” mean to you in the timescale of humankind’s religious history? Isn’t this a technical term from the boardgame of “chess”? Assuredly, we are not utilizing sophisticated rhetoric to win an argument against you.

          Furthermore, which groups of Jews do you reckon are those singled out as enemies by which movement of muslims, please tell.

          Let us not confound the immutable Truth of divine revelation with the contingent actions of creatures, that is to say:- the elucidation of the perfect attributes of the Creator “Yahweh = Allah” are not consonant with social disputes concerning the civility of one creature named Ibrahim Ali and his utterances.

          Incidentally, I have personally burnt copies of the Quran which were partly eaten through by termites. The substance of the Quran is in the eternal storehouse of the Divine, but even as we venerate these scriptures as befits lofty divine illumination yet the “copies” belong to the realm of the transient creation where all things have a beginning and must come to an end.

          Please stop troubling yourself about Ibrahim’s circle of inclusiveness. Better it is for you sir, to know your own soul and to love your Creator Lord while extending the sincerest courtesy to your brothers and sisters in humanity.

            1. No, neither you nor I can deny a verified historical timeline of events that occur through the progression of time.
              Now again, by what terms and with what qualifications does “first mover advantage” mean to you as far as the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam are concerned?

        3. I think the issue with Muslims and Jews is not the religion so don’t confuse yourself. Muslims have issues with Zionist and not Jews in general. This is not about religious differences but the naked aggression of Israel.

          1. Really? Then I suppose that the luminaries in Perkasa etc wouldn’t have any problems in visiting a synagogue….?

            1. Since neither Helen nor I are members of Perkasa or have any association with the said En Ibrahim, I am afraid we are unable to assist your with your queries.

              Perhaps instead of raising such question here, you could call En Ibrahim Ali directly and get his answer to satisfy your curiosity.

  4. Imagine we are playing a game of football. Our team feilded 11 players while our opponent feilded only 6 players yet we lost the game. Who can we blame but ourselves. We must be stupid and we deserve to lose . Lu pikirlah sendiri.

  5. DAP and the PR’s propaganda arm is up to their dirty tricks again. Now they are accusing Najib of threatening the Chinese. Isn’t this also a racist attack and tactics?

    When Ibrahim Ali claims that the Muslims are under attack, you can bet that the alternative media and DAP will claim that he’s a racist. But when Tokong and Tony Pua do the same, the Chinese are so drunk on their own Kool-Aid to notice that it.

    DAP and the Chinese Christian Taleban are the masters of Orwellian politics where racism and hate are what the others practice and when the same is done by them it is called as “fighting for fairness and equality”.

    1. They are jaundiced by Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, by which they see all history as determined by power – by which groups defined in terms of race, sex, etc., have power over which other groups. Their social understanding, indeed, is overall about power relations.

      Everything in the past is about that one thing, therefore they make a superfluous politically-motivated case for all Chinese as victims of Malay prejudice in Malaysia. Thus, hate and racist accusations are justified for them especially to be used against the authority of the country – this is a veiled anarchy.

  6. Whoever said sjkc to closed ! then PM Najib said had been exist since merdeka,

    Zam kata pemimpin-pemimpin melayu sewaktu dengan nya terlupa/terlepas pandang,

    yang ini seorang Ustaz bukan bertaraf pemimpin terkenal pun yang sudi memandang terhadap penularan extremist kristian juga dikira sebagai terlepas pandang !

    Apa kerja GMM tajaan J’Star ni hanya melihat sebelah mata ka dan yang aneh nya financially assisted oleh PM Najib… hah mengeluh panjang lah.. Ustaz kita ni

  7. I wanted to laugh out loudly when I saw your picture on Rajiv’s bubur lambak.

    He is really obese. He has a large protruding tummy ready to pop out of the shirt. An obese person distributing deserts is funny.

    He should go for KJ’s Zumba classes. Yes, seriously.

    1. He looks like his fellow DAP Yang Berhormats.

      It’s no wonder that his climb up the political ladder is atop his ex-boss Hannah Yeoh’s back.

      The two have more in common than merely their DAP evangelista politics. Probably Porky Fries, BKT and other Chinese [Christian?] food that Madame Prada is always obsessing over.

  8. Re:Do you credit Zionist conspiracies?
    No, I take all conspiracy theories with a lot of salt. Just like the TV show X-files a few decades back.

    If you google for example “isis conspiracy theories zionist plot” you will find a myriad of theories involving USA, Israel, Mossad etc. So if our local aspirants for ISIS were to read such things who will they believe they are fighting for?

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