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Ah Jib Gor and the Chinese happy spirits

Dark spirits are whiskey, brandy, scotch and bourbon. Clear spirits are vodka, gin, rum and tequila.

Happy spirits refer to the drinks selection available at stores selling liquor and in watering holes such as pubs, clubs and bars.

Holey spirit refers to DAP evangelistas whose stories are so full of holes that you must be real drunk on J-Juice to believe them.


“Visibly happy” Najib at MCA assembly

The J-Star today carried an edifying report about the prime minister’s star turn at the MCA dewan.

You really need to imbibe copious amounts of J-Juice before you dig into the EvangeliSTAR article headlined ‘Feel-good factor is back in MCA‘. It is not something one can read while sober.

Dial_M_BlogFirstly, the Nest of Evangelistas claim that MCA is “gaining strength as a force to be reckoned with in Barisan”.

Secondly, the editors further claim that “glory at the next general election is within reach”. They’re clearly in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Thirdly, consider the words that Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan employed in the Najib article:

  “a visibly happy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak”

  “He certainly endeared himself to the [MCA] delegates”

  delegates “gave him their full attention”

  Najib’s message was “heart-warming”


smiley laugh  “… ‘I want you all to make an effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia,’ he said, to which the delegates responded: ‘Boleh!’.”

  Najib “proudly shared” that his son [Ji Ping] is well-versed in Mandarin

  Najib gave “thumbs up” to the MCA Transformation Plan

  “The feel-good factor has returned to MCA”

  “hopefully the rakyat who had turned away from the party will consider giving it another chance”


14 Oct 2013

On this date Oct 14 a year ago, Lim Kit Siang made a press statement about Johor as the key battleground for the DAP’s vision of a Malaysian Dream.

Malaysian Dream is defined by the DAP as “a unifying factor for all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region” and “a rallying point of unity for all races in the country”.

The phrase “Malaysian Dream” occurs 10 times in Kit Siang’s press release. It is touted as the “antidote to the revival of extremist and intolerant racist politics” in Malaysia.

(My related October 2013 blog posting archived here.)

Oktoberfest, yay!

@hannahyeoh beer

Even Kit Siang can get Malay support, and in Johor some more

Kit Siang wrote that he won his Johor Parliament seat in Gelang Patang despite Dr Mahathir and Johorean Muhyiddin-“Malay First” actively campaigning against him there.

Lim-Kit-Siang-Lim-Guan-Eng.relatedimageHe pointed out logically that if the Malays had not supported the DAP, it would have been impossible for him to triumph in Gelang Patah.

“Mahathir’s allegations and lies failed to make any impression on the voters, particularly the Malay voters,” Kit Siang declared.

Tun is accused of having conducted an “irresponsible and reckless campaign” – a phrase repeated thrice in Kit Siang’s press statement – “to racialise Gelang Patah”, another phrase repeated thrice also.

The claims that DAP wanted to create a “racial confrontation” and was “seeking to incite the Chinese to hate the Malays” are outrageous lies, Kit Siang insisted.

He added that the allegation saying “Chinese in Malaysia were out to oust the political power of the Malays and to dominate Malaysian politics” was nothing short of preposterous.


Johor is Umno’s last redoubt

Kit Siang described Johor as the state which had wrought the greatest changes in GE13.

He highlighted that during the last general election, Pakatan had made such great inroads into Johor so much so the opposition is now only one seat short of denying BN its two-thirds majority in the state assembly.

DAP won 13 out of the 14 DUN seats it contested in Johor. The party’s 13 winning candidates are all Chinese. The only DAP candidate to lose in his bid to become a Johor Adun was an Indian fler.


Note also DAP’s clean sweep in the other major states – winning 19 out of the 19 DUN seats it contested in Penang, 18 out of 18 in Perak, 15 out of 15 in Selangor and 11 out of 11 in Negeri Sembilan.


Ketika Umno-PPTA masih tidur lena

Kit Siang said the Ini Kali Lah campaign had successfully ended Umno and MCA’s “hitherto unchallenged stranglehold” on Johor as a BN fixed deposit. Between the 2008 and 2013 elections, Pakatan DUN seats in Johor tripled from six to 18.

Meanwhile, DAP is actively getting the people of Johor to play a leading role to fulfill the party’s cherished Malaysian Dream. A DAP victory will effectively put an end to the Politics of Race as well as Malay Malaysia, which is to be replaced by the colour-blind Firster dream of Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Lim Jr: Son of the Father

Lim Guan Eng on Twitter How dare they ask Christians emigrate

Ambiga tweet Najib

On this date Oct 14 a year ago, Lim Guan Eng tweeted to Idris Jala asking the evangelist cabinet minister to explain why the Christians were being bullied.

Guan Eng’s challenge to Idris was made in the wake of the Court of Appeal decision on the  ‘Allah’ case brought by the Herald and the Church.

On the same day 14 Oct 2013 too, Ambiga tweeted @NajibRazak and @Khairykj telling them that they cannot remain silent and allow others to set the agenda.

Ambiga lah, Idris lah, Chun Wai lah … the PM listens to them at his peril



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10 thoughts on “Ah Jib Gor and the Chinese happy spirits

  1. ah jib gor too weak and raised in the golden arm compare to che det.

    najib should take care vote from malay which enable BN won in GE13.

    Feed/invest or not, Chinese will unite vote against u. jaga hati melayu yg vote for u n yg ats pagar sblum diorang fed-up.

    Natuarlly, chinese will then come back to vote for you cz afraid they will loose another partition in the economy pie.

    1. Atas Pagar,

      Precisely. Najib is “kering” with malay spirit. He is simply clueless to reality.

      Najib is now on “war” mode with malays and UMNO. UMNO Penang objected to massive development proposed on RMAF site in Teluk Air Tawar. It is a malay based area and the Malays know very well “development means building condominium unaffordable to most malays.

      YET NAJIB still want to develop the base. For what reason? Why on earth he has to wage war against UMNO Penang.

      NAJIB MUST BE DREAMING thinking MCA is being revived. MCA is anything but alive. Had not for UMNO’s loaning several Malay seats, MCA would have been dead long before PRU13.

      Najib still refused to accept that even MCA members do not vote MCA anymore. This is due to a simple reason. The Chinese took Anwar’s bait that Malays had abandoned UMNO. To their surprise, Malays vote to UMNO increases. Not because UMNO’s super strength. But because Malays simply fed up with Anwar or PAS.

  2. Interesting article about family values and Evangelistas.

    “The family that prays together may be less likely to stay together. Research shows that the folks trying hardest to force their religious beliefs on other people, Evangelical Christians, are more likely to divorce than those with no religion at all.”

    “The gap between what evangelicals preach about morality and what they do extends beyond their love lives. Federal Bureau of Prisons numbers show that Christians commit more crimes per person than atheists, who commit fewer than the followers of any religion.

    In the United States, the “more religious a state’s population, the higher the crime, STD and teen pregnancy rates,” reports Al Westerfield in Knoxville News, summing up the findings of empirical studies. The same pattern holds true when comparing countries: more religious people means more crime, more sexually transmitted diseases and higher teen pregnancy rates.”

    1. Harboring materialistic values and indulging in consumerism: sex, alcohol, entertainment leads to diseases of the mind and the heart.

      Religion without understanding oneself and striving to know the Creator is a purposeless life that is of no service to others. [YouTube]

  3. I thought Najib told them point blank that their in fighting was giving him problems so they have to stop it.

    As for the Chinese support for BN before asking for more remark, that’s another not so subtle hint that he knows even MCA members voted for DAP. So “shape up or ship out”.

    About time they heard this.

    1. Helen,

      And Najib should bluntly tell the chinese that even without them, he still rules the country. The reality is that even with total Chinese rejection of Najib(UMNO) , UMNO will still rule provided it gets at least 60% of malay votes,

      Jadi, takut apa?

  4. At the end of the day, its all bout their chinese mindset, if tomorrow we can give them equality justice, fair economic and political policies, it would not change them. In reality they will use these opportunies to their own benefit. They fell that the whole of Malaysia are behold to them. You really think they care about others?

    From 2008 everybody knows its a losing battle. Should have just put the screws on them slowly and gracefully, but not our PM…. give give and give until the throw crap in his face, doesnt help either with Mca on board just a sheep in wolves clothing.

  5. Is that the photo of LKS young and old or LGE young and old? Ini Kali Lah is only for GE 13 , and BN still asleep. If Majority DAP embrace Islam inclusive of LKS and khalifah Omar LGE then GE 14 Yes, Kita Berjaya! and Khalifah Omar can be the first Non Malay PM. WIll it come true?

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