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Politik kongsi sudah arr ai pee

R.I.P. — Chinese representation in BN.

The Chinese have once again spoken. Loud and clear.

Their rejection of Najib Razak’s appeal made at the MCA general assembly can be interpreted that the party representing their race has little influence left among the Chinese electorate and no bargaining power left within the BN.

MCA dead in the water

MCA in Parliament GE

The Chinese are roundly bashing Najib for his quid pro quo speech to the MCA delegates delivered a couple of days ago. The BN chairman had asked Chinese support for his ruling coalition. What he got in return was jeers.


It may be vitriol but the sound and fury is nonetheless the genuine, authentic voice of the Chinese voters. Najib should bear this fact in mind and comprehend the backlash coming at him as an expression of the democratic will of the Chinese community.

The 90 percent Chinese who support the opposition are proud that they’ve put an end to “racist parties” which operate along communal lines. Good for Najib to know and better still for him to respect their wish of having nothing more to do with the BN.

They do not want to be a part of any BN government, period.

PAS feb2013Frenzied and spitting fire

Over the last several years, we’ve grown accustomed to rocket-powered ballistic missiles fired by the Chinese in their periodic bouts of rage. The torrent of abuse against Isma’s Alifah Ting Abdullah is one such example.

Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong, who tried to put a positive spin on Najib’s rebuke to Chinese voters at the MCA annual meeting, got a vicious tongue lashing as well. But so what?

There comes a point when the saner half of the populace ceases to care about the Chinese reaction which is typically vicious and predictably on cue.

The Chinese can mock all they want. The nastiness of its effect has already diminished through over-utilization and over-exposure.

“Wicked”, “evil” BN-Umno

What kind of people are they? We’re close to the answer now.

Think about what makes Papa and Mama Dapster tick.

Lim Guan Eng tweeted: “The EVIL dat Utusan do” – see below. “Wicked, wicked, wicked BN politicians”, exclaims Hannah.

Why did Hannah Yeoh (pix below) react so adversely to being mistaken as a Muslim convert, so much so that she threatened anyone repeating the false rumour with immediate police action (report)?

Her Royal Roundness


14 Oct 2013

On this date last year, I quoted a passage that Dr Chandra Muzaffar spoke at a public lecture.

Replying to a question from the floor, Dr Chandra said:

“The last question, about propaganda from the outside which is influencing the thinking of non-Malays, the non-Muslims; you’re absolutely right. It is having an increasing impact. […]

“It is very strong. I know this because all the while I’ve received e-mail messages and articles that show how much Islamophobia there is in cyberspace; a tremendous hatred towards Islam”. (11 June 2008 at ISIS)

Source: ‘Islam and the Future of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Malaysia’, academic paper published by the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS)

Gambar oleh Dr Novandri

Yahudi Yeoh’s tremendous hatred towards Islam

The petition above to drop the sedition charge against Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman said that, of late, certain quarters have been challenging the position of Islam, Malays and the royal institution in the country.

The Isma petition fingers the “evangelist and chauvinists” for targeting their attacks at Abdullah Zaik (“presiden Isma telah dijadikan sasaran serangan pihak chauvinist dan evangelist, sehingga membawa kepada dakwaan di bawah Akta Hasutan”).

Previously the Malays represented by Umno, and the Chinese represented by MCA, had together enjoyed power-sharing under the Alliance and the Barisan formula. Today the “politik kongsi” of the Umno-MCA partnership is as good as dead.

The DAP is an evangelist party. Looking at the solid Christian support the DAP receives and the Chinese virulent attacks on Najib presently, we can conclude that unlike the old MCA, it is impossible for this new evangelical DAP to co-operate with the Malay-Muslim political parties.

DAP cannot share. So what they are doing is fight hard to take over.

Isma is convinced that the evangelists and chauvinists are challenging the monarchy (Raja-Raja Melayu), the bumiputera and Islam. The appraisal by Isma makes a lot of sense if we look at the intensity of the hatred that is driving the Yahudi Yeohs.


14 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I’d highlighted the tweets below by Lim Guan Eng.

The DAP sec-gen accused Utusan of being perpetual liars, anti non-Muslim, creating tension among the races as well as desiring to celebrate May 13 as a “holy day”.

Guan Eng also pronounced Utusan an evil doer.

Methinks he has got the evangelista language and vocabulary down pat.

cmlimguaneng THE EVIL dat Utusan DO

4Umno's Utusan 2fabricate

14 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I pointed out that Guan Eng holds the “Land” portfolio in his state exco.

This responsibility in the state cabinet of controlling Penang land helps him to push his Developers Above People (DAP) agenda.

Suratkhabar The Edge: Klik untuk baca
The Edge


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33 thoughts on “Politik kongsi sudah arr ai pee

  1. Ms H. Until I read lky, I did not know that there are so many Afros under the skins of the evangelistas !

  2. Helen,

    It is simple. Chinese are “led” into being paranoid by DAP in hating UMNO for an obvious reason. And the reason being UMNO is the only party that is standing (UNTIL TODAY) that stops DAP.

    Had not for UMNO, DAP will achieve “immortality”. Guan Eng can claim himself “Son of Heaven” had not for UMNO’ s influence among Malays.

    As Utusan is leaning against DAP, it too must be mocked as racist. DAP has been drumming in Chinese mind that UMNO is racist, racist and racist and Chinese must not do anything with UMNO. Reject UMNO at all cost.

    With UMNO “gone with the Wind”, the coast is clear for DAP. Malaysia will be be changed to suit DAP. The first to go is Raja raja Melayu. Their existence irritates as it reminds the world on Tanah Melayu.

    What DAP has been doing in Penang, Selangor are previews on life in Malaysia if DAP comes into power. It cares nothing for Muslim sensitivities. The more Malay Muslim objected Oktoberfest, the more brazen DAP will support the event.

    For those useless Malay politicians who ride on anti Malay sentiment just to curry favour from racist DAP will find out they too will be kicked.

    My only regret is Najib still wasting time appealing to Chinese for votes.

    SUDAH SUDAHLAH”. Chinese has abandonned UMNO and BN and MCA for good. In their euphoria to dislodge UMNO in 2013, they overlook the “elephant” in the room: the malay voters..

    WHY WORRY NAJIB? Kalau orang Cina tak sokong you pun masih PM.

  3. The best and practical thing for BN to do is to kick out Gerakkan/MCA and invite DAP and PKR since DAP = MCA and PKR = Gerakkan and they lived happily ever after.

  4. I wonder why PM Najib wooing for Chinese support through ballot box which until now he cannot control and seems senseless to you and the opposition.

    SJKC issue is too small but what said by you the Chinese are no more in favour and non acceptance of a communal party system whereas to the Malays their terms means cacing mahu menelan naga menacing the social contract as said by sleepy PM.

  5. Helen, kalau terjadi perkara perkara yang buruk terhadap Negara ini jangan salahkan Melayu Islam. Perbuatan perbuatan dan perkataan perkataan Cinabeng biaDAP sudah amat melampau!

    Pesta Arak contoh terbaru provokasi melampau mereka kepada sensitivity umat Islam. Begitu juga pesta panggang babi ketika meraikan kemenangan tidak disangka sangka dalam PRU dengan bantuan PAS bahlol!

    Perbuatan perbuatan provokasi mereka seperti kata pepatah ‘sudah murah lagi menawar!’

    Seperti yang Helen selalu tanyakan , jenis apakah manusia ini?

    Mereka adalah jenis manusia yang patut tinggal di hutan belantara, hidup sesama golongan mereka sahaja kerana jenis ini tidak layak untuk hidup bermasyarakat! Mereka tidak ada walaupun sezarah pun nilai nilai murni hidup bermasyarakat!

    Mereka juga jenis yang tamak, semua benda hanya untuk mereka, mereka dan mereka !

    Mereka juga jenis tidak tahu menghargai budi dan pemberian orang. Contoh, reaksi mereka terhadap seruan Najib semasa ucapan Persidangan MCA, peristiwa Psy di PP dan janji kampen Najib semasa PRU.

    Contoh paling klassik tidak mengenang budi Cinabeng biaDAP ialah layanan buruk mereka kepada PAS setelah menang cemerlang dalam PRU ke 13. Tidak terfikirkah mereka tanpa sokongan Melayu Islam PAS, JANGAN HARAPLAH mereka boleh menang dengan cemerlang

    Kalaulah Najib dan PAS masih tidak sedar juga fakta ini, maka mereka adalah jenis manusia paling bodoh dan tidak bermaruah!

    Mereka juga merasa mereka golongan ter elite di Malaysia dan insan insan lain semuanya low class!

    Oh, Cik Helen Ang, kalau hendak di list kan sampai Kiamat pun tidak selesai!

    Cuma golongan Cinabeng biaDAP ini JANGAN LUPA putaran hidup seperti roda. Ada masa kita di atas dan jangan lupa akan tiba masa kita berada di bawah!

    Jangan nanti bila nasib kita berada di bawah, kita akan diludah ludah dan dipijak pijak macam bangkai busuk!

  6. Some observations about the controversial Oktoberfest in PJ. Teresa Kok the uber Evangelist attended the event and insisted that it is her right to attend. MI reported that…

    It was reported that several DAP and PKR leaders attended the event held at One Utama on Friday. They included DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo, PKR central committee member R. Sivarasa, Bukit Gasing assemblyman R. Rajiv and Damansara Utama assemblyman Yeo Bee Yin. Also present was Selangor executive councillor member Elizabeth Wong, who had also uploaded on her Facebook status that about 5,000 people were at the festival and thanked the leaders who were present.

    1. re: “Bukit Gasing assemblyman R. Rajiv”

      Aaaah, this explains his beer belly (aside from the suspected Porky Fries and BKT).

      1. Time for a Bible verse. This time about gluttony and drunkardness.

        Proverbs 23:20-21 ESV / 345 helpful votes

        Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat, for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags.

        Philippians 3:18-19 ESV / 124 helpful votes

        For many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, walk as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.

        Galatians 5:19-21 ESV / 30 helpful votes

        Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

        And I really like this one about Sodom.

        Ezekiel 16:49-50 ESV / 26 helpful votes

        Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy. They were haughty and did an abomination before me. So I removed them, when I saw it.

        “Excess of food”, “prosperous ease”, “haughty”… isn’t that the virtues of the Evagenlista Politikus?

    2. The interesting thing is that those attended were the Who’s Who of the Christian Taleban and Evangelist Cult. And I think this show of force was a clear sign not just to PAS but also to Azmin that it is DAP who holds the real power in Selangor and that they will be the one who will call the shots.

      Sending such clear message is a sign of things to come in Selangor. May be the will organize a Bah Kut Teh festival next.

      1. Perhaps the strong showing at the Oktoberfest by the Christian YBs has something to do with lending visible support to their corporate backers.

        Sarawak election coming up, and it is the state in Malaysia with the most number of Christians and the most number of Parliament seats.

        – Sarawak has 31 MPs
        – Johor (26)
        – Sabah (25)
        – Perak (24)
        – Selangor (22) / KL (11)

        1. I wonder why the sudden interest this year to host Oktoberfest. Is Octoberfest the new Valentine?

          I got coupons from Tesco to buy beer for Octoberfest and there is Octoberfest at Gurney Plaza and simply everywhere – Malacca, 1U etc. In the past Octoberfest is a small festival celebrated at the German society. Why is Octoberfest the new festival for the Bangsa Malaysia?

          (or perhaps with the constant shortage of water, beer has become the beverage of choice in JSubang and Kelana Jaya replacing water?)

          1. re: “or perhaps with the constant shortage of water”


            Now we hear that our rivers are polluted with industrial waste discharge :(

      2. Or perhaps the beer and food is free.

        (Like the time Gerakan threw in beer and sexy getai girls for the people of Penang.)

        You know that animals are attracted to food.

    3. Haiya.. Oktoberfest tu asalnya dari Negara Hitler dulu. Yang depa sibuk sangat nak raikan apasal? Apa kaitan mereka dengan Germany? Alamak, kamu semua asal usul Asian le.. Mata dan kulit jauh beza dari mereka disana.

      Bawa masuk band ompapah dari sana juga ke?

      Lain kali tukar aje nama.. Carlsbergfest atau GuinessStoutfest atau Toddyfest kan tak le nampak macam terhegeh2 asyik nak ikut sangat tradisi oghang Barat.

  7. I fail to understand the paranoia behind Oktoberfest. I question the logic behind the cause of Ebola, dengue, sun too hot, wind too cold, too much haze, not enough rain, too much rain…etc can be linked to a parking lot party. I suppose the pro-BN approved party is pesta makan dalam tandas. What is the sense in idolizing ppl who set themselves to be blown up and making villains of ppl who say Cheers! Bottoms-up?

    1. re: “the paranoia behind Oktoberfest”

      Like most other people, you’re probably aware that alcohol, like pork, is haram to the Muslims. But if you’re not a practising Muslim, you may not quite understand the aversion which some Malays have to both.

      Most non-Malays in Malaysia just don’t have enough exposure to the Muslim culture as it is practised here to be able to see things from the Malay point of view.

  8. Terus terang Cik Helen, Tsunami Cina is a blessing for us. Bibit2 sudah tumbuh akar dan pucuk2 mula berputik dalam jiwa kami. Ooops nanti yg tak faham.. benih ya. Nak beli barang atau masuk kedai dalam hati “halal ke?”, isssh tokey Melayu Islam ke?

    Kalo jawapan negatif – minta maaf ya, we try harder to find alternatives, tanya kawan atau Encik Google. Tak kira la hang Accountant, Lawyer, Doctor, pomen atau apa jua, kami was was dan berwaspada setiap masa.

    2014 keadaan dah mula reda. Amboi mak pantang lalu depan kedai mereka, senyuman lebar pelawa masuk, sekadar nak tengok2 barang saja pun jemput la masuk. Apa tak nya, dalam tahun ini saja block kedai saya dah 8 bisnes mereka gulung tikar. Yang dok ada pon dah sepi takde pelanggan. Yang baru mula bisnes lebih ramai pekerja dari pembeli.

    Pi pekan pon sama, you can see rows of shops unoccupied, hari minggu ramai laa tapi muka2 Bangla, Nepal, Mynmar, Filipino, Viets dn Indon yang ramai..

    Takpa la.. Kalo dah lemas dan benci sangat kat kaum Bumiputra hangpa layan aje la sesama sendiri dan puak puak pendatang. GE14 teruskan lagi..

    1. re: “Apa tak nya, dalam tahun ini saja block kedai saya dah 8 bisnes mereka gulung tikar”

      Kedai-kedai tu niaga apa?

      1. Ini kawasan luaq pekan where main traditional customers are UMNO pekat supporters;

        17 yr old car accessories (two shoplots)
        Kedai jual dn repair car aircon
        Kedai motosikal + repairs
        Singer mesin jahit
        Mini market – barang borong
        Insurance Agent / Accounting services
        Legal firm Apek x 2

        Dok tunggu anytime, Dunlop tyres repair n services (2doors and been here also for the last 15yrs). Takde kereta masuk owh. Even my kids and I we send all the way to our Bumi geng workshops kat Selayang.

        Service aircon premis kami pon we get Bumis to come all d way from PJ hehe Kasi bisness sana Bumis laaa.

          1. Actually we are learning, slowly but surely the CONTRA Apek traditional practices within our community. Makcik2 tua kat kampung skrg pon dah pandai gunapakai jual beli or services cara tu. CONTRA.

            Baru tadi tengah bersilat dgn jiran2 Apek, kami baru dpt notification of kenaikan kos permit perniagaan. Nah.. Melenting dan maki hamun all the Apek, ada yg increased more than 100% for 2015. Bayar dulu nak buat rayuan kemudian. Waduh mak ooi.. Wang PAU pun inclusive ke in this sudden increase?

  9. Untuk memahami agenda subversif portal berita seperti Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider dan The Malay Mail Online, lihat bagaimana dalam jangka waktu beberapa bulan, mereka ‘problematize’ (jadikan isu atau persoal) Islamisasi komuniti di Sarawak, penggunaan dana awam untuk tujuan Islam, pendidikan tentang ancaman Kristianisasi, sekatan ideologi pluralisme agama JIL, peranan institusi diraja serta beberapa hal lain yang menyangkut kepentingan kenegaraan, Ummah & agama Persekutuan.

    -Dr Ahmad Farami-

  10. Komen Rina itu betul sekali. Secara peribadi saya juga mula berkata kata dalam hati, ‘……Nak beli barang atau masuk kedai dalam hati “halal ke?”, isssh tokey Melayu Islam ke? ……’

    Cuma bagi saya yang tinggal di pekan kecil sepanjang hayat dan sudah 6 tahun berpencen ( kira sudah tua dan lama hiduplah ) amat sukar meneruskan agenda di atas.

    Semua ahli masyarakat tanpa mengira kaum telah dikira sahabatlah dan kami mesra. Jadi sukar untuk boikot memboikot.

    Itu sebab saya menyumpah seranah dalam hati terhadap golongan seperti Cinabeng biaDAP evenglasta yang menanam bibit bibit kebencian antara kaum.

    Sampai kapan pun saya tidak akan mengundi DAP. Pada saya hukumnya haram tahap tinggi seperti melakukan zina, makan babi dan minum alcohol!

    Tapi kalau pergi ke tempat tempat lain saya tidak rasa sukar untuk memboikot golongah Cinabeng biaDAP!

  11. Apa yang saya nak cakap ni Akan menaikkan kemarahan sesetengah orang melayu tetapi saya percaya ramai orang melayu pun berfikiran macam saya. Saya melayu tetapi tidak lah se paranoia macam kebanyakan orang melayu sekarang.

    Pasal Oktoberfest tu kalau dia buat di tempat khas Dan tidak di tengah tengah kampung melayu biarkanlah. Dia nak minum sampai tertonggeng pun biarlah asal jangan lepas itu dia drive dalam mabuk mai langgar orang Melayu.

    Kalau kita nak orang respect kita, kita sendiri jangan sesekali menghina orang konon kita lah saja bersih dan suci dan takut sangat di contaminate dengan yang haram. orang melayu patut ignore perkara macam ni tak perlu melatah lagi kita melatah lagi lah di cucuknya.

    1. Pn 3:38,

      Masalah yang menjadikan Melayu Islam ‘paranoid’ menurut kata anda, bukan pasal oktorberfest ke, atau pesta bogel ke atau apa apa aktiviti Cina sama ada bentuk budaya atau social.

      Itu semua kami tak kisah! Sebagai seorang yang tinggal di kelilingi masyarakat Cina saya sudah lali dengan aktiviti budaya dan social Cina yang banyak mengganggu ketenteraman awam!

      Dulu kalau ada Cina mati, dua tiga hari lah bunyi bising. ‘Cong Ceng, Cong Ceng’, sampai mengganggu tidur. Sekarang memang sudah berkurangan!

      Dulu, bila tiba bulan hantu, dua tiga harilah wayang puppet dan opera Cina akan dipentaskan petang dan malam!

      Malam puncaknya akan ada pameran makanan di sepanjang jalan di pekan . Babi pangang sampai satu dua ekor terjalar di tengah tengah pekan. Memang najislah di kawasan tersebut. Tapi kita tetap kena masuk di kawasan itu untuk membeli barang barang keperluan !

      Setakat 3 contoh saja yang saya berikan. Ada Melayu Islam protest dengan semua aktiviti social dan budaya mereka ini?

      Tidak ada kan?

      Apa yang menyebabkan ramai Melayu Islam marah sekarang ialah kata kata dan perbuatan perbuatan provokasi melampau mereka terutamanya yang menyentuh sensitivity Melayu Islam.

      Rajin rajinlah baca blog blog pemimpin golongan ini dan blogger pro pembangkang! Anda akan jumpa. Macam macam penghinaan dan kata kata kesat yabg ditujukan pada Melayu Islam.

      Malah gambar gambar pemimpin Melayu yang dipijak pijak, ditonggengkan bontot dsb pun telah berlaku!

      Kalau Pn 3:38 tidak terkesan di hati degan penghinaan ini , mungkin anda termasuk golongan mereka !

      1. Hati Melayu mana yang tak terkesan tetapi kita hairan juga sebenci benci mereka kepada Tun beliau tidak pernah di hina sebegitu rupa, mengapa? Tun manusia yang hebat. Matlamat kita sepatutnya nya mencapai kehebatan seperti itu untuk anak cucu kita tak perlu buang masa melayan maki hamun mereka dengan cara yang bebal.

    2. Perkara utama adalah kefahaman. Selemah lemah nya, kita membenci dalam hati bila tiada daya menghalang dengan lidah dan tangan.
      Apa kah kita orang muslim apabila kelima lima tiang agama kita di noda?
      1. Kalimah Allah. Syahadah
      2. Solat. Pertikai azan, teks khutbah, lantikan jawatan kuasa ahli masjid/surau.
      3. Puasa. Ketika bersahur boleh lagi tetapi semasa berbuka? Masa mustajab doa sebelum berbuka nak kena dengar ucapan. (Tidak kah ini menyamakan darjat dgn Khaliq?, mengadakan tahlil lpas magrib dan ucapan oleh bukan islam dalam majlis dinama ‘tahlil’.
      4. Zakat. Ini juga dituntut di beri pada bukan muslim.
      5. Haji. Agensi pelancongan tanpa ilmu perlaksanaan umrah, menawar tiket murah pada penjawat. Terkandas lah mereka ini tanpa tempat tidur dan makan.

  12. “‘norlin binti arshad 4.52 pm”‘

    less we forget

    1, Patrick Teoh
    2. Alvivi
    3 Chinese Fat Superdumb from Johor
    4 Penang airport chinaman finger gesture to royalty
    5 Evangalist preaching their political satire in mosque
    6 Dap assemblyman in Sabah,azan in the morning are disturbing
    their sleep.

    the list goes on and on

    1. 7. Namewee
      8. Rayer
      9. Nga twitter king
      10. taiwan students terbalikkan Jalur Gemilang
      11. The patrons who do not want to sing Negaraku at cinema
      12. The Ah Soh who asked Foreign journalist (Muslim) to go home at Bersih

  13. Tak guna kita membilang perkara yang menyakitkan hati, kita perlu merapatkan barisan, bukankah kita majoriti. Bersatu teguh dan tegak dan hebat macam gunung biar mereka macam anjing menyalak bukit.

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