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The Puan Sri’s collection of more than 1,000 designer shoes

15 Oct 2013 

A year ago on this date, I’d blogged ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully slams the judges‘ – referring to the DAP Serdang MP’s criticism of the judgment handed by the Court of Appeal on the Herald-Allah case.

DAP evangelista Ong Kian Ming said in his press statement on this day last year that “Allah has been and will continue to be used by Christians in Malaysia…”.

BELOW: Puan Sri Pauline Chai and her shoes


“Christians in Malaysia”

There is currently an ongoing, high-profile case of a prominent couple arguing in the divorce court as to whether they actually live in Malaysia or in England.

Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng is the tycoon who owns 40 percent of international clothing brand Laura Ashley and a host of other businesses. Forbes lists him as among the 50 Richest Men in Malaysia.

Khoo (pix below) claims that he is based here. His estranged wife Pauline Chai on the other hand claims that they live in Hertfordshire, north of Greater London and their English manor is where most of her over 1,000 pairs of designer shoes are stored.

She says, “I love England and everything English”.

Khoo Kay Peng

Evangelista’s spiritual home

Another chap who “loves London” is J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai. His fav read is the English magazine Economist and he’s a fan of English football club Arsenal.

Wong Chun Wai (chunwai09) on Twitter

Living in London or KL?

Or they take Subang for Christ and establish Jerusubang?

There is a reason why the Tan Sri and the Puan Sri are disputing their actual place of residence.

Lawyers think that Pauline will be given a bigger divorce settlement by an English court than by a Malaysian court. Some legal opinions even believe that she could be awarded possibly up to a record £500 million (RM2.6 billion).

Puan Sri however has denied that the astronomical quantum sought is her main motivation.

Pauline said she filed for divorce in order to get away from “an abusive, oppressive relationship”- see Astro Awani report, ‘Former Malaysian beauty queen fights for divorce case to be heard in UK‘ (5 Oct 2014).

Laura Ashley

KL definitely cheaper

In an exclusive interview with the wifey by UK tabloid The Daily Mail, Puan Sri Pauline rued that she was “being treated like a servant” during her marriage.

The paper adds that Tan Sri Khoo “wants the case to be heard in Malaysia where his wife is likely to receive less of his fortune”.

Tan Sri supported City Harvest Church pastor

The video above was highlighted by my blog commenter Mas @ 2013/08/04 at 5:58 pm.

Mas wrote: “You can see Tan Sri KKP in second row”. (Unfortunately the video clip has since been pulled by YouTube but I did manage to watch it earlier.)

Mas also wrote: “Selepas tu, acknowledge KKP who flew in from Europe to show support.”

In the video recording titled ‘I Do Maintain My Integrity’, City Harvest Church pastor the Rev. Kong Hee acknowledged Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng sitting in the audience of his congregation and thanked the tycoon for his support.

Pastor Kong Hee is presently facing criminal charges in the Singapore court following his church scandal – see Straits Times front page below.


Sneaky scissorati

Below are other recordings of the City Harvest Church pastor at the same event. All the videos have been removed from YouTube.

The evangelistas are indeed very influential and media-savvy in effecting a blackout to bury negative stories about them.

They are definitely bullies and Super Cyberbullies.

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore

Print media reports of the above event

City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee (pix above) however still insisted on his “integrity” – part of the vocab in the evangelista arsenal – as he spoke to a full house at Singapore Expo Hall on 30 June 2012 shortly after he was charged by the authorities.

The evangelistas are very good with words … “building bridges” lah, “reaching out” lah, unlike the low-class people they accuse of being “divisive” and “hate spewers”.

Yahoo! Singapore reported the hall was packed with about 5,000 supporters some of whom carried banners saying “I love Pastor Kong” and “We Believe” (pix below). 

(Note: Did Najib hire evangelista consultants as well who gave him the “I love PM” banners idea? … just askin’.)


The rapture religion

Despite the sordid expose that is unfolding in the court hearings, the City Harvest Church sheeple remain blind (like their ideological counterparts in Jerusubang).

See also, ‘Christians are 18.3% in S’pore, Buddhist numbers fell by 9.2%

“Many allegations were made in the media… please know there are always two sides to every story,” said Pastor Kong Hee in his own defence. Playing the innocent victim, he thanked his flock for their “love and support” and the sheeple just lapped it up.

The Singapore newsroom reported that the Christian reverend’s plea was greeted with “rousing applause and cheers from [congregation] members, some of whom broke into emotional tears”.


Side note: The evangelista pastors and politicians are very good actors going on about their “heartache” and how “heartbreaking” while shedding crocodile tears for dunno who, dunno where, dunno what.

hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

When evangelistas “dunno what to do”

reporter Elizabeth Soh described how with his wife up on stage with him, Pastor Kong Hee almost  choked (lost his composure) as he cried, “There were times when Sun – pix, right – and I just didn’t know what to do.”

The City Harvest Church pastor's wife "reaching out to the unconverted"Pastor Kong Hee said he and his wife Sun Ho “just didn’t know what to do” (when they were exposed for the frauds they are!)

And Hannah and her Shay Shay osso “dunno what to do” about “heartbreaking” events happening around the world. Wearing their emotions on their sleeve is the evangelista style.

Yup, populist demagogues sure know how to play to the gallery to milk the “heartache” and decrying this and that.

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore

Church activities – music and dance

A member of the City Harvest Church’s Crossover Project has spoken out in defense of Sun Ho (the pastor’s wife).

According to the aforesaid Yahoo! article, this City Harvest church member gave his testimony on how the project by his pastor’s wife had helped convert Thai teenagers to Christianity via “hip” and “popular” music and dances.

Zumba, zumba, zumba!

Popular music and hip dances are among the attractive activities organized by the evangelical churches for the youth.

The Daily Chilli is the J-Star‘s entertainment-lifestyle section. (Like I said, Nest of Evangelistas.)

The pole dancer below was featured at one of the J-Star events held at the paper’s headquarters in Phileo Damansara.

Doing the belly dancing – pictured left, below – is Star Publications chief officer, group enterprise (marketing and government relations) Iris Tan.

Penari tiang (pole dance) memberi pertunjukan di acara pelancaran Daily Chilli -- sisipan hiburan The Star

Pengurus besar perkhidamatan pemasaran The Star manager Iris Tan (kiri)


Skandal gereja Singapura-KL, murtad, superstar dan gejala cuci otak


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13 thoughts on “The Puan Sri’s collection of more than 1,000 designer shoes

  1. Anwar Ibrahim’s fanatical supporters who plan to demonstrate in the next couple of weeks would be good recruits to the City Harvest Church flock. Same fervour but without the music and dancing. Perhaps they could be made to change their style to fit in with the evangelistas.

    Would be fun to watch.

    1. The evangelistas like Prada handbags and designer shoes – Gold, vain-Glorious and Gospel.

      Kalau orang Melayu terikut-ikut rentak mereka, gaya dan citarasa fesyen pun akan di’ubah’ nanti.

  2. Talking about shoes, I was reminded of Phillipine Dictator wife Imelda Marcos shoe collection. I remember that because the one that replace Marcos, Aquinos mother of present President look like you. Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari the Melayu Celup ( alright, my nana is chinese) is trying to prove his worth by trying to help ( wasn’t it is a sandiwara or not) Kg Mutiara villagers in Batu Ferringhi,

  3. No issue for 1000 pairs of shoes, everything is OK with the evangelist, it’s an achievement all right of hard working, no rasuah being taken but I am not sure about giving.

    I wounder if Rosmah have that amount.

    1. RM is worse, she’s got bags, loads and loads of bags which are more expansive than shoes. 1000 shoes must be equivalent to about 80 of her bags. Of course, no can do like that. Multi-billionaire wife can only afford 1000 shoes while wife of lowly-paid PM can afford loads and loads of designer bags? Hmmm, suspicious.

      Lol, I’m getting good at this spin stuff.

      1. Teo Nie Ching once raised the matter of Rosmah’s Birkin bags in Parliament. If anyone is feeling rajin, can check the Hansard to see if the YB Kulai (previously YB Serdang) pinpointed how many Birkin bags the DAP counted Mah Cheah (FLOM’s Chinese name) as carrying.

        1. Tak perlu Hansard, google saja lagi cepat.
          Voila! We get the results –


          2. Rosmah has also caused a stir by appearing in public countless times clutching at least 11 Birkin handbags in different colours – dari laman wikipedia RM (lol, ada wiki page sendiri)

          3. notice that rosmah match her bags according to her baju kurung colour, i have found out that she have 20 birkin bags with diffeerent colour matching her different baju kurung – from Bersih 3.0 FB page

          4. And some of the other PR-friendly RM-obsessed bloggers have put the number at 11.

          Personally, I don’t carry handbags but if I have to I prefer the handmade-craft-variety bags. When you get bored you just chuck it out or turn it into a storage box.

  4. Why is tht whenever we read stories of rich people like Bill Gates, JK Rowling or the like the ways they splash back their riches to their society for research and other welfare deeds.

    Yg kalo those very rich fm Malaysia, lebih banyak dengar cerita pasai collection of kasut, naik yatch dgn Paris Hilton, nak beli foreign football club? Isssh And most often these people will be residing in London, Australia or Hongkong?

    Cukup memalukan la…

  5. Ms H. I know a guy who made a billion ringgits by being of service in the personal matters of the good and the great – the sort of service which you and I would not mention in polite company. He made so much he had to have a bank to house his money.

    So he became the very first to form a tax-free RM2 incorporated place of worship and put all his employees there to train them not to have sticky fingers.

    It was a great success and thousands others followed suit in creating this money sucking machines for lovers of brand names including my sis-in-law. But as with all SINNING, eventually pay back time comes like now. I am not talking about the lady with 1,000 pairs of shoes but the one with only 1 pair !

  6. Facts is Buddist numbers will reduces and evangilista will increase as its dancing and singing appeal to the young just like IPad or Samsung.

    Look at this way. Put a porn star to sing and dance in front of Mens what you see. Men just love thats and evangista used that concept. You can keep on dancing till the sun rise.

  7. Helen:

    I like to reprint excerpts of an article by note ex-FBI agent on deception, espionage, interrogation, an reading people: Joe Navarro.

    It is a lengthy article, but to your readers out there, do persevere and read it all through because it it is an eye-opener of an article.

    Why Predators are attracted to careers in the clergy
    (Some further insights into a a serious phenomenon)

    1.Organizations provide a convenient infrastructure from which a predator can prey on others for financial gain or to otherwise exploit others (sexually, mentally, physically).

    2.Membership in a legitimate institution, be it a club, a branch of the military, or a corporation, gives legitimacy to individuals. We are more respectful and trusting when we are told a certain person is a VP or head of sales for XYZ company rather than just a stranger off the street.

    3.Organizations give predators ready and easy access to an identifiable pool of individuals or potential victims. A cable television installer, for instance, can gain access to a home, assess the level of security, appraise what is of value, or determine if the person lives alone.

    4.Organizations give predators access to potential victims they otherwise might not come into contact with, or might have to spend a lot of time finding. Predators may even find potential victims conveniently working two cubicles away.

    5.Alliances are easy to make in an organization. These can serve to provide the predator information about exploitable weaknesses of others, as well as proprietary, personal, or sensitive data otherwise difficult to obtain.

    6.Colleagues within an organization can serve to warn or protect the predator as a result of conspiratorial alliances or because they have a fiduciary interest in those predatory practices (predatory accountants protecting predatory CEOs).

    7. Some organizations can be very financially rewarding for predators where they can exercise their anti-social traits (e.g., lack of conscience, indifference to others, bullying, cavalier attitudes, minimal concern for the welfare of employees, narcissism, sense of entitlement, placing profits over people). Often a similarly calloused and indifferent board of directors, interested only in profits, rewards these predators and their anti-social acts. It is a toxic but profitable symbiotic relation that is all too often familiar.

    8.Organizations often try to “handle” negative things in-house to avoid bad publicity, so they are reluctant to report even gross criminal misconduct on the part of the predators in their midst; preferring to transfer them, fire them, or have them leave quietly.

    9.Organizations are sometimes structured in such a way that the predator merely has to take advantage of existing weaknesses in the organization in order to profit – as we saw with the banking debacle of 2008.

    10.Predators know that in civil lawsuits victims will go after the corporation with the deeper pockets rather than go after individuals with limited financial resources.

    As we can see, there are a host of reasons why predators join organizations and if you think like a predator, it makes perfect sense. But there is something disturbing about why they would choose the clergy, or for that matter join a religious organization of any kind. It is disturbing because most of us don’t think about these things. Most people don’t think like a predator, but below are some insights that should make you think. These insights are based on conversations I and others have had with predators who intentionally sought to join religious organizations and from studying such individuals:

    1. As noted earlier, within organizations, predators have access to a ready/available pool of potential victims. Within a religious order, those potential victims are identified for the predator, who knows how often they will get together and where (Sunday worship service at 11:00 am, at the local chapel, for example). Metronomic frequency of meetings creates opportunities for the predator to exploit directly, or even at a distance, such as committing burglaries based on knowing precisely when no one is home.

    2.Some religious organizations require members to expose their faults, sins, or frailties in public. This is “manna from heaven” for predators who then use that information to better access or target their victims. Information like that serves to provide all the exploitable weaknesses a predator needs. As one predator told me, “With that kind of information I know exactly who to target and when.”

    3.People gossip in most organizations, and in religious organizations it is no different. These informal social channels can be very effective in divulging who got promoted and has extra cash; who is going on vacation; whose spouse is overseas for seven months; who is naïve or gullible: who needs financial help; or who is having marital problems and is now lonely or vulnerable.

    4.Within a religious organization, individuals of different social strata associate with one another with greater ease than in society. This gives the predator of low social status access to people who often live and socialize within restricted or gated communities and who otherwise would be impossible for them to target. In other words, if you can’t afford the country club, you can have access to those same socially higher-status people at a church gathering. This is a favored technique of conmen, grifters, and swindlers especially for Ponzi or pyramid schemes.

    5.Many religious organizations preach forgiveness, even for felonies. For predators this is truly a godsend. This means that if they get caught, they can ask for forgiveness and chances are it will be given, in a pious but naïve effort to help the lawbreaker “learn from his mistakes.” Unfortunately, the predator sees this as an opportunity to sharpen his skills and to do his crime again, perhaps this time more carefully.

    This apparently is what happened so many times with Catholic priests who were eventually convicted of serial child abuse. They were systematically “forgiven” along the way and thus they left behind a Grand Canyon-sized “debris field of human suffering” – namely children scarred for life, not to mention the trauma of the childrens’ families and the crisis of faith triggered among many devout Catholics as these transgressions were exposed.

    6.Because religious organizations preach brotherly love, even when someone has done horrific crimes, there will be those gullible enough to defend the predator or willing to look the other way. The book Betrayal, by the Boston Globe has account after account of exactly that kind of sickening indulgence. But you don’t only have to look at religious organizations; just look at how many still defend, poodle-like, Jerry Sandusky, the convicted ex-football coach at Penn State, even after so many revelations of child abuse. In the book, Betrayal, there is example after example cited of parishioners, even fellow priests, staunchly defending priests convicted of serial offenses.

    7.Another advantage for the predator in a religious organization is that if caught, he or she can very conveniently say it was “Satan’s” fault. Whether cheating, taking advantage of the elderly, conducting financial shenanigans, or even abusing children, the predator merely has to say that the “devil” tempted him or her and that’s that. Predators know they can rely on a certain portion of the population to buy into that argument, and so they use it.

    8.If the predator is in a position of authority within a religious organization, he or she can claim persecution by the “enemies” of the church or the organization. Any outside scrutiny subjecting the predator to the sanitizing rays of light is thus characterized as, “them,” the unbelievers “against us.” This often compels the group to “circle the wagons” in support of their leader, as we saw with David Koresh and Jim Jones. And of course they will argue that it is we the “outsiders,” who are distrusting of the leader/predator, and who don’t understand, because we simply don’t have “faith,” or we are (the more trendy) “haters.”

    For the religious-based predator it is very convenient to label these individuals enemies of the: “the church,” “the Lord”, “the congregation,” “the prophet,” “the leader(s),” “the free practice of religion,” and an attack on the “the anointed,” “the faithful,” or the “righteous,” on and on. Once you label something an “enemy,” it truly does bring the true believers, as Eric Hoffer warned us, further together. This is exactly what happened when inquiries were first made of Warren Jeffs – later convicted of sexual assault on two girls. This is exactly the argument made by those who supported Jim Jones, many of whom are now dead as a result of his command to his followers to poison their own children and themselves.

    9. If the predator becomes a leader within the organization, or if lucky, becomes the head of a church or religious group, then he or she is immediately cloaked with power and authority (moral power) that mere corporations don’t have. Keep in mind that most people still have a high respect for their church leaders and are willing to give them greater latitude and the benefit of the doubt.

    10.Predators soon realize that the ability to invoke a deity in their defense is a powerful card to hold that trumps all other arguments. They can always say, “I was moved by the lord,” to do this or that, “I was commanded by God to,” do this or that, or “it is the will of the lord,” to do this or that. That is a tough, faith/emotionally-laden argument that is difficult to refute; especially for believers that are already vested having spent time and money in an organization. Thus the rape of children is justified merely by invoking the ostensible desire and will of a deity. And let’s be clear, predators love that they can do that. Once again, this is precisely what Warren Jeffs did with the assistance of repugnantly complicit mothers who willingly offered up their daughters for his sexual pleasure. Fugitive cult leader, Victor, Arden Barnard is alleged to have invoked the same defense, that he had a right to sexually abuse children because it was “God’s word.”

    11.There is, it should be noted, no religion or sect that screens for psychopathy as defined by Robert Hare that I am awware of. All you need is to be ordained, or you declare yourself a religious leader and the way is clear for the predator. And so while some organizations, such as in law enforcement, screen for pathologies by using psychometric tools, very few religious organization do so. Which is why the predator would benefit from joining or leading such an organization. Across the planet, there is almost no scrutiny or due diligence that is or will be conducted. To connive, or to “con,” the predator merely needs his victim to have faith and trust in the predator something that is often easily achieved with the vestments of a legitimate religious organization.

    12.To be a predator is to overvalue yourself at the expense of others – a key component of both the pathologically narcissistic and the predator (see Dangerous Personalities). Here is where a predator has an advantage because in a religious organization, this overvaluation of self is potentiated by the title that is either conferred, that comes with the office, or bestowed through ordination. For the predator, it is tantamount to being told, “you are” therefore “you can.”

    13. Predators know or soon learn that society tends to revere and not question religious authority. People of high status such as famous coaches, TV personalities, politicians, and so on are often given great latitude to the point where allegations of misconduct, even serious criminal offenses are often ignored (Jimmy Savile in the UK; O.J. Simpson in the US).

    14. Parents may be more trusting of a religious leader than of the average person. As history has taught us, they may dismiss allegations made by their own children as to sexual abuse by a religious leader or they will remain quiescent so as to not “rock the boat.” It is very tough for parents, especially those from humble background or who are deeply religious, to go up against a popular or charismatic leader, “the church” or a large, well-financed religious order. Often, as we now well know, the fear of retribution, being ostracized or socially marginalized, or excommunicated keeps victims and parents silent.

    In most cultures, children pay deference to authority figures, especially religious ones. Knowing this, the predator can almost certainly count on children abiding by their sordid requests and keeping such matters “secret.” There is ample evidence of this from history, social psychology, and thousands of law suits.

    So, where does this leave us? With the reality that predators are all around us. Anywhere from 1 to 4 percent or perhaps more of any population, according to researchers, is made up of individuals who are social predators (DSM V, 2013, 659-663). They may seek to join organizations for the additional benefits these organizations bring. It is not the organization; it is the individuals who seek to use those organizations for predation and that is the problem. Individuals who seek religious organizations because there they can more easily target victims and do so much more harm – that is our reality.

    We cannot prevent all crimes, nor can we always know how predators will come after us, but knowledge helps. If we are sensitized ahead of time to how predators think, how they use legitimate organizations, and take advantage of others, perhaps then we can protect one more child, or perhaps even ourselves from these social predators.


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