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Why Ah Jib Gor must learn Mandarin

In his speech at the MCA general assembly, Najib Razak gave the delegates an assurance that the Chinese education stream would not be disturbed.

However the BN chairman added one caveat. He said to the BN’s anchor Chinese party members that they all have to make an effort to learn our country’s national language.

See the J-Star report ‘Feel-good factor is back in MCA’, filed by the paper’s senior editor Foong Pek Yee (screenshot below).

Try to learn BM, Ah Jib Gor tells MCA members

But I want you all to make an effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia,” he said, to which the delegates responded: “Boleh!”.

The fact that Najib had to make this request at all infers that those MCA people sitting in the dewan at Wisma MCA do not know BM.

Now, why are they BM illiterate, so much so that they require the Prime Minister to cajole them to learn the language?

Well, because they’re victims of racism, that’s why! Umno is so racist!!


The wicked, evil Malay party has selfishly deprived millions of Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent equal opportunity to our national language.

How is Najib going to communicate with the one million Malaysians – MCA members – who are unable to speak BM?

To prove his credentials as a real moderate as well as to allay Chinese fears that he and his party are not becoming even more extremist than they already are, Ah Jib Gor must make an effort to learn Mandarin.

By speaking Mandarin so that he can reach out and be understood by the MCA people, Najib will be displaying his sincerity in building bridges to unite the races.

And to prove how inclusive and caring and sharing we minorities are, on our part, we’re willing to give Rosmah a Chinese name too.

Lim Guan Eng on Twitter berwukuf Arafah

15 Oct 2013

On this date last year, I wrote that baling batu sorok tangan is the style of the evangelistas.

The DAP Born Again politicians will wear tudung singgah masjid, stir empty cooking pots in the surau, declare that they puasa during Ramadan and in the case of Lim Guan Eng, tweet wishing the jemaah Haji a safe journey to Arafah – see screenshot above.

It was Guan Eng who had exacerbated the ‘Allah’ controversy through his Christmas message but when the court judgment on the Herald ‘Allah’ case was made known on 14 Oct 2013, he dodged the issue as if he had nothing to do with heightening the religious tensions.

DAP evangelistas are synonymous with munafik!


15 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I blogged about how Sarawak is a Christian-majority state – see table and pie chart.

I also wrote that Penangites prior to Merdeka had viewed themselves as subjects of the British crown while resisting the idea of their Straits Settlement becoming a part of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948.


The Chinese in Penang preferred to secede.

According to a history book I cited, “on 4 Dec 1948, the Penang Straits Chinese British Association voted for a policy of secession, and this was unanimously backed by an emergency general meeting of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce on 12 Dec 1948.” […]

The Penang Chinese were most preoccupied with maintaining their link to Singapore.


Evangelista chameleons 

15 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I highlighted a comment made about me by senior journalist cum evangelical pastor Bob Teoh in the comment section of Malaysiakini article ‘No truth in M’kini-Malay Mail share swap claim‘.

Bob Teoh had derided, “Who is this Helen Ang?” – in the sense of sengaja dipandang enteng saya (see screenshot below).

That’s the kind of people the evangelistas are, especially their pastors. No surprise that his fellow lay pastor Hannah Yeoh likes to go around labelling people “low class”.

Well, at least I’m someone who uses my own name and am willing to have my identity revealed to the public. The sneaky evangelistas, on the other hand, are everywhere under different guises. They even put their comments disguised under Malay names or Muslim names.

No truth in share swap claim

Muslim NGOs right to be fearful and suspicious

The evangelistas, most unfortunately for the rest of us lesser endowed Malaysians, are in possession of immensely rich resources and a wide professional network.

They also control the English online and social media. And the J-Star too, needless to say.

Who is Bob Teoh? Well, see below. His article article titled ‘Time to say no to racism’ is reproduced in Kit Siang’s blog.

You can also Google his name and the word ‘Allah’. He has written a lot about the controversy to try and justify why the Christians must be allowed to co-own lafaz Allah.


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23 thoughts on “Why Ah Jib Gor must learn Mandarin

  1. ‘Feel-good factor is back in MCA’ my foot !

    “But I want you all to make an effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia,”

    Which dumb ass speech writer wrote this for Najib must be 1 in a million.

    57 years after being granted citizenship baru nak belajar bahasa malaysia. Malaysia memang boleh bagi kerakyatan dulu, tak payah belajar BM and continue your chinese ways in Malaysia. Have your own little China here home away from home but just as same and even better.

    1. By the way, it’s not “Bahasa Malaysia”, it’s “Bahasa Melayu” as written in the Federal Constitution. Some people thought if we use the phrase “Bahasa Malaysia” then the “second class” citizens will be more willing to learn and use the language. Obviously they got it all wrong as those “second class” citizens only need it to pass exams to the point even the PM indirectly acknowledge that problem of bad command of BM. I’m amazed that people in Thailand and Indonesia can do it with their national language, and some people here cannot.

      Secondly, I don’t understand when people try to spin things around by saying “termaktub dalam Perlembagaan”? Apa yang termaktub sebenarnya? Go and read again la. There is a big difference between learning a mother tongue and using it for official/daily functions at public schools. If “termaktub dalam Perlembagaan” then how come at some point in the past, the Menteri Pendidikan were given discretionary powers to close down SJKC? Nothing in Malaysia can go against the Federal Constitution kan?

      So yes, I agree. How come after 57 years, some people still have major problems conversing in Bahasa Melayu?

  2. Ms H. The demonstrators in Hong Kong who want their type of Democracy is exactly like these Chinese Opposition types who love to show but have nothing in their heads – evangellism or no evangellism. How can a minority of 3 millions dictate in a population of 7 millions in a land which belongs to China ?

    This fact alone wipes away any pretence which these Afro-Chinese troublemakers have. In a population of 27 millions, say 6 millions Chinese, whatever these dumbkopfs proposed will be shot down by the majority.

    The Financial Times London 14 October 2014, ‘ Who is living where ? No one knows how many Chinese live in Europe.’

    It pays for all Malaysian Chinese to ponder whether our unique Malaysian Democracy serves them well under the present Constitution ! At the moment, they think they have a dog in the manger attitude.

    Let us hope the 90+% Chinese who voted Opposition will transform to the BN by the 14th General Elections before these people are called the only recalcitrant group of Chinese in the World. Because in every country where they took abode, THE CHINESE HAVE NEVER BEEN TROUBLEMAKERS OR INSTIGATORS OR MADE A FOOL OF THEMSELVES LIKE THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE CROWD !

    1. “The demonstrators in Hong Kong who want their type of Democracy is exactly like these Chinese Opposition types who love to show but have nothing in their heads – evangellism or no evangellism.”

      During the rule of the British, Hong Kong had no democracy. Under communism they have partial democracy. Well that is improvement? But why bitch about democracy now? Does the evagelistas now want to stake their claim on Hong Kong? Do they want to break up China?

      It seem evangelista here in Malaysia, Hong Kong or anywhere have not good use. Meek I say not, malicious yes.

      1. Mulan of Malaysia. Sir, Well said ! The British appointed 28 Governors for 155 years for Hong Kong. Not a squeak from the inhabitants.

        And now in a minority of not more than 3 millions in a population of 7 millions and in a place belonging to China with a population of 1.2 billions, they speak with a Americanese twang wanting full suffrage, democracy and a Governor to be elected from this lot.

        They have been brainwashed or doped with opuim or something ! And all the TV stations wanted to see these folks bashed on the heads ! Stupid ! LET NOT SUCH FOOLISHNESS APPEAR IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ! The majority bias holds sway ! No more ! No less !

        1. All those chinese still think that only mat salleh have the ability to lord them over. Even their own kind have no right to lord over them. Are they feeling insecure about themselves?

  3. errr how LGE DAP Majority non muslim pray for the safety of Muslim pilgrimiges? LKY Pegang colok? Evangelista DAP singing praise songs for Muslim safety?

    How? How and How? Niz Aziz / Hadi tolong jawab?? How? PAS tak boleh kerja dengan UMNO tapi PAS boleh Kerja dengan ‘pemegang Colok’ dan ‘Sing, dance and Praise the Lord songs’ evangelista??

    Camana ni Tuan HAJI Guru Guru Pas sakalian? Khalid Samad, Mat Sabu what your moderate views, October fest dah lepas. Sorry and Ampun if this question menghiris perasaan semua.’

  4. Most appealing nature of human of Chinese decency in a sea of Malays in Malaya before and now Malaysia and their approach towards all their’s like of Malays Prime Minister are not to their dislike is Ah Jib Gor..

  5. “But I want you all to make an effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia,” he said, to which the delegates responded: “Boleh!”.

    I listened to Chinese radio this morning- the DJs were talking about driving license test that has included an additional oral test that requires the candidate to explain various engine systems in a car such as “sistem kemasukan udara”, “sistem suspensi”, “sistem penyejukan”, etc, in national language to the tester. Maybe it’s time to dust off that rusty BM.

    1. re: “But I want you all to make an effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia,” he said, to which the delegates responded: “Boleh!”.

      I made a literal reading, above, of Najib’s call to learn BM, i.e. that it was directed at the delegates and to which they replied, “Boleh”.

      But on second thought, and this could be another interpretation although less direct, of what he said, i.e. the PM wants the SRJK(C) pupils to make an effort to learn Malay.

      Or a third interpretation, it could mean that Najib wants Chinese youngsters overall (includes secondary students) to make an effort to learn our national language.

      Fourth interpretation – when Najib said “I want you all to make an effort to learn Bahasa Malaysia” – the “you all” he mentioned could be referring to the general population of Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity.

      1. One of my Apek neighbour’s sibling migrated to Australia 20yrs ago. I asked her why didn’t she follow her sis then? “Haiyaaa talak tau lia olang punya bahasa nanti mayiak susah hidup owh!”

        Tapi kat Malaysia, ramai yang talak tau Bahasa Malaysia tapi boleh hidup senang lenang, tembam dan gempal sihat2 belaka, yet they make so much noise?

        Tau tak DSN?

      2. your 4th tafsiran is correct. why? read the ‘verse’ again, i.e. 1. ‘chinese schools are here to stay’ – meaning his assurance to all chinese malaysians. cina dah score sebiji gol.

        2. ‘BUT, i want you all to MAKE AN EFFORT TO LEARN…’. meaning he can only wish to equalise while trailing 1-0.

        his kalimah will be clearly understood (tak perlu tafsiran) if it goes like this – ‘you all chinese malaysians must learn bahasa melayu if you want the chinese schools to stay’. dia ada berani ka?

      3. Ms H. My old kids got As for Bahasa Melayu. My young gran kids are getting the same. No sweat. No hangovers. No problem. I used to speak Hindi and Urdu too !

  6. Kami amat keliru. Bukankah DAP dan PKR beria-ria mahu mansuhkan Akta Hasutan?

    Tetapi sekarang, mereka mahu Ibrahim Ali didakwa di bawah Akta Hasutan?

    Yang mana satu kamu mahu? Akta ini dimansuhkan atau dikekalkan?

    Atau kamu mahu dakwa orang yang kamu tidak suka, dan mansuh apabila orang di kalangan kamu yang kamu suka pula didakwa?

    Sebab sebenar kamu desak Ibrahim Ali didakwa kerana menghasut bermakna kamu tahu negara ini masih memerlukan satu akta seperti Akta Hasutan. Jika kamu mansuh Akta Hasutan, di bawah akta apa pula kamu mahu dakwa Ibrahim Ali?

    Biar mahkamah tentukan sama ada Ibrahim Ali bersalah atau tidak.

    1. I guess every civilized person is tired with the barbaric behavior and self-righteous rhetoric of the Wahhabi Islamists, as much as we are straining under the tension of Israel’s tyranny in the Palestine.

      The trouble is that in Malaysia many muslims think they are going to heaven because of PAS promises, but I think no man has the right to be overconfident in front of God’s judgement – evangelists included.

  7. “Ex-beauty queen Pauline Chai ordered a special padded toilet seat for magnate Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng who would spend “hours” working while sitting on it, a British court was told today.

    According to UK’s The Huffington Post, Chai said she decided to do so because her husband would suffer from bad backaches after spending long hours in the toilet, purportedly while working.

    “He will sit on the toilet for four hours and read and do his work.

    “And he got backache there, so I got the idea of the padded toilet seat,” the Miss Malaysia 1969 told the Family Division of the High Court in London, the news portal reported.”

    All this washing dirty linen in public is nice entertainment though! LMAO! At 74 and 66, just make up and continue to be couple-lah!

      1. Posted the comment on the wrong post, oh well.

        Next she might as well expound on the color of the s**t.

        Toilet is a good place to surf net and read though, I gotta admit that, lol! Not sure about the inspiration part.

        1. Ramachandran Muniandy’s Twitter timeline might be of interest re the color of the s**t and other such domestic details.

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