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No time to lose, Malays must start pressuring up Umno

“I have been called a ‘racist’ and an ‘ultra’ hundreds of times. I never sued anyone.” – Tun Mahathir Mohamad

Malays should learn to ignore the “racist” name-calling by the Dapsters. It is the same ploy as the “anti-Semitism” deterrent which Zionists use to deflect criticism.

Dr Mahathir said:

“Battered, accused of being lackeys of Umno, MCA has gradually lost the support of the Chinese. It is now but a shadow of its former self. And with its weakening, the idea of sharing with the Malays political and economic power has become insupportable.” (NST, 27 July 2013)

The era of politik kongsi between MCA and Umno is over.

Instead Malays must start telling Umno branch and division leaders, loudly, that you all will no longer vote BN should MCA be allowed to contest Malay-majority areas.

Jangan lagi dipikul biawak hidup ni!


In the name of God, go!

“You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” — Oliver Cromwell, April 1653

16 Oct 2013

On this date last year, I snorted that PAS kononnya bertahaluf siyasi dengan DAP tapi apa yang ada tu, tahalul bahlul ada lah.

It took one full year later for the writing on the wall to be read by PAS.

DAP are bullies.

@imokman  @hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully

Channel Asian News on Twitter- -Nik Aziz agrees with son that Pakatan allies are bullies- Nik Abduh’s criticism of Pakatan allies is to defend... 2014-10-15 22-25-46


What Malays are worth in the eyes of DAP

Hari Raya Aidil Adha (Oct 2013) contributions are packaged in Kit Siang ‘Ubah’ bags.

They are handed over by the DAP Kulai MP, evangelista Teo Nie Ching – see below.


16 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I referred to an article by Adam Yan in MyKMU. He wrote, “Kita nak nyatakan di sini bahawa Kristian boleh membentuk kerajaan di Malaysia ini walaupun mereka bukan golongan majoriti”.

Adam cited the example of Perak in March 2008 where DAP’s Ngeh came within a whisker of becoming the Menteri Besar.

James Ngeh Koo Ham would have become the MB by virtue of heading the party that had the most number of Aduns within the Pakatan winning coalition in Perak if not for the race-religion restrictions imposed by the state constitution.

Despite the restrictions, it must be borne in mind however that the Sultan has the prerogative of exercising his discretion to waive the requirement for the MB to be a Malay and a Muslim.

We’ve seen the Sultan of Selangor very recently exercise his discretion in rejecting Wan Azizah and instead appointing Azmin Ali over the initial objections of PKR and DAP.


The Selangor state crest bears the motto “Dipelihara Allah” written in Jawi

Daulat dan kesinambungan

Tanah Melayu is the expression of the pre-existing sovereign status of the Malay states.

“It should be noted that from the viewpoint of law, the Federation of Malaya Agreement (1948) did not signify the start of the Malay States sovereign status; rather it was the expression of a pre-existing one.” – Dr Malik Munip, historian

Dr Malik explains that this pre-existing sovereign status has been documented and reaffirmed by the rulings of the British Courts: Mighell v Sultan Abu Bakar (1893), Duff Development Company v Kelantan Government (1924), Pahang Consolidated Company v State of Pahang (1933) and Anchom v Public Prosecutor (1940).

Guarantees for the Islamic and Malay nature of the states are embedded in the Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri.

Article 52 2(a) of the Selangor constitution, for example, requires the State Secretary to be “of the Malay race and profess the Muslim religion” – see below.

Selangor Article 52

What are the evangelistas capable of doing?

Tun asks, do the Chinese want to share or seize power?

Lim Kit Siang dismisses as preposterous the claim that Chinese want to wrest political power.

I concur with Kit Siang and disagree with Dr M. It is not the Chinese who want to grab the Putrajaya throne. It is the evangelistas.

The Chinese, in the form of MCA, have shared power with the Malays for the last half century. It is the Jerusubang Christians of today who are incapable of sharing but prefer to grab. The proof is right before your eyes – look at the way they’re trying to kebas kalimah Allah.

If the evangelistas don’t want to wrest political power, then why are they pushing into Sarawak so aggressively and campaigning that the “BN is anti-Christ’ and that “A Vote for DAP is a Vote for Jesus”?

Why then do they want to take Johor?

Why did they go to such lengths to oust Tan Sri Khalid as Selangor MB? The 3G Gang are bloody Greedy lah, that’s why!

Mahathir- Do Chinese want to share or seize power

16 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I wrote that lagu Mustika gubahan M. Nasir mempunyai susanan muzik latar yang menarik, iaitu alunan alat bunyi-bunyian nusantara gamelan dan angklung.

Kata dasar ‘gamel’ yang membentuk perkataan ‘gamelan’ bererti dipukul, diketuk atau ditabuh dalam bahasa Jawa.

Gamelan adalah muzik yang diminati oleh golongan bangsawan di istana Jawa manakala ia berkait rapat dengan aktiviti-aktiviti kampung di Bali.

Sorry to say this but the Malays, especially the kampung Malays who are Umno’s backbone, are simply no match for the deceit and cunning of the evangelistas.

They’re musang berbulu ayam. Licik.

Terlampau licik.



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20 thoughts on “No time to lose, Malays must start pressuring up Umno

  1. Helen,

    If Najib continues as PM, then UMNO (and malays) will be in trouble. In fact, Najib is actually “at war’ with Malays.

    I bet Najib will stick to outdated formula of providing life support to MCA by allowing MCA to contest in Malay areas. so there is no need for MCA to earn the trust of chinese as it can depend on malay voters.

    And I predict Malay voters will reject MCA totally i next election, making a safe seat if UMNO contests but eventually won by PR due to Malay protests.

    My hope is that those UMNO Mps whom I consider “beriman:” like Mohd Hassan, Dr Zambri, Mukhriz will be able to make Najib sees what other people in this planet have been seeing. That Naji’s strategy is bringing death to UMNO.

    1. If the PM has morphed his Global Movement of Moderates from the universalistic Islamic concept of “wasatiyyah – middle way” into the nebulous and relativistic “equality of religions” paradigm, then he has gone against the classical credo of Islam as the final Revelation of Almighty God the Creator Lord.

      It is not the right of mankind to subjectivise their own ideas of Allah Most High, but instead to contemplate what Allah has revealed about the nature of His Being and the illumination of His Prophets.

      If UMNO is the party that upholds the traditional religion of the Malays then Mr. Najib is steering the ship into the reefs.

  2. GE14 Malay gigi kuku saja lah…Kalau tak mau gigik kuku then time bertindak. UMNO Need an internal Preasure group, likes of Harun Idris.

  3. ‘……Instead Malays must start telling Umno branch and division leaders, loudly, that you all will no longer vote BN should MCA be allowed to contest Malay-majority areas…..’

    Saya setuju 100% dengan apa yang Helen katakan. Bayangkan berapa jumlah kerusi yang UMNO miliki kalau kerusi kerusi yang diberikan kepada MCA dimenangi UMNO.

    MCA patut menjadi anak jantan bertanding di kerusi kerusi majority Cina kerana MCA mewakili masyarakat itu . Tidak akan ada lagi mulut mulut yang mengungkit ungkit kemenangan MCA atas ehsan undi orang Melayu!.

    Ini selalu berlaku bila MCA cuba untuk menjadi ‘juara’ isu isu Cina!

    MCA jangan terlalu manja untuk terus bergantung pada big brother UMNO untuk memberi kerusi kerusi selamat untuk mereka.

    Bila orang kata UMNO big brother MCA, ahli ahli MCA marah. Mereka mengatakan UMNO dan MCA setaraf. So buktikanlah!

    ‘…….I concur with Kit Siang and disagree with Dr M. It is not the Chinese who want to grab the Putrajaya throne. It is the evangelistas……’

    Saya juga setuju dengan anda bahawa bukan Cina yang bermati matian untuk merebut kuasa tetapi evangelistas! Kebanyakan Cina yang rasional dan cintakan negara ini selesa dengan konsep kongsi kuasa dan semua yang telah dipersetujui!

    Saya selalu menziarahi keluarga Cina yang anak mereka melakukan masalah disiplin di sekolah semasa masih berkerjaya.

    Saya teringat seorang nenek memarahi cucunya, ‘lu duduk di sini tetapi tak pandai cakap Melayu’!

    Cuma yang saya kesal sedikit kenapa Cina yang rasional dan cintakan Negara ini mengundi parti DAP yang sifat racistnya amat melampau!

  4. Like what said in terms of the state laws there is a prohibition, okay fair, exceptional Penang lah.

    In this case whoever holds the majority in the next GE to come will decide the x factor, as claimed by the opposition that they still holds the popular votes while PM Najib pulak until now over and over again hunting for Chinese votes (what you give you get back) berkempen cum bermimpi la tu and beside that caution the UMNO members jika sayang parti kena sayang prisiden (yang sekarang) la,

    soal nya siapa yang dilemma ni… jika dia sayang Rosmah tak pa la itu dia yang seorang tapi… tapi yang dok melanggut apa nak jadi… dok tunggu apa lagi ayuh la !

  5. Is it ironic that the Select Committee on Competency Accountability and Transparency isn’t accountable and transparency ? The SELCAT are supposedly investigating the state officials for land frauds but their hearings are not open for public unlike before.

    Unlike the previous hearing which was open to the public, Wednesday’s meeting is a closed-door session.

    In a text-message, Speaker Hannah Yeoh said: “I have checked all the provisions of our standing orders. Apologies you won’t be able to attend the closed-door hearing unless your are summoned as a witness. The select committee for local councils has no power to do a public hearing and there is also a clause preventing premature publication of evidence. Their role is to report to the House.”

    1. Dr Kua Kia Soong also earlier pointed out that despite the smear campaign of countless allegations against TS Khalid, the Selcat has not produced any evidence against him.

      The DAP is good only at character assassination without showing any proof.

  6. My letter to newspapers and portals on Tokong’s outrageous statement on MIDA sabotaging Penang’s FDI was published this morning. You should see the reactions of the Red Beanies who have gone bonkers.

        1. Thanks, just read your commentary in FMT.

          re: “Rampant over-development, sky-high property prices, environmental degradation, traffic congestion, poor public transportation”

          Regardless of the above, the oppo Penangites bermati-matian defending Guan Eng’s regime.

          Aliran’s attitude is astounding. At least with the jahil and the taksub crowd, you can say they’re blinded or don’t know better.

          But for Aliran – that is well aware of the issues you raise (over-development, impossible property prices, environment going to the dogs) – to still deliberately choose to spin and cover up for the DAP is simply sick.

          1. Aliran has gone to the doggies ever since Chandra left. It is now stuffed with Dapsters and their machais. I know several Aliran members were given posts in GLCs and even MPSP/MPPP. Some of them are card carrying DAP members and leaders.

            Anil is the only odd one out where he at least tries to be objective and impartial. However I sense that he’s under pressure by his fellow Aliran members and even the state govt to tone down.

  7. So theDAP & mca is close. Don’t mca remember what DAP say about them not so long time ago?

    Press Statement by DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng in Petaling Jaya on Thursday, 17th January 2008:

    Every victory and vote recorded by MCA, Gerakan and MIC is an endorsement of UMNO’s dominance, divisive and discriminatory policies that poses the largest threat to the survival of democracy in Malaysia

    1. What did one biawak say to the other biawak as they embraced one another?

      It said: “No tongue lashings buddy!” The other replied: “Ya, smarten up or I’ll give you my tail end ah!”

      The first one retorted: “I’m also biawak ok, what you can do I do better ah!” . . . . the Developers above People had mowed down their habitat and now they were negotiating terms on their new territory.

  8. Setelah mengambilalih tampuk pemerintahan dari Pak Lah…. terus saja Najib Razak berdegar-degar dengan LIBERALISASI. Habis semua dasar-dasar yang diperuntukkan khas kepada kaum-kaum Melayu dan Bumiputera dihapuskan satu persatu.

    Kalau tidak kerana Perkasa dan NGO-NGO Melayu lain bersuara (Melayu sudah tolak MEB kata Ibrahim Ali), sehinggakan Najib Razak membuang teks ucapan yang tersedia lalu membuat ucapan U-Turn, sudah hampir pasti beliau akan meraih gelaran kedua, iaitu BAPAK LIBERALISASI.

    Ini yang bagusnya Najib Razak. Ucapannya berdegar-degar dan bersembur-sembur. Siapa yang mendengar akan keluar dewan dengan perasaan berkobar-kobar di awang-awangan, Melayu TETAP Hidup gah! Perlembagaan terkunci KEMAS! Hip! Hip! Horeyy!!! Hidup Najib! Hidup Melayu!…. lepas tu?..apa jadi?!!

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